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greetings mother factors my name is Sam and today I'm going to be talking to you

all about the spider-man so quick disclaimer here we have sort of

done this video before in fact the video itself exists on another Channel all

time tens they've good friends of ours and my face is on there sometimes but

frankly that was ages ago and a lot has happened in the life of Peter Parker

since including all the good stuff like the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a new

video game that's coming out etcetera etcetera so some of these facts you may

have seen before in that other video because we're going over some of the

same ground but there's also a whole bunch of new stuff in here too so stick

around but he'll did an on-set nap turn into quite the surprise for actor Tom

Holland which non spider-man superheroes are rumored to be appearing in the new

spider-man video game and why wasn't I chosen to be the fresh face British

heartthrob holding up a multi-million dollar superhero film franchise it's

just not fair anyway he's charging through those quitters are going to be

answered so ensnare yourself some snacks get comfy in a spectacular human sized

web of your own creation and prepare yourself for 101 facts about spider-man

again sort of number one spider-man spider webbed his way onto comic books

on the 10th of August 1962 in amazing fantasy number 15 he was created by a

legendary comic book writer Stan Lee and penciler Steve Ditko both of whom are

certified cool guys number 2 Stan Lee was inspired to create

spider-man real name Peter Parker while observing a fly climbing up a wall the

more taxonomically inclined amongst you may have realized that flies are not in

fact spiders but Stan Lee could already want because he Stan effing layer ok

enough said number three that isn't to say that lead into consider making

spider-man not spider-man other names consider for Spidey included Oh

using your made-up names then I am fly man insect man and mosquito man but

apparently spider-man sounded more dramatic number 4 any beat Abarca bro

worth their salt knows that spider-man is hyphenated so if you haven't been

pronouncing the - you're a fake fan and you should be ashamed of yourself the -

was added to distinguish spider-man from Superman because they apparently sort of

