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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Our Values

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Our brand values are at the heart of everything we do.

They are the principles that shape how we support our students, treat people,

and perform our roles.

Understanding: We begin by presuming the good will of others.

We seek first to hear, not tell.

To empathize, not criticize.

To know before we do.

Like understanding a students dream to work at the automotive company, McLaren.

We turned that dream into a goal and helped the student earn a place in an engineering

program with hands-on experience at McLaren.


We demonstrate the power of learning by learning.

Were interested and inquisitive,

looking beyond what is to what could be.

Like a tutor learning all about dance.

And even going as far as subscribing to a dance magazine to tailor tutoring to the interest

of their student, who wants to open a dance studio when they grow up.


We imagine, create, devise and design.

We fashion, we fit, we form.

We do what it takes to meet the needs of those we serve.

Like helping a student who has selective mutism overcome her anxiety, and learn English as

a second language through art, books, and baking.

Or using the passion a student with Autism had for James Bond to help him understand

Macbeth and earn an A in his English course.


Were accountable for all that we do.

We step up and seek responsibility.

We own our work and earn our results.

Like our dedication to ensuring students dont miss a session, even in heavy storms that

make travel dangerous, by bringing tutoring to them online, instead of in person.

Grit: We dont quit!

We know that everyone can learn, but we also know that everyone learns differently.

That means we are determined to uncover the unique way that each student learns and we

dont quit until we do.

This is how we fulfill our mission of changing the trajectory of a students life.

In their homes.

At their pace.

On their terms.

This is how learning hits home.

The Description of Our Values