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welcome friends welcome back to the

kitchen welcome back to another

sunday morning old cookbook show and

today we're going to do a recipe out of

the art of cooking and serving with 549

tested crisco recipes this was published

in 1936 by the proctor and gamble


who owned crisco at the time and

i find it to be a very interesting


from a social standpoint the recipes are

very interesting too

but it's it really touches on

how society was changing in the 1930s

and how it was changing during the great

depression so the first chapter in this


is how to manage table service

in a household where you've lost your


and then the second chapter in the

cookbook is

all about how to train a new servant if


happen to get a new maid and what they

should wear and how they should wear

their uniform and what

you know all the trends are for the

uniforms and your servant and what they

should know

and i find that to be a very interesting

juxtaposition with the social changes

that are happening

outside in the 1930s

the recipe that we're going to do today

is called cobblestone pie

and it's on a page with three apple pie

recipes one

sort of the traditional apple pie that

everybody knows and loves to crust apple

pie the other is a one crust apple pie

which is essentially a take on the

classic french tartata

and then this one it's called a

cobblestone pie and i've never had

an apple pie where the apples are

treated this way

so i thought it'd be quite interesting

to give it a shot i'm going to start out


peeling the apples

and you could use a paring knife or you

could use a potato peeler

sometimes a potato peeler is a little

bit easier

the next instruction is to cut the

apples in quarters

and then core them

next i have to arrange the apples in an

unbaked pie shell now i have crisco out

on the counter because it calls for

crisco later in the recipe

i didn't use crisco in my pie shell i am

not a huge

fan of pie shells made with vegetable


it's just not my thing i prefer all

butter which this one is and i'll link

or try to remember to link to a recipe


that crust below or i prefer

um lard all pure lard as a pie crust

pork lard that's the pie crust that i

grew up with the pork lard pie crust

i am i i never quite took to shortening

i don't know why but i've got it out

here because i have to dollop on some


later in the recipe the other thing is

what's in this

can today 2020 has

little to do with what's in crisco in

this cookbook

in the intervening years the formula has

changed so many times

that it's just not the same thing even

by 1936 when this was written

the formula for crisco was not like the

formula for crisco was uh

at the beginning uh in the early 1900s

1911 i think crisco came to the market

and so i'm gonna cut up

a few of the pieces just so i can jam

them in here get them in really nicely

now i pour the sugar over top

and it seems like a lot of sugar to me

but who knows we'll see what happens

for the pie okay

wow okay that's a lot of sugar now it

says to dot

with crisco and it doesn't really say

how much

dot with small bits of crisco a total of

one tablespoon

so not a whole lot uh very little

now like i said when crisco was first


it stood the name stood for crystallized

cottonseed oil hasn't been made with

cottonseed oil

in a very long time and this one is a

mix of soybean oil and

palm oil

oh boy

little clumps everywhere of crisco

now i'm sure you could just use butter

if if crisco isn't to your liking

i would go ahead and use butter for this

i think butter would have a better

flavor but that's maybe just me

next sprinkle on some cinnamon

not too much there's only about an

eighth of a teaspoon of cinnamon

and then some nutmeg

now it says to bake this for 10 minutes

in a quick oven and then reduce the

temperature to a moderate oven

and go 20 minutes more so let's see how

it turns out

another forks glenn let's do it on this

side okay

now hi friends um

that's really runny yeah that might need


ball so there was nothing in it to

thicken the pie

so it's really liquidy in the bottom the

apples didn't

break down at all so they stayed like

cobblestones true to his name is

cobblestone apple pie

that might be your apple choice though

might be the apple choice that's true

right um i'm fascinated by the


layer on top the layer of crisco so

there's there's a congealed layer of

crisco on top of a layer of

apple water and sugar okay so visually

it's not working

not working we're anticipating a

complete disaster it's definitely going

to be messy getting out so i'm going to

help out a little here

it's impossible to get out because it's

so liquidy and there's nothing to trap

the liquid

i'm not going to get this piece of pie


i'm going to say right now the thumbnail

is not a beauty shot

of the end piece of pie

it's probably us laughing at how

horrible this is now


oh almost oh and then i didn't know okay

i'm gonna say that piece of apple

belongs over there

i'm gonna say the two other apple pies

on this page are probably better

okay well i'm going to start with the


yeah sweet cinnamony apple baked apple

good stuff um the pie crust

is only underneath it's

not really cooked very well because

there was so much liquid and there was

nothing put in

to thicken it

tastes like crust it's not stellar crust

it's hard and

because it didn't cook properly yeah

that's not flaky in any way i would put


a layer of flour on the bottom before

you put the apples in or tapioca

or minute tapioca is my favorite

thing to put in a pie as a thickener

because it gels up really nicely

and it gives you this really luscious


it does taste amazing because apples and

pastry and sugar and cinnamon and nutmeg

you cannot go wrong

visually it's horrible and it doesn't

serve very well

no no i think this is going to be

scrambled pie with ice cream yeah

that's the only way to ice cream makes

everything you know just

except for accept it for what it is so

uh cobblestone pie

from the crisco cookbook is

needs some work which is actually just

one ingredient yeah

thanks for stopping by see you again



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