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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 5 NEW Style Tips You NEED To Try!

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- Hello everyone, and welcome back to my channel.

In today's video, we're gonna be talking about

five new style tricks and tips that you should try.

These are new things that I feel like

a lot of people don't talk about

and most of them are from items that

you probably already have in your closet.

It's just kind of a new way

to kind of wear things,

and it's fun.

And I think you'll like the things,

so, let's get started,

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It's fun.

Mm, I don't know if you don't know this,

but usually when I film a video,

I get one word stuck in my head

for the duration of the video.

And I say that word many times.

So, I'm pretty sure today's word is

it's fun!

The word of the day is fun.

It's so fun! (laughing)

So, the very first style trick or tip that I have

is to change the way that you typically wear

a simple white button-up shirt.

And actually, you know what?

It doesn't have to be white,

it can be just basically any button-up blouse.

I'm sure you guys have so many in your closet.

It can be any color,

it can be even short sleeve if you want,

although there are some tricks

that you can do with the long sleeve portion,

and I'm gonna show you some things.

Now, the only thing that I do recommend

is to find a button-up blouse

that actually has this little flap right here,

I don't know if you can see it,

but it covers where the holes are

where you place the buttons.

And you don't have to, you know,

have one like this.

I bet, in your closet, you'll be surprised

that some have them and some don't.

But this little flap right here,

for some reason, it does make the tricks

that you can do with this shirt

look a little more clean.

All right, now I'm going to perfect a trick

that I don't think you'll be able to do at home.

This is the magic of editing.



Whoa, whew!


Wearing my button-ups hirt.

Looks good.

Now, we're not gonna wear it like this, though.

Okay, so if you guys could just, like,

look down, like, move down.

There you go.

Okay, so, stop.

So here's just the classic button-up blouse.

I mean, it's nice, it's kind of boring.

So, the first thing I'm gonna show you,

I'll just get it out of the way really fast.

I've talked about it before.

You literally just unbutton a few buttons,

you don't have to go up this high, obviously.

But then, you just tie it in a knot.

And I realize this is not revolutionary,

I mean, people talk about this and do this all the time,

but it really does totally change

the way the shirt looks, so, yeah.

I love this, I love this little trick.

Oh, not that.

Don't have that part.


Now, another way that people don't normally talk about,

I do have a bralette on,

it's like a full thing, don't worry,

it's not completely my bra, but anyway,

another way that I love wearing these shirts

and it just really kind of elevates it,

it just changes the shirt.

So, what you do is,

you take the button-up side, like these buttons,

and you actually kind of go diagonal

and you tuck that in that way.

Then you take this leftover piece

and you pull it this way,

so it becomes a wrapped shirt.

And it just really changes, like I said,

the way it looks.

Just a little tucky tucky and voila, see?

The shirt, it's just totally different.

It's like crisscrossed here,

and I love it, it just looks,

it looks totally different.

It looks better, I think,

and that's kind of why

I think having the buttonholes covered,

it just works better.

It looks like it's meant to be this shirt.

And I just leave this one button clasped right here,

just so that I'm not popping out,

and it's just such a cool way to wear to wear the shirt.

But an even cooler way is to wear it backwards!

Yes, put on the shirt backwards

and make sure the collar is actually tucked in

and then get your little and hair tie thing out,

and then guess what?

You tie the back, yes.

And so, like I said, I'm wearing a bralette,

so you could wear something cool in the back

or you could just go totally backless,

and that would be super hot

and kinda sexy too.

I don't like saying sexy,

I feel weird about it.

So yeah, I love this way too,

you could either tuck this in,

you could, you know, pull it down,

it kind of depends on how tight you tie it in the back.

But I just love, I love this way.

So, those are just some of my fun ways!

Now I'm just pushing it.

Those are some fun ways to wear this shirt.

I have others as well.

Maybe I'll do a whole video on that at some point.

But now let's move on to point number two,

because all of those things were still number one.

So, number two, it came to me

when I was wearing this bag, see?

This is my Senreve backpack,

it's summer, and I really like summer and backpacks,

it's actually a cross body bag and a shoulder bag,

but in the summer, you wear it as a backpack.

So, anyway, purchased this Madewell scarf

to kind of dress it up,

I really like doing that.

And then it came to me that not only

are scarves good for, you know, wearing as a scarf

and even dressing up your bag like this,

but then I had a revelation of

I should wear it as a belt!

So, here is my scarf,

like I said, it's from Madewell,

I can actually link this down below

'cause I just got it.

They have a lot of different patterns

and colors and stuff,

but I just love this,

I just love this one.

And see, the thing is to wear it as a belt,

it does have to be a certain length

and it does need to be a little bit stretchy,

so this one is perfect.

Now, if you do have a smaller one,

because there's a lot of smaller scarves out there

like for your neck,

I also suggest taking that scarf

and actually using it to tie your hair.

