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- This week preparations are underway for a LEGO Life Day.

We paged through a preview of Bounty Hunters

number four and so much more.


Kristin Baver here.

Just looking for something important for today's show.

Do you know where I put my Life Day robes?

No? OK.

You know what? Me neither.

This is red, but this is not it.

So this show must go on.

Let's just get to the news.

You don't have to go to Kashyyyk celebrate Life Day this year.

"The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special"

will premiere later this year exclusively on Disney+.

The charmingly irreverent animated feature

will reunite some of our favorite sequel trilogy

characters, including Rey, Finn, and of course Wookiee

of the year Chewbacca, to help us all find the true meaning

of the holiday spirit.

But this is Star Wars, so you can be sure there will also

be side adventures, light saber duels, and heroes

and villains like Luke Skywalker,

Darth Vader, Yoda, and more.

Head to to find out more details now.

Hey, hey, comic fans.

Are you ready to take a peek inside another upcoming

new issue?

This time we got our hands on a few pages

from "Bounty Hunters" #4.

The cyborg Beilert Valance is searching for the mentor

who abandoned him.

But it looks like he has a new sidekick?

Get a closer look right now on

and grab the full issue when it becomes available August 19

wherever you buy your comics.

But that's not the only sneak peek we have for you this week.

Right now on, you can read an exclusive excerpt

from "Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage"

by Justina Ireland.

I won't spoil it, but Avon Starros makes an appearance,

so be sure to give that a read at

right now.

And we're just a few weeks away from "Vader Immortal"

hitting Playstation VR.

Originally released on the Oculus Quest,

the immersive ILMxLab virtual experience

puts your feet on Mustafar and the Force within your grasp.

On August 25, you can enter Vader's castle

to begin your training with the Sith Lord

through the magic of Playstation VR.

And for more details and to check out a brand new trailer

that debuted at Sony Entertainment's State

of Play broadcast last week, head to

This week in Star Wars history, back in 1997, took us inside the regal dewback

for a little space opera biology lesson mixed with movie magic.

In a five part, behind-the-scenes, daily

documentary appropriately named "Anatomy of a Dewback,"

we got a lesson in the making of the digital creatures seen

on Tatooine in the special edition release

of "Star Wars: A New Hope."

The series included new interviews

with George Lucas and the special effects wizards at ILM.

It was also one of the first behind-the-scenes video series

to be produced by a movie studio specifically for fans

on the internet, like you guys.

Last week, we asked you to share your favorite moments

from "Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge"

so we can relive all the fun we had this season.

Angel shared this adorable photo of his daughter Kaylee

when she first discovered the very first episode.

Phil's favorite was when AD-3 would randomly say, "temple...

temple... temple...."

Is there an echo in here?

Our friend Jenn Fujikawa is also a big AD-3 fan.

But then aren't we all?

Unari loved seeing the training sabers.

And Tatooine Times enjoyed the Trial of Knowledge

and was amazed by all the details

the Padawans could remember.

If we played "Are you smarter than a Padawan?"

against any of those teams, I would totally lose.

That's it for this week.

But for more on these stories and other news from around

the galaxy, check out

and be sure to join us right here for "This Week

in Star Wars" every Thursday.

Thanks for watching, and may the Force be with you.

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