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So, apparently you have to upload videos in order to get subscribers.





I'm Roxy and this is my beautiful, exclusive, succelent youtube channel.

You're probably here because of my awesome webcomic, named HappyLikeAwall.

AND IF YOU AREN'T: You should totally go check it out.

It's **grate**

I am an insecure, bird loving, interaction hating furry.

OWO UWU Jwust kidding I'm not a fwurry nya~

Please don't draw me.

On this channel I'm going to be animating, in the same style as my webcomic about stories

and / or random stuff that happened to me.

I hope you'll enjoy my channel!

I gotta admit that I've never really done animations before.

It's ...

Harder than I thought.

*Harold screams of pain and agony*

But Hey!

I might actually accomplish something in the future!

I use a WACOM INTUOS DRAW S to draw and animate.

I really recommend getting this tablet.

It's new just about 50$

I'm on a budget.

What else can I say-?


I've got a bird that loves to scream to wake me up.

(Oh seriously?)

((Send help please))


I got a 'Harold' by the way.

But not convinced to subscribe yet!???

You want your underwear signed by me!??

Give me 5 billion likes!

I'll do anything for an extra like.

( )

If you like what I'm doing you can also support me on PATREON and get access to bonus panels.

And stuff no-one's ever asked for!

*Sound of excessive screaming*

You can also donate directly to may PAYPAL

But hey, you don't have money you say?

Don't worry my innocent, valued viewer!

(It's okay I guess ... I don't need your money.)


As you can see, my youtube account is still pretty empty.


You can subscribe to me and get notified whenever I DO decide to upload something.

( )( )( )

SOON! (hopefully)

Megaphone sound: So join us on our magical kidfriendly journey to world domination and


Megaphone sound: You're one of us now!

Megaphone sound: What are you waiting for?

Ending chart: I couldn't really wait any longer to make this video.

Even though I caught a cold recently and my voice went to *squeek*

Here I am!

Don't forget to like and subscribe and maybe let me know what you thought about the video

in the comments down below.

I'm Roxy, Thanks for tuning in - I'm out.

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