Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Yamaha Nmax - Tail light extension - Upgrade #28

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Welcome back! Today we're installing an extension for the rear light.

It goes something like this.

Now I have to remove this one, of course to install it properly!

And we're gonna have to connect it.

I'm gonna have to connect these to the positive and to the negative.

Okay, to connect these,

You're gonna need to connect the positive to the positive. That's the red to the blue.

Black the black.

It looks very nice.

Without the light, without taking the light into consideration.

Because this is carbon-fibre and I've always thought that.

The rear of the Yamaha Nmax is a little bit inclined and this gives it a sharper end!

There we go.

This is the sharp look I'm talking about It's no longer inclined.

So I'm gonna wait a little bit for night time and see how it looks at night.

Absolutely amazing. I.

I Love it.

And I know that the camera is really bad at night.

However, I love this.

The light is very sharp.

It's sharper than the tail lamp.

Yeah, awesome.

This video is sponsored by Tofine Motor.

This extension costs $78, as always I've left you the link in the description below.

And thank you guys for watching.

I'll see you later.

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