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how do you think this will behave console emulating psp do you think it will give

the size well judge for us same

very good villiers welcome what side today I bring you a portable console

which is a totally different concept which we have seen in the channel look

it's called odroid GO ADVANCE and it's a console you sell it disassembled you have it

ride yourself and also has a price super tight and performance is

for the hardware it carries is quite superior to many of the consoles that you

I have brought to the channel is very curious to see and very used to try so it's very

interesting this console has left me the friend carlos de retro arena which

greeting from here thank you very much borrowed a few days so I can

show has not yet come out to market at the time of making the video

so I think it will be interesting to see what can this other do

odroid go advance for those who do not know odroid is a manufacturer of plates styles

raspberry pi characterized by always launch very powerful products

always a step above the raspberry and of course also at 1000

of price because they are above are more expensive are a little higher range in the

channel brought them an example of their plates the other today has two on a plate that

I had the amd logic 922 chip I think The civivox lovers will ring you

something this chip to I don't know what is the most top of the range that mounts civivox more

expensive and more powerful and soon you will show on the channel

apart from raspberry pi style plates and people or droid has also launched in

sometime portable consoles like you can see on their website the one that I bring you

today it is the latest news that they will launch in a few days is the other

hit go beat a portable console that characterized by the power of certain

elements that compose it and also by be a wii yourself console that is

that you have to ride your dress as I have already mentioned the console there

to mount it yourself is to say the received after fully disassembled

with the rubber bands from the buttons screws the screen you all have to

ride it yourself this has its pros has its cons as proust then

I see the plus of cacharreo I don't know if you I like to chat as in my case because

It's cool not to get to ride a console then you will use a lot

you are going to play you give it more value another favorable point that has odroid go advance, this fact is

that lowers costs the console costs you cheaper since

they sell you without riding and because if this fact that for some is a

advantage for others can be a disadvantage is to say you can throw to

back if you are a bit big or not very skilled in this kind of diaz things

yours what stick now gives me to ride i don't know i won't know how to do it will be

complicated because nothing is further from the reality really is very easy

there is a guide there is a bike a videotutorial on the manufacturer's website

that explain how to do it and I think that really almost anyone can reach

ride it now I'll show you a little bit to broad features what is the assembly and

well I think it's worth it all for the final result that is going to

give this console that is pretty good the console as you can see comes

a cardboard box with the name of the model and here you already let us know in our

friend the robot that is windows will celebrate console that is if you have to do it

self inside the box everything comes separated by bags here we see the plate

central electronics and more things we better see it all extended and so we

give the chance i could appreciate better the components that carries the gums of

the buttons as you can see the crossheads they show quite good quality not

they are cheap tires of some that we have seen on the Chinese consoles channel

so low cost the touch of buttons and crosshead as I don't think of

the best I've tried but you don't notice bad or they feel quite correct the

normal plastic housing without shoot rockets' console style

like the l of that game or the rs 97 the material they have used to make the

it is polycarbonate this makes it easier for us to we can customize the graffiti with

special paint for this material here we can see the screen on

protector of it that we will see later in action here we can also see the

speaker and here we can see the stick analog disassembled at least it doesn't seem

low profile of that is that neither me like me we'll see later how

behaves playing here we can see a power cable with this connector that

it is not a micro usb or usb type c is a lifetime standard connector and by

last we see here the battery before assemble the let's go over the

technical characteristics exactly of this consolidates as they are that they have assembled

an erekat 33-26 robot chip which which takes a quad core cortex cpu to 35 a

1.3 gigahertz this makes it yield a a little less with raspberry pi 3 b plus

but according to the manufacturer it can reach run at 1.5 gigahertz so

could overcome raspberry pi by little 3 b plus as gpu carries a bad and 31m p

2 supports open gl 3.2 and vulcan 1.0 thing very interesting that gpu yes we can

say that exceeds the raspberry 3 b plus on the whole subject of vulcan is super

interesting is a graphic movie that like you all know use some emulators and

they do real wonders for example with the psp emulator or ram memory have

mounted a gb ddr3 to 786 megahertz the screen they have mounted is a

3.5 inch ft screen is not ips but it is a good quality tt and a

320 x 480 resolution and supports 60 Hertz finally the battery is 3000

milliamps now which gives us 10 hours of autonomy is a real

past there aren't many consoles that arrive to have 10 hours of autonomy as is

the assembly doesn't have much mystery if we follow step by step what they tell us