That is so cute and I've been seeing that around,

so this one's a little bit too much,

but like I said, if it's shorter,

you could, you know, tie your hair with it,

you could actually do it more

if it's like a ponytail.

So that's kind of like a bonus little tip,

but like I said, I want to show you

how I war this as a belt

because I did it over the weekend and it was so cute.

So obviously, you just kind of threat it through the jeans.

I'm pretty sure you guys could figure that out.

And then you just tie it right here

and you get this cute little bow.

It's totally different than a typical belt

and I think it would look so good at this time of year

in spring and summer.

Especially with maybe like a cutoff pair of shorts or jeans.

The third point actually has to do

with another Senreve bag.

I promise this video is not sponsored by Senreve.

They don't know I'm doing this,

I feel like I should always disclose

if a video might seem like it is sponsored.

So this one is not,

but they did send me recently,

it was actually like a while back,

it was kind of a long time time ago.

They sent me this chain that

goes on this belt bag that I really love.

Here's the belt that you can wear this kind of

as like the fanny pack or you can wear it across

like diagonal kind of over your chest,

I like that look too,

so if you're kind of on the edge of like,

do you like that look?

Do you don't?

I really do like this one,

but they sent me this really cool chain

that you can actually threat through the back

and make it a cross-body bag.

So it's like many bags in one.

And that gave me the thought for my number three point,

which is to actually purchase chains

to change up your handbag.

But like I said, this one is by Senreve

and it just feels really good,

super strong, really durable.

It does come in silver and gold,

which I think is really cool.

I can link it down below,

again, not sponsored.

But you could actually,

it doesn't have to just be for this bag.

Like, I have my Chloe bag,

and I actually put on this silver chain on here,

which I know, the silver doesn't work,

but like I said, it comes in gold.

And what's really cool about this particular chain

is it's adjustable, so you can, you know,

change the lengths depending on how tall you are

and actually have your handbag hang at the perfect length.

Now, I'm also going to link down below some Etsy chains,

actually, because depending on the bag

that you want to kind of change up,

you really have to look at the sides of the bag,

see how big the loops are,

do you want there to be clasps on one end or both ends?

So, like I said, check down below.

There are some really cool

and interesting chain options on Etsy as well.

So, I love this point, I love handbags,

but it's just really cool what you can do with them.

Guys, I'm having a day, so,

my hair's really dirty

and I sprayed a lot of dry shampoo.

Tinted dry shampoo, I might add.

And I just realized after looking at some of footage

that it was all over half of my face

for probably most of the video.

So, what's the word of the day?


This is fun.

Number four is actually inspired by designer clothing,

so if you were to go out and buy a very expensive

top or blouse or shirt,

there's a good chance that the inside of the shirt

in various areas, especially around the cuff,

is actually a different material or pattern.

And I think that a lot of designers like to do this

because it shows that they're paying attention to details

and it brings in an element of uniqueness

and a different, like, design.

So, my way, I found a kind of a different way to do this,

very cheaply.

So, put on a patterned blouse, we're back to blouses,

so just put on a blouse

and then actually put on a layer.

And so in my case, I'm bringing in a very nice cardigan.

So, what you wanna do is actually pull out the shirt,

the patterned part, and then unbutton the buttons

and you wanna roll it.

And then you just button at the two buttons like this

and then the two become one.

It looks like the shirts are kind of melded together.

So, doesn't this look so much nicer than just boring?

I mean, that's boring.

So, yeah.

Cool trick.

My hair looked so much better at the beginning of the video.

So anyway, we're on to number five,

and as you can tell, I am wearing a jacket.

So it does have to do with jackets,

but it's not my normal jacket tip.

What you wanna do is pick out your favorite jacket.

This is mine, I got it from Forever 21,

like, nine or 10 years ago,

I love it, I wear it nonstop,

but it could be a denim jacket,

it could be a leather jacket.

The possibilities are endless.

But you put it on

and then you zip it up

and you're gonna see what happens.

(zipping) Ooh, whoa.

The zipper, the zipper is old.

Zip it on up like that. (zipping)

Okay, maybe not that high.

Maybe like that.

And then you tuck it in.

You might have to change the pants you're wearing,

I honestly might not have to,

it kind of depends on how thick the jacket is,

but really, it'll work.

It'll work, guys.

And ta-da, see?

It looks so cool!

There's just something really unique about this

because jackets usually have more details on them

than a typical shirt.

But it transforms into such a cool shirt!

So again, wear them with denim jackets,

leather jackets, army jackets,

or just, seriously, just try it out,

this is such a good tip.

I shouldn't have saved it for the end!

So that does it for this video,

I hope you had fun!

And you enjoyed it.

If you did, then give a thumbs-up,

and if you happen to be new,

consider subscribing, I would love to have you back.

But otherwise, I will see you very soon in my next video.


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