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precedent-setting story here ecstatic that way

me to news about paul mccartney right definitely not major news but paul

mccartney was caught canoeing with elle macpherson

ladies and gentlemen


what the presidential race but reserve but

but look he is a lot like this story

this is what you should have been doing

are going to have their nails of corral we do and we do and you can't

that billion dollars on courses to be about the white house leaders said

is that in a while ago the blond girls are right actually two weeks prior to

being side with on the case and he was with the result later

and she admitted to having a major crash on him

well where they also continuing

they were killing they went on a thumb fancy candlelight dinner together


cooler that

facing sixty three c thirty eight on the alert that i'm thinking

uh... by the way you can only means with contact me at the other but willing to

accept it

right therefore decided to go to bed what and as somebody else's what

christie brinkley

well i'd like to forget the there she is the separatist cyrano but not trust

either that's christie brinkley now looks like a little morning commute

going to ny uh...

you know she's fifty-three she's getting up there in it

but gets closer the essays but hey hey how you do it

have sold out

let the here's the thing that upsets him up on a car

he's still wind up giving heather mills switches found this out



million dollars

why you got a cold

into with this girl whose questionable

when you come down but this is the

christie brinkley's marin and someone has all along that the fed

they know that you're going out with that

of the girls they go out and anyway in

flooded million dollars


utilities for copley is on

heather mills that there's no way of the war

all that was worth it

but at least you're on the right track now

sir paul mccartney

douglas go forward

move forward


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