look similar written down a guess a bit kinder number 5 the former head of

Marvel Martin Goodman and no not the one Friday night dinner there's

skill reference for you originally thought the spider-man was a rotten idea

at the time of the characters creation as he claimed that teenagers are usually

sidekicks and many people are scared of spiders both true but clearly not

impediments to spider-man's global webby domination number six

indeed Stanley specifically wanted to create a series that featured a young

hero to whom teenagers could relate as the popularity of comics amongst teens

was increasing at the time there's use in your noggin number seven and Stanley

was right people loved spider-man so much that the spider-man solo spin-off

comic The Amazing Spiderman was quickly produced and it released his very first

issue several months later on the 10th of March 1963 number 8 many of you may

know the Peter Parker was raised by his aunt and uncle Mae and Ben this is

because his parents Mary and Richard Parker were in fact American spies

working for shield who were killed in a sabotage plane crash number 9

incidentally Aunt May found out all about spider-man super secret identity

in 2001 an amazing spider-man vol 2 number 35 number 10 Peter Parker's

canonical address when living with his aunt and uncle is 20 Ingram Street in

Forest Hills garden Queens New York amazingly this address has actually been

home to an actual Parker family and not only that the house across the street 19

Ingram Street was inhabited by family of Osborne's get it it's in Norman Osborn

not you know Ozzie number 11 of course Peter Parker isn't the only Spider Man

as in the Ultimate Universe Parker sadly dies are I paid and is replaced by a

half african-american half Cuban American kid called Miles Morales number

12 other versions of spider-man include a British version called spider UK

featuring William Billy Braddock an Indian version named spider-man India

featuring privy to Prabhakar and an animal parody with an anthropomorphic

pig named spider ham aka Peter porker good grief number 13 the very first

super villain that spider-man faces is dmitriy smirnov aka chameleon in the

amazing spider-man number 1 chameleon is a soviet master of disguise as all the

best villains are number 14 as of 2016 spider-man has paired up with everyone's

favorite fourth wall smashing antihero Deadpool in their very own

make Deadpool is canonically pretty much into everybody though he is especially

enamored with Parker taking every opportunity to aggressively fill up the

spidey hard hard and deep number 15 to date spider-man is the most

profitable superhero ever in 2014 global retail sales of licensed spider-man

products reached approximately 1.3 billion dollars more than that of Batman

Superman and the Avengers combined number 16 in 1976 Marvel collaborated

with somewhat surprisingly Planned Parenthood to release the amazing

spider-man vs. The Prodigy the character not the English electronic dance music

group the eponymous villain the prodigy was an alien in human disguise who

attempted to convince teenagers to have unprotected sex so he was a pervert

basically number 17 in the same year Marvel released the mighty Marvel Comics

strength and fitness book in which Marvel superheroes taught you how to get

absolutely shredded AF one of spider-man's featured exercises was

Peters perpendicular leg extensions which ensure you don't end up with huge

bulging biceps and disgusting stre noodle legs number 18 on the 5th of June

1987 Marvel held a PR event in which actress depicted spider-man and Mary

Jane being married at Shea Stadium the old home of the Mets this was done to

commemorate the release of the couple's marriage in the comics ah number 19

however things haven't always been smooth sailing for Peter and Mary Jane

in a parallel alternate universe it's revealed that radioactivity in Peters

body irradiated his ur you know dude juice sadly Mary Jane ended up on the

receiving end of that stuff which had the unfortunate side effect of giving

her terminal cancer number 20 bizarrely pop hyper star Michael Jackson attempted

to buy Marvel in the 90s so he could create a spider-man movie with himself

in the title role Jacko was ultimately unable to make that happen though Lee

has stated he thought Jackson would be a very good spider-man in may be number 21

to date there have been at least eight different spider-man cartoons and three

different live-action television programs

number 22 by these super stories was a recurring skit series that appeared on

the educational kids TV show The Electric Company in which Spiderman

never spoke out loud communicating only to word bubbles bit like we do here the

show's writers decided the character would not talk because he had no mouth

number 23 the actor who portrayed Spidey on the show was actually a guy called

Danny Seagram and as such was the first actor to play a live-action spider-man

in the suit number 24 another notable spider-man TV

show was that of spider-man the new animated series which was first released

on MTV in 2003 the program was completely CGI neutralized cel shading

which is why the graphics look like you're not so much watching a show as

you are playing a PlayStation 2 number 20 city of aiive number 25 the voice of

this incarnation of the witty web head was none other than Neil Patrick Harris

aka Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother

number 26 the first live-action spider-man movie movie was directed by

Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi and was released on the 3rd of May 2002 the

movie starred Tobey Maguire as everybody's favorite swinger

oh that sounds weird I should have used different wording there number 27 when

Spiderman was released here in the UK the British Board of Film classification

created a whole new rating especially for it known as 12a which allowed kids

younger than 12 to go and see the film as long as they were accompanied by an

adult is what an incorrect person would say contrary to popular belief the 12 a

rating was not specifically created for spider-man

in fact the first 12 a rating went to the Bourne Identity those Spider Man did

get worn off at the first 12 a ratings number 28 the first and third Sam Raimi

spider-man films were the highest-grossing films in America in

each of their respective years spider-man made four hundred and three

million seven hundred six thousand three hundred seventy-five dollars in 2002 and

spider-man 3 raked in 336 million two hundred fifty thousand three hundred and

three dollars in 2007 spider-man 2 however was the second highest grossing

film of 2004 earning three hundred seventy three million five hundred

eighty-five thousand eight hundred and twenty-five bucks number 29 in 2012 the

spider-man movie franchise was rebooted with a webby wall-e this time played by

plucky anglo-american Andrew Garfield the film

titled The Amazing Spiderman was released during the 50th anniversary

celebrations of the release at the first spider-man comic number 30:56 spider-man

