Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Painting WITH STICKERS?! Ok...I'll bite. How does this work?

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I came across this book. A few thoughts ran through my mind: like how

does it work? does it work?

and is it any fun?

so that's what we're going to find

out today!

apparently it's a lot like a paint by number this one specifically

comes with all the stickers that you need to recreate these famous paintings

so basically each art comes with a page with perforations that you can pull out

and then there's little spaces with a code in them and that code relates

directly to one



I'm kind of interested to see how it goes and

like what they'll actually look like

let's try it out--oh! and then I kind of

am tempted since the odds of me actually doing all of these it's pretty

slim but I thought it'd be kind of

interesting to try and take the leftover stickers and kind of create my own art

in that cool like vectorized style so like if I need a purple all look through

here find a purple

yeah let's see how that goes

I really want to do the wave

you know what? go big or go home

all right stickers!

so following these instructions we'll start with the 'a'

category although actually it might be more smart to start top left of the

artwork because it's gonna be easier to find them in the sticker book than they are

on here so yeah yeah okay so first one we need is a F 17 whoo it's our

first sticker okay f 17


right there use my dull x-acto knife - gotcha!

here we have F 17

and this goes right here oh this is this is unlike anything I've

ever trained for

you gotta like line it up - I think I got it - okay next one we need is b1 oh

I did a really good job that time definitely having a little tool of some

kind is necessary I don't know how I would do this with just my fingers hey

that's looking really cool

something a little annoying that I noticed is you can

actually see through some of the stickers and still see the little

reference number through it

it's a little disappointing ooh this one I'm

not sure well how do you? -- whats the shape here?

okay I think I got it I'm

[dull knife tearing through perforated paper]

just pulling these out now I can't-the book is actually more annoying than I

thought it would be

sometimes it's a bit like a puzzle even though you know which

piece you're supposed to use you got to figure out how to fit it in the shape

here's our vitamin b12 piece

ooh that one is so purple!?

[finger paper farts]

[more finger paper farts]

this isn't actually as

tedious as I thought it would be to be honest I think it's maybe because I'm

coming at this from an artist standpoint and I'm very interested in what colors

are used to where

hopefully these follow like the original painting pretty well

it very much feels like I'm studying from the artists and their use of color

I'm finding it very fascinating

this definitely simplifies the colors and all

their placements simplifying it for me making it easier to comprehend

trying to

like figure out how they're organized by like category cuz like 'D's' look like

they're like the pale greeny blues but then like this one has this like weird

poop green so it's it's hard to say

if you ever have to repeal a sticker

it gets way more difficult to line them up when they're all curvy

I've decided I

want to finish all of this page so I started doing them randomly this is my

last 'e' and it is 'e 13' boom baby!

imagine if you had to do this without the codes

it's just a puzzle with blank solid colored pieces in all these funny shapes

some of them do want to peel up I've noticed

[and another finger paper fart]

I'm about to finish a page!! 'f16'


here! ooo ooo ooo!

[finger paper fart (i don't know how else to describe this sound)]

I freaking love the way that looks Oh !

'c3' that's my favorite buttons to

click on a vending machine in case you are interested in that information

Hey finished another page! I love when there's just a section missing inside of like a

larger section that's already filled in and I could just perfectly fill that in

ah! so satisfying

I17, I17! last piece! I'm a little hysterical

[humming a victory song to herself]

here we go! let's not mess this up

boom boom oh wow I can tell you right

now this is definitely not for everyone but look how cool it's one of those fun

like tedious projects that can take up time and I can tell you right now that

if I wasn't filming this I probably would have done it in spurts so like do

one section at a time I think that would be a good way to approach this

without getting overwhelmed or sitting here for three hours trying to

do it so what I thought would be fun next is to go through and maybe use some

of these leftover stickers - (oh some of those are really small) - and try and like create

my own drawing and then grab the stickers and stick them together and

create something entirely new instead of following along with the little

paint-by-numbers yeah let's let's try that out

I'm just looking at some of the

colors I have available

not sure how I'll be able to do the face in all

honesty maybe we'll keep the eye closed I wonder if that might be easier to do

with the stickers - most of these details will probably not show through because

we are simplifying it so much with the stickers I should have a vague idea of

where I want like lighter values and darker values when it comes to placing

the stickers- I wanted to give them some kind of hat so that I can like make this

section a contrasting color

figure this out

it's gonna be like a ponytail

or something then maybe some flowers these I'm not gonna worry about the

shape too much because I think the stickers that I use are going to be a

pretty good sign of what those flowers end up looking like maybe this will be a

different color and the rest of this dress and then maybe something like that

I'm kind of excited!!

