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NASA Test Director: And attention all personnel. This is the NTD conducting the launch status check.

Verify ready to resume count and go for launch. OTC.

Orbiter Test Conductor: OTC is go.

NASA Test Director: TBC.

Tank/Booster Test Conductor: Tank and booster go.

NASA Test Director: PTC.

Payload Test Conductor: PTC is go.

NASA Test Director: LPS.

Launch Processing System Test Conductor: LPS is go.

NASA Test Director: MILA.

Merritt Island Launch Annex: MILA is go.

NASA Test Director: STM.

Support Test Manager: STM is go.

NASA Test Director: Safety console.

Safety Console Coordinator: Safety console is go.

NASA Test Director: SPE.

Shuttle Project Engineer: SPE is go.

NASA Test Director: LRD.

Landing and Recovery Director: LRD is go.

NASA Test Director: SRO.

Superintendent of Range Operations: SRO is go. You have a range clear to launch.

NASA Test Director: And CDR.

Commander Chris Ferguson: CDR is go.

NASA Test Director: And launch director, NTD. Our launch team is ready to proceed.

Launch Director Mike Leinbach: I copy that. I'll do my poll at this time. KSC Chief Processing Engineer,

verify no constraints to launch. KSC Chief Processing Engineer: No constraints.

Launch Director Mike Leinbach: Thank you, Steve. KSC Safety and Mission Assurance.

KSC Safety and Mission Assurance: Safety and Mission Assurance is go, Mike.

Launch Director Mike Leinbach: Thank you, Terry. Payload Launch Manager.

Payload Launch Manager: Hey, Mike. On behalf of the ISS ground payload processing team,

I want to say thanks to you and the shuttle team. It's been a great partnership, and we are go.

Launch Director Mike Leinbach: Thank you, Bill. Appreciate that. Range Weather.

Shuttle Launch Weather Officer: Launch weather has no constraints for launch.

Launch Director Mike Leinbach: Thank you, Kathy. Atlantis Flow Director.

Atlantis Flow Director: On behalf of the KSC civil processing team, we are go.

Launch Director Mike Leinbach: Thank you, Angie. Atlantis, launch director, air-to-ground 1.

Commander Chris Ferguson: Atlantis, go.

Launch Director Mike Leinbach: Ok, Fergie, we're starting to feel pretty good down here on the ground about this one today,

so on behalf of the greatest team in the world, good luck to you and your crew on the final flight of this true American icon.

And so for the final time, Fergie, Doug, Sandy and Rex, good luck, Godspeed and have a little fun up there.

Commander Chris Ferguson: Hey, thanks to you and your team, Mike, and till the very end you all made it look easy.

The shuttle's always going to be a reflection of what a great nation can do when it dares to be bold and commits to follow through.

We're not ending the journey today, Mike, we're completing a chapter of a journey that will never end.

You and the thousands of men and women who gave their hearts,

souls and their lives to the cause of exploration have rewritten history.

Let's light this fire one more time, Mike, and witness this great nation at its best. The crew of Atlantis is ready for launch.

Ground Launch Sequencer Engineer: GLS is go for orbiter access arm retract.

Orbiter Test Conductor: Atlantis, this is the OTC. This day has been over 30 years in the making.

There have been many fabulous missions throughout the years. On behalf of KSC launch teams past and present,

we salute the entire astronaut corps for their dedication, not only for our expanded knowledge of the universe,

but for the improvement you have contributed to on Earth. Have an excellent mission and Godspeed.

Commander Chris Ferguson: Good words, Roberta. Thank you very much. (Inaudible)

Ground Launch Sequencer Engineer: Auto-sequence start.

Launch Commentator George Diller: The handoff to Atlantis' onboard computers has occurred.

Solid rocket booster nozzle steering check in work.

Firing chain is armed.

Launch Commentator George Diller: Go for main engine start. T-10, 9, 8, 7, 6,

(Roar of engines igniting)

5, all three engines up and burning... 2, 1, zero and liftoff!

The final liftoff of Atlantis. On the shoulders of the space shuttle, America will continue the dream.

Commander Chris Ferguson: Roll program, Houston.

CAPCOM Barry Wilmore: Roger Roll, Atlantis.

Flight Commentator Rob Navias: Houston now controlling the flight of Atlantis.

The space shuttle spreads it wings one final time for the start of a sentimental journey into history.

Twenty-four seconds into the flight, roll program complete, Atlantis now heads-down,

wings level on the proper alignment for its eight-and-a-half-minute ride to orbit.

Four-and-a-half-million pounds of hardware and humans taking aim on the International Space Station.

Forty seconds into the flight, the three liquid-fueled main engines throttling back to 72 percent of rated performance,

in the bucket, reducing stress on the shuttle as it goes transonic for the final time.

Atlantis flexing its muscles one final time.

Atlantis traveling almost 2,600 mph, 21 miles in altitude, 24 miles downrange.

Standing by for solid rocket booster separation.

(Two sonic booms)

Commander Chris Ferguson: Hey, field in sight, Houston.

CAPCOM Barry Wilmore: Copy, Atlantis. Field in sight.

Descent Commentator Rob Navias: Landing gear down and locked.

Main gear touchdown. (Pilot Doug) Hurley now deploying the drag chute.

(Commander Chris) Ferguson rotating the nose gear down to the deck.

Nose gear touchdown.

Descent Commentator Rob Navias: Having fired the imagination of a generation, a ship like no other,

its place in history secured, the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. Its voyage, at an end.

Commander Chris Ferguson: Mission complete, Houston. After serving the world for over 30 years,

the space shuttle found its place in history. It's come to a final stop.

CAPCOM Barry Wilmore: We copy your wheel stop and we'll take this opportunity to congratulate you Atlantis,

as well as the thousands of passionate individuals across this great space-faring nation,

who truly empowered this incredible spacecraft,

which for three decades has inspired millions around the globe. Job well done America.

Commander Chris Ferguson: Hey, thanks Butch. Great words, great words.

You know the space shuttle has changed the way we view the world, and it's changed the way we view our universe.

There's a lot of emotion today, but one thing's indisputable.

America's not going to stop exploring. Thank you Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Endeavour, and our ship, Atlantis.

Thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to such a fitting end.

God bless all of you. God bless the United States of America.

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