suits were created for the amazing spider-man

Garfield used 17 of them while the others were for the film's various

doubles and men number 31 a musical adaptation of

the comics spider-man turn off the dark opened in 2011 after a record-breaking

preview period consisting of one hundred and eighty two preview performances

number 32 the reason for the extraordinarily long preview period was

the disastrous production which was beset by delays budget overruns cast and

crew replacement and a number of highly publicized injuries which occurred

during rehearsals and in front of audiences one stunt double broke both

his wrists during a stunt demonstration for a small audience of industry

insiders in which he was catapulted from the back of the stage to the very front

obviously there's no footage of this so here's a representation using Microsoft

Paint number three three number 33 as such the musical now has the honor of

being the most expensive show in the history of Broadway costing an insane

seventy nine million dollars number 34 eggs President Obama once stated that

his favorite superheroes are spider-man and Batman not only that but Marvel once

published several special issues of amazing spider-man volume number one

number five eight three which prominently featured Obama on the front

cover the first was released on January of 2009 right before Obama's

inauguration number 35 of course what we really want to talk about right now are

the more recent the spider-man films that take place in the wider Marvel

Cinematic Universe starting in 2016 with Captain America Civil War these films

feature none other than mr. Tom Holland who at 19 is the youngest actor to be

cast as Peter Parker his main predecessors Tobey Maguire and

Andrew Garfield were 25 and 26 respectively when they were cast in the

role number 36 during casting Holland was in competition with hundreds of

other perspective Spider Men so in an attempt to add some pizzazz to his

submission he literally somersaulted in and out of frame in his audition tape he

continued to use his tactic in his in-person auditions - and apparently it

worked so I suggest some resulting in an out of every single situation you can

it's a surefire success number 37 of course nowadays Tom Holland is known for

his acrobatic abilities but he was well into lobbing himself about long before

his big break as spider-man Holland has stated that he and his

friends go free running all the time and he admits he's even gone running about

on rooftop jumping between buildings like a

goddamn liability damn it Tom number 38 Tom Holland auditioned an incredible

eight times for the right to call himself spider-man number 39

apparently the six finalists for the coveted role of spider-man were asa

butterfield judah lewis matt Lintz Charlie plumber Charlie Rowe and of

course the eventual victor Tom Holland interestingly that means three of these

candidates were English number 40 apparently Holland's frequent coworker

and connoisseur again dad Robert Downey jr. helped his little buddy out by

weighing in during casting giving producers positive reinforcement when

Tom was under consideration sneaky number 41 after his final

audition for the spider-man role in Captain America Civil War Holland was

told he would find out the next day whether or not have been successful in

reality Holland found out he'd won the role six full entire whole last weeks

later not only that the meaning of life of venom Holland didn't even find out

through the ordinary established channels that his entire life was about

to change a miserable a do-over but for a post on Marvel's Instagram

page Millennials say so extra number 43 interestingly Holland appears to have

unwittingly been made a vessel for divine intercession in 2013 when asked

what kind of roles he'd like to do in the future

Holland expressed interest in projects involving both action and humor to which

the interviewer suggested he play a superhero in response Holland said maybe

spider-man in 10 years time for rebooted reboot if they do that and did they do

that number 44 Holland ultimately signed a

six picture deal that would include at least three solo spider-man films number

45 although his spider-man predecessor Andrew Garfield is also English he was

actually born in the US making Holland as the first non-us born actor to play

spider-man number 46 Holland has stated that he relates to spider-man on a

personal level likening their similar struggles with school talking to girls

and homework as do most young boys Tom are not special

well okay you could do 15 pretty good flips but other than that

number 47 Holland has admitted in other interviews that growing up he owned over

20 different spider-man costumes nerd that's way more embarrassing than my

Thomas the Tank Engine obsession which definitely did not become so profound

that I ceased to recognize the separation between myself and Thomas

prompting me to demand my parents call me Thomas assignment in the United Sodor

nope no that did not happen number 48 having received praise for his

convincing American accent Tom Holland has revealed that his preferred place to

practice his Yankee Doodle dialect is in the shower I preferred to practice my

American accent peacefully surrounded by friends and family not in the shower

you shouldn't have those people in the shower with you number 49 the design of

spider-man's suit in the film was based on the original look in the comics when

he debuted all the way back in 1962 number 50 similarly the eyeholes in

Spidey's mask actually changed size in civil war in order to reflect the

characters expressive eyes in the comics number 51

although spider-man's suit was created using CGI for every scene a prototype

super - actually built during production that Tom Holland did wear on sent during