in your video tutorial we won't have any problem mostly affects a lot in

be careful with the screen you are wearing it is the most fragile part so we will have to

be careful when riding it after put on the screen we will put the rubbers

from the buttons the crosshead to the speaker et cetera said if we are guided by the

manufacturer's tutorial we will reach good port that in our mission a

Once assembled we can see a little that takes there analyze it as if it were

console that I bring to the channel as you can see the typical crosshead is here

then you have the abx xi buttons these buttons that are the starter is the and then

more buttons that you can configure as one wants to customize them as we want

and then the analog stick this one is technological I personally like it

quite a lot more than many of the Chinese consoles that I have brought you

that is to say I always complain about typical sticks that are very low

profile and that has a bit of travel uncomfortable to play this one this is not

the ones that I like to be a lever a little longer and are more

comfortable to wear are heretic style 350 then when I tried it with games we will see

if it's really worth it, it pays well or On the contrary, it does not behave

all quite correctly here in the side we can see the buttons lr the

power button connector headphones the power connector

and then we see here a port of expansion this reminds me of

80s old computers regarding a msx dining room that had ports of

expansion to expand your possibilities I don't know today

Well, this port will help us but surely they will give you some

utility also we have here next to a standard usb 2.0 usb port and also

here in the back we can see the micro sd which is where the system goes

operational and games for you make an idea of ​​the size it has

We will compare this console with several that I have here we will begin

comparing it with rg 350 and with this another console the jlca of 350 h that by

true this console does not sound at all true because he hadn't taken it out

I have been here for a few days I'm analyzing the and well yes cosaysa

I like this video and I see that you are interested in I will show the truth is that it is a console

that will surprise you so nothing anymore you know

and give love to this console I will show you in detail how you can see at the level of

size does not differ too much the royal 350 as the dry of with this

new console or droid code vance without however if we compare it with consoles

older as for example the nintendo ds lite or dsi xl we compare it with

a nintendo ds elite wide are quite alike quite alike but

long channel to another and yes yes the we compare with a nintendo dsi xl here

xl console wins but run because it is much bigger I think

that all these comparisons we will serve to see a little the size that

have more or less and get an idea mental apart from this good let's

see it running let's see what is what foot shoes I comment on

time to make the video the degree that it's a thing that just came out on

operating system still has some fringe that polish still works

pretty good and to get an idea I believe that the tests that will help us

I'm going to show you the theme is based on Bato wax in an emulation system that

we all know it's a very graphic menu convenient to use in back and well you see

The entire list of games is very similar to recall box or retro for given that

use the front in emulation chart station this

the name will sound to many of you because you are creators of raspberry pi and

all this comes from that world so well in a few days I guess they will go

improving the system and all tests I'm going to teach you, it will help you a little

let's see what foot fits although there are fringes that will improve over time since the

carrying hardware can give much more yes on 8 and 16 bit platforms no

we will have no problem notice how the game boy worked

perfect goes smooth goes without any problem if we change to cream boy color

exactly the same

the usual is the same emulator for so much is normal that it goes fine clear is

that the form factor this song is very comfortable to be many hours

in front of the console is like the nba lines cake I showed them but bigger

for more comfortable data and much more is done comfortable to play with old hands

some like mine with nintendo nes neither are we going to have any kind of

problem I always try this game with this screen because it makes me detect

fast if there is any visual defect in the screen and such

In this case, as you can see, I have not open nothing looks pretty good and it

play perfect

doing experiments with the input the no detected anything abnormal that is not detected

