Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PJ Mask and Puppy Dog Pals' Rolly Hides Gekko's Super Suit

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- [Girl] Family fun for everyone.

- Yeah, whoo-hoo!



- Whoa, watch out.

Whoa, good boy.


Go, Roly, go.

Oh, Bingo.


Here I come.




Ew, puppy kisses.


Hey, boy.

Come here.


- Ball, ball, ball.

I love chasing balls.



- Good puppy.

Are you ready?

Go chase it.

And go fetch.

Whoa, that was awesome.

Come on, let's do it again.


Okay, that was an easy one.

Go fetch.

- Ooh, ball, mine!


I'm coming.


- Oh, no, the ball is mine.

- Whoa, easy, Roly.


- Tada.

I love chasing a ball.

- Good boy.

Okay, now this one is gonna go really high.

Are you ready, Bingo.


- Go, Bingo, go.


- Go fetch.

- Whoa, look at it go.


I got it, I got it.

- Oh, no.

Our ball got stuck in the tree.

- Uh-oh, is this a job for the PJ Masks?

(barks excitedly)

- Well, it looks like our little puppy-dog pal

has a plan.



- Whoa, great job.

- Woof-woof.

Great job, Bingo.


- Good boy.

You know what?

I think these pups deserve a treat.


[Both] A treat?

- Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.

- Here you go.

Two special treats for our favorite puppy-dog pals.

(barking excitedly)

- Oh yay, oh yay.

- Here you go.

- Help! Help!

Help, please.

Someone help me.


- What was that?

- Help, help.

Oh, please.

- PJ Masks, someone needs our help.

Quick, to headquarters to change into our super-suits.

- Hey, wait a second.

What's the big idea?

We did good things and we're supposed

to get treats.


- I don't know, Roly.

Maybe, he'll come back.

- I don't know.

I'm going to go see where our treats went.

- Oh wait, no.

Come back, Roly.

- In case anyone was wondering,

I found the soccer ball.

And, somehow, I got stuck.


Ew, puppy kisses.


Hey, where did everybody go?

- Are you ready?

- I'm ready.

- [Both] PJ Masks, let's go.


- Okay, quick, into our super-suits.

- Wait, where's Gekko?

- He should be coming right behind us.


- I smell their treats around here somewhere.

Where did they go?

- [Heroes] Alright.

- PJ Masks, we're on the way to help

a friend and save the day.

Come on, Gekko.

Hurry up.


- Ugh, where are our treats?


Could they be in here?

I'll check this dog house.


Uh, hello?




Well, I don't know what they was about

but my treats weren't in there.

I should go keep searching.

Oh, Catboy.


Give us back our treats.

- Roly, Roly?


Uh-oh, I hope that pup doesn't get into too much trouble.

Roly, Roly.

- Guys, guys.

I found the soccer ball.


Uh-oh, there must have been an emergency.

I better go change into my super-suit.


Wait a second.

Where is my super-suit?


That's not good.

Guys, little help.

- Help, help.

(evil laugh)

- No one can help you, Minnie Mouse.

Now, give me the secret recipe to your special cupcakes.

I want them all for myself and no one else.

- Not so fast, Luna Girl.

- Huh?


The PJ Masks.

Go away.

- I don't think so, Luna Girl.

Let Minnie Mouse go.


- Gekko, what are you doing?

Come on, we need your help.

- Well, you can't have her back.

Not until I have the recipe for that delicious cupcakes.

- Oh, no, no.

- Come on, you guys.

We need to save Minnie Mouse.


Gekko, we need you to...



- Uh, hey, stop.

Knock it off, Gekko.

Leave my precious moths alone.



- [Both] Huh?


(growls and barks)

- Alright, that's it.

I'm outta here.

We'll get you next time and the secret recipe, too.

- Yay, we did it.


- Huh?


- Whoa, did we miss it?

[Both] Greg?

- But if that's not Greg, then who is it?




Huh, the treats.

- We did it.

We got our treats.

- Finally.

- [Heroes] Roly.

- Wow, that was so much fun.

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- Shimmer, what is this place?

- It's a dog park.

- A dog park.

- Yeah.


Oh wow, oh wow.

I love it.

Wee, love it.

I love dogs so-so much.