some filming as the filmmakers didn't decide to scrap the physical suit

altogether until later on number 52 Holland's bounty loquacious spider-man

was praised for its faithful adaptation of the original character whereas

previous versions made spider-man actually fully grown men that simply had

some boyish qualities Holland's portrayal is definitely more teenage

let's face it it was very difficult to believe that Tobey Maguire was in high

school in the film I mean not like ever number 53 at one point during filming

Civil War Tom Holland literally broke his nose when performing a flip

according to Holland himself the crude industry realized the injury was as

serious as it was until he tried to get up at which point everyone stopped

laughing and called for medical help number 50 for certain moments from the

airport fight scene in civil war were reshot from spider-man's perspective to

be used in the opening video diary scene in spider-man homecoming even though

there's one but that doesn't really make sense because there's a massive

inconsistency because he says you know Jess word when reacting to Giant Man for

the first time but then we see him react to giant man the first time looking at

the cameras point of view in homecoming which means which one's the real

reaction we don't know do we silly silly Sony speaking of spider-man

homecoming number 55 spider-man homecoming everybody the

second film to feature holland as the Webby wit to prepare his role in the

film holland went so far as to spend several days attending classes at the

Bronx High School of Science in New York City where he used the name of his

acting coach as an alias number 56 in order to prepare for the film the cast

of homecoming got together for a John Hughes movie marathon to acquaint

themselves with the master of coming-of-age cinematic tales about John

Hughes I just said his name earlier number 57

the film's primary antagonist the vulture is played tremendously by

Hollywood legend Michael Keaton who is another fantastic actor who frightens

the bejesus out of me with the Baltus appearance in the film two-thirds of the

sinister six the cabal of supervillains who obsessively terrorize spider-man in

the comics have now been shown in movie form number 58 Robert Downey jr. aka

Tony Stark aka Iron Man appears prominently in the film filling the role

of peter's mentor however that responsibility was originally going to

fall on Nick Fury played by everyone's favorite terrifying actor samuel

l.jackson number 59 apparently Mark Hamill wanted to play

the vulture of Michael Keaton turned down the part not not happening new who

know you can't be in Star Wars and the MCU it's not fair number 60

interestingly the vulture was originally going to appear in the fourth

installment of the original Sam Raimi spider-man series with yet another

incredible and utterly terrifying actor John Malkovich preparing for the role

however the film was ultimately cancelled when Sony decided to reboot

the series of Marc Webb and Andrew Garfield great idea gang number 61

interestingly Adrian Toomes has never actually referred to as the vulture and

most other characters only ever call him vulture guy which has a slightly less

impressive ring to it number 62 when he's not messing around with alien

technology or threatening teenage boys in his car the vulture could often be

seen wearing a dark leather bomber jacket

with a fuzzy white collar this mimics the appearance of actual vultures some

species of which have a collar of lightly colored feathers around their

necks number 63 both Peter Parker and the legendary punk band The Ramones are

from Forest Hill in Queens New York which might be why the Ramones song a

blitzkrieg bop is featured twice in the film soundtrack the song can also be

heard in the 2012 Andrew Garfield led movie The Amazing Spiderman in which he

can be seen wearing a Ramones t-shirt The Ramones also famously

the original spider-man theme song in the form of a hidden bonus track on the

US version of their final album adios amigos Nintendo 64 in the comics Flash

Thompson was a big burly jock trope who bullied the nerdy Peter Parker for being

a scrawny little nerdy nerd in homecoming however his character was

revamped into a wealthy douchebag to fit a more contemporary bully stereotype

number 65 aren't Mays car number plates in the film is AMF 1 5 6 2 this is a

sneaky little reference to the origins of spider-man AM F stands for amazing

fantasy 15 is the issue number and 62 is 1962 referring back to spider-man's

aforementioned first appearance an amazing fancy number 15 all the way back

in 1960 der number strict except the voice of Cour and in spider-man

homecoming affectionately known by Peter as suit lady belongs to American actress

Jennifer Connelly wife of English actor Paul Bettany

who voiced Jarvis and plays vision in Ironman what small world I wonder if

they know number 67 it's revealed in the film that midtown school of science and

technology the school that Park Returns was founded in 1962 yet another

reference to spider-man's year of origin number 68 when Spiderman confronts Aaron

