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- Let me test you on this.

- I think I might be drunk.

- Did you ever cheat on me and if you did, why?

- I've had some pretty solid opportunities.


- The fuck?

(orchestra music)

- I'm Kya.

- I'm Quinn.

- I'm Dan.

- I'm Shannon.

- Did you answer my ad?

I think I had a dating ad and you answered it.

- Oh it was a dating ad, yeah.

- I was 15, we didn't really date.

- We dated and then we lived together.

- We hung out a lot. (laughing)

- We were in a very serious relationship.

- We broke up.


- I mean that was, like, five years ago.

- Yeah, so it was a while back.

- Yeah.

- Had to pick a safe ex.


- I'll ask you.

What do your friends and parents think of me?

- Everyone loves you.

But everyone hates you as my boyfriend.

- Oh shit.

- We fight a lot.

- My mom loved you.

- Really?

I stopped calling on New Years because I didn't

want it to be weird.

- You fucked my cousin.

- What? (chuckles)

- Oh, shit. Let's not even--

How did I end it thinking of family

when we're talking about the family?

Is it my turn?

- When did you know it was over?

- It was kind of rocky from the get-go.

I just think as soon as I knew for sure that the

physical romantic chemistry wasn't there for me--

it seemed to be there for you, but not me.

- You knew it was over the first day,

we just drank it off for three years.

- When did you know it was over?

- When you hit me in the rib with your high heel.

- That was, too. I ain't gonna lie.

We didn't have a healthy relationship,

let's just say that.

- When you're being a huge dick,

I was like "it's probably over."

- Am I better lover than who you're currently with?

Be honest.

- I'm not currently with anybody.

My god, yes.


Her new boyfriend...

Looks awesome.

- He's pretty cute.

- Yeah.

- What do you think I should change about myself

for my next relationship?

- I'm definitely going to drink.


- Oh wow, okay.

That's interesting.

- I don't think my opinion is valid in this scenario.

- But you have one.


- Did you ever cheat on me?

If you did, why?

- I don't think I cheated on you.

I'm just gonna take a shot.

- No...

- No.

- You've probably ended up--

- I would've felt less guilty.

- You've probably wouldn't have minded.

- I would've been like I want him to be happy.

- I wouldn't call it cheating.

- What was it?

- A touch.

- Who?

- We were in the same bed together.

- How do you mean touch?

- I rubbed her titty.

- Okay.

- She was like "do you want to touch my titty?"

and I was like "I'll touch your titty."

I was like "what a nice titty."

Then I was like "now that's it, go to sleep."


- There was someone I was seeing--

- I'm like...



- Not that you're seeing somebody else.

- I really felt like I had it.


- There was just a little bit of overlap, I think.


- When you started hanging out with me,

did you cut that off?

- Eventually, yeah.

- You cut it off or faded it out?

- You faded it out!

- Faded it out.


- Who was the first person you made out with after

we broke up?

- I'll probably say Adriana.

- You childish for that! You childish!

- Adriana was my first girlfriend.

You don't even know the half of it.

- This is so bad.

- It's cool.

Take a shot!

- Random girl named Kelsey in New Orleans.

- If you don't want to know, you can take a shot.

- That was true though.

- Cool.

- What?


I dare you to take a body shot off of me.

- What's a body shot?


- To get out of it, it takes two shots.

- Jesus Christ.

- This feels like a consent situation.

- I know that's what I was getting to, I'm like--


- I dare you to take a body shot off me

or take two to get out of it.

- You have a boyfriend, I respect this gentleman.

- Come on, let's pour it in there.


- You can either--

- I'm like...

I'm 100 years old.


I think you should stay on that side.

- Where is it gonna go?

- Well, where were you gonna put it?

- I don't know.

- Uh oh.

- Sorry.

- That was too much.

- Here, I got you.

(glass clinks)



- Wow you really got your mouth around that thing.

- Anyone else want one?


- Stay really still.



- Oh fuck!

Do you ever pop into my head while I masturbate?


Wait, that questions for you!

I'm dirty as hell! (laughing)

- Do I ever pop into your head when you're masturbating?


- What the fuck?

- Yeah.


- Yeah.

- Oh god!

- Your turn.

Go and draw a card.

- Do you think I'll be a good wife?

- Fuck yeah!

- Really?

- I wanted you to be my wife!


- Would you go out with me again?

- We are going out.

He's taking me to dinner.

You're taking me to dinner.

- Would you go out with me again?

- You know the answer.

I fucked up.

- If you could do it over again, what would you change?

- Definitely not be so...

Violent and aggressive towards you.

Do not look at me like that.

- Thank you.

- Do you still love me?

- Yeah.

Of course.

- When you move into the future and

you're no longer connected...

I just don't--

I don't know where she's gonna be when she gets old.

- I wanna cheers to a nice friendship and happiness.

- Yes.

Come here, that's blessings.

- Yeah I hope we stay friends for a long time actually.

(glasses clink)

- To friendship. (chuckles)

- I think some other people are like "fuck you"

but I'm so lucky.

(glass clinks)


- I wish you...

Success and luck and health.

And all the best.

- Cheers.

(offscreen crew applauding)

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