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- I would describe my hair type as coily curly.

To get more specific,

I'm somewhere between a 4A and a 4B,

which I find challenging sometimes

because you know I have a lot of hair,

it's really thick, and sometimes you know

I want to straighten it,

but I don't want to create heat damage for my hair.

The first time I used RevAir

I was actually really shocked

by how fast my hair got straight

with such little heat.

I could not believe the fact

that RevAir uses half the heat of a regular blow-dryer.

But not only does it dry my hair faster,

but it gets way more straight

than if I had used a regular blow-dryer.

I just couldn't believe it.


Listen, I know you probably don't believe me,

but let me walk you through this real quick.

I first comb through my hair,

freshly washed and conditioned,

and then I get right into it.

My reverse air speed and heat levels are already set.

I determined these the first time I Revved

by testing what worked best.

For the speed, I tested my wave from lowest to highest,

checking every 10 seconds to make sure

no tangles were forming at the ends,

and found my hair both tolerates and needs a high level.

Seven provides the tension I need

and works perfectly for my hair.

For heat, I tested on both high and low

and found high works best for me.

Really both are incredibly low,

as the high setting's only 800 watts.

That's at least half the heat of a blow-dryer.

Next thing I do is start sectioning off my hair,

getting at least half of my head pre-sectioned

so I can move through it quickly.

I then feed the first section into the wand

by bringing the mouth right to my scalp.

Sections should be big enough to fill the wand

without stuffing it.

Too much or too little and your hair won't flow

as smoothly as you want.

A general guide is to take hair

from a three-by-three section of the scalp.

It's important to reach all parts of the scalp

so you can dry the roots.

You can slowly move the mouth across the scalp area,

or you can lightly dab it to reach the full area.

You don't need to move the wand

down the length of your hair, as the heat is consistent

all the way down the strand.

While drying a section, I either use my free hand

to get the next one ready or I just put the wand down

to use both hands.

Time needed per section varies for everyone,

but it's generally anywhere between

30 seconds to 90 seconds.

But after testing by pulling the wand back slightly

to check the dryness with my fingers,

I found 60 seconds was about right for me.

Sections come out fully dry

and effortlessly straight.

When I get to the crown, I Rev it straight up

and I get some extra volume.

I am super, super happy with the results.

Normally it takes me almost three hours

to straighten my hair.

With RevAir, it took less than an hour

which is insane.

I feel really confident using RevAir.

I'm just so happy that I can use a product independently

without having to go to a professional.

It's cheaper, it's really, really helpful,

and I feel glamorous, I feel like I want to go out,

like I feel like I want to go on a date

or hang out with friends,

cuz I love the finished product

and I'm just really happy with the results.

I absolutely love my hair in its natural state.

There's nothing like looking in the mirror,

seeing your natural hair the way you were born with it,

and loving how it looks.

But it's also nice to have options.

You want to be able to switch it up a little bit,

the same way you would switch up your nail color

or your makeup, it's nice to have a different look

and RevAir gives me the opportunity to do that

in an easy way that's not gonna compromise my curls.

The world's first and only reverse air dryer.

RevAir, blow your mind, not your hair.

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