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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: SEVERED - Copic Markers & Airbrushing with Masking Film

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Hey, everyone, so the purpose of this video is mainly for me to test out my multimedia paper

So I'm drawing on an Eleven by Fourteen

Size, so it's pretty big, but I kind of wanted to start doing larger artwork anyway

and so I'm really hoping that I love this paper because I like this size and

It also fits nicely in frames because Eleven by Fourteen is a standard photo frame size

So I'm, I well. I'll just say now. I do like it. So hopefully I'll continue to like it

I haven't done a whole lot with it at this point. so this picture was inspired by one of the little

Pictures you see on the right hand side of the video right now. There's three model poses basically. I just typed into Google images

model pose or fashion poses is what I typed in and

I really liked the one picture how the girl had kind of an s-curve to her body

So I decided to base my picture off that I sketched a small thumbnail and then I scanned it and blew it up

bigger and then sketched my

More refined picture on top of it

I just traced over the thumbnail really really roughly and then added some more details

And then I traced it yet again on to the mixed-media paper with clean lines and then here I'm taking some

masking like a masking sheet or sheet of frisket to

Cover up my picture because I want to do the background with my copic Airbrush system

So I make sure to cover up all the areas where the girl's body is and then I cut out along

The lines using an exacto knife, and then you just peel away the areas where you want to airbrush

and then you airbrush

it's a little bit tricky because you don't want to cut too far into it because

It makes a dent in the paper you have [to] cut hard enough that you're cutting through the frisket, but not

Cutting into your picture and another way to do it would just be to lay the frisket over top

While keeping the backing on it

So it's not sticking to your picture and then trace using a pen or something

On trace the frisk over on the frisket and then cut it out separately and stick it down in your picture

But I think that would be so hard because you would not be able to line it up

first of all the tracing is not going to be perfect and then

trying to lay it down after the fact and have it match up that's going to be so

Difficult, so I just did the method where you just lay it directly on it

and then you cut along the lines and peel it off, so

Yeah, there are a couple areas where I have lines

Dented Lines in the paper where I didn't want them

But well I'll learn as I go because I've actually used this stuff one other time

I've had it for years, and it only used it on one other picture, and when I did that one, I think

if I remember correctly I think I colored the girl yeah, I cut it was like a Halloween-themed picture with this witch Lady, I

colored her and then laid the frisket down and

Cut it out

And then did the background so she was colored before I did the background and the background

Ended up being too dark and didn't match her coloring

But I didn't want to redo her whole coloring so the background just

Ended up being really dark compared to her. Which is a little bit weird, so for this one

I decided I want to do the background first, and then base my coloring of her off of that

So that's what I did this time. There's only one major danger with that is that

Because her colors are lighter than the background when you're coloring up close to the background the pen is very easily gonna lift ink off


Drag it and Smear it on to her and I did have a bit of trouble with that, but not too much

I was pretty careful, so I feel like it wasn't

Too bad also with

the airbrushing

when you airbrush the ink for the most part sits on top of the paper, so it's more prone to smearing as a

Post if I had just colored in the background regularly

and I know a lot of people think that airbrushing uses a ton of ink and it can depending what you're doing, but

It's just spraying a fine mist onto the top of the paper

It's not it's way different than if your coloring with the marker itself and you're soaking the ink into the page

That's obviously using a lot of ink when you're soaking the paper like that, but if you're spraying a fine mist

It's not that much ink. So if you're scared, airbrushing will just eat up all your copic Marker ink

You don't have to worry about that because that's really not the case unless you just go to town and layer and layer and layer

until it's , I don't know

Um it yeah, oh and here. I'm peeling it off. Which is very satisfying

It's one of my favorite parts, and I know this dream was excited for it live [shooting] while I was making this art

I had to do put it at regular speed here. It's not sped up at all because it was just

Seeing it peel off, so beautiful

Now ask for the concept behind the girl. I mean I kind of told you how I figured out the pose

I didn't really know at first that I wanted her hair to be cut like that

[I] didn't have it the picture fully planned out

I had the general pose and I knew how I wanted to do the background

I did a little thumbnail study of the lighting and I knew I wanted

Well no, no, I I did that after I [found] out the hair thing

because as I was thumbnailing doodling and stuff

I just realized that because I did the one side of the hair and then as much do the other side

