Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Al Gore and the Media

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then throw that party made before that i've never heard other people and and


that's all true

then i'll hear what ordered

procure herewith

blore won the popular vote in two thousand

who voted for gore in two thousand was going to come back around the same meno

such a mistake

that bush had such a better job

no wonder

he will lose not one single vote you only gain boats

so is inconceivable to me to lose

that's my point

remember making the point but i'll take it


noah and look

i know it's not perfect i know he's going to be running against bush i'd

know that look a lot of things that happen between two thousand and and and

when the vote in two thousand in a

and pursuant

perceptions of instead change to some degree of center

but still

given all of that it's still an overwhelmingly good point

every single person who were in two thousand for al gore's got everything

keep i was so late

if only i get a chance to do that again but you know i love that i don't have a

seattle disagree with it

i think i made a great point uh...

but i you know what worries me is what i hear

when i travel the country

when i speak to


no is that there is a

you know i i don't know that they believe that i know it's just a thing

people who don't

follow politics that much so i i i don't mean that the sound is dismissed it as

it did most people don't follow politics they have

alike to leave in much of

following politics

is master

you know uh... which i totally understand it sort of seconds people

makes you feel like they have to take a shower

uh... after the

listen to

you know your plenty people the democratic side t

universe and the job i mean

debate mitch mcconnell and you can

you feel better


but uh... uh... is the they're like

there's a sense of i'm tired of this right here we already has chats and he's

in no way

and that's what

you know that's what i fear is that all the stuff that

but he says that it's sold right and so what this country needs and it's

and it's you know it's the

it's the sort of legend website of who

uh... democratic action it's muscular

eleven years

you know what you see that there is a model my second point at which you had a

course recorded it won't be george bush it'll be you know it'll be somebody like

jenna can


every year i same point which is no one striker on against the media before

except republicans have always have been a very successful in the past and

democrats never charted democrats always tried to go on bended knee deep kind in

ninety seven

you know by the way that you know stroke the media it's ever

because what you're saying is that the image of the media's put out the last

six years

and yes some people

might genuinely believe that some people might believe that now because they've

been inundated for the last six years of all those guys are losers guys i know i

a this guy's a creators guys irrelevance get back to bed bath

now we hear from five to settle

any and even the mainstream media to some degree and it's not a little


well here's what i think

well i i i i think you're right under a chart the help of the though agree with

you is that it's al gore runs

you know uh... he's not

the that he's got a ton of supporters obviously

if he runs

that he has to be

constantly aggressive and i don't think scream aggressive

but i mean in a press conference saying things like

do you guys are missing the point man

you know sympathetic like trying to help

not be enough

and then i'd go to condescending actually

another right adam and i think of that never works ever after

he has no but i'm not only heidi

everybody hates but i mean you can do it without the income not only have to let

me give you that

the simple were trying to buy here bill clinton

uh... with chris wallace on prostitution


anselmo why u_s_ in that question business a question should be asking

republicans here's what i think atm take chart joke around a collar that's not

condescending opting to forget the condescending or who cares i describe it

patriarch the aggressor


however you do it and

and in some places over the meanwhile all your assigned to much earlier this

so your condescending or whatever you want to say

saying listen are you ever been a report on the substance or even a sector like a


and constantly trotted out

looking this way who is live in that way who brought cereno didn't buy fair

do you know i report felony love that grail now you better do not believe that

it may concern but i i think what we are we doing resist fundamentally disagree

on that

but i think there's a great deal of truth there and the aggressiveness

you know and bill clinton say don't do you know how to report

uh... but he was a progressive

and pointing out what intro

united states saying things like he does you're missing the point

you're missing a here's the point you don't talk about repair or whether

somebody sounds

he talked about

what we're talking about you talk about the things that are

matter about you know protecting this country

and and restoring our dignity and getting us back to the sort of place

where we where we lead the world would lead the world we can protect ourselves

from the world

The Description of Al Gore and the Media