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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: [2부] 빵빵 터뜨리고 본인들도 노래하다 터지고 ㅋㅋㅋ 허니지 2부!!

Difficulty: 0

I gave it a try because it's kind of a...singing rap.

It seemed like you weren't going to do it, but you were well prepared.

- Didn't you prepare this ahead of time? - Not at all.

I see how it is. You made me rap "Day Day."

I like this song.

- I see... - Okay, so now it's Tae-Hyun's turn.

- Someone mentioned Trot. - Should I do Trot? (a genre of Korean pop music)

Is this something that you can show us right away?

I'm not sure, but I'll give it a try.

Which song would you like to sing?

I'll sing "I'm sorry I'm sorry" by Jin Ah Tae.

Do you feel sorry?

- Ahh this song is hard. - Wow, you did it well.

- I enjoyed it so much. - Thank you.

Do you guys show a lot of special performances like this at your concert?

Oh, yes. We do it a lot.

- Solo performances? - Yes.

We did it like this when we had a concert before.

- I sang Trot, right? - Right.

'I think this is all I'll remember lol'

- 'You guys are way off from being serious today' - lol

Now we all know for sure that they are a very funny group.

This is totally not what I imagined when I thought of "Honey G," but...

this is so nice. They are very delightful.

- Thank you so much. - Thank you.

'Honey G is very charming.'

Now that you guys made us laugh, let's move on to the serious thing again.

- Sounds good. - Should we sing now?

Instead of starting right away.. why don't you tell us about the song?

What song is it? And..what is it about?

When did you release it? Please tell us about it.

Next song is...

Oh, it's another OST.

This is the latest released OST.

It's an original soundtrack of a drama called "Graceful Family."

Eng Title: "Gravity" (Korean Title: Nae Mo Deun Soon Gahn Eul Nuh Wha Ham Ggae Hal Ggae"


"Nae Mo Soon Nuh Ham"

It's a trend to make the title long.

So, yeah..we tried it as well.

Nae Mo Deun Soon Gahn Eul Nuh Wha Ham Ggae Hal Ggae = I'll Be With You For Every Moment of My Life

- We're like an OST singer. - Do you sing a lot of OST songs?

Thankfully, we had a lot of good opportunities.

- Alright, then...should we start right away? - Yes.

Alright. Let's hear "Gravity." (Nae Mo Deun Soon Gahn Eul Nuh Wha Ham Ggae Hal Ggae"

a.k.a. "Nae Mo Soon Nuh Ham"

Let's hear "Nae Mo Soon Nuh Ham" by Honey G.

One moment, please.

Didn't I ask you if you were ready lol

Wow, that was very funny.

We end up laughing while singing.

You failed to focus.

I usually don't stop even when someone makes a mistake while singing,

but someone said this is your first time singing this song live.

Oh, is that right?

In order to upload a nice live video..

I'm sorry. We were to funny.

What were you thinking? What made you lose concentration?

I don't know. I was just out of my mind.

- Are you craving Jjajangmyeon? (Noodles in blackbean sauce - No, no.

- Let's eat Jjajangmyeon later. - Alright, alright.

So funny.

We only appeared at a place where we get to sing, and since this is our first time to be at a place..

where we get to talk..everything is just so funny.

- Should we take a short break? - No, it's fine.

We're professional. We can do it.

I'm sorry. We'll do it again.

Okay, let's do it again. Are you all ready?

Yes, sure.

"Gravity" by Honey G (Nae Mo Deun Soon Gahn Eul Nuh Wha Ham Ggae Hal Ggae"

Thank you~

Wow, this was amazing.

- This song is so nice. - Oh, really?

I was actually worried in the beginning.

I'm pretty sure you guys didn't see the comments, but everyone was concerned.

But at one point..

everyone was amazed, and the chat room was filled with compliments.

Thank you.

Music of Honey G...

Do you always choose this kind of music?

Or did one thing led to another...?

We also sing ballads.. Oh, but this is not a ballad song.

Anyone? Please talk...

I think somehow it just happened this way.

- It suits you very well. - We personally really like this song too.

- This song..... Was it Takers? - Right.

They also appeared in the Superstar K Season 4 with us.

This song is produced by Yang PD of Takers.

- Thank you for the song. - Yeah, we didn't make this song.

This song is so nice.

This song suits Honey G very well. I feel like this song will be with you for a long time.

