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Hello Conexão Sundance followers, Razão de Aspecto, CinemAção, and Correio Braziliense.

We're on the 8th day of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and I watched 3 more movies today. It should've been 4, but I was too tired and there

was no movie from the midnight session screening today, so I decided to come back and rest. It was ok, there was no

outstanding movie today, but there was a very weak movie. Let's start with the first one, which is a good movie called Wander Darkly,

directed by Tara Miele and the main characters are Sienna Miller and Diego Luna. It's a romance with some thriller features. But the premise is a romance. It's

about Mateo and Adrianne's marriage. They suffer a car accident and after the

accident Adrianne has a convulsion, so she doesn't know whether she's alive or dead,

what's really happening and she and her husband start guiding one another to understand what was going on with them before the accident,

and what led to the accident, understand their relationship and where they were at. It could've been a brief and confusing movie, but it wasn't.

The great things about this movie were the screenplay and the setting. According

to the director herself, the screenplay was written based on the setting,

but the setting work is also outstanding, they had to do very hard transitions. For you to understand the visual logic of it, you have

moments where, for instance, she's at the hospital, she sees her body on bed in hospital and she changes room, but when she does it,

she gets into a completely different place, where there's something from her past, a memory she's having, a vision of what happened to her

and her husband and such. And this is repeated throughout the movie. It's not a puzzle like Memento, but it's a very well assembled puzzle,

in which we see to what extent the story happened from the husband's point of view, then the wife gets ahold of the story, until

we get to the end and see what's going on, what happened in that accident, and what's real

or not after the accident, who's alive, if they're alive, if it's a hallucination and such.

The movie succeeded in this aspect. One of the things I think make this movie relatable to the audience is that it's very sensitive in its approach

and very realistic in the way it deals with the couple's relationship. It's a couple who's dealing with a crisis, caused by the fact they

had a son and had different goals. They also had financial problems and all of that, and how a tragic accident can change everything

in life and in their perspectives towards someone else, or themselves or their son.

It's a very engaging movie, but it's not outstanding. It's just below the level

of a movie that could become an instant classic of the genre. It's worth it and I

think it'll be a huge success with a broad audience. So Wander Darkly gets a 4/5 rating.

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