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- There comes a time when we choose to become

(stammering) an adult, like grow up.

We ended up thinking to ourselves

maybe we should learn what taxes are, they're dumb.

Maybe we should learn how to grocery shop, also dumb.

Maybe we should learn how to dethatch our lawn.

Now that is actually extremely valuable

and you need to do it.

And maybe, just maybe, we should buy an adult (grunts),

an adult (grants) (sniffs) (blows),

an adult car.

(sniffs) I'd much rather prefer unreliable coupes

that can't drive in the winter.

I'm Alex, @Allex.fI on Instagram.

And today we're not gonna be talking

about an expensive crazy ass car.

Instead, we're gonna be talking about a car

that could probably teach, you how to do your taxes.

We're gonna be spending time,

talking about a car that you probably should own,

if you're thinking that you can now call the dentist office

without your mom's help.

A car, that makes you feel

like you definitely know what you're doing

but really kinda, sort of you still don't.

You're just really good at guessing

at this point in your life.

A car that most people joked about initially

until you realized that

this could actually be a pretty good car.

Ladies and gentlemen,

today we're gonna be talking about you wanting to own,

a Tesla Model S.

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so I'm stuck with my wife's coffee cup.

It's got flowers on it.

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Let's take it back a little bit,

a little bit of a history lesson. Okay.

We're not gonna spend the whole time talking about it,

just a portion of the video.

The Tesla Model S was styled by, Franz Von Holzhausen

way back in the late 2000s.

Franz previously worked with Mazda,

and use the basis of the CLS Mercedes for the general design

of what would be the Model S.

This was back when Tesla was still somewhat

of a concern in the automotive industry.

Well not really many knew what the hell they were

what they were doing, but it was very scary. Okay.

Automobiles don't like change.

But instead of being called the Model S at the time,

it was actually called the WhiteStar

in preliminary development.

The WhiteStar now Model S,

was then officially debuted during a press release in 2008,

and made some pretty significant,

gel-style hair waves in the industry.

It was absolutely insane.

And even upon initial release

the Tesla Model S was going to have

a small gas engine to extend the range.

That was a thing back then.

And then they just said no, we're ain't doing it, alright.

Electric motor only because Elon don't fuck around. Okay.

The Model S was not the first time

that Tesla was involved in a little bit of controversy

because Tesla was like the hot single chick or dude

that transferred into your college.

That immediately created what we would call tea

a.k.a. trouble.

No one really knew what Tesla would be what it is today.

But back then, nobody really wanted to figure it out. Okay.

Most people just were kind of scared

of the little company that could be.

Anyway, the first production was supposed to begin back

in April 2017, but in all things Tesla related,

it was canceled.

Tesla announced a production in San Juan,

and then had a few hiccups along the way.

And then in 2010, the Model S would finally get announced

that production would begin in Fremont, California.

Now known as the Tesla factory.

If you guys don't know,

Tesla has this thing where they say a lot of stuff,

and then you have to backtrack a lot of it

because they get really excited. It happens.

While your parents thought that Tesla was going to die,

it did.

The Tesla Model S would become the 2013,

Green Car of the Year,

Motor Trend's Car of the Year,

Time Magazine's best 25 thing, alright.

It was the best technology advanced eco car.

Consumer reports, top-selling car in road-testing

and Automobile Magazine car of the year.

It wasn't that bad.

And what it was doing was pretty insane

especially when you consider where it was at the time.

But just like any first car,

the Model S did have some inherent issues.

It was really, it wasn't reliable.

I mean, it had parts from every other vehicle

you could possibly imagine,

and it was just kinda sorting itself out.

The batteries really didn't last that long,

and the mileage wasn't that good.

The chargers didn't really charge that quick.

And while they were successful

they never really had the same level of support

that the other car manufacturers had in the industry.

Little goody two-shoes going on in the game.

And Tesla was the Harry Potter underneath the staircase.

I mean, in all honesty

those massive companies get bailed out like every 10 years.

So, it makes sense that Tesla

doesn't get the same attention.