- Thank you.

I was very nervous. I was concerned.

I wanted to laugh so bad.

I was looking down, thinking you might laugh if we make an eye contact.

All of you were fully focused after verse one. It was amazing.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

- Are you okay, Tae-Hyun? - This thing...again..

- Oh, should I turn this little bit? - Oh, oh I can hear it now.

As if you are wearing a hearing-aid lol

'All three of them were staring into space.'

- Right. I was looking at this side. - Where did you look, Jae-Hyun?

- Anywhere. - Where did you look, G-Yong?

- I think..I was looking at the top. - Top.

I think our bloopers will be funny, too. Right?

- Bloopers? - Right, I don't edit any of those.

Honey G is such a charming group.

From beginning to end...

Thank you.

I lost track of time.

- Right. We're almost done with it. - Wow, it's already 10:30 p.m.?

We don't actually have a time limit, but...

- if we do it too long.. - Right, it might be boring.

- We should leave while the going's good. - I agree.

I don't know if you know this, but...

HOONIA's Black Feel Davant is about promoting artists.

You are welcome to say anything that you want to talk/promote about yourselves.

I don't edit any part of this. I upload as it is.

Some may watch it, some may not..but..

We often get to talk briefly about ourselves, worried that it will be edited.

But you don't have to worry about those kind of things here.

You are welcome to say everything that you want to talk about.

Is there anything that you want to promote?

Or something that you really want to talk about?

Did you hear me?

- You're thinking about it, huh? - Who?

- Thinking about what you are going to say? - Me? No, I haven't thought about it.

- Really? You didn't have any thoughts... - Yeah, that's a leader's job.

- Mine? - Of course.

Everyone, this is how I became the leader.

'pass the buck' - lol

- Okay, go. 3-4 - 3-4 go

I go first?

- We're currently working on a new song right now. - Right.

We're preparing a song that goes well with this winter season.

Yeah, so... everyone, please look forward to it.

And we are...

As you have mentioned it before, we are a delightful group.

We hope you don't forget about us.

And always consider us as a group that really enjoys what we do.

Next, Tae-Hyun.

Please look forward to our new song.

What..should I say? They said it all.

Why are you so calm now? lol Is it because you made a mistake?

- I think I'm having a mental breakdown lol - You're having a mental breakdown lol

One of your fans is actually promoting for you guys.

Both G-Yong and Jae-Hyun have their own YouTube channels.

What's the channel name? I'll search it up right now.

I think mine will come up if you type 'Honey G G-Yong Park.'

Is there a channel name?

Oh, it's 'Gyong's Live Music.'

This is what I uploaded so far.

That's the performance I had in the States.

- Oh, is this from your recent trip? - Yes.

They took a nice video with Jimmy Jib.

- Yeah, that's how I performed. - It looks so nice.

Everyone, please subscribe to his channel and hit the like button as well. We would appreciate it.

- Next? - Next is Jae-Hyun's channel.

It has been a while since I uploaded a new video.


Yeah, that's it. But not a lot of...

I should put more efforts in it.

- You uploaded a lot. - You've done a lot of cover songs.

It has been two months since I uploaded a new video.

Did this channel go out of a business? lol

We would really appreciate if everyone could subscribe and hit the like buttons.

- Thank you. - I'll put more efforts in it. Thank you.

- What about Tae-Hyun? - I don't do it.

I their channels.

- I just hit the like buttons. - Ah my head hurts lol

Please support their channels.

Wow, it has been an hour and forty minutes already..

I'm little worried about how I'm going to edit this.

There's literally nothing to edit out. Should I just upload the full video?

- That's fine. - Is there anything that you would want me to edit out?

- Not really. - No. We had so much fun.

Everything was perfect.

We like funny stuffs.

I don't think there's any part that we should edit out.

- We had ongoing conversation the whole time. - That's good.

I think I'll just upload the full version.

- Wouldn't people not watch if it's too long? - Right.

- Should I separate into different parts? - Yes, part 1-2-3.

- I think that's a good idea. - Right.

It's a bummer that...

YouTube community is little...

How should I say it.. You know, a lot of people watch to kill time.

Since I'm uploading long videos..

Some might not watch it just by looking at how long it is.

Or end up turning it off after watching the beginning part of it.

But most of the time, important things come up at the end..'s a shame..

