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why do you sleep all day?

Put on some make-up.

Hello, it's June!

I will speak quietly...

because Dasha is sleeping in the next room

I can't miss this chance

today I will say all sorts of bad things to Dasha

she will think "what is wrong with him?"

I never tell Dasha something like that

and today I have the opportunity to say

for example....

'why do you eat so much?'

'why aren't you wearing makeup?'

'why do you sleep so much?'

I'll say things like that

and look at Dasha's reaction

it's time for revenge ahahah


get up get up~~

how many hours have you been asleep?


get up

get up, how long do you sleep???

you sleep all day


what are you talking about, I only slept for 20 minutes

all day you sleep, all day...


why do you sleep so much?

you don't know how important time is..

get up quickly

What's wrong with you~

all you do is sleep

get up quickly, wash and move

how can a person only sleep

what to wash? I washed my face already

I only slept for 20 minutes...


you don't know how valuable time is.

what do you want to do?

you have to find something to do

why are you asking me?

I don't want to do anything, I want to sleep

sleep at night

what time is it now? why are you sleeping now?...

get up!

I can sleep at night....

get up get up quickly get up

what do you want to do?

I don't want anything, just get up...


how can you sleep now???

why not?


That's why I tell you should work out everyday... you are weak....

I do yoga and Pilates, what are you talking about???

you just sleep all the time...

what are you talking about?

all day...


what ...

you do not work out.... never...


every day.. the same...... just sleep....

Hey, I do my best everyday..

everyday you do.. nothing...

I clean and cook and do everything!

I don't like what you said...

get up

I don't want to!

why, what do you want

put on the make up and change your clothes......

I don't have to go anywhere, why?

why don't you like my face and clothes!!!!

why are you smiling?


hey just......!!!

what!!!!! what!!!!!!


why are you smiling?

tell me

I'm talking about why you're sleeping...

the day should be spent happily

you can't just sleep.....

you can't sleep

you were in the other room the whole time, so I fell asleep

and stop eating so much


I'm on a diet...

diet.... you can't eat so much

you're eating food much.....

you mean I eat a lot of rice?

no, I mean all the food...

I don't eat much at all! you don't give me!!!!!!!

.... ahahahha

forget it

at least put on some makeup...


(Dasha was offended..)

You have to put on makeup

to hide your beautiful face.


what? aahhahah

Otherwise, too many people will fall in love with your beautiful face.(??????????)

I'm worried about it..


do you want to die?


I knew that beauties sleep a lot


and I know you work out everyday...

what's wrong with you...?

you get me a lot....

am I ugly??


Am I fat?


what then?


honey, I think.

that you are the most beautiful

and I've never said that to you in my life


I'll never tell you like that

you are the most beloved and the most beautiful

I will never say words like today

and don't tell me that too!

I've never told you

thank you for watching!!

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