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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 63. Finished Painting Narrowboat & are out of the Polytunnel

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Finally, we are out of the polytunnel at last! Alice is around about 98%

completed. There's a couple of bits and pieces. I've still got to put sand on the

gunnels and there's a bit of gloss around the bow deck to do but apart from

that, she's ready to rock and roll. It's been a really, really tough what, two

months - just under two months. Having endless amounts of dust inside and we

sand the boat and we paint it. It looks lovely and then the next day we're not

happy with it so we got to sand it again and that repeated again and again and

again really was difficult.


On my stern there are channels to take the water from under the floorboards.

They often fill up with leaves and Molly fur, so I wanted to add an extra level of

protection in this area. After taping up the channels, I painted them with black

gloss Hammerite paint. This will allow me to periodically touch up any damaged

paint, in years to come. The sides of Alice have started to receive their

first couple of gloss, slate grey coats. Even though we have sanded between each

coat, the aim is to put the paint on and not take it off! So we used soft foam

pads to add additional protection between the sander and the disc. The roof

has received two coats of ivory International gloss and we marked the roof

up for sanding. Whilst I was away in the Netherlands, Steve pretended to be ill

but on my return, he had not only completely sanded the roof, but glossed

the edges too - fantastic! The painter in the marina advised us to have gloss on

the lower edges to make it easier for water to flow down to the stern and off the

boat, which makes perfect sense once you're told about it. As more and more

layers of paint went on, the sanding discs grit got finer and finer.

Whilst we waited for the sides to dry I was able to get up on the roof and start

to reinstall the mushroom vents. I used closed cell window tape to form a seal

on the base of each vent. Then using torx head stainless steel screws, I fitted

them all back on, really tightly. Despite sanding between each side layer, the

third layer was still getting that annoying orange peel effect so we got

rid of it all using 500 grit sanding discs. On our fourth and final coat we

added synthetic thinners to the paint as the Masons paint does have a tendency to

go off much quicker. This was the final coat and it had to be right so the

marina's Steve popped in and taught us a few techniques. This time we rollered the

thinner paint on and brush the bubbles out immediately and the paint smoothed

that out perfectly.

It was soon time to tap the holes for new fairleads

on the roofs edges and fit navigation lights and external fittings.

I used the tunnels facilities at Springwood Haven Marina on the Coventry

Canal. It's the same place I bought my lithium batteries from. They have two

tunnels here, they're both insulated and have rear doors allowing you to fully

seal your boat in, reducing the likelihood of paint dust getting out

into the canal. They have up-to-date electrics and have a chandlery on site,

which has been really useful when ordering extra paint and fittings for

Alice. There is a resident painter also called Steve here who was very useful to

pop in, not only to advise us how to DIY paint but also to do some hole tapping

for things like the navigation lights. You'll be pleased - now I've been able

to get you a discount on the tunnels £300 a week fee of 15% by saying to

them Journey with Jono. Just as a bit of a disclaimer, I didn't pay the full

rate for the time I was in the tunnel. It was finally time to put the window

frames back in and seal the boat up for good. I removed all the old foam that was

around the windows and cleaned off the edges. It's important to use closed foam

around the windows as many marinas sell open cell foam. Over time the windows

leak, purely because the water is soaking through. It was surprisingly easy to

refit the windows and tighten their clamps inside. Steve was a great help,

especially when I went to the Netherlands but painting all day, every

day together really, really, we both got on each other's nerves. We both fell out

with each other numerous times but eventually I'm really pleased to say,

Alice is done. She's got paint finally on her roof, and her sides and her bow and her

stern and I'm really pleased with the colours. I'm really pleased with the sort

of cream roof and the slate grey. Chuffed to bits with them.


Since being back on the dark towpath I'll tell you about a little gadget I've

been using and that is this LED torch from Olight. They got in contact with

me and asked if I wanted to try one out. It's called the S2R BATON II and I found

myself using it way more than I thought I would. It recharges with a magnetic

clip on the bottom from a USB port. There are five different light patterns. By

pressing the button to turn it on and then keeping your finger on the button.

Then if you want maximum light at 1150 lumens you double tap the button. Details

of where to get the Olight torch are also in the description below. I want to

thank a couple of people for their Patreon support. It's Tom Barber and

Colin Neale. Now Colin I mentioned a couple of weeks ago and he's getting a

second mention. He will know why but I promised I would. So thanks very much

both of you your support is, it's fantastic.


Although I am back out on the canal and it's fantastic having views and wind and

natural sounds again, I am staying in this area for a little bit because I

promised Steve I'll be helping with his brand-new boat. He's having a great big

lithium setup as well as everything inside obviously, so helping him with

doing that and then I'm sort of moving up to the Hinkley area because the

carpenter is raring to go to help the pair of us for the next four or five

weeks, which would be fantastic because I can get loads and loads done inside the

boat. So thank you very much for watching, sorry the videos have been a bit

sporadic recently. I changed to a different operating system having had

Apple Mac for 15 odd years, I moved to Windows after my incident with my

MacBook and just really didn't get on with it. There were so many bugs in lots

of software, errors coming out my ears so I've ditched that idea and come back to

Mac and I just needed the hardware to arrive but I've got that and I'm now

editing and there's loads and loads of content coming as well as lots and lots

of woodwork and bits and pieces with the carpenter so, thank you very much for

watching and hopefully I will see you again soon.

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