What if you upload funny thumbnail?

Yeah, I'm thinking to upload the Kaonashi part.

- Right - We took a lot of good thumbnail pictures.

And start the video with "I'm Sorry I'm Sorry."

Sounds good.

I had so much fun today with you guys.

- There's one more song left, right? - Right.

All three of wrote and composed this song together.

This was the very first song that we released together.

Very meaningful.

It's the first song that we released after becoming an independent musician.

It's called "Be Your Light."

That's right.

- Why are you..all of a sudden.. - Huh?

- Please speak with more energy. - THAT'S RIGHT~

Yeah, it's a very meaningful song to us.

We hope everyone enjoy.

- It's a nice song. - Are you ready?

I'm ready.

All of you are calm now, so..

Right, there wouldn't be a mistake.

Alright. Last song that Honey G prepared for today..

Let's hear "Be Your Light."

That was "Be Your Light" by Honey G.

Thank you.

Alright, let's go back. Being serious is too hard.

How do you all focus so well?

I don't know how you guys sing without making jokes.

But really..

I think Honey G...

Do you have a breakup song too?

Yes, we do.

We did a remake of "Wrongful Meeting."

As an album?

That was OST as well.

- Yeah, we did a remake. - Right.

- The.... that popular "Wrongful Meeting?" - Right.

Yeah, something like this..

This song is a masterpiece, so...

We actually didn't plan this. It was requested to us.

Yeah, that's how we did it..

It was very good, but...

it was funny.

Little confused? We were too, when we first made it.

I think I would have considered this song as a serious song if you didn't mention about being funny.

Someone asked, 'what the heck is this?' - lol


- I don't even know. - Yeah, we don't know.

- We don't know how and why this song was created. - Yeah, we don't know.

I don't know why I'm rapping in this song.

I just did it what they told me to do. Hae Sueub Joh = similar to Joh Seub Joh (from part1)

Now it's "Hae Sueub Joh" after "Joh Seub Joh"

That was "Wrongful Meeting" by Honey G.

This wasn't what we were going to do.

I asked about a breakup song because I wanted to mention that you guys

go well with a beautiful, romantic songs.

Which led us to the "Wrongful Meeting."

We also have this R&B song called "Don't Wanna Be Your Friend."

That song is very sad.

- Yeah, it's kind of a breakup song. - Somewhat a break up.

What kind of a break up is that?

Some thing like that, but not really...

- Something like... "Sam Gwi Nuhn" - Sam Gwi Nuhn?

Sa Gwi Dah = (sa means 4) To date Sam Gwi Dah - (sam means 3) Before dating

- Wow, you know that slang? - You're an insider

Oh, that's an actual word that people use nowadays?

You didn't know it too, huh? I never heard it before either.

When there is something between two people, you call it "Sam Gwi Dah?"

- Right. - Oh, that's what people say nowadays?

Yeah, it'a a newborn slang.

Newborn? lmao


You mean "Shin Joh Uh? (neologism/slang)," not "Shin Saeng Uh."

But everyone got the point. It's fine.

I'm pretty sure everyone understood.

Yeah, anyway. We have a song like "Don't Wanna Be Your Friend" too.

Everyone please check out "Don't Wanna Be Your Friend."

But really, Honey G...

Everyone is cracking up at "Shin Saeung Uh."

I don't think we can ever get to a serious point today.

Anyway... Honey G suits well with those kind of music..

Someone also said that he/she will choose a wedding song from today's songs.

- Wow, really? - That's amazing.

It was so good.

Sometimes, I ask for collaboration to some of our guests..

like..wanting to make a song together.

And I actually released a new album recently with someone who appeared as a guest here.

I briefly talked about this with G-Yong before, but..

I would love to collaborate with Honey G.

- What do you think of "HOONI G?" - lol "HOONI G" sounds good.

It sounds awful. (HOONI G sounds like Hoo Gi Dah = awful/lousy)

- Oh, then my name is... - What about "Honey Yah?"

- Ohh, "Honey Yah" - That sounds good.

I think "Honey Yah" is better than "HOONI G." The way it sounds..

So funny.

Yeah, we talked about collaborating together.

Hoo Gi Dah lmao

Oh my god, my head hurts.

I was actually thinking to change my name..

Thanks to you..

I made up my mind.

Everyone, you're watching HOONIA's Black Feel Davant with an awful/lousy name.

