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Released by Square in the year 1999 on the Playstation, Final Fantasy 7 director Yoshinori

Kitase and series Writer Kazushige Nojima, return to create another critical and commercial

success. Final Fantasy 8 featured several distinctive features and series first, such

as being the first installment to adopt an art style with realistic designs and proportions

for its characters. As a fantasy based on reality, there are additional details such

as being able to drive a car in the overworld, recieving a performance-based salary, and

even enemies have death animations. For progression, while characters can level up, enemies actually

scale up in relation to the player, and the traditional MP-based magic system has been

replaced with a per-use mechanic. If players want to collect more castings of a particular

spell, they simple draw it directly from enemies or points in the world. The biggest redesign

is centralized around its Junction system. Spells and summons, now called Guardian Forces,

can now be assigned to team members. Spells can also add status effects or elemental attributes

to attacks or even directly boost stats. Guardian Forces, or GFs, can level up, build a bond

with a character, and convey additional actions and support abilities to be equipped. With

no formal job system or pre-assigned abilities other than limit breaks, this allowed complete

customization and flexible utilization of any of its 6 main playable characters. Finally,

the soundtrack is very well-known, most particularly for its song "Eyes on Me" which not only broke

all records for a music single in a videogame at the time, but is also the first video game

single in history to win an outside mainstream music award. The story only gets larger from

here so lets cut it down to size with a RECAPitation.

The game begins with a young man named Squall dueling his rival Seifer with thier signature

gunblades, swords with revolvers built into the hilt. When seifer manages to stagger Squall,

he goes too far in their training and deliberately deals a deep slash to his face, though in

a flash, Squall returns the scarring blow. He is tended to in his school's clinic, spots

a strange young lady, and is retreived and scolded by his teacher, the young and blue-magic

talented Quistis. Both of them are members of the military academy Balamb Garden, who

train young cadets to be elite mercenaries in their SeeD program. The students are preparing

for their final exam, which takes the form of a actual live mission, however Squall has

yet to complete the prerequisite to the mission due to his distraction with Seifer. Despite

Squall's antisocial introverting, Quistis knows he is a hardworking and dedicated student

and agrees to proctor him. As he prepares to leave, he bumps into fellow classmate Selfie,

a cheery and energetic transfer student from another Garden. He is also introduced to the

addictive card game, Triple Triad, and meets up with Quistis. As they progress through

a nearby fire cave, she explains this assignement is for him to learn the basics of magic, the

junctioning system, as well as how to handle summon GFs. TO pass the test, Squall defeats

and gains the service of his first GF, the fiery Ifrit.

Now qualified to take the final exam mission, he changes into his official SeeD uniform

and meets up with the squad he'll be assigned to. First is the loud-mouthed but genius martial

artist Zell. Next, Seifer, despite his attitude problem, is assigned to the squad as leader,

though he has no interest with working with anyone. Quistis herself will be overseeing

the mission, as Headmaster Cid reminds them that on a battlefield, choices and consequences

are very real. Travelling to the nearby port town of Balamb, they board up and ship off

to the mission site, where Squall catches that no one else saw the strange lady in the

infirmary with him, and also Seifer is a failed SeeD applicant retaking the exam yet again.

They are briefed on their mission, which is to reclaim the inner city from occupied forces,

and stand by to withdraw.

As the Seige of Dollet operation begins, the SeeD soldiers storm the beach and meet immediate

resistance. Seifer charges ahead, hungry for battle, and they complete their objective

quickly. However, Seifer gets bored and opts to follow enemy movement further into the

city. Zell objects to the violation in orders, but he and squall submit to their captain's

orders. They fight their way to the communications tower when Selfie finds them with a message

for the captain. The Communications tower is launched by the Galbadians and begins operation

immediately. As they catch up to Seifer, she informs them they are to withdraw immediately.

As they escape, a giant enemy mech gives chase, though fortunately Quisitis is there to provide

covering fire as they all retreat safely from a successful mission and final exam.

The results of their exam are reviewed, and Selphie, Zell, and Squall are all graduated

to official SeeD soldiers. Seifer's direct order to abandon his assigned area purely

to seek additional fighting cost him the exam. In addition, there seems to be some tension

between Headmaster Cid and the monitoring faculty in the garden, though surprisingly,

even Seifer is a good sport to the graduates. Later during the celebration ball, Squall

spots a lovely girl across the room, and as their eyes meet, she invites herself over

and her outgoing personality forces Squall to come out of his shell a little. They dance

and actually seem to get along well, right before the girl excuses herself elsewhere.

