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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Thai Food at Amphawa Floating Market - Thailand SEAFOOD FEAST Cooked on a Boat!

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- Hey everyone, it's Mark Wiens in Bangkok, Thailand

and today we're taking a day trip to one of the most

famous floating markets in Thailand.

It's called Amphawa floating market

and we're gonna go pick up Mike Chen.

He's another amazing food guy.

He loves to eat and he's in Thailand right now hanging out

and we're gonna give you a full tour of Amphawa.

How to get there, what to do, and most importantly,

some incredibly delicious food.

We're gonna eat a bunch of delicious food.

So keep watching this video, a full Amphawa

floating market tour guide coming up.

- All right, met up with Mike.

We are driving on our way to Amphawa.

It's located in a province called Samut Songkhram

which is about an hour and a half from Bangkok

but this is a really popular floating market.

Especially a lot of Bangkok people go there for the weekend

to eat, to hang out, to enjoy, so it's gonna be cool

to go there and eat with Mike.

- I'm excited, I mean I have cold noodles that's on land,

now maybe I'll get some actually on a boat.

(upbeat music)

- All right, we just made it to Amphawa.

This is one of the most famous and one of the biggest

and probably one of the busiest floating markets

in all of Thailand.

This is an afternoon floating market

so it opens up about 2 or 3 p.m. is when

it really gets started and when a lot of people come here.

And we are now just entering the main,

one of the main alleys.

There's food clustered on both sides of us.

All the snacks you can imagine.

You can just come here and eat non-stop.

There's a lot of food to choose from.

There's so many different things

so we have decided to stop for some fried fish cakes.

In Thai, they're called (speaking foreign language).

And then we also got, we're gonna order

just some fried quail eggs.

- [Mike] They're so pretty.

- [Mark] They are.

And it's just so pure man, it's just an egg.

- There's some chili seasoning she put on there.

I can't wait to have it.

All right, so what do you want to try first?

The fried fish cake?

- Yeah sure, let's try the fried fish cakes.

- Let's do it.

- And these are, it's a combination of minced fish

with curry paste so it has some curry flavor in it

and these are fried whole basil leaves.

All right.

- Oh.

- Oh, it's really juicy.

- That's three ohs, and that means it's good.


- That is very tasty.

- That's delicious, that's delicious.

- [Mark] Airy, spongey, it's packed, you can really taste

the curry paste in there, the red curry paste in there.

- It's got some kick to it.

Next up we got these little quail eggs,

which they caught my eye because they're so pretty.

And they're sitting in this beautiful

banana leaf bouquet and they just kinda look like,

I don't know, little sun flowery deliciousy--

- Yeah, little one biter eggs.

Oh yeah.

I love 'em.

- It tastes like fried eggs.

There's nothing--

- If you love fried eggs, there's no way

you won't love fried quail eggs.

- [Mike] Yeah and it's fried really well so the yolk

is not too runny, which I don't like.

It's not too hard.

- It's a little starchy.

And then you can also taste, she added,

she sprinkled on some soy sauce, like soy sauce.

And it's called maggi sauce.

- [Mike] I feel like this needs some chili, I don't know.

- [Mark] Chili would be good.

Since we happen to be sitting at a table

that has some chili vinegar, we might as well

make use of our resources.

- It's a little too sour for the egg but--

- That's a jolt of sourness.

- Yeah, yeah.

- That'll wake you up.

- Maybe don't do that.

But these fried fish cakes, these are ridiculous.

- I really like both of them.

- Woah, woah, woah.

Dare we?

- [Mark] Mike just had the brilliant idea

to combine the both snacks on one skewer.

Did you get some basil in that bite, man?

- [Mike] I'm gonna.

- [Mark] Dude, dude--

- [Mike] I'm gonna get some basil.

- [Mark] Fish in there, man, fish in there.

Oh, there we go.

- [Mike] And I wanna dip the egg in that sauce.

- Cucumber on the tip?

- Here's to innovation.

- Oh yeah, cheers man.

- That's where it's at.

- That's a winner.

I'm always a huge fan of especially quail eggs.

Quail eggs are wonderful little bite size of just pureness.

Can we try some of these?

(speaking foreign language)

This thing is called (speaks foreign language0

and this is a snack that's not all that common everywhere.

And they're kinda like little curry puffs.

- [Mike] They look like little dumplings.

- Yeah, just little perfect bite size snacks.

- Why's the fish?

The fish is like jerky.

- Yep, I think it's dried fish.

- [Mike] It's good.

