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>> Crazy Nate: Star Wars the Last Jedi, hidden secrets, find them you must.

>> Nerdy Nate: You look more like a monk, than a Jedi.

>> Crazy Nate: Can you not, just let me have my moment?

>> Nerdy Nate: Well can you just act more like a normal human?

>> Crazy Nate: Comment where these 5 easter eggs are hidden and include #StarWars in your

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In a youtube video long long agoyou asked for me to talk about everything you missed

in Star Wars the Last Jedi,

the force is strong with you young padawan. and today you will fulfill your destiny.

Heres everything you missed in Disneys Lucas Films Star Wars, Jedi the last.

(intro music plays)


Time out!

Spoiler alert!

Oh Star Wars, we start off in our favorite scenario we like to find our selves in with

the Star Wars franchise.

That's right, a good old fashion space fight, thats not all that we get to see here though.

>> Poe Dameron: Attention, this is commander Poe Dameron of the republic fleet, I have

a urgent communicate for General Hux.

>> Crazy Nate: This opening scene with Poe Dameron and General Hux is actually a nod

to a classic comedy, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

>> King Author: Hello!

>> French Soldier: Hello, who is it?

>> General Hux: This is General Hux of the First Order.

>> King Author: Go and tell your master that we have been charged by God with a sacred


>> General Hux: Your fleet are Rebel scum and war criminals, tell your precious princess

there will be no terms, there will be no surrender.

>> King Authors Aid: What a strange person.

>> Poe Dameron: Look, I can't hold forever, if you reach him, tell him Leia has an urgent

message for him.

>> Empirial Commander: I believe he is tooling with you sir.

>> Poe Dameron: About his mother.

>> French soldier: I fart in your general direction.

>> Crazy Nate: The Dreadnought itself was also a play on old submarine movies like Hunt

for Red October.

Thats why inside the control room we see red lights,

and a Periscope!

Someone please tell me why would a periscope in a spaceship in space.

Fun fact when Snoke John Cenas this guy to the ground

a stuntman actually fell for this scene and he broke his nose.

We get to learn that Snoke is responsible for connecting Ray and Kylo for his evil little


>> Snoke: It was I who bridged your minds.

>> Crazy Nate: But they killed him right?

But then after Snoke is already dead they have another moment where they connect the

Force together.

Obviously she's on the ship and he's in the base.

But they see each other.

So whos bridging them together now if Snoke's dead?

Do you think Ray is learning the force so fast that now she can do this awesome cool


Even though she didnt even get real training from Luke, ever?

While we were on the island if you look under the water thats Lukes X-wing,

probably how he made it to the island in the first place.

If you watched the original Star Wars you may have thought that Luke was going to be

teaching Ray how to use the force to lift the cool x-wing out of the water.

Just like how Yoda taught Luke back in The Empire Strikes Back.

Turns out though that was just a diversionary tactic so we cant predict what would happen

in the future.

>> Yoda: It's energy surrounds us.

>> Ray: I feel something.

>> Luke: You feel it?

>> Ray: Yes, I feel it.

>> Luke: That's the force.

>> Ray: Really?

>> Luke: Wow, it's really strong with you.

>> Crazy Nate: However the door to Luke's Hut is made out of a X-wing.

So it's possible that X-wing can't even fly.

Any Star Wars geek will probably admit that they had a crush on princess Leia at one point

in their life.

Carrie Fisher who plays Princess Leia has a daughter in real life.

And Lieutenant Connix is that daughter.

Thats why she has the Princess Bun head theme going on here,

That's playing tribute to one of Princess Leias most iconic costumes.

Another fun fact about Princess Leia, is when R2D2 decides to show old footage of Princess

Leia to convince Luke to help, thats actually the original footage from the very first Star

Wars ever made, a New Hope.

Obvious Leia was upset about losing the bombing fleet, but thats not what she was upset

about here.

In reality she was actually having a force moment with Luke about Hons their loss.

Not this Hans, this Han S. This Hans can die, no one cares.

But unfortunately that scene got cut and this is all you saw.

But this is what they originally were going to show you.

It may seem odd though because Leia is a tough girl who likes putting up a fight,

>> Princess Leia: Into the garbage shute fly boy.

>> Crazy Nate: So why did she hate that he took the risk to take out a dreadnought.

Because they needed to jump to light speed, and they couldnt until Poe Dumb finally

got back to the ship.

So the fact that the enemy almost shot the mega cannons at the main ship and ended the

entire rebellion right there and then.

That could be a reason why she's a little bit upset.

So obviously Ding Dong here didnt risk his own life and the bombing crews life, he

actually risked the entire Rebellions life.

So whats the big deal about these gold dice we keep seeing everywhere, right?

