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If this is the first time you watch my videos Welcome

my name is jimmy Abdo and this year I had the

chance to travel south east asia for 5 months

and 5 amazing countries

but the Philippines was really special

with the nice people and amazing views

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and our trip start in Manila the capital

and I had a whole day so I visited the old city

the Intramuros and the parc

but we are in the Philippines for the islands

thats why on the next day I was on the next plane to Cebu Island

Cebu airport is not on the island but on a smaller island named Maktan

and it takes 50 min by taxi to the city center

and all over the philippines you can notice the Jeepny

all over the roads

after the WW2 they converted them from military vehicles

to public transport with dirt cheap prices

Cebu city is the first place the spanish arrived to

500 years ago when they arrived to the area

and from this era you can visit multiple historical sites

like fort saint Pedro and Magellan's Cross

and after Cebu city I continued my trip to Oslob

famous for whale watching

for only 20 usd you can see these amazing creatures

more than 5 meters tall


the second day i was on the first boat to Bohol Island

and the first thing I did was renting a bike because

there is no public transportation

I roamed the island for 8 hours

and saw the chocolate hills this strange site

and also these small monkeys that you cannot see anywhere else in the world

from Bohol I went to Cebu by boat and from there to Palawan

Palawan was made famous threw Instagram

crystal blue water and amazing sceneries

but the thing people don't know that every picture

was taken in one place called El Nido

a small village in the north of Palawan 8 hours by bus from the airport

and 8 hours by bus each way makes you extremely tired

but I found an airline that fly straight to El Nido

it's called Airswift and you cannot find it on Skyscanner

you have to book it straight from the airline website

and as we said El Nido is famous for its amazing sceneries

and it's unique beaches

there is 4 tours for tourists, tour A, B, C and D

tour A is the best

and the rest are roughly the same

so if you come in a big group it's recommended that you take a private tour

to see the best parts that not all are able to see

this was my small trip in the Philippines

the country that is formed with more than 7000 islands

and 20 days are not enough to visit all

that's why I cannot wait to come back

and I see in the next one bye

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