- It's kinda like a cross between

a dessert and a savory snack.

It's like one of those things that's kinda sweet

but it's very oniony and garlicy at the same time.

- It's good, it's good.

I don't know if I can eat a whole bag full of those

but it's good.

- Me too, me too, it's okay.

(speaking foreign language)

Yeah, we do need to definitely try this.

Mike and I are stopping for the next snack

and this is kind of a Thai innovative snack

cause it has cheese on it.

So we've got scallops and then it looks like she--

(speaking foreign language)

Cream cheese.

- [Mike] Cream cheese.

- Oh so there's cream cheese and then there's fresh cheese.

And then she grills them over the fire

and then yeah, they're just very very small scallops.

This is more of a modern Thai snack,

a very modern Thai snack.

And then she just said she's gonna

add on some seafood sauce.

She said we gotta eat it hot and fast

so it's very hot in our fingers, right off the grill.

That cheese is all melty and oozy.

All right man, we just gotta scrape it off.

- Let's do it.


- Mmm.

(speaking foreign language)

- That's amazing, you are awesome.

- That is actually awesome.

I got a little bit of caramelized cheese on the shell.

- That's my favorite, that's my favorite right now.

- We don't want any of that to go to waste.

- [Mike] One of the best things I've had this week.

- [Mark] Wow, that's delicious.

- Maybe it's because the cheese is so gooey and good

and I'm partial to that but that's scallops got some

beautiful sweet flavor.

(speaking foreign language)

So guys, remember Mr. Boy Scallops.


- So yeah, Mr. Boy Scallop.

This market is pretty packed, though.

You will, when you come here, you'll definitely

be with a lot of people.

It gets pretty sweaty in some of these alleys as well

but you can smell all the aromas of the food

and it's so worth it.

We've been snacking for awhile already

but we're only now making it to the main canal, the Amphawa

canal and this is where the floating market happens.

These are where the boats are.

So right along the canal, within the water,

they have a number of different boats.

Also, serving a variety of different things.

They have pad Thai, they have different noodles,

they have different seafood, just fresh seafood

which is grilled and then they do have

sort of like, almost like stadium seating

where you can, if you're lucky, you can grab a seat.

It's kinda packed and kinda tricky to get a seat

but I think we'll be able to get a seat.

(upbeat music)

(speaking foreign language)

- We just got pretty much front row seats.

It almost feels like we're at a sports game.

And these are bleachers and then they have

all the boats serving food but when Mike and I

are ordering together, I think we got

every seafood that is visible.

We got the jumbo prawns, we got squid, we got crab

and we got a whole fish.

- Yeah, well, you don't want any food regret, you know?

You wanna get everything you can.

You'd rather get too much than too little.

- You wanna get everything you see.

- Yeah, otherwise you're like, man I wish

I got that fish the other day.

- Oh, I totally forgot about the fish, man.

- [Mike] This is bad.

- We don't have any square space of table left.

- [Mike] This is an experience

that I needed to have in Thailand.

- What do you wanna begin with?

- I think we should do the calamare because

that's what the fly is attacking the most.

- Oh yeah, all right.

Let's do it.

Man they grilled this squid up.

You can see it on the boat, just the big pieces of squid

and what's cool about this piece of squid

is that there's eggs in it.

Can you see those squid eggs?

It's just stuffed with eggs.

- [Mike] All right, so dip it in the sauce.

- All right, seafood sauce, dipping.

Oh wow.

- Oh my God, it's good.

- [Mark] It's like a little bit leathery in texture

but it's not chewy and then the eggs

are almost like jellyish.

- Yeah and they kinda like give you that nice,

because usually when you eat squid, it's like

chewing all over the rubber and all that's in your mouth.

That's the only texture you taste.

But you got the nice beautiful soft eggs.

Oh, that's glorious.

How bout we get into these big bad boys here?

- Yeah, let's do this.

These are river prawns here.

Actually the heads are pretty big,

but they are pretty decently sized.

- [Mike] These are like river monsters.

- I'm gonna break this guy open, take off the head

and actually the best thing about eating river prawns

is what's in the head.

- [Mike] You gonna eat the head?

- Oh yeah, but actually you can almost break

off that head shell there.

What I like to do is tear off that outer shell and then just

kinda suck up that head butter juices, right in there.

Look at that.

- I'm gonna take a lesson from the master here.

- Oh yeah man, that's the good stuff right there.

- Okay so what do we do, we just put the sauce in there?

- Just suck it.

You can or you can just taste the pureness of it.

- Okay, I'll do, this is my first time.

