Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Youth Soccer Drills & Skills : Heading a Soccer Ball

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My name is Tim Boucher soccer coach of LaSalle Academy for Expert Village. The next thing

we want to talk about is heading the ball. When you head the ball you want to make sure

that you don't get it too low or else you'll break your nose. You want to do it off the

top of your head cause then the ball is just going to go in all kinds of different directions.

You want to get the ball and see the ball come in and get it right off of your forehead

as you do that. Let's watch Ryan and Luis as they do a head ball. Notice how he leans

into the ball, he sees it coming in and drives it right back at him, drives it right in the

direction he wants it to go. Now watch Ryan demonstrate a poor head ball. Going off the

top of his head it just kinds of goes in any direction or goes behind him. You want to

move so you can be close to the ball. You don't want to brush it off the top of your

head, you don't want to take off your nose. Go ahead and show a good header. You want

to drive that ball right in the direction, lean back and move forward.

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