It didn't stop them.

The Model S would continue to get love

and attention through the small improvements

without really any single major facelift.

Yeah, they took off the rear front bumper thing

which was kind of weird, but that was really.

2013, you would see the Model S P85+,

which had a great tech package

and greater, greater acceleration, greater initial power,

James Pumphrey may say it had the, the more,

the mo power.

Alright, it had more of it.

It was actually a really fun time.

It was something that people never had before in their life.

And in 2014, Tesla introduced an autopilot driver assist.

Which caused anyone over the age of 65,

to have a heart attack

and thought it was gonna cause

thousands, upon thousands of accidents.

Because apparently a computer is less reliable

than the 82-year-old

that hasn't actually retaken their driver's test,

in over 72 years.

It was a weird time.

And if you probably remember back then,

you remember all of the controversy that Tesla had

when it was introducing this car.

Because no one really wanted Tesla to succeed

for some reason, at least in the news.

But they continued to make the Model S.

In 2015, Tesla got a better interior that felt proper

and gave it a panoramic sunroof option,

if you wanted that sort of thing.

Now probably the most important thing

to hit this sleaky-looking crocs sandal looking ass was

the ludicrous mode. Alright. - The ludicrous speed. Go.

- That is the most exciting thing ever. Alright.

Safe for only the highest trim option available

it gave you a zero to 60 experience

faster than your first high school fling.

Zero to 60 in 2.8 seconds

and was available in the P90D, alright.

There's nothing more awkwardly awesome

than the feeling of an electric car

yanking you down the road

with absolutely no noise coming from an engine,

just the small slip of tire.

Just because you end up confused. Alright.

Little curious, weird hormones engaging for no reason,

you're not entirely sure what to feel

but everything is going in different directions.

It was this mode that put Tesla

on the map for a ton of people who loved cars.

It riddled YouTube.

It was all over Reddit.

It was all over Twitter.

And nay, it wasn't for car enthusiast,

but people who loved cars.

The entire mode, the marketing,

and everything around the Model S at that time

was astounding.

And once it was available to the customer, YouTube exploded.

With Teslas just smoke and people at stoplights.

It was just the most hilarious thing.

The years progressed, and the batteries got better

and Tesla kept changing its mind

on whether it wanted to have a normal roof

or roof with glass.

Nowadays, Tesla Model S

go for just about every single price range you can imagine,

because they have them all over the place

in terms of dual motor or not dual motor,

and this, that, and the other trim.

They've become affordable.

They've become somewhat reliable.

And now people like you and people like me are wondering

if they should finally open up an IRA

and buy a Tesla.

Because not having to pay for gas

kinda seems like pretty good deal,

especially when the world is ending, still.

But we're not here to talk about the history

of the Tesla Model S,

you want that Go watch Joe Rogan podcast.

I don't know what to tell you,

do the one with Elon Musk, it was pretty funny.

We're gonna talk about it through hitting monetized,

tell YouTubers.

Now, we're here to talk about you wanting to own

one of these heavy boys that eats tires

and destroys bushing.

So you want a Tesla Model S,

well, grab your supercharger cord

and set down your opinion on gas-powered cars

because we're gonna sit here and we're gonna talk about

a little bit, maybe a teensy-weensy tiny bit

about what it's like to actually own one.

If you're looking to own a Tesla Model S

as a car enthusiast,

it's a little counterintuitive,

but we're gonna get through it.

There's two major pieces you're gonna wanna know

about owning these cars.

The first thing, is that they're incredibly neat vehicles.

They're just cool.

They're awesome. They're sweet. They're neat.

You look at them and we're in Wisconsin

we see and we're like, wow!

Or the doors go up and we're like, wow!

There's so many neat things about them.

They have karaoke.

They have dog mode that keeps the car cool.

They have games to play while you are charging it,

video games.

It's like an 18-year-old built a car that liked to smoke

and enjoyed the neighborhood as an album. Okay.

That's the kinda car that Tesla Model S was, alright.

They're a little bit finicky

and can be daunting to have though.