in a normal emulation system like those who only bring to the channel we change

platform let's go to super nintendo is good also perfect games

normal without special chips go very well if we move on to more complex games

to emulate that some are stuck Chinese consoles of the generation

previous well we can see that the droid state go perfect there is no

no problem if we go to the bold s gala mega drive too

we can see that it goes perfectly to the smoother emulation at 60 fps is and

perfectly playable if we raise the ribbon a little bit and we go here in

web bands we can see the size perfectly this console an emulation

seamless audio seamless without flawless uncut crepitations goes like silk

we add a little more the bet we go a by playstation 1

the games that are usually easy to emulate this platform look

perfectly without messing up let's go but is that good if we go to the games

more difficult to emulate moves the same level go super fluid and super

soft it is here where analog highlights that

It takes you show that it is the size really although for me the best is the

of the rege console 350 the status one ' droid is well above others

comfort level consoles maybe yes that the surfaces are too rough

and sometimes well we can't be a poor but well there are solutions

that we can manage so that this is not so the truth that on this platform you

let's put the game that we give you the leftover size even better than you

prescribe 350 let's try something fatter let's go to nintendo 64

here I have to tell you that I have detected instability in the system has several

different emulators in the 164 some they work better than others do not

other roms start with failures graphics in here by how you can see

Mario 64 9 quite well one way more than decent is perfectly playable

and not in almost any graphic defect but if we go to other titles as per

example 007 here yes it is in playable there are graphic errors going pretty badly

Of course you need to get hold of these emulators to nitro 64 for

adapt them to this hardware platform after nintendo 64 let's go something

even heavier psp as you think this console will behave emulating psp

you think it will be the size well judge for others

with this castlevania which is a game that in other systems it moves quite well

in this console it goes a little slowed if we try another game like tekken 6 and

well we have the same result even worse goes very bad and is incurable

but I have good hope yes we access the emulator menu that is

using the system to emulate p esp as you can see that he is using the

app and open gl and the app and vulcan I know perfectly and by

others also that the psp emulator you have availability of an app and that goes

better in what systems who knows if you ever manage to do

run that pineapple on this machine is they might get it either with bat or

wax and be for example with android if not they will get it is very possible that they achieve

really take advantage of the machine and cpsp go better as I have already

said all this is in its initial phase and there is a long way to go though

if we see what you can do in comparison for a chinese seam the

I bring to the channel the truth is that he wins droid status to any of them by

especially the value for money well after seeing all these tests

how do you stay and I tell you this is worth 55 dollars of this price strip is

pretty good there is a but ok in the store in which they are selling it

They are going to sell it right now from jarque there are some customs

in between it is possible it can be fits the possibility that if the purchase is now

for customs and you have to pay well which is typical twenty thirty euros

plus this is a rhythm that is always there me

I can't promise not to stop be if it might not be there is the

risk the issue is that below I will leave you in the description of the video a link to the

store where they sell it and also link to Amazon just in case at some point

they come to sell lan amazon then what have available and good with less

customs issue risk to be seen by 55 euros we have a console that moves

platforms much better than 750 for example playstation 19 full to 60

60 hertz frames without any problem we also have a console that

it can even move 264 things that other Chinese consoles that I have shown you

they don't even smell it then it can move some psp games thing that I believe

that in the future will improve I have already told you which is a bit in beta is not

operational and the simulators have to still tuning those optimized for

the gpu that leads to this machine is machine as I have already told you a

gpu a bit special because it supports open gl 3.2 and also supports the app and vulcan

what does this mean api vulcan is an app and that many of the emulators

that we are using use it then if to hardware level supports vulcan

as for example the one of p esp can greatly improve performance do not

I say it is a miracle that it is miraculous but can improve much more

even more than you have seen so I think that for the price that is I think

that can be worth it the issue of customs that there I do not

I promise nothing I can not tell you if the they will stop if not now they will stop is

matter of trying it or not then nothing old nerz I hope you liked it

this pot and see you in the next video see you later lucas

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