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-Okay get this Starwars shirt off me

-Where's my tea? I need my tea!

-Hi my name is Veronica Merrell I'm one half of the

Merrell twins and um this is Merrell Twins Exposed

-Hi I'm Vanessa and I am the

other half of the Merrell twins.

-Please, get this Starwars shirt off me, I hate Starwars

ugh! robe me.

-Hello my name is Helen

and I am Veronica Merrell's assistant.

-So Helen is my assistant, Helen is amazing

she like knows everything about my

schedule and she helps me get through

the day and I just really appreciate it.

-Okay so what's on today's agenda?

-Well! Now that you're done filming a video

we have lunch for you.

-Carol, is that my venti passion tea with two pumps raspberry two

pumps classic and berry juice instead of

water with no berries and light ice?

-Yes, I believe so.

Hi my name is Carol and I've

been working for Vanessa Merrell for

about two weeks now and um she's interesting.

-Carol is my sixth assistant

this month um I'm really really liking

her though I think she's going to

actually stay this time she is such a

good person but also really weird

I asked for light ice! This does not feel

like it's light ice, it's kind of heavy!

-I thought I asked for light ice, I'm so sorry Vanessa..

-My gosh

-You know I bring her her tea, she just is very unappreciative

I always get it right but this time I just

messed up and forgot to ask for light ice

and uh.. just do it Carol! C'mon Carol! Get your stuff together!

-Oh my gosh I'm so hungry!

Thank you so much for reminding me Helen.

-Here's your tamale and your glass of diet water.

I asked for a tamale?


I know everything about Veronica Merell I know

what she likes, what she doesn't like

I even caption her Instagram pictures

I help her with a lot of things.

So you have a busy day today! Next thing on your

agenda is you have a phone call in about

an hour for the secret project.

-Okay, phone call in an hour for the secret project, got it!

oh my gosh Helen what would I do

without you? you're a lifesaver.



Have you seen Carol?

-No, I haven't seen her.

-The thing about Carol is that when I need her

I can never find her it's like she likes

to play hide-and-seek or something

I really don't know I can never find her.

I don't know where Carol is.

Why are you always in the bathroom?!

-I'm always in the bathroom because I'm hiding and um

I've kind of adapted it as my workspace,

like my little office like "hello welcome to Carol's bathroom!"

-Where's my fur coat?

-You don't have a fur coat.

-Yeah I do.



-No, you don't.

-Okay well then, let's go buy one!

-Wait wait, no! You're not going anywhere

we have an important phone call meeting about the secret project!

I don't know why Vanessa always leaves at the

wrong times especially when there's

business to do like come on Nessa!

-Um hello priorities!

Alright Carol, so I need you

to help me find a fur coat, if you see

something you think that I would like

just let me know okay!?

-Since I've been working for Vanessa for two

weeks this is the first time she's ever

taking me shopping with her I don't know

why she thought she had a fur coat

already, I've checked her closet multiple

times and she does not so I'm kind of

excited to see what shopping with

Vanessa is like.

-Ughhh! What am I going to do? I need Vanessa here!

Helen bring me my stress reliever.

Nessa isn't back yet for the

call and I'm getting really nervous

because I don't want to talk to these

people alone about our secret project

but I guess I'm gonna have to.

Helen what do you think I should do?

-Well I think you should just take the call and say

"Vanessa couldn't make it."

-That's a horrible idea. Take him, I'm calling James.

-You know I just love it when Veronica takes my advice.

This is sarcasm.

-Does this look like fur to you?

Feel it!

That's not fur.

This is fur! This is cute!

Look at this. Feel that.. yeah okay.

I like this! Thanks for helping me find this one.

This is the first time I'm

taking Carol shopping and she's

definitely the worst out of all the six assistants I've had.

Carol! What are you doing?

We're supposed to be looking for fur coats!

-She yells at me a lot I think she

holds in a lot of anger towards her

sister I think just about life she's

the younger twin you know I just I feel

like she has this grudge.


I love James!

We use him a lot for our videos

but like little did you guys know he's

my best friend and I just really appreciate him.



-How are you? Come in, come in, come in!

-Ayo wassup my name is James Llerrem I'm an

aspiring actor and rapper and I'm

Veronica Merrell's best friend.


-Oh my gosh!

This is amazing, I have to get this one too!

So being a twin you have a

really special connection and when I was

shopping I got this weird feeling that

James was at my house.

Carol I think James is at the house right now.


He's just kinda creepy

I just feel like we need to get home.


-Oh silly me.. I forgot my credit card

you're gonna have to pay for these.

-We find the fur coats and when it's time to

go to the register to pay Vanessa

realizes she forgot her wallet and she turns

and asks me to pay for the coats..

with my credit card..


so this is what my problem is

I have a very important phone call

meeting but Nessa isn't here to take

it with me and it's about our secret

project and I need her to be here with me

and like I just don't know what to do and

I'm getting really nervous and stressed about it.

And I just.. can you just help me?

-So this is what you do

You take the phone call

and just say

"Vanessa couldn't make it today."

-That is such a great idea!

Thank you so much James!

-You're welcome.

-I knew I could count on you. This is why you're my best friend!

-I don't know why I try sometimes.. James is

apparently amazing.

-You know sometimes

you see a trail of ants that are all

carrying crumbs but there's that one ant

that's not carrying anything

be that ant!

-Alright, it's five minutes until the call

are you ready Veronica?

-Okay, thank you Helen.

Alright you can leave now.

-But I just got here.

-I have to take this phone call now!

-Dude! I just got here and now

she wants me to leave?

I don't understand girls.

-Oh my gosh! I'm so nervous Helen.

-You'll be fine! Just take the call.


-Hello ladies, I am...

-C'mon Carol!


Come on!

So I get home and Roni and Helen are

just glaring at me.

We're home!

How was the call?

-It was good.

-Are you even going to tell me what happened?

-No, you weren't even here.

-But we're a team, you're supposed to tell me these things.

-If we were a team, you would have been here for the call.

-But I needed a fur coat!

-A fur coat.. okay!

That just shows me your true priorities

and that none of this matters! Ugh!

-Well, on the bright side I got a fur coat and I

got Carol a fur coat too.

-Wait? One of these is for me?


You're supposed to wear it at all times now.

-All times?


-You know sometimes I underestimate Vanessa

deep down she's actually a good person

she's letting me keep one of her coats

even though I paid for it and it's technically mine.

Next time on Merrell Twins Exposed

-You can't do that we're in this together!

-You know what I can do? I can quit the

Merrell Twins, and I'm gonna quit the Merrell Twins right now!

Get that out of my face!



-Why you look pale?

-I'm not.. feeling too.. good..


-Someone call 911

And that concludes this episode of Merrell Twins

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-Okay! Get this Starwars..

-Where's my tea? I need my tea!

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