grabbing the stickers

maybe we can use this purple for the dress

cut this one out so I think I decided on this for the dress where do I

want it to be darker maybe this section and then maybe this can all be a kind of

darker color and then up like that so this will be like where the shading is

and this be a bit lighter it's a little hard to tell

this one looks darker to me so we can start with something like this and just

actually kind of want that here

plop it in

and the cool thing is that I'm not

following a specific template so I can like layer them on top of each other to

my heart's delight

I can make it fit the shapes I need it to - i'm gonna use all the

ones from this 'C' category see if that helps things look a little bit more

cohesive well

look how well this fit perfectly into that shape - then fill in this

poofy bit

oo this one might work

we'll come back to that section I might

have to cut something to fit there - I need something to put right here, let's try

this guy '822'

ooh so close, let me just grab a purple pen and fill that in


[whispering] no one will ever know

[still whispering] and you won't tell anyone!

grab some scissors


fill in some of those sections - I wonder if I can

cut these


that way I can like move it and fit specifically into the shape I want

and that way I can actually cut this and peel that piece up - we can also

use this purple to kind of shade underneath the Hat

I need to cut this one

it extends a liiitle too far

I might do that more often I like that

because it makes the shape more unique

okay now what I really need is a lighter

purple so I can use any- there's only a couple where I wanted to start getting

a lighter I'm gonna have to probably look for a new color because these are

just all too similar I don't want to fill the whole dress in with these - I want it to be still

purpley but like not the same purple you know what I'm-like

maybe blue we can use the yellows for the this thing like a tie - i don't know what its called

we can use some of these teeny-tiny pieces to fill in my teeny tiny spaces

can use these

little brown ones for like the wrinkles use a couple more of these darker Browns

perfect we can use this for the eyebrows it work really well wouldn't it?

the hair is a

little trickier than some of the other sections were in my opinion I'm gonna

fill in this curl

looks pretty good for the hair I'd say

okay let's find some

more pinky ones I don't understand I thought there was that whole pink dress [painting] well we

got all these tiny little bits and bobs what are these?

these little guys

those will be really good when I start adding more detail to the face here's a

pink one

I want something for like the nose I want to give it some color

use this one like right here now that I've used these more pinky ones for the

nose I think I need to go more pink on this cheek too

this one I feel like would

work perfect underneath the eye

[silent face creation]

the face is definitely the trickiest part

let's find some darker colors

not sure where to put this

this would work good for shading the face right here

[the sound of concentration.]

not crazy about the way

the face is looking I feel like there's too many tones I'm gonna try to use

mostly the same color for maybe the rest of it and might be able to pull it together

if we just using these big pieces blopping it on somewhere cuz I

also want to like take into account the vertices of the face (the vertices) the

vertices, I don't know

see I really like the neck see how few shapes I have in

there and they just look like you know a neck

I wonder if I can like it redeem the face taking what I've learned her from

the neck I mean it ended up being just the fewer shapes you use the better it

looks but you still need to capture the right shape of the face

okay we need

something nice a pink for the lips we have this red

try and stick this right here

see if I can find something to fill in this section and then find another

lip piece

getting better at this

I think that's the best I'm gonna be able do for

the ear, limitations of the art supply I guess

these Purple's are actually darker

than this purple so I might actually go in and fill this in with that light

purple though we had before and then kind of fill in some of these sections

with this darker purple definitely a learning process definitely a lot of

trial and error, definitely like the larger flat sections the best

still need to do her

bottom lip

find another red one

now I probably can use these purples for the eye lash find one that's

like skinny to begin with and then cut it

[deep concentration aka silence]

I think I'm just gonna end up putting

this on top of the flowers- oh shoot that ripped

[trying her best not to screw this up or make it look like a baby barfed vegetables all over it]

I've done a majority of this

I still need to finish up this dress part add some flowers and then

potentially a background as well and see wherever those blue ones here's my

flower there's not really a whole lot of contrast

I'm very limited in my number of blue so I gotta be pretty careful

I think I've used just about all the Blues

I just need a few more blue from

here if I hadn't use them for flowers...

let's see

hehe, found one!

[finger paper fart reprise]

wait what's this? oh no there's nothing there... is there? wait?

aha!!! found a big one

try and erase some of these pencil lines I don't need

honestly if I'm going to be completely honest it turned out significantly

better than I could have dreamed of I pictured this being a complete mess

honestly you can kind of tell what you're looking at

the flowers is a bit of a failure

maybe if I grabbed some of these like red ones add them to the center of

this it definitely needs a background


so here's me painting (i guess its not painting

with stickers) drawing with stickers? creating art with stickers? painting with

stickers? I dunno

we'll see what happens

here is the first one I made, we got our wave

'the great wave' then we have my own sticker art concoction but I want to

thank you guys for watching I'll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a

delicious evening full of waffles!!!


The Description of Painting WITH STICKERS?! Ok...I'll bite. How does this work?