I'm so sorry.

He meant "HOONI G," not HOONIA.

HOONIA sounds luxurious.


After seeing three of you sing together as a group, I'm very jealous.

It was very good. I thought of singing together with three of you.

That would be nice.

- We should really plan it. - Yeah, I think it would be so much fun.

- Hopefully, one day. - Do you guys have time for it?

- Of course. - We are free.

Real soon.

I'll visit your studio.

You are always welcome to come by.

I think we should wrap it up now. We have been on live for two hours.

Have you ever been on live for two hours before?

We have done two hours when we had a problem with the sound system.

I think this is the first time to actually run full two hours live.

I guess that's an advantage of being a group. We talked a lot.

Actually..I think each of one you would have done same even if you came by yourself.

All three of you are very funny.

- Thank you for enjoying it. - Thank you.

They say they lost track of time.

Let's wrap it up after hearing how it was for each one of you.

Should we do each one of you or just one person..?

- Each of one us, please. - No, just one person.

- No, each one of us. - They are so mean lol

- No, I think it's the best for one person to do it. - Right.

- Say it clearly lol - One person.

- I think it would be better for one person to do it. - Okay.

Alright. Let's go leader.

- This is the first time for us to go on live on YouTube. - Right.

We would like to thank HOONIA for giving us such a great opportunity.

- Thank you. - We will continue to perform with great songs.

We would appreciate if you could show us your support and interest.

2020 is coming up. Happy New Year, everyone.

- And everyone who were - No, no. You told me to do it all by myself.

- I'm just kidding. - My apology.

- Go ahead. - Thank you everyone who have been watching us.

(calling out names)

Bye, everyone.

Could you please show us Kaonashi one more time?

Oh, for those who didn't see it in the beginning.

Right, right.

I knelt down like this.

This is how I started today's live.

- Oh, right. I was going to sing Kaonashi live. - Right.

Can you show us a little bit?

- How about "Memory of the Wind?" - Sounds good.

- Let's hear "Memory of the Wind" by Kaonashi. - Please hold the mic closely for me.

That's it.

I end up doing it...

This is definitely be worth to be uploaded on YouTube.

I think we can look forward to having a lot of views.

Chat room is literally filled with "what the heck is this" lol

'All we see is his head' - lol

Like an egg ghost

So funny

Okay, so...

We are back to being funny even when we have to wrap it up, huh..

I know right? We already said bye, but it feels like we have to do it again.

Please edit that part, and move it to the back lol


Okay, wrap it up please.

Everyone, Happy New Year.

If you went through a lot of ups and downs in 2019,

I really wish you a Happy New Year full of happiness.

Please remember Honey G $%@%%#^#.

- It's okay. It happens. - Please continue lol

We'll work harder and achieve many things next year.

Thank you so much, HOONIA.

Have a good night, everyone.

Tomorrow's Monday. You got this everyone!

Thank you.

Last but not least. This is something new that we're going to do.

All three of you, please look at the camera.

Please say, "Please subscribe to HOONIA's Black Feel Davant and hit the like buttons."

'HOONIA's Black Feel Davant subscribe & like'

I'll say "HOONIA's Black Feel Davant,"

Each one of you say "subscribe" and "like."

Do what now?

- "Subscribe" and "Like." - I say "like?"


- HOONIA'S - No! That's mine!

I said we'll do one each!

- Okay, let's do this again. - 3-4

HOONIA's Black Feel Davant,

- Like! - Subscribe!

No, no, no. Subscribe should come first, then like.

- Okay, for the last time. - SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE!



HOONIA's Black Feel Davant

Please subscribe! and like!


- Thank you. - Did you do that on purpose?

How could he say "Like~" when we said "subscribe?"


Did it come off again?

We can never seem to end this.

Okay, I'll wrap it up now.

Thank you, everyone, who have been watching this.

We'll let Honey G go now.

Thank you so much for today.

Thank you.

I had a hard time today.

For laughing so much.

Last episode of 2019 of Black Feel Davant,

I had so much fun with our funny guests today.

I am very thankful for Honey G because everyone enjoyed today's live so much.

Next week is January of 2020.

I'll be back next week

with fun episode like today's.

Tomorrow's Monday. Hope everyone have fun going to work tomorrow.

Be careful not to catch a cold.

See you next week.

See you next year.

Okay, bye now.

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