Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Squirrels & Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety | MaineDOT

Difficulty: 0

Ahhh... mother nature. Life in the wild. But please, don't be fooled... isn't always peaceful and carefree. Let's take, for example, the plight of the

squirrel. They rush about gathering acorns and nuts for winter storage, but

sometimes their dashing and darting collides with the human world of traffic!

Cars and trucks speeding along, no matter where they go and what they do!

Frantic bout impending danger from every direction!

Alas. Tragedy.

It strikes all too often.

But what if the squirrels could join us

in a conversation about the perils of crossing the highways and byways of Maine?

What if they fully understood that we humans have the ability to press a

button and the roads would light up and all traffic would come to a screeching halt! shocking as it may seem we humans ignore that little button that

lights up the crosswalk beacons and alerts motorists to stop.

We ignore it even when it's dark and we're wearing dark clothing!

As they say in the animal kingdom you can lead a horse to water, but... ahem, ...yes.

So, please, press the little button and let everyone know you need to cross the road.

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