Quistis teases Squall after the dance, but asks him to meet her in the training center

to talk, where she reveals to him she's been relieved as an instructor and is now a normal

SeeD Soldier. She was assessed to have poor leadership qualities, but Squall doesn't want

to burden himself by empathizing with the problems of others. As they leave the facility,

Squall is called over by the girl he saw from the infirmary before, who recognizes both

of them. They rescue her, but some men in white uniforms arrive to escort her away,

and even Quistis doesn't recognize the girl.

The next day, Selfie wakes Squall with news of their first mission assignment: They are

to go to Timber, another nation taken over by Galbadia, and support a resistance faction

there. Taking the transcontinental train, Squall is assigned as the leader of this mission,

and along the way they enjoy the luxuries of being SeeD members. However, they are all

unexpectedly stricken with sleep, and suddenly the 3 soldiers are viewing the exploits of

three Galdadian soldiers Kiros, Ward, and their leader, Laguna. This event is taking

place years ago during the invasion of Timber, and Laguna takes a ride to Deling City, where

there is a hotel lounge pianist there he admires, Julia. He actually catches her attention,

and she invites him to talk with her privately in her hotel room. They share their dreams

with each other and get along very well, but late into the night, Laguna is called away

to duty with new orders.

Squall wakes up right when their train is about to arrive at Timber, and it turns out

they all saw the exact same dream somehow. They decide to focus on their mission for

now, and when they meet up with the resistance group, the Forest Owls, it turns out their

leader is the same girl Squall danced with at the party. She introduces herself as Rinoa,

and explains she was there to meet with Cid and request aid from Garden, thanks to an

introduction from Seifer. She fights alongside her dog, Angelo, and begins immediately explaining

their plan to hijack a train carrying the President of Galbadia, President Deling, via

switching cars of the convoy mid-transport in order to kidnap the VIP.

They execute the switch sucessfully, though when they confront the president, it turns

out to be a body double in disguise. He reveals his monstrous true form, and after they defeat

the zombie monster, it turns out the real president was coming to Timber, but to the

TV Station for a broadcast. This was reason they army was in Dollet getting the radio

tower operational again, but that's strange since making a radio broadcast is technolgy

that hasn't been used in almost 17 years as everyone has moved to digital signals since.

At this time, Squall examines the terms of their employment and it turns out they are

on this assignment until Timber reaches independence, a deliberately vague condition agreed to by


En route to the TV station, the live broadcast starts, and President Deling appears to not

only propose an international peace talk, but also introduce his new ambassador, the

Sorceress Edea. Suddenly, Seifer interrupts the broadcast and takes the President hostage,

and Quistis comes in requesting aid from Squall's team to restrain Seifer. Seifer, who wants

to help Rinoa, went rogue on his own, and Zell accidently lets loose that they are mercenaries

from Garden. With that compromising information out, should anything happen to the president,

it will be Garden that suffers. Suddenly, Sorceress Edea appears, restraining Quistis

and offering Seifer a way out of this predicament if he joins her. He agrees, lets the President

free, and they warp away.

Squall's team escapes with Rinoa, and opt to withdraw back to Garden, as the Owl's home

base has been destroyed. As they cannot return back to Balamb Garden with the trains on lockdown,

they instead choose to go to the nearest Garden instead, Galbadia Garden. On the way, Zell

is worried the president will retaliate on Balamb Garden, and when Rinoa calls Squalls

out on his lack of compassion for his comrades, he, Quistis, and Selfie all get knocked out

again. Rinoa is unaffected, and Zell recognizes it as the strange dream at work again. This

time, Laguna, Kiros, and Ward, stumble upon a strange excavation site and fend off the

nation of Esthar's troops stationed there. However, despite their best effort, they are

pushed back to the edge of a cliff, where they spot boats they can use to escape. Kiros

and Ward are nearly killed, with Ward injuring his throat and losing his voice as well. As

they desperately fling themselves off a cliff in order to survive, the SeeD soldiers wake

up now chosing again not to be distracted by the strange dream and press on.

