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Its been just over 20 years since audiences were introduced to Carrie, Samantha, Miranda,

and Charlotte in the cult classic HBO series Sex and the City. These four women represent

different archetypal personalities that all women around the world identify with to this

day! So much so, that it's not uncommon to hear someone say, "I'm such a Samantha." and

know exactly what they mean!

In 2021 fans received the biggest news since announcing a second film, creators of the

show have revealed that the show will be returning for a brand new series! Thats right, Sarah

Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis will bless us all as they reprise their

iconic roles! Unfortunately for all Samantha fans, Kim Cattrall wont be back to play

her token character that liberated us all every time she appeared on screen.

Today we take a look at our favorite group of girlfriends, how they have changed, and

what has been happening in their lives after all these years. And of course, we will be

spilling all the tea as to why Cattrall wont be returning to the show as well as some other

saucy secrets you never knew about some about your favorite cast members. Stick around as

we find out who had to hide her role from her family for years and which so-called diva

publicly humiliated her on-screen BFF after a tragic death in the family.

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Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattralls portrayal of Samantha Jones was the bundle of sass we didnt know we

needed. Kim allowed our inner wild child to come out by showing us that we can always

be ourselves no matter what!

There is no doubt that Samantha was the show and Kims breakout role. Even winning her

a Golden Globe and five Emmy nominations! Although the actress is still working on projects

here and there, since the show ended she has chosen to rather distance herself from the

spotlight. Perhaps all the drama in her personal life was just too much for her to be involved

in drama on screen as well.

Cattrall has been married three times, with her third marriage having ended in divorce

in 2004. And sadly looking back divorce was the least dramatic thing to happen in her


In 2018, the actress underwent a serious family drama when her younger brother went missing.

She asked for public help in finding him on her Instagram account. It wasnt long until

they found his corpse leaving Kim devastated and lost. Kim still feels guilty and keeps

asking herself over and over again if she could have done anything to save her brother.

"There is a well of sadness in me. I am different now and I will never be the same."

Sarah Jessica Parker

Its hard to imagine anyone else in the role of the famous Carrie Bradshaw, but did

you know that Sarah Jessica Parker initially turned down the role! Parker didnt want

to take part due to the shows sexual nature. In fact, it took her months and months of

persuasion before she accepted the role. She accepted, but with the condition that her

character will not be involved in any nudity scenes! This is odd since sex is even

in the shows title. Regardless, we can thank her husband Matthew Broderick as he

was the one who eventually convinced her. Never have we ever been more grateful for

a husband!

Fun Fact! Did you notice that season five only has eight episodes? That was because

at the time Sarah was pregnant with her first son. After giving birth she quickly returned

to the show and even brought her son with her! Remember that nervous and awkward moment

when Carrie ran into Aiden with a baby! That was Parker's son.

After leaving Carrie Bradshaw behind, Parker focused on her movie career, which she had

no problem with. Due to the success of the show, she was offered many leads with actors

such as Hugh Grant and Matthew McConaughey. But, her next big break was when she starred

in the HBO series Divorce.

The fifty-five-year-old also capitalized on her status as a fashion icon by creating a

clothing line named BITTEN as well as a shoe collection for Nordstroms called the SJP


Despite being all engaged in Divorce, shes doing great in her personal life. Wellthat

is if we dont include her ongoing feud with a fellow co-star...

You would think that Sarah and Kim Cattrall would be closer than close after so many years

of working together, but behind the scenes, they were far from besties. In fact, some

might even say they were on the verge of being enemies. For the past couple of years, both

Kim and Sarah have opened up in interviews about their stringent relationship.

Where things get a little interesting is that during the filming of the show, both actresses

denied any allegations of their feuds, however, once the show ended both women told very VERY

different stories.

According to Cattrall, Parker had never liked her and she had no clue as to why. Kim found

Jessicas behavior to be (quote) Toxic. She resented allegations that she was the

one who held up production after Jessica would say it was due to her (quote) diva behavior.