Also just for heads up,

range anxiety is very real.

The fear of constantly thinking you may run out of battery

is somewhat of a normalized feeling,

at least for the first little bit.

You kinda get over it after a while,

but I continuously freaked out

when I was driving the Model S,

and got down to like 30 miles an hour

and turned off the karaoke,

because I figured it save some juice,

'cause I only had 27 miles left on my battery.

I was scare there, I was nervous, alight.

I didn't know how it worked.

Do you turn off the AC like the gas-powered car,

does it help? I'm not sure.

In all honesty, the Tesla Model S are pretty good buy.

Can you modify the battery packs?

Not, not really. No.

There's some updates then can get beamed down to your car

for iOS improvements, if that's what it's called

and stuff like that.

But no major aftermarket hacking just yet

that allows you to get 1000 horsepower,

1500 horsepower, yet.

Future's gonna be weird.

But electric vehicles are a bit weird,

because while the motors that push the wheel

forward or backward could always be bigger as Texas.

But for the most part with EVs, it's all about weight.

Tesla's aren't no slouch,

but they aren't exactly built of carbon fiber.

They're meant to go really fast in a straight line,

but they're turning and actual racing capabilities

are pretty low.

Aftermarket companies that work with Teslas

specialize in bringing down the weight,

shaving where you can,

optimizing the electric outage of the willows

and lowering the suspension

to give it a tighter driving experience.

Because most of the weight is at the bottom of the car

where the rest of the battery packs actually are.

And with the weight of Tesla's do have,

You have to really kind of (indistinct) wow.

That's what you kinda have to play with.

From wheels, tires, and a suspension standpoint

it's definitely just that, goes light as possible.

Wheels, you're gonna wanna go with rotary forge,

Like Rohana's are pretty slap on wheel

to throw on a Tesla Model S.

Just great for rotational mass.

Tires, from either Michelin or Continental to keep traction

to the ground for both getting around the turns

and also slowing down are gonna be huge.

Big, bang, boom.

You're pretty much set to go.

The aftermarket world is a little bit weird

when it comes down to vehicles that use batteries

to scoot around.

It's less about cams and intakes and all the exciting stuff

that everybody says,

"look at me, my car sounds like it it's about to blow up."

Like it doesn't have any of that.

It's quiet.

Makes no noise. Alright.

It's a bit odd.

Like, car enthusiast are just trying to figure it out

and poke around with it

to see how Tesla's will handle the culture.

You may not see it in the Model S

but you will definitely see this start to get more

and more prominent than the more affordable little brother

the Tesla Model 3.

From Elon's point of view

he's pretty good with the modifications.

He doesn't seem to care one way or another.

And for us it's new ground.

It's finally a new game.

It's the season one, baby.

Sure, the early years aren't the most reliable

and sure we don't really know how long they'll stay alive

but do we really know how a lot of the new Kids,

how long they're gonna stay alive? Let's be honest.

But for so long, it's been pretty good.

You can get a dual motor Model S,

for a bargain fine that slaps most people

up and down the street while saving money on gas.

But the biggest weakness is that it's all new ground.

And if you're looking to buy, you have to be okay with that.

It's new space for most people

and they still haven't saturated the aftermarket car scene.

It's honestly what makes this car so much fun though.

It's got quirks and features

that would make Doug DeMuro cry, enough.

Acceleration make people scream

more power baby.

Enough weight to give AMG wagon a good fight

and probably make a couple of tears go down the face

and enough weird things to make even a super car owner go,

that's actually kinda neat.

But what are you thinking about the Tesla Model S?

Slamming on the gun, big-old Johnny's

and scream down the streets.

Maybe just don't, I know like when you slam it

you're gonna maybe have an oil pan issue

but since it's an electric vehicle

I'm not entirely sure if that would...

you just explode.

Anyway, if you're looking for

aftermarket wheels, tires or suspension,

be sure to hit us up over @FITMENTINDUSTIES.COM.

I'm Alex from Fitment Industries,

and we will see you later.



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