They arrive in Galbadia Garden, and note how different the school is, most obviously with

their advanced weapon technology focus. Quistis once trained there and knows the headmaster,

and as she explains things, it turns out they and Balamb Garden are safe. Officially, the

Galbadian government wrote the incident off as an independent action of Seifer, who recieved

all due consequences. They take that to mean execution, and while the SeeD members are

only a little shocked and don't necessarily miss Seifer, Rinoa confesses she really liked,

maybe even loved, Seifer, as it turns out they have dated before in the past. Next,

Fujin and Raijin, two of Seifer's only friends and lackeys, have brought a message from Headmaster

Cid to them. They refuse to accept that Seifer may be dead and leave to search for him, while

Squall and his team receive their new orders from the Garden's headmaster himself.

As the situation stands, the President's appointment of a Sorceress as ambassador and talks of

peace are just a cover up for their real goal of seizing more power with fear, with the

end goal of global domination. In fact, Garden has a personal stake in this as the Sorceress

plans to use Galbadia Garden as her base. Their new mission involves usage of a sniper,

and assigned to their group will be Galbadia Garden's own ace sharpshooter, the charismatic

gunman Irvine. Their next mission, sent by both Balamb and Galbadia Garden, of which

failure is not an option, is the assassination of the Sorceress. Irvine will take the shot,

and should he miss, they are to attack head on. It turns out they must go to Galbadia's

capital city, Deling City and meet with General Caraway there for more details on the execution

of their plan.

On their trip there, Irvine wastes no time hitting on all the ladies on the group, and

as they enter the impressive city, the guard to General Caraway's mansion informs them

that in order to test their basic aptitude, they'll have to retrieve a code within a nearby

Tomb of the Unknown King. The tomb is actually a maze, with its own pair of guardian Minotaurs,

whom after their defeat, opt to join the party as a GF. As they enter the General's mansion,

Rinoa reveals this is actually her home, and the General is actually her father. General

Caraway insists Rinoa stay out of this operation as she is not actually a SeeD. The plan is

fairly simple and will take place during a parade ceremony for the Sorceress. They'll

split into two teams, a gateway team and a sniper team. The sniper team is to head into

the clock tower and wait, while the gateway team will drop the gate on the procession

at the coordinated time, trapping the Sorceress inside and in that window, the killshot will

be made. The sniper team will be Irvine and Squall, with the responsibility on Squall

to carry out a direct attack on the Sorceress should Irvine miss. Quistis is the leader

of the gateway team of herself, Zell and Selfie. Meanwhile, Rinoa makes her own way to the

Sorceress, with her own small plan to supress her with use of a magic item. However, she

is instantly halted and struck down. The Sorceress then prepares herself for her public appearance,

with Rinoa dazed and in tow. She holds open contempt for the people of the world, and

as President Deling intervenes, she slays him on the spot, announcing her new age of

terror. She intends to make Rinoa the first sacrifice of the evening by animating two

monstrous statues, and sending them after her. The entranced crowd is estatic for the

sorceress as the parade begins in full swing, and shockingly, Seifer is there with the Sorceress

as her honor guard. Squall and Irvine arrive just in time to save Rinoa from being devoured,

and the fear of near death has shocked her back to her senses. They arrive at the sniper

spot, find a high-calibur sniper rifle within, and wait for the signal, though it turns out

Irvine is choking with a last-second panic attack.

The gateway team hits the switch, succeeding on their end, and Squall convinces Irvine

to take the shot. He fires, and though his aim is true, the Sorceress blocks it with

a magic barrier. As the backup, squall bolts for sorceress, though his drive is halted

immediately by Seifer. Seifer considers himself a knight, as he always dreamt of becomming,

and the two rivals duel once more, with Squall earning a win. Curiously, Sorceress Edea seems

upset at Squall being a SeeD, and though Rinoa and Irvine back him up, Edea stabs Squall

through the shoulder with a massive spear of ice, knocking him out of comission.

As he dreams, it's of Laguna again, where he's taking care of a little girl named Ellone

with a woman named Raine, in the cozy little town of Winhill. He's no longer a Galbadian

soldier, and is visited by his friend Kiros, where they reflect how its been one year since

they escaped with their lives from Centra. Laguna was recovering from severe injuries

for six months with Raine as his nurse, and Kiros left the army shortly after he recovered

too. Ward retired as well, taking up a job as janitor in D-District Prison, and it turns

out Julia ended up marrying General Caraway, since Laguna never came back from the war.