When talking about Jessica, Kim even went so far as to say that there was an element

of unfair treatment on set. After the incredibly popular show ended, fans couldnt wait for

the movie, but the production just kept getting held up, because the two refused to work together

ever again.

The tensions between the two stars reached a new level of drama after Cattrall publicly

slammed her co-star on Instagram. Parker offered condolences for the loss of Cattralls brother,

but Kim didnt see it as a kind gesture, convinced that it was all just a publicity

act. She posted on Instagram that she didnt need Jessicas support because the two are

not friends and never have been.

I dont need your love or support at this tragic time

Sarah Jessica Parker has opened up about the matter and claimed that she has no idea why

Kim feels the way she does and that she is deeply hurt by all the things she has said.

Heartbroken, I found it really upsetting because thats not the way I recall our


Kirstin Davis

Carries Fantastic, but Im Charlotte.

That was the answer Kristin Davis gave when she was offered the main role in the series.

Thats right, while Sarah Jessica Parker was having second thoughts, the shows director

offered the role to Davis. But luckily for all Charlotte fans, Davis knew which character

her heart truly belonged to. Or did she?

Kirstin admitted that she turned down the lead because she was concerned that the show's

plot and even the title would shock her extremely conservative family. She compromised with

herself and took the role of Charlotte instead and never told her parents or her grandmother

about her role for years!

But when her grandmother passed away she thought it was about time that her parents started

watching the series minding all the fame it brought her!. Surprisingly Kirstins dad

who is a psychology professor got really into it and even used some of the episodes as part

of his college lectures on marriage and sexuality.

Now, although she relates a lot to her character in most aspects, her love life and views on

marriage in the real world are vastly different.

While filming the show, she dated a couple of famous men. Her dating list included Alec

Baldwin, David Duchovny, Aaron Sorkin, Live Schreiber, Steve Martin, and even Chris Noth,

Mr big himself. Although she never felt a deep enough connection with any of them to

stick it out for the long run. And just like her character in the show, she

adopted a little girl in 2011, but the difference is Kirstin did it all by herself, taking the

route of the single mother. She felt like she wanted to be a mom so much that she adopted

a boy in 2018.

Kristin took a step back from acting after her time on the show to rather concentrate

on activism and non-profit work. But it would seem that she is slowly making her way back

to the big screen.

Cynthia Nixon

The character of Miranda Hobbes is having something of a renaissance right now though

people used to be unwilling to think that they were "a Miranda," the current political

climate and rise of feminism have made the public take another look at her and how the

tables have turned.

Unlike Cattrall and Parker, Cynthia and Sarah are best friends on the show and in real life.

In fact, Jessica was the one who recommended Cynthia for the role of Miranda. But Nixon

had to make some sacrifices to suit her character's description. Her look on the show gave room

for a lot of criticism in her personal life. Seems like many people tend to forget that

actors are in fact actors and not their characters. But Cynthia never took it to heart and has

clearly shown the world through the years that she does not care what people think.

Since the series ended Nixon has starred in many Broadway shows, indie films, and long-running

classics like Law and Order. In 2020, she appeared in the Netflix series Ratched and

is set to star in The Gilded Age, an HBO series created by Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.

Despite being a pro at playing dramatic leads, Cynthias personal life certainly deserves

its own drama screen adaptation. If one were to write a story bout her life it would without

a doubt be about strong woman, who lived through breast cancer, embraced her eldest childs

transgender transformation, divorced from her husband, and came out as bisexual. All

while running for Governer!

The fifty-four-year-old turned into an outspoken figure regarding LGBT rights after coming

out as bisexual and marrying Christine Marioni. And after the show ended, she decided to put

her focus on a political career. In May 2018 she made a statement announcing that she will

be running for the governor of New York. Though she lost the Democratic primary, she earned

a respectable 35% of the vote.

There is no doubt that many many more fans are more outspoken about being Team Miranda

after the incredible example this politician has set!

For six years the actresses of Sex and the City taught women around the world not to

be embarrassed of themselves, love, sex, or their lives. They proved to everyone that

true and fierce female friendships truly do exist and we cannot wait to see them on our

TV screens once again!

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