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Did you know companies with diverse workforces are likely to have better financial returns than those that dont?

Can your organization benefit from a stronger culture of diversity & inclusion?

Hi, Im Audra Jenkins, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer for Randstad,

and Id like to take a moment to highlight how a D&I strategy can make a difference for your business.

In todays highly competitive labor market, employers everywhere are struggling to fill roles.

But with a strong D&I strategy, you can help ease talent scarcity.

You can enhance access to a broader range of talent,

as well as simultaneously lifting your employer brand to help you attract more qualified candidates.

McKinsey research shows diverse workforces outperform their peers by as much as one-third.

Promoting diverse opinions and insights leads

to greater innovation and ideas to drive organizational performance.

So the benefits of a diverse and inclusive culture are clear

for your business and your workforce.

Now Id like to share with you how Randstad practices what we preach.

Its our approach to D&I throughout our global organization.

In our workplace, and in the market and across the business,

we strive to ensure inclusive representation

in every possible way.

We do this internally, for our clients, suppliers and other important partners.

At Randstad, weve created a culture of inclusion through mentorship programs,

resources and engaging content for our employees and candidates.

We have been recognized by organizations such as DiversityInc.,

the Greater Womens Business Council, and regional minority supplier development councils

for our leadership in this space.

We also support various initiatives such as Hire Hope,

which is a program that empowers underserved women,

and we develop and deliver robust supplier diversity programs for many clients.

As part of our effort to help our nations proudest,

Randstad has developed a strong pipeline of veteran talent and a dedicated on-staff veteran solution strategist

to bring former members of our military, their spouses and employers together.

Weve created an inclusive global culture here by taking

the actions that we often advise clients to take in their D&I strategies.

Our focus begins with a comprehensive corporate social responsibility mindset that drives diverse talent practices.

Our aim is to improve the work lives of 500 million people around the world by 2030.

And we bring that practice expertise to every client that needs us.

So, how can your organization benefit from our learnings and those of our clients and partners?

Were looking forward to working with you to create a D&I strategy and culture that will drive business performance,

help you attract and retain talent, and give you a competitive edge.

Thank you.

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