In addition, Galbadia has been on guard against the nation of Esthar, as its ruler, Sorceress

Adel, has been kidnapping young girls in search of a successor, and they know Ellone is one

of their targets. Laguna prides himself in being the main protector of the town since

most of the working men were sent to war, and as he takes a nap, Zell wakes up from

not the same dream, but one about Ward. He realizes this same prison they are all incarcerated

in is the same one Ward works at, but with Sorceress Edea running Galbadia now that she's

killed the president, they are unsure of their fate.

Squall himself wakes up in an isolated chamber, and notes the wound on his shoulder is gone,

or perhaps was never there. His cell is taken elsewhere, and more prison guards come in

to rough up Zell and take Rinoa away. Seifer comes to taunt Squall, and has the feline

worker race, named Moombas, take him away. He tortures him for the secrets of SeeD as

well as their motives for opposing the Sorceress, but Squall doesn't cooperate. He stops when

the missile barrage against Garden is ready to fire, per orders of the Sorceress to hunt

out and destroy all SeeDs. Squall blacks out from the persistent electrocution, meanwhile

with the others, Zell realizes that even without their magic or weapons, he can fight with

his martial arts and gets back their gear. Squall is rescued by Moombas that keep calling

him Laguna, the prison break alarm goes off, and the moomba with the main group leads them

to Squall as they work to escape the prison. Along the way, Rinoa comes with a reluctant

Irvine in tow. Rinoa's father pulled strings to get her out, and Irvine wasn't caught and

jailed to begin with. Irvine holds back the guards and explains this prison is actually

an underground one, so they need to go up to escape.

Escaping the submerging prison, they learn that the missiles are targeting both Balamb

Garden and Trabia Garden, where Selfie is from. They look to Squall as the leader of

the group, despite his objections, but unfortunately they are too late to stop the missiles aimed

at Trabia. Selfie leads half the group towards the missile base to stop the firing against

Balamb Garden, while Squall takes the rest, hijacks a train, and heads back to Balamb

Garden. Selphie is angry and excited as she takes control of the team, sneaks them in

sucessfully, misdirects the missiles that do end up firing, and sabotages the base into


At the same time, Squall's team arrives at a chaotic Balamb Garden, where they find the

faculty has issued a kill order for the Headmaster Cid, and anyone who opposes Garden Master

NORG, especially SeeD. Amidst the internal fighting, they find Cid and notify him of

the potential missile strike, and after uncovering the hidden control panel for the Garden, they

discover the entire school is actually a mobile fortress and hovers away from the incoming

barrage just in the nick of time. Unfortunately, the navigational controls don't quite work,

so they crash into the ocean and are left adrift but at least alive.

As he shows Rinoa around the Garden, Squall encounters the mystery lady from before, who

insists he should remember her from the past despite his inability to do so. He is approached

by a faculty member, who informs him he is to report to Master NORG immediately, and

as they do so, they see Cid getting roughed up by the faculty. As they are summoned to

Master NORG, they learn he is of the Shumi tribe, and views himself as the real leader

of Garden since he helped finance it intially, though he is really only interested in the

business profitability of SeeD. In order to save Balamb Garden as a business venture,

NORG intends to sell out Cid, Squall and his team, and kill them to appease the sorceress,

who turns out to be Cid's wife. They take out the greedy founder and check on Cid, who

reveals SeeD really is constantly training and taking on missions for the sake of getting

strong enough to fight Sorceresses. In fact, he married Edea knowing she was a sorceress,

and it was actually her idea to build Garden and SeeD and use it to counter Sorceresses,

not thinking it would ever be used against her one day.

Suddenly, a Galbadian ship bearing a White SeeD unit finds them, and they come aboard,

insisting on taking Ellone with them for her own safety. Cid agrees, and as Squall retrieves

her, he confirms it really is the same little girl Ellone from the Laguna dreams, but she

declines explaining that phenomenon other than it is indeed the past and her doing.

Squall declares he doesn't want to be involved or depended on, but she tels him he's her

only hope and is taken away. He reflects on his mindset on being self-reliant, but still

remembers when he was a young boy feeling helpless without his sister. Meanwhile, the

drifting garden crashes into a port called the Fisherman's horizon, and Cid sends Squall

and his team down to apologize to the local mayor for the incident. There, they also find

the Headmaster of Galbadia Garden, who was recently dismissed from his post. The townsfolk

here like their peace and want the Garden gone as soon as possible, though pursuing

Galbadian forces invade the town. Fortunately, Selphie and the others hid in a tank when

the base exploded and smuggled themselves with the invading Galbadian soldiers here.