Luke seemed like he couldn't care less, and he didn't want to help the rebellion because

that makes sense to Lukes character.

But none the less, when he saw the dice he got lost in his mind and he's all like maybe

I should help.

Thats because he was thinking about his old friend Han Solo.

Those were Han's dice and that used to be Han's ship,

Apparently we will get to see Han win the Falcon against his friend Lando.


Fun little fact the hand that pulled the dice down was actually Rian Johnson the Director

of the Last Jedi and not Luke Skywalkers hand.

And this dude that gets blowed up is the associate producer Jamie Christopher.

Today's Survey time is this.

Do you think it made sense in the movie that Luke Skywalker decided it was time to die

after having a virtual fight with Kylo Ren?

Yes, No, Maybe so, or you didn't even see the movie.

Being Disney owns Star Wars now some people think we would see a mickey version of Darth


and it seems thats not the case.

Even though some people would argue it is.

But they did hide a hidden Mickey in a deleted scene.

Right here.

If you look, the light is arranged for a Mickey face, head, thing.

If you notice in the grand finale battle, these are not the traditional AT-ATs we're

used to seeing.

By the way, AT-AT stands for All Terrain Armored Transport.

These guerrilla walkers or AT-M6 are a more improved upgraded version of the AT-AT.

If you remember in Empire Strikes Back Snow Speeders could easily destroy the AT-ATs

with a well placed cable.

Now these new and improved walkers are reinforced in the front legs with armor and razor sharp

spikes on them so they cant simply be tripped anymore with a cable.

That sucker right there will just snap it.

When Luke Skywalker has his epic light saber battle with Kylo Ren, we find out at the end

he wasnt actually there but he was using the force to appear to be there.

But if you go back and watch closely to the scene you will see they left several clues

to show us Luke wasnt actually there.

If getting blasted over a hundred times from Gorilla Walkers wasnt a big enough hint,

remember Jedis can be killed.

Hint number 2.

After all the explosion from all the blasters the salt is blown off the ground showing just

the hard ruby surface, and as they fight more and more salt falls slowly covering the ground


No salt falls on Luke and sticks to him even though it falls on Kylo and sticks to him.

hint number 3.

Also watch Kylos foot, when it moves you can see it moves the salt too,

but when Luke moves his foot no salt moves

He's a ghost!

When Kylo finally storms the abandoned base to find the rebellion and kill them all, listen

to the music.

It's the same music being played when Anakin stormed the Temple to kill the Jedi in training

in Episode 3.

And I gotta say, good job to Ray for figuring out how to lift all those big heavy rocks

But here's a question, why didnt Leia just do it?

For those of you that dont know, Luke is the son of Darth Vader, which is why he is

so connected to the force,

>> Darth Vader: I am your father.

>> Crazy Nate: but so is Princess Leia, why?

Because her and Luke are siblings, in fact not only are they siblings they are twinsies!

>> Annie: We're like twins!

>> Crazy Nate: So Leia Organa could of clearly moved those rocks with out even trying.

And why in this universe or the next does Ray feel like she has to translate what Chewy

is saying to Luke.

>> Ray: He said you're coming back with us.

>> Crazy Nate: I think its safe to say he knows what the Wookie is saying.

Bless your heart.

Speaking of power houses,

heres a play on Jurassic Park, with the old T-rex stomping on the ground making the

water vibrations,

but clearly these beast have more stomping power.

Another Power house from Jurassic Park you probably recognize is Vice Admiral Holdo.

She's played by Laura Dern who also played as Dr. Sattler in Jurassic Park.

>> Dr. Sattler: Dinosaurs eat man, Woman inherits the earth.

>> Crazy Nate: One Easter egg that I was shocked to see in Star Wars is a reference to a movie

that was making fun of Star Wars.

I bet the first time you saw this scene you were like me and you thought wait, what the

heck, that looks like an iron

Then it turns out it was an iron.

Well back in the oldie days like in the 70s

yes they had Televisions back in the 70's.

A movie came out that poking fun at Star Wars and it was called Hardware Wars.

In this movie the Millennium Falcon was you guessed it, an iron.

Another movie reference though is in the battle between Captain Phasma and Finn.

When Finn rides the elevator back up and then he then says

>> Finn: hey.

>> Crazy Nate: Thats a reference to this scene in Back to the Future Two.

>> Marty McFly: Nice shot Doc!

>> Crazy Nate: This guy, General Ematt is played by Andrew Jack who is basically a voice

coach for a lot of the actors like Daisy, and even a few of the aliens, how in the heck

do you teach an alien how to talk?

If I showed you something in Star Wars the Last Jedi that you didnt know before let

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>> Luke: See you around kid.

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