Davis in the parking garage the license plate is UCS no.1 this is thought to

stand for Ultimate Comics spider-man number 1 which contained the first

appearance of Miles Morales as spider-man in the Ultimate Marvel

Universe Donald Glover who plays Davis in the film has been the center of

spider-man reboot rumors for years and Aaron Davis himself is the uncle of

Miles Morales number 16 no mr. stark I feel so good when spider-man is on the

phone having an attitude on the lamppost the word Bagley can be seen

spray-painted on the building wall behind him in large letters look there

it is this is in reference to veteran comic

book artist Mark Bagley known for his work on the amazing spider-man and

ultimate spider-man comics number 70 as usual comic book legend Stan Lee has a

cameo in the film as an angry local resident shouting from a window

incredibly that cameo was one of four that was shot in the same day the others

being Doctor Strange guardians of the galaxy vol 2 and thor ragnarok number 71

the books that Michonne can be seen reading in the film each of a subtle

relation just a man starting with W Somerset Maugham

of Human Bondage which tells the story of an orphan who lives with his aunt

just like Peter Parker she's also reading invitation to a

beheading by Vladimir Nabokov in which a condemned prisoner awaits execution with

only a spider to keep him company number 72 not only that - Michelle can also be

seen wearing a t-shirt that bears the image of Sylvia Plath an American writer

known for writing a poem called spider number 73 though Peter is shown wearing

boxer shorts before he puts on the spider-man suit Hollanders revealed he

actually wore a thong underneath as the outfit was skin tight and the sinewy

contort of his body could not be interrupted by bunched up fabric thank

God for thongs well I heard that audio is an isolated news against me in the

future number 74 homecoming was also the first solo spider-man film to not

feature or even mention Uncle Ben in any way Peter Parker does allude to bad

things having happened to his on may but nothing further than that number 75

interestingly homecoming is also the first spider-man film in which we see

the wisecracking Iraq no hero with the canonical web wings often seen in the

comics number 76 though the majority of the movie takes place in the New York

borough of Queens most of the actual filming took place in Atlanta Georgia

with some additional footage shot in LA Washington DC and Berlin Germany however

a small portion of the film was actually shot in the real New York City baby

forget about it number 77 it was during the promotion of

homecoming that Hollen revealed that rather ironically he actually hate

spiders with a pretty big passion to quite a master Holland I hate them

they're terrifying like 100% I hate spiders I thought I really liked him I

learned it was just false I really can't be around spiders it scares me so much

sorry Tom if you're watching number 78 Holland also revealed that the reasoning

behind his characters reluctance to intentionally punch anyone in the face

was because if you were to be punched in the face by someone who can lift a truck

you're likely to pop your proverbial clogs immediately upon impact as such

Spidey only ever punches people accidentally in the film number 79 one

of the posters used to promote the film prior to its release Victor - here a

reclining extra body of water wearing his high-school academic decathlon

blazer and listening to music in a pair of headphones this image actually shows

Holland your break between filming with the

actor later revealing he actually fell asleep in the photograph Holland was

apparently extremely surprised to find out it been made into a poster number 80

fireman homecoming was sent to theaters under the codename scavenger and nod to

the dining habits of vultures this was done as a precaution against potential

film thieves bootleggers leakers ruffians vagabonds pilferers and

criminals of every sort bring back hanging outside number 81 Holland has

stated that while wearing the spider-man suit he can only ever see about five

feet in front of him with no peripheral vision whatsoever doesn't really seem

like an ideal quality for a superhero outfit but hey I'm just a lowly normal

mortal civilian whose only superpower is being of normally good at Guitar Hero

yep that's right through the fire and flames is my beat on hard mode experts

to difficult number 82 throughout almost the entire span of filming for

homecoming Holland managed to remain uninjured while performing his usual

cavalcade of flips and stunts and whatnot it wasn't until he actually

finished shooting one day toward the end of production that he fell down a flight

of stairs and tweaked his ACL the number 83 in April of 2018 Avengers Infinity

Ward was released and I peed myself in excitement but also it featured the one

and only Tom Holland a spider-man surprise yep he's in it too it wasn't

though hilariously Hollander was not actually allowed to read the script for

the film as the previous year had become notorious for revealing too many secrets