As they return to Balamb Garden, Cid makes the public declaration that Balamb Garden

will oppose the Sorceress, be converted into a mobile base for this effort, and Squall

will be the new leader of SeeD going forward. Squall reluctantly accepts the position, but

loudly disagrees with Cid's notion that its destiny he be fated to lead SeeD. To celebrate

Squall's promotion, Selphie throws a concert and has themselves play the band while they

set Squall up with Rinoa to have a chat on relying on others more. Squall knows what

its like to have friends you trust in, but also knows what it feels like to lose them

all, and is scared to trust again. Rinoa reinforces they all believe in him and want him to stop

shutting everyone else out as they move to new challenges together, but Squall cannot

help but reflect on his childhood resolution to be strong on his own. The next day, with

the help of the harbor engineers, Balamb Garden is operational again, and as his first order

as Commander, Squall sets a course back to Balamb. Along the way, Squall finds a Chocobo

tamer who teaches him how to catch and ride the giant birds. see some strange sights around

the world, strengthen their forces with additional GFs, and even visit Shumi Village. There,

they find find Master NORG was quite a black sheep, as the rest of the Shumi are quite

simple and peaceful. It turns out they can take many forms, including Moombas, and Laguna

was quite beloved here by the people. 17 years ago, Laguna was on his way to Esthar to resue

an abducted Ellone, and they helped him when he was injured, during which his passion and

charisma impressed the Shumi.

As they arrrive in Balamb, they spot a mobile Galbadia Garden outside, with the army occupying

the town looking for Ellone, even though the Galbadian SeeD already claimed her. They find

Fujin and Raijin have been deputized by Seifer to lead the search here, and after defeating

them, its turns out they really don't follow the sorceress, so much as follow seifer out

of friendship, even if it means leaving Garden. Squall is a little impressed by that, and

after the town is free, makes the next destination Selphie's home of Trabia Garden. They find

the garden was demolished by the missiles, though among the wreckage there are still

a handful of survivors. There they see even Selphie's upbeat cheer waver in front of all

of her dead comrades, and Rinoa begins to remark how she' starting to get scared one

of them will be lost in this struggle against the Sorceress. Irvine consoles her with a

story from when he was little kid growing up in a crowded orphanage after the Sorceress

War, and he had a crush on Selfie, who was actually in the same orphanage. Selfie and

Quistis suddenly recall they also came from the same orphanage, and Zell realizes he was

adopted and came from the same orphanage. Even Squall begins to remember the very same

orpahange, where he was very attached to his sister, who went missing there. Amazingly,

even Seifer came from the same orphanage, and Squall recalls his sister figure was really

Ellone , though they weren't actually related. Quistis admits that over the years, she tried

to take the place of Ellone in Squall's life, and thought it might have been love, but it

really was feelings of family that built her feelings for Squall.

Except for Irvine and Ellone, none of the other orphans easily remembered all of this,

and Irvine believes the reason is the rumor and speculation that use of GFs causes amnesia

when the summon takes place in their minds and pushes old memories out. As the Balamb

Garden uses GFs a lot, its likely why only they forgot. In addition, the Matron of the

orphage was actually Edea, the same sorceress they're fighting now. They head to their old

orphange together to find out any clues on why their Matron became the Sorceress they

must defeat now, but when they arrive, they find Galbadia Garden already there and a battle

is unavoidable. Squall assigns positions for all SeeDs in preparation for the assault,

and curiously, Zell insists on borrowing Squall's signature ring. Seifer is leading the charge

against Balamb, as Galbadia takes the first shot, launching their mounted vanguard. Zell

hands Rinoa Squall's ring like she requested, but the shock of the two gardens ramming each

other knock her overboard on a limb. Squall engages the air armor brigade but realizes

the other Garden simply has them outmanned and outgunned. He switches to a rush plan

in which they will board their Garden and blitz Seifer and the Sorceress, but before

that Squall inspires his troops for the first time, and launches a rescue of Rinoa. An air

armor snatches him, and Squall finds himself in a punching match above the chaos of battle.

Winning, he uses the armor to grab Rinoa , float down to safety, and cross the battlelines.

