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If you're the last person on earth

that hasn't played GTA 5, have

I got news for you.

A deleted tweet suggests that

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be the next

free game on the Epic Games Store.

The Epic Store currently sports a

mystery game window, which we'll

learn more about later today.

A deleted tweet from the Epic Game

Store Twitter account all but

confirmed that GTA 5 will

be that mystery game.

Luckily, Twitter user Wario64,

caught the tweet before was,

um...taken care of.

And you can see the advertisments

here. According to the tweet, you'll

be able to grab the game for free

until May 21st and keep it


GTA 5 is, of course, already

available on PC via Steam and the

Rockstar Games launcher.

It's not clear just yet what, if

any, additional content the free

game will come with.

The demand for this free copy of

GTA 5, a game that has already

sold at least 120 million

copies and is the second

best-selling game of all time

appears to have caused the Epic

Games Store website and launcher to

go off line for the time being.

Epic has confirmed the issues,


The high demand may be affecting

other Epic services, as the Fortnite

Twitter account has also

acknowledged issues saying

We should get confirmation later

today on whether or not Epic is

giving away GTA 5

as its next free game.

For all your video game news, stay

tuned to IGN.

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