- [Mark] Oh yeah.

- [Mike] It's almost very eggy.

- [Mark] It's shrimp pudding.

It's a little bit bitter, it's awfully good.

Oh yeah.

- Sweet succulent flesh, my friend.

- Just so meaty.

- [Mike] Let's jump on the crab.

What kind of crabs are these?

- [Mark] In Thai it's called (speaks foreign language).

- [Mike] It looks a little like stone crab,

at least the claws do, look a little like stone crab.

- This crab is one of my favorite things from the sea.

Look at the size of his claw, man.

- Yeah, it's awesome.

- It's pretty decently sized.

- That's pretty.

- [Mark] And they've cracked it already

so should be semi-easy for us to eat it all.

Look at that drumstick.

And you have to just give this another dunking

in the seafood sauce.

Oh that works like a mitt to scoop up some of that sauce.

- That's some sweet crustacean right there.

- All the like stringiness of the crab

while being silky at the same time.

- That's fresh, that's fresh.

You can tell that's fresh.

- [Mark] This is actually just completely fantastic

just sitting here eating seafood with Mike,

watching the boats, probably such a relaxing to eat

'cause you can't really eat it too fast.

- Well you know what it is.

In China we have this saying called

(speaks foreign language) which means eating for fun.

So the crab is one of those foods that we consider,

you don't eat it to get full, you eat it to enjoy yourself.

Almost like as an entertainment.

- It's a good thing we decided to get the two crab platter.

- That is so sweet, man.

- It's really good.

- So sweet.

- And it's so meaty.

So in Thai this is called pla pao.

And this is a, let me get a look at his face real fast.

It's a (speaks foreign language) which is a barramundi fish.

What they do is they salt press it, they actually fill it

with some herbs, there's probably some lemongrass

and maybe some pandan leaves within the cavity of the fish.

And then they coat it in a salt in a big layer of salt.

And then they grill it on a fire.

- [Mike] Look at this, look how flaky the flesh is.

Look how juicy that is, just falls apart.

So tender.

- [Mark] And then you gotta give this

a nice bath in the chili sauce.

- [Mike] Oh 100%, 100%.

Well I feel like this does really beat the shrimp.

- [Mark] Yeah, it does.

- And that adds so much to the fish,

because there's so much more flavor.

One of my favorite things in Thailand.

- I eat it a lot too.

And also, not only is it good,

but it's actually very very healthy.

- Yeah.

- It's just pure fish, there's no oil.

There's no, it's just pure fish so it's very healthy.

- [Mike] There's no fishy flavor to it

whatsoever, whatsoever.

It's so clean.

- We also got a couple plates of green papaya salad.

This one is (speaks foreign language)

with crab and fermented fish sauce.

This was sort of just to change up

the flavor of the seafood.

- I mean you need something refreshing.

Well we gotta listen to our parents

and get our veggies a little bit.

- Yeah, that's pretty.

We just finished with that seafood feast

with the view of the boats right from the boats.

The seafood was actually pretty good

but the food is not gonna be the best Thai food

that you have when you eat from a boat.

You eat here mostly for the atmosphere and the ambiance

and the novelty and the fun of it

which it definitely is very very fun.

But the food is okay, it's okay.

I think probably my favorite thing was the crab.

The crab was actually really really good,

tasted quite fresh and the meat was so sweet

and natural and fantastic actually.

(upbeat music)

You can just grab chilis at your will.

I cannot leave Thailand without trying Miang kham.

- When I see people wrapping something, I get excited.

- And it's such a colorful variety

of little tiny ingredients that she chops up.

There's a whole little wedge of lime,

there's shallots in here, there's ginger,

there's toasted coconut and then she adds the,

it's almost like a caramely palm sugar dressing

that she puts in here to wrap it all together.

- And I saw pieces of lime in there, that's actual--

- It's actually a wedge of lime, no, no, no,

you eat the skin and all so you can expect

like a jolt of sourness, citrusiness.

- And we each got a pepper, what do we do?

- We're gonna chase it with the chili.

Let's eat one and chase it.

Wanna chase it with the chili?

It's like vegetarian vegetable candy, man.

- Woah.

This is actually really remarkable.

- [Mark] It's awesome.

- [Mike] It's fragrant, it's sour, it's sweet,

very flavorful.

- And we need more chili, she has

a whole bowl of chili over there.

- There you go.

- Oh thanks man, red or green?

I'll go green.

It's refreshing too.

- It's good stuff.

- Yeah, that is sweet but it's something you really

have to try when you come to Thailand

because that mix of flavors,

that's like Thailand in a single bite.