She mentions his favorite ring, upon which is a Lion, symbolizing the strength he aspires

to, which Squall himself has named Griever.

In the enemy garden, they find most of the actual SeeD students are not part of the fight,

and its really the army under the Sorceress. Even Fujin and Raijin don't want to fight

yet still want their old Seifer back. With the student's help, they confront Seifer and

Edea, defeating both, but all of a sudden, Rinoa becomes possessed, heals seifer, and

Squall blacks out. Afterwards, Rinoa is still comatose, and Squall learns Edea is waiting

for him in the orphanage. Cid is there as well, to apologize for his wife but also thank

them for not killing her. Edea seems to be of a different mind now, and explains to them

she was possessed by Sorceress Ultimecia this entire time, thus why she would suddenly attack

her children. Ultimecia is a sorceress from the future, who is actually hunting for Ellone

and her power, and using Edea as a vessel for an even greater goal. She mentions Sorceress

Adel, the ruler of Esthar during the Sorceress War, who disappeared when it ended, and people

thought Edea was her successor. However, Edea succeeded someone else long before, so its

likely Adel is still alive, and Ultimecia is seeking to possess Adel next. Adel was

already powerful and angry, so Ultimecia empowering her would easily multiply the threat. As the

party figures out Ultimecia wants to use Ellone to send her consciousness back to every sorceress

in the past, and use their combined power and hivemind to compress time into one world,

Squall is distracted as he begins to realize he's falling in love with Rinoa and cares

the most for her wellbeing.

For now, their goal is to rescue Ellone, and that means finding the White SeeD ship. He

slips into another Laguna dream, in which Laguna and Kiros act in a movie to make some

quick money and later find a strange floating pillar. Through this dream, Ellone talks to

Squall and informs him she's tried to use her powers to change the past so Laguna would

stay home and take care of his baby with Raine, instead of journey to find her in Esthar,

but she finds its impossible to change the past. With Edea's help, they find and gain

access to the white SeeD ship, relay how Edea is back to normal, but unfortunately, Ellone

is no longer there. When they were pursued by Galbadian forces, an Esthar ship came in

and Ellone jumped onto their ship, where they left for Esthar, thus making that their next

destination. Getting as close as they can in the rough terrain, Squall opts to take

Rinoa by himself to Esthar, where he finds himself opening up more to her, and he's soon

joined by his friends and Edea, who seeks Dr. Odine there who may be able to help her

from being possessed again. Climbing the harsh mountains, they find this icy wasteland is

actually an illusory veil for the futuristic city of Esthar. As they are guided by the

technologically advanced city, Squall and Zell are suddenly struck by another untimely

Laguna Dream.

This time, Laguna, Kiros, and Ward are captured and working in the Lunatic Pandora laboratory,

and the prisoners are planning not only an uprising, but to overthrow the sorceress.

Also, they find Dr. Odine is not only researching the Lunatic Pandora, but also Ellone's powers,

though they do end up rescuing her. Snapping out of the brief dream, Edea is received and

taken to Dr. Odine, who says he will help her, but is also curiously interested in Rinoa

too. He allows Squall to be taken to Ellone, but this will involve a trip to outer space.

As Squall and Rinoa are launched into orbit, the massive monolith called the Lunatic Pandora

appears near Esthar City. Their capsules are recevied by the space station in orbit, who

is currenly observing the mass of monsters strangely converging on the surface of the

moon, as well as keeping the sealed Sorceress Adel from the last war. Adel is in a special

prison placed precisely where there is a gravitational balance between the earth and moon that jams

any sort of outside energy, and made of a material that keeps her own energy sealed

within. In the space station, Ellone is actually safe and taken care of, and tells them while

she wasn't able to change the past, she was able to review it and see how much she was

actually loved, which puts her at peace. Now, Squall wants Ellone to place him in Rinoa's

past to not only see what happened during the confrontation with Edea, but also warn


However, as they move to Rinoa, she suddenly becomes possessed again, pulsating with dangerous

levels of power, and begins to deactivate the seal on Adel's tomb. At the same time,

a phenomenon known as the Lunar Cry begins, in which the monsters on the moon, which is

actually where all of the world's monsters originate from, form a massive droplet that

spills from the moon to where the beacon, Lunatic Pandora is. Their impact will destroy

anything nearby and flood the world with monsters again. Now, Rinoa goes out into space, unseals

