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And I'm gonna squeeze-




That was a mistake.

But remember Bob Ross said, there's no mistakes

Just happy accidents.

Let's just...

*tap tap tap tap tap*

Let's just do that. There we go


Guess who bought more art supplies recently!


My boyfriend told me about this website several months ago,

and I became quickly obsessed with it because they sell really cheap stuff

like clothes, electronics, and a whole bunch of art supplies.

What I found especially intriguing was that I found some art supplies

that reminded me a lot of the official brand art supplies.

For example these are not Copic markers, but they look like Copic markers.

I also bought these water brush pens, which look an awful lot like the Pentel water brush pens.

I bought these other supplies as well, which reminded me of Tombow markers and micropens

And I just basically want to compare to see how they, how they work.

Okay, so as you can see I have done a couple of characters here.

I drew these because I wanted to test out some of the supplies here.

I bought a whole bunch of these really cool markers,

which work- look a lot like copic markers the only difference, if I'm being honest here,

they're shaped differently, but these have a little tab on them so that they don't roll off the desk

which is good.

These are called Finecolour

alcohol-based ink marker.

It has, like the copic markers, it has the chisel tip and,

Feel like such a beauty guru right now, but it doesn't have the brush marker,

and it's just got a fine point kind of like the pro markers by Windsor and Newton.

This is what they look like together

I'd be such a bad beauty guru, seriously.

See it's even got the little barcode on it

Let's give these a go and see if they perform similarly.


I'm making this very cartoon-like aren't I? But I don't have like, the range of colors,

that I could potentially get if I like these.

But yeah, so far, they kind of just- they're just markers really.

If you don't want anything fancy these are pretty good.


Okay, so another thing. You can kind of darken them up a little bit if you layer them like you can with Copics.

Let me try getting my colorless blender, my Copic marker just to see if they react.

So yeah, the colorless blender by Copic is,

You know, it's reacting with these markers

obviously because they're alcohol based, so. Yeah there we go. That's pretty good.


Yeah, I really like these markers, they're really, you know-

I'm not exactly blending them too much, I don't really have blendable colors here, but...

It appears like they would blend quite well.


Going to take my Copic now, but I feel that Copics are a lot smoother,

but that may just be because of the brush tip.


Overall, to be honest, the only thing I really miss is having the brush tip,

because I just feel like it has such a decent

application of colour.


I'm really impressed. I do like these a lot. I think I'm going to have to go back and buy some more.

I'm a huge fan of Micron pens.

Basically if you don't know what Micron pen is, they basically look like this.

They're very- usually for illustrating comics.

Just having a nice black solid ink to use for anything pretty much.

These are STA pigment liners,

which are water-based and water resistant. And as you can see they look an awful lot like

Micron pens. This one is so tiny, look at that.

This is the 0.1...


This feels nice. It's going on pretty- not pretty- not going to say pigmented.

I'm not going to say pigmented, but they're quite pigmented


These are very good! These are honestly not even remotely different to Micron pens.


Why has tinkerbell got blonde hair and black eyebrows? We shall never know.


I mean, I'm using a lot of strokes with this, and it's not

sort of drying out like I thought it might, because they feel quite light, like, I think Micron pens are a bit heavier,

but these are very-

they feel quite cheap, but they work so well.


I'm kind of ruining her hair now, but I just really want to keep experimenting with these.


And overall, I am loving the markers, and these STA pigment liners.

Okay, so these ones, I actually just really liked the look of in general.

They don't physically look like the Tombow markers, but they reminded me a lot of themselves,

well I'm going to kind of compare them to.

Tombow markers, if you don't know, have like a brush end kind of like the Copics did

But the other end, they've got like a really fine point, which is great. I love them.

They're great for kind of like, hand lettering, or calligraphy,

illustrations, little cartoons, that's what I mainly use them for. This one especially

reminds me a lot of

the Tombow markers because it has the brush at one end and the other end has like, a fine point

so, I'm not actually sure what these say, or what these are called.