(speaking foreign language)

You have a little thumb to ...

Oh that's cute, that's cute.

- I know this is not Thai food, Mark,

but I saw this and I couldn't resist.

It's got a little, look at this, little thumb thing.

- It's a little mitt of little bite size ice cream cones.

- One of my all time goals in life

is to eat an ice cream cone in one bite.

I'm just kidding, no one has those goals like seriously.

But this looks delicious.

I'm gonna take a little green one.

- Wait, what's your flavor?

I'll go vanilla, maybe this is vanilla.

Yeah look at this, little bite sized.

- Oh, this is lime sorbet.

- Okay.

- Cheers to ice cream.

- Cheers, man, one biters?

- Yeah.

That was funner than I thought.

- It is pretty cool because you like smash

the entire cone as you bite down.

(speaking foreign language)

This is called (speaks foreign language)

which is a coconut milk custard.

And then this one is more of an egg yolk custard.

That is very pretty.

- [Mike] That's beautiful, that is beautiful.

- [Mark] So like the traditional version of the snack

is served in little, almost like bite size little

cupcakes with banana leaves so they've kind of

made this kind of trendy kind of beautiful.

And it's cool that you get to keep the clay pot.

- [Mike] That's what's really awesome about this is that

look and this is something you'll buy in the US at a store.

What's the red stuff?

- [Mark] I have no idea.

- [Mike] No one knows.

- [Mark] Are you getting some random pink stuff?

- [Mike] I'm getting the random pink.

Under is green.

What is this green stuff?

- [Mark] There's the tapioca on the bottom,

tapioca and corn.

- [Mike] Woah, look at the tapioca bubbles.

- [Mark] You keep digging further and you get new things.

- [Mike] This is like an iceberg.

Most of what you don't see is on the bottom.

- [Mark] Yeah look at the layers to that.

- This is beautiful.

I like it.

I'll tell you what, I like it.

- It is good.

- I wasn't so sure in the first couple bites

when you're chewing it, but you get the corn

that's kinda salty.

- [Mark] And they also add a lot of salt

to the actual coconut cause that brings out

the flavor of the coconut.

- Yeah, and I think this is something also

that gets better as you chew it.

- [Mark] And there's also little pieces

within the bottom there, there's corn and taro.

- [Mike] Oh, I just saw the taro.

- [Mark] Like little starchy pieces of taro there.

- [Mike] Oh that's crazy.

- A lot of going on.

- There's tons of stuff going on here.

I mean, I'm almost expecting to find like a prawn down here.

- [Mark] Oh man, that would be a lucky bite.

I would love that bite.

- Little bit of a different texture, little crunch.

- I got a bunch of taro in that bite.

- This is really good.

- [Mark] We found some horseshoe crab salad.

In Thai it's called (speaking foreign language).

You can't really eat the actual crab because

it's rock hard shell, it's like prehistoric looking creature

but what you eat are the eggs from the backside

and then they mix it with green mango.

- [Mike] I see these on beaches all the time.

Like all the time and okay so they're not edible

in terms of their own flesh.

- [Mark] Grab one of those nuggets on the side there.

- [Mike] I'm trying to actually avoid,

like can I get just a little sampler?

Dinosaur, think dinosaur.

- I love it.

- I have no idea what I just ate.

- They're almost like highly concentrated egg yolks.

- It's just like beans to me.

- Like they're really condensed, really like,

almost chalky and kind of yolky.

- [Mike[ It's not my favorite.

I think I'm stopping at one.

- [Mark] Oh man, I really love it.

- [Mike] I was really hoping to eat the crab meat.

I mean I was hoping like you'd crack this open

and there's some like untold sweet

succulent tender crab meat I didn't know existed

and I just discovered like a new wonderful crab but.

- We have been eating all afternoon

and that was a lot of fun.

What did you think about the floating market, Mike?

- Well, I loved the food first of all.

And actually just be able to see it

because I never saw it before.

I heard concepts of it, I've seen pictures,

never seen it in person and it was great experience,

so thank you so much for showing me around.

- Big thank you to Mike for hanging out and eating.

He is Strictly Dumpling on YouTube

and I'll leave his link in the description box.

Go check out his awesome food videos

and I wanna say a big thank you to you for watching.

Please remember to give this video

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Goodbye from Amphawa and we'll see you on the next video.

Thank you again for watching.

- See you later.

The Description of Thai Food at Amphawa Floating Market - Thailand SEAFOOD FEAST Cooked on a Boat!