And I thought it'd be cool. If it was shorter and

I thought it'd be neat if you could see the hair as if it had just been cut

So I don't know that [was] my thought behind it and then so I

Did the background in such a way that the lightest point is?

right where her hair is being severed and so it draws your eye there that was the purpose behind that and


Feel like you know

It's not like a huge deep meaning behind the picture anything or a really big story is just to me it represents

Unwanted change so she's looking back as if it almost caught her slightly

off-guard that her hair was being cut and so

That's just what it symbolizes unwanted change. I don't know what cut it. There's really no story behind it

It's just meant to represent unwanted change being forced upon you, ha ha ha

So here. I'm coloring in the skin

and I actually went back and did more shading on it later at the very end of the video because

I felt like it

Just looks too

Fluorescent using only those colors I use my [e50] my are zero

One in R0 [-] [I] usually don't use the Rs. Foreskin just because they are so

Bright Orange [E] and pinky

but I

wanted it to suit the color scheme of the picture which is a lot of red and so I used a more Reddish tone for

The skin but then later on I went back and added some [Gray's]

Just to add a different tone to it because right now. It looks kind of not good

[it] looks like I [just] used different shades of the same color

So that's why I decided to go back in and add some grey and I chose great

Because there's a bunch of grey in her hair and in her dress

So yeah also a stylistic choice was to have everything very simple and flowy

so like I mentioned I was inspired by [that] picture I found where the girl is in kind of an s curve shape and

So I really wanted her outfit to be so simple so that it really emphasizes that shape I didn't want anything

Too flashy on the outfit plus. It would also draw your eye away [from] the hair so I just did super basic

It's like a white slip basically so yeah

And then her hair is kind of similar [in] the sense that it has a few pieces breaking off, but it's really just one

Wavy shape with not too much detail so yeah, I purposely my first simplistic

Look part of me likes it probably doesn't but it's alright. I also wanted her body very long and slender

but um it looks kind of weird because I

Purposely made her arms long and her body skinny and everything, but her boobs seemed too high because of that

It's like when you compare her elbow and her boob position

It's just not right, but I don't know that's the major thing when I look at my artwork now that it's completed

That's the one thing I noticed a lot is just the boobies and her mouth

I feel like I liked the face shape and the way the mouth looked better in the sketch

And now that it's all colored in and finished. I feel like I don't like it as much and her face

shape did get altered slightly with the coloring because as I was coloring up to it with the dark color it did sort of

Change the shape of her jawline and Cheek line just just ever so slightly

but I kind of [wish] she had a bit more chin and maybe not quite is small of a mouth, but

yeah, so uh

I think it's [alright]. I think in the mouth is proportionate to the nose within the eyes look huge, so either

I should have made smaller eyes or just made the nose a bit wider and the mouth bigger

Just I'm not trying to like bash my own art and also people say [I] always put down your own art

I'm just trying to I'm just giving my own criticisms

Just my thoughts after I'm done it, and I look back on it. I'm like okay

These are the things I would change if I could like if this was a digital piece I could easily go and change those things

But it's not so it just is the way it is

Also a few cut marks on the page like I [mention] with a knife. I made some unnecessary

Extra cuts that I kind of wish weren't there

So yeah, just a few things

But I do like it overall I like the shapes involved and I like the concept and the simplicity of it

So overall I liked it

And it was fun getting teased my airbrush and the frisket [I] know I just want to use it so much more often

It's just so fun cutting it out and peeling it off, and I was just

the [sass]


Or any highlights to her eyes her eyes are actually just a gradient. There's really no

What's wrong thing for? I don't know definitive aerial. There's no definitive pupil

It's just kind of a gradient from Pupil to Iris

And it's just using grays and then no highlight

And then nothing like cheeks just I wanted to keep it very bare-bones in terms of her like no jewelry no makeup

But you could argue she's wearing lipstick, but maybe her lips are just that pink yeah

I did go back and thicken her lashline a little bit, but she only has two little eyelashes

Which is less than I usually do [so] wanted to keep her [very] simple and so

That is the picture and I was outside taking the final shot, so I could have good lighting anyway

Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you guys in my next video

when doing

I'm trying to sort these I'm trying to sort my receipts, baby

How cute I also edited this before I started sorting their seats got

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