Adel, and the prison gets swept along the Lunar Cry to be carried to Earth. On the surface,

Adel is received safely by the Lunatic Pandora, and in space, the party escapes the space

station before it's destroyed, as Squall convinces Ellone to send him back in Rinoa's past. There

he sees Rinoa was actually possessed by Sorceress Ultimecia herself from the future when she

jumped from a defeated Edea. It was then Seifer was revived and recruited by Ultimecia, but

the sorceress actually manages to kick out Ellone's power. They then use her power to

locate the current Rinoa adrift in space and no longer possessed and likely going to die,

but Squall talks to her and gives her hope to hang on. With that, Squall exits the escape

pod and leaps out to grab her. Just then, one of the vehicles used to transport Adel's

Tomb comes drifting their way from the destroyed Lunar Base, the Esthar flagship, Ragnarok.

After clearing out stowaway monsters on board, Squall charts a course back to earth, and

Rinoa shares a close moment with Squall, as it turns out she's become a sorceress, and

thus cannot stay with him as the Esthar forces want her captured. Squall acknowledges he

cannot lose someone precious to him like he lost Ellone, but Rinoa agrees to be sealed

away like Adel was. Now, the party reconvenes, and Zell shares that Edea unknowingly succeeded

her power to Rinoa and is no longer a sorceress. In addition, the Galbadian army is controlling

the Lunatic Pandora, which houses the crystal Pillar which calls monsters from the moon,

and Adel is back on earth. While all of that, and Ellone going missing again, is all bad

news, Squall is focused on one thing, and that is getting back Rinoa. Selphie takes

the pilot seat of the Ragnarok, which is also capable of atmospheric flight, and with their

new spaceship airship, they head off to Esthar again. With a quick rescue of Rinoa, Squall

embraces Rinoa and the group make a quick escape thanks to a strangely familiar and

bulky man.

As they assess the situation, Esthar City is overrun by monsters, Seifer is under Ultimecia's

control and heading the Galbadians in the Lunatic Pandora, and Sorceress Adel is free

again. They retreat back to the orphanage for some peace and quiet, and as Squall devotes

himself to Rinoa, they agree to make the flower field behind orphanage their meeting spot

should they ever get separated in the trials ahead. Suddenly, they are hailed by Esthar

Presidential Palace, with a job offer to take part in a plan they have to defeat the Sorceress.

It sounds like a trap to get back Rinoa, but the sender was Kiros, making it seem much

more legitimate. Meeting the President of Esthar, they see the real Kiros, the bulky

man from before, Ward, making the actual President Laguna himself.

He reveals he noticed in the past when they were connected to Squall and his friends via

Ellone, and they really helped him out, but Ellone's power is why Galbadia has seized

her again. For himself, Laguna catches them up that after he rescued Ellone, Raine died

while he was away, so Ellone was sent to live in an orphanage with Cid, Edea, Squall and

the others. Because of her power, Ellone was given to the White SeeDs that kept her hidden

for 10 years on a ship, and recently when that ship was attacked, Laguna's forces saved

her. As for why he's president, Laguna wanted to keep Ellone safe from Adel, so with Dr.

Odine's help, they sunk the Lunatic Pandora into the sea, luring Adel to them, and closed

an anti-magic trap on her. For safe measure, they sent her into a gravitational nexus in

space via the Ragnarok vessels where outside interference would be nearly impossible. Thanks

to being a hero of the revolution, the nation of Esthar made him president, and his duties

kept him occupied as Raine died alone and Ellone went into hiding.

Regarding the mission at hand, Dr. Odine explains Ultimecia has the same astral projection ability

as Ellone only because here in the past he himself has studied and emulated the ability

with a machine. That machine will become even more advanced in the future, and that's what

Ultimecia is using. She needs the original power source for her time compression plan,

hence why she's hunting Ellone, but if they want to kill her, the group must do so in

the future where she her actual body is. They normally cannot time travel, but the time

compression spell will actually help with this. For now, they will take advantage of

the fact Ultimecia needs to possess a Sorceress in this time as part of her plan. They have

an idea on how to use Ellone's power to sabotage a possessed sorceress, but as there are now

2 sorceresses, Rinoa and an awakening Adel, they need to head to Lunatic Pandora and not

only rescue Ellone but kill Adel. With Rinoa getting possessed by Ultimecia, Ellone will

now have a mental link to Ultimecia through Rinoa. Ellone will then send both minds back

to the past, start the time compression, and then sever the mental connection, sending

both sorceresses back to their time and bodies and thus pausing the time compression spell.