So if you can read this, let me know because I, unfortunately, I can't read what it says.

But it says platinum on it!

These are the same, they say platinum on them, but they're like a different type of pen.

I only got three colors of these, but I'd definitely buy some more if I'm impressed. I just like that

they're brightly colored like the Tombow markers and they've got the brush at the end,

but they don't have anything at the other end, but yeah.

The point is actually longer than on the Tombow marker point on the end. Oh my gosh,

I love that! Look at the point on that it's so tiny, and so like, I love that already!

So I'm gonna- I'll tell you what- I'm going to use a tiny point end of this marker to sign my name.

Yeah, oh, I love that!

That's with the Tombow marker. Let's try it with one of these to see how it works.


I've got a feeling, I'm going to use this kind of,

Quite a lot. This here was the thicker end.

This is the thinner end.

But it kind of has the same effect really. Let me try out these ones now to see how they work.

Because I feel like they might be more of a paintbrush type.

Yeah see these fibers press together,

to form like a brush, but let's see if they're any good.

Yeah, these are no good for lettering, because of the fact that like... It's like a brush.

These are more for making vibrant colors so, I like this because it has like the bristles of the paintbrush.

So it gives you a lot of flexibility.


So these are by bee-an-yo... buy-an-yo...?

I am not sure how you pronounce it.

But they look exactly like the Pentel water brush markers.

Like, I bought these in a set,

I bought these in a set. You get three- three different sizes,

and they look bloody exactly the same.

This is the Pentel brush.

This is the cheaper brand which looks a lot like it.

Uh, basically I've been asked a lot what these brushes do.

You fill them with water, as you can see the water in there.

I don't know if you can.

You fill them with water, and use them like with watercolors. They're great for traveling,

and you can kind of squeeze the water out as you're working. The plastic feels, basically the same.

I would say that perhaps, on the cheaper, one the plastic's a little bit more squeezable, if that's important.

You know, the squeezable factor. This is comparing the medium size.

This is the cheap one as you can see I have not used it, this is the frayed, one as I have.

And then this is the small size, which is probably out focused because- because, yeah.

So when I was on holiday in Florida, I painted these,

with watercolors, and these Pentel water...

uh, markers. So I'm kind of just trying to recreate these with the cheaper markers I got.

Okay change of plan.

I don't know where my water colours are so I'm going to use my Windsor Newton inks instead.


It seems to be okay. It's not like the water is leaking out

which is what I was kind of, a little bit concerned about.

And I like that I have...

somewhat decent control, over the color like I do with the Pentel ones


There's a weird like, long fiber, which is just getting in the way.


Is anyone going to participate in Inktober this year? I managed to do about- like six or seven last Inktober


I'm going to squeeze- Ah!

Oops. Right that was a mistake.

The Pentel water brushes aren't really...

that expensive. I think I bought my set of three for about ten dollars or so.

These I got for like, a fraction of that cost.

Again, I'm not sure exactly how much. I'll try and leave all that information in the description.


Ah! I did it again, I did it again.

Oh- no no no no nope nope nope nope nope

These are slightly starting to get on my nerves now.

What's cool about these is very easy to clean as well.

So you just basically squeeze the water, and the water itself just cleans throughout the brush.


Okay, I'm going to take my absolute favorite new item now,

which is this thing, that I don't know what it's called, and I'm going to do all these little stripes because...

why not?


I'm quite happy with that.

I definitely don't love these as much as my Pentel ones though, because the water does come out a little bit easier.

I think that's just sort of getting used to. They don't leak.

Yeah, they're a great cheap alternative if you really can't afford to pay for Pentel ones.

So thanks so much for watching

I hope you enjoyed the video. If you enjoyed this let me know and maybe I'll see if I can seek out some other art

supplies that are kind of similar to other art supplies, and I look forward to seeing you next week.

Take care of yourselves, and I will see you in the next video!

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