Here, puppy-puppy-puppies.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

Shine, where are they?

Aw, man, this dog park has no dogs.

- Uh, hello, we're genies.

Let's wish for one.

- Good idea.

- [Both] Shimmer and shine,

a playful puppy divine.

- Oh, wow, we did it, Shine.

And it's not just a puppy.

It's a Chubby Puppy.

- It's so chubby.

- Aw, she's so cute.

Hey, puppy.

Yes, you're a cute puppy.

- Aw, she's a Labrador.

Let's call her Lulu.

- Lulu the Labrador.

Hey, puppy.

- You're so cute.


- Aw, look at Lulu go.

Whoa, watch out, Lulu.

Is she trying to get through?

- Maybe...


- Puppy kisses are my favorite.


- Maybe she can't see.

- Lulu, come back here.

Well, at least she listens to her own name now.


So, let's wish her some glasses.

- Yeah.

- We're genies, after all.

- [Both] Shimmer and Shine,

Lulu's glass divine.

- There, now she can see.

- Oh, look how cute she is.

I love the hearts.


- And I think she does too.

Whoo, look at her go.

- Aw, she's so happy.

- Hey, Shine?

- Yeah?

- I wonder what other cute stuff we could get her.

- I don't know.

How about a bow for her neck?

- Good idea, Shine.

Oh, Lulu.



- [Both] Shimmer and Shine,

a cute bow divine.

- There you go, Lulu.

Hope you like it.


- It's so cute.

- Yay.


Puppy kisses.

I wonder what other cute things we could with for Lulu.

- What if we wish her to be a princess?

- Oh, good idea.

- [Both] Shimmer and shine,

a Princess Lulu divine.

- Yay, we did it, Shine.

- Wow, look at her.

I love the crown.

- Okay, Princess Lulu, do you love your new crown?


- Now, let's play some games.

- Whoo-hoo.

- Lulu, go fetch.

- Go, Lulu, go.

- Oh, no, she lost her crown.

- It's okay.

She found it.


Wasn't that fun, Lulu?


Do you wanna play tag now?



Okay, Shine.

We'll be it.

You better run, Lulu.


Gonna get you, Lulu.

- Whoa, she's fast.

- Yeah, she is.

Get back here, Lulu.

- Look at her go.

- And got you, Lulu.

- [Both] Whoa!

- Whoa, come back here, Lulu.



Hey, Shine?

- Yeah, Shimmer?

- You know what I think Lulu needs?

- What?

- Some more puppy friends.

- Great idea.

- Let's wish for a dog park full of puppies!

- Yeah!

- [Both] Shimmer and Shine,

a Chubby Puppy party divine.



- Yay.

- Look at all these dogs.

- We did it.

- Wow, look at all our new Chubby Puppy friends.

Lulu's going to have a lot of fun.

- I wonder what different types of dog there are.

- Okay, Lulu.

Now, it's time for some fun.


- Look at those puppies go.

- They're so cute and playful.

- Wow, so many puppies.


That slide sure does look like fun.

- Where'd Lulu go?


- Lulu?

Lulu, where are you?


Hey, puppies...

(concerned barking)

Oh, no.

There's so many puppies here

I can't remember which one Lulu is.


- Oh, I have an idea.

How about we make a wish that Lulu

will stand out from all the other puppies?

- Oh, good idea.

- [Both] Boom-zada-bang,

make Lulu stand out in some way.


- Oh my goodness, she's pink.

Just like you, Shimmer.

- It's so true, Lulu.

I do love your pink fur.

It's like my pink hair.

Oh, I just love you so much, Lulu.

- [Both] Boom-zada-bang,

we had so much fun today.

- I just love our new pink dog, Luly.

- And Chubby Puppies are the best.

Oh, they're so chubby.

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Today's special spelling word is: Puppy.

- P-U-P-P-Y.

- We sure did get to play with lots

of Chubby Puppies today.

But I think our favorite is Lulu the Lavender Labrador.

You know, this is a super-rare Chubby Puppy.

- Which genie do you think Lulu looks more like?

Shimmer or Shine?

Let us know in the comments below.

- [Both] Bye, everyone.

Thanks for watching.

Boom-zada-may, have a fantastic day.


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