Within that flux, they can move towards the future in a time-compressed world and actually

kill Ultimecia. After that, time compression won't complete and will return back to normal

and Ultimecia will be gone forever. As backwards of a plan as it sounds, Laguna emphasizes

that in order to exist in a future where you technically shouldn't, all you need to do

is believe you do exist for yourself and your friends. As an aside, Kiros and Ward know

who Squall's parents are, but Laguna evades the topic for now.

Gathering strength and allies for this one possibly last SeeD mission. Squall and friends

ram into the Lunatic Pandora with the mighty Ragnarok, creating their own entrance with

the ships vulcans and main cannon, and using the ship's grappler arms to secure their doorway.

They are met immediately by Fujin and Raijin, still loyal to Seifer, and after fending them

off, Fujin and Raijin finally come to reason that helping Seifer down his dark path is

wrong. They set Ellone free and plead with Seifer to return to his old ways, but Seifer

refuses to give up, now being more powerful than even the mighty Odin. However, the blade

of Odin is claimed by Gilgamesh who steps in and blows away Seifer, but Seifer runs

away and kidnaps Rinoa. He offers Rinoa to Ultimecia in the form of Adel, who begins

physically absorbing her as the party crashes in. They succeed in destroying Adel, so only

Ultimecia inside Rinoa remains. Ellone steps in with her power, and succeeds in throwing

a curveball at Ultimecia. Now, time compression begins, and as the past, present, and future

fuse into one world, Squall has them focus on Edea's orphanage to assert their existence

in this bizzare plane.

They battle and kill multiple sorceresses across time and space, and afterwards actually

find themselves in Edea's orphanage. Time stretched yet compacted in one spot is strange

as now they see the dead bodies of people not even yet born, but most importantly they

see the real Ultimecia's castle. The castle is under layers of wards and seals, and to

undue them, the party splits up and defeats the seals' many guardians, including the mighty

Tiamat and Omega Weapon. Confronting the Sorceress who wanted to reign over one world that held

all of time, Ultimecia curses the SeeD and moves to cast them into a lost dimension.

As they fight, Ultimecia summons the most powerful GF in the form of whatever Squall

can imagine, which takes the demonic form of Griever, the very namesake Lion Squall

admires and wears as a ring. Though, when Griever falls, She opts to junction herself

unto the ultimate GF, and after that falls, unveils her nightmarish final form. Against

all that, the six teenagers of the next generation of SeeD, Squall, SeeD commander and son of

Laguna and Raine, and his friends Quistis, Zell, Selfie, Irvine, and Rinoa, defeat the

time-warping dictator.

As the game ends, time begins to decompress, and they hurry to return to their own time.

Remembering again where they want to be the most and with whom, Rinoa recalls her private

promise with Squall and returns to the flower field behind the orphanage. Squall however,

overshoots and briefly returns to when he was a little boy in the orphanage, though

Ultimecia is there too, and before dying, passes her powers onto Edea when she was still

the Matron. He reveals he is a SeeD from Balamb Garden, meant to fight sorceresses, and all

of which were her idea. Having planted the seed for SeeD in the past, he returns to the

time compression, and seems lost. Rinoa's memories call out to him, but he struggles

to remember her and his friends, and fall unconscious. Fortunately, Rinoa finds him,

and succeeds in bringing them both back to their original time.

Elsewhere, Seifer is back with his friends Fujin and Raijin, as his normal self, and

as Balamb Garden flies overhead, he seems content to let things go. Laguna reflects

on his proposal to Raine, as he visits her grave with Ellone, Kiros, and Ward, he's also

feeling content as Balamb Garden flies overhead. As the students and Balamb Garden celebrate

their victory, Cid and Edea are back together, with Edea living a normal life again, Selfie,

Quistis and Irvine are feeling back at home, and Zell is spending time with the librarian

girl that's had a longtime crush on him. Finally, Squall and Rinoa star gaze and share a kiss,

embracing their love and place in the world with each other, and moving towards a better


Final Fantasy 8 has enjoyed the success of selling over 8 million copies worldwide.

The Description of What happened in Final Fantasy VIII? (RECAPitation)