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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: for throughout during: Notes

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hello everyone I'm Nick Shepherd welcome

these notes are on four throughout and

during and in this video we're talking

about time I'll start with four we were

sitting in the cafe for an hour Beverly

will stay with me for a week Mike has

worked in London for five years for

specifies a period of time but doesn't

say anything about it now for throughout

it poured with rain throughout the day

she guided him throughout his life

throughout the pregnancy the baby was


throughout also specifies a period of

time like four but it is more emphatic

we only use it when something else is

happening continuously or at frequent

intervals from the beginning to the end

of the period of time and the last one

during it rained a couple of times

during the day he was seriously injured

during the demonstrations we contacted

the police twice during the year during

is used when events occur inside the

time we are talking about but not all

the time during this a strange word

especially for those of you who speak

Latin languages because it has changed

meaning and now we use it in a different

way like this I saw her three times

during the month so one day near the

beginning of the month three days later

on and one day towards the end here's an

example in context of all three words

imagine you're working for a big company

and they're organizing a conference

about future plans here are the

instructions the conference will last

for one week

lunch will be provided free of charge

during the conference you should attend

throughout the week so for one week is

the period of time during the conference

is it intervals inside the time period

and throughout the week means for the

whole of the time you have to be there

we can use these words especially for

but also throughout in other ways if you

look in the prepositions playlist you'll

find a video on two and four okay now

it's your turn here are five sentences

you have to complete them with four

throughout or during I'll give you ten

seconds to think about it you can pause

the video if you like

okay here are the answers 1 it rained

continuously throughout the day

- they visited the Louvre during their

trip to Paris 3

we stayed with my sister-in-law for a

week for the moon comes up during the

daytime 5 we will support you throughout

the contract period ok that's all for

now please make a comment if you would

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to huger for technical support and

thanks for watching


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