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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Det sjunde dataspelet

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- Who are you?

- I am the nerd!

- Have you come to get me?

- I've allready went by your side for a long time!

- I know that!

- Are you prepared?

- My body is scared, I'm not!

- Wait a minuit! - You all say that,

but I leave no delays.

- Don't you play computer games?

- How did you know that?

Well, I've seen it in paintings and heard about it in songs.

- Yes, I am quite a skilful computer game player!

- However, you can not be more skilfull than me!

- Why do you want to play computer games with me?

- That is my business!

- Yes, you are right!

- I get to live as long as I can manage,

if you faint, you acquit me!

- You got the joystick!

- It suits me best, doesn't it?

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