for spider-man homecoming number 84 in fact the higher-ups at Disney went to

extreme lengths to prevent Holland from ruining the entire franchise with his

loose ship sinking lips this included withholding key

information about the film until it was absolutely necessary and even giving him

fake scripts but number 85 in a nod to Holland's reputation for being spilling

one of the promotional videos for infinity war featured several of its

cast members in an interrogation room refusing to divulge spoilers with

Holland's mouth conspicuously taped closed

number 86 and one boys in the film Parker asked Tony if he's ever seen the

1996 sci-fi classic aliens to which he refers as a really old movie this is a

callback to spider-man's previous appearance in civil war in which he

declares that the Empire Strikes Back is also an old movie number 87

apparently the reason why spider-man's death took so long in infinity war was

because his spiders Enter I'm early and haste accelerated healing

slowed it down spoilers by the way sorry about that before he finally succumbed

to the ineffable decree of the universe's biggest emo and let's say it

buff daddy nanos number eighty-eight interestingly

in the actual script for the film spider-man's death wasn't quite so

drawn-out the only dialogue was the now classic line I don't feel so good but

the filmmakers wanted to more emotion prompting Holland's heart-wrenching

performance of Parker struggling to resist as he's overwhelmed by the power

of the Infinity Gauntlet and his soul is ripped away number 89 Holland also

revealed that although he's a big fan of Chris Pratt and loved working with him

filming alongside him was challenging I went to Pratt's habit of making jokes

both in and out of character which made it hard for Holland to keep a straight

face number 90 Holland was actually working on another film during the

filming of infinity war the other role necessitated longer hair so he had the

film stylist incorporate his bitch in new mop into his look for the film after

seeing the final look in the trailer however Holland regretted this decision

saying he had and I'm quoting him exactly here the most ridiculous

equality' stupid haircut of all time I think it was good Tom number 91

Holland based his performance of spider-man on Michael J Fox in the Back

to the Future films he stated that his all-time goal was to be his generations

Marty McFly number 92 Holland was originally cast a seaplane mcdonough in

Jumanji welcome to the jungle but was forced to drop out because he was busy

filming spider-man homecoming the role was ultimately filmed by everyone's

favorite Jonas Nick Jonas I literally don't know what the other two were

called number 93 over the Year spider-man has been adapted into well

over 30 solo video games spanning almost 40 years since the first spider-man

video game which was released in 1982 for the Atari 2600 number 94 the most

recent spider-man game to arise from the dank murky depths of video game

development was created by Insomniac Games and is simply entitled spider-man

or Marvel's spider-man if you wanna get particular in something at games have

stated that this game will have an entirely original story not based on

that of any previous spider-man comic TV show or movie movie I mean I don't why I

said it like that number 95 the voice of spider-man has been provided by American

actor Yuri Lowenthal who is also known for voicing the main character in Ben 10

and the character of Sasuke in the English dub of Naruto number 96

it's also been revealed that spy we'll be roughly 23 in the game meaning

he's already an experienced crime fighter having been swinging through New

York City not killing but seriously injuring bodies for several years

already number 97 many people have wondered why the game's hero bears an

uncharacteristic white spider logo insomniac games have stated that there

is indeed a good reason for the Albin istic arachnid emblem which players will

find out themselves as one of the biggest revelations in the entire

adventure number 98 the game will feature a wide range of classic

spider-man villains including the likes of the vulture rhino electro the

Scorpion and negative man who I believe hopes to defeat spider-man by just being

a massive downer number 99 the game has a photo mode that

allows players to take selfies yep millennial spider-man is also Instagram

famous hundred insomniac have also revealed that all the defaults

difficulty setting the average playtester managed to beat the game in

roughly twenty hours this has almost doubled the length of most of insomniacs

other games look out it's number 101 there are some fairly significant

murmurs that suggest that the game may feature everyone's favorite group of

good friends you happen to be superheroes

The Avengers in-game footage is shown Avengers tower in the background and

various bits of marketing including a mock Daily Bugle newspaper have made

reference to Iron Man daredevil and other members of the team and I am more

pumped than a tire that's been pumped a lot those wonder one part about

spider-man sort of pop cool I guess who is your ultimate Spidey let us know in

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