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>> Crazy Nate: So I looked at what commonly gets requested in the comments and rounded up the ones I see the most

Then I asked you, what do you think?

And you gave me a quantum answer so here's everything you missed in Marvels Ant-Man and The Wasp

>>Cassie Lang: This is Awesome

(intro music plays)

>>Crazy Nate: Antman and the Wasp starts out with Scott Lang on house arrest

Well actually for the bots that don't watch every single movie that comes out

they start off by giving you small recap of what's going on

Then we get to see Scott Lang finishing up house arrest

Of course this is because of the part he played in Captain America's Civil War

Agent Jimmy Woo is in charge of making sure Scott actually stays on house arrest

Even though he doesn't really do a very good job.

But Scott on the other hand actually did do a very good job

of not violating his house arrest

That is of course until he gets dragged out of his own house

against his will, in a bath robe, to go on an adventure.

This is a call to the movie The Big Lebowski

Where Lebowski also got dragged out into an adventure

while wearing a bath robe.

Also the show that Scotts watching before he's kidnapped

is an easter egg to Animal House

>>Pinto: Our whole solar system could be like one tiny atom

in the fingernail of some other giant being

>>Crazy Nate: That was a quote that inspired the director.

>>Kurt: Like Baba Yaga

Baba Yaga, the witch

They tell stories to children to frighten them

You know Baba Yaga?

>>Crazy Nate:Baba Yaga is an old fairy tale from Russia

Of course more recently you might remember John Wick was also referenced to as Baba Yaga

>>Viggo: They call him Baba Yaga

>>Dave: Oh you don't find someone like that

They find you.

>>Kurt: LIke Baba Yaga

>>Viggo : Well John wasn't exactly the Boogie Man

He was the one you sent to kill **** Boogie Man

(terrified helpless screams)

>>Luis: Oh my God! Oh my oh my God were gonna die!

Were gonna die!

>>Crazy Nate: Yeah actually is very possible they can die

Their suits seem to be super strong when they shrink down

but if you lookout an earlier scene when the car shrunk down

something as weak as a pigeon can dent the hood

So a brick that's probably going- oh I don't know-

Sixty miles an hour

would most likely be game over

But if we go back and look at the pigeon denting scene

look closely at the guy in the background opening the door.

That is Stephane Ceretti the visual effects supervisor

But back to the dent.

Why is it when the car expands to normal size

the dent is gone?

I don't know if this is part of the technology of growing and shrinking

or if they simply forgot to include the dent

But if it is part of the technology then shouldn't the dent return when the car shrunk back down to the miniature size?

and if throwing in shrinking fixes the thing then it should fix the van after crashes, right?

(vroom, shrinking sound, music, vroom)

Oh wait, it does.

>>Luis: You gotta chin up 'cuz youll find a new partner

but you know what, Im Luis

>>Crazy Nate:No Marvel Movie is a real marvel movie without some sort of famous Stan Lee cameo.

This scene here is the very first scene that they filmed for the entire movie.

We can see Stan Lee gets his car shrunk by Wasp because she's a bad shot.

>>Stan Lee: Well the 60s were fun but now I'm paying for it

>>Crazy Nate: And he makes a referencing to the side effects of taking drugs in his younger years

However is reported that Stan Lee in fact didn't do drugs in the 60s

and in fact he put propaganda in his comics to discourage the young people from taking drugs

Speaking of drugs

I don't know if this one is product placement or someone in Marvel loves just as much as me but

on the table there is a bottle of A1steak sauce

that stuff is so good you're gonna think its ilegal


The quantum train tunnel was based on an old TV show from the 60s called Time Tunnel

In that show they didn't really shrink tiny though instead they travelled

Hence the name

and even though this movies about an ant

at the time of production the science lab here was the largest set ever built for a marvel movie.

The actual pod that they used to travel into the quantum realm was also inspired by a movie called Fantastic Voyage.

Where they basically shrunk down an entire ship to go into a human.

Perhaps this is where Mrs Frizzle got her idea on the magic school bus.

>>Dr Hank Pym: Tell me you really destroyed it.

>>Scott Lang: I destroyed it I swear.

>>Crazy Nate: If Scott did decide to destroy the suit though wouldn't the suit just end up like Violets suit?

I thought these suits were super strong.

We already learned when Scott went subatomic in the movie Ant Man

We saw him tango with Hanks wife.

Speaking of the movie Ant Man

In that movie Hank busted Scott out of jail

and ironically in the Ant Man and the Wasp

Scott Lang is now busting Hank and Hope out of prison

and its pretty much the same exact way.

(battle music)



(Willy Wonka television song )


>>Scott: Wheeeeeew

(Cassie screams)


>>Kevin McCallister:Woaaaaah


>>Crazy Nate: The crazy car chase through San Fransisco referenced a lot of movies

This hill jump scene was a nod to the movie Bullet

Someone else who did a lot of hill jumping in San Fransisco though was Hank Pym

and that was a show called The Streets of San Fransisco

Original right (sarcasm)

Only it wasn't called Hank Pym in that show he was called Steve Keller.

and he was a rookie inspector.

In the elementary school here where Scott Lang ran down the steps

this was a greenscreen set of stairs

and they laid that over the real set of stairs.

Now I think this next one is a quantum easter egg!

>>Scott Lang: Do you guys just put the word quantum in front of everything?

>>Crazy Nate:The hoodie in the lost and found box reminds me of Pixars short film Lou

of course that's my opinion and im not saying that's a confirmed easter egg

But watch this

Lou was the short film that Pixar played before showing Cars 3 in theaters.

and guess what

One of the story board artists for Cars 3 was none other than Edgar Karapetyan

And guess what

Hes also the guy who orders the big security project from X-con.

>>Luis : I was looking at the schematics for the Karapetyan buildings

>>Crazy Nate: Coincidence? I think not.

Now an obvious pun most people understand here but just in case, X-Con is a play on ex-convict

Because all the employees are all former criminals.

But the University here is modeled after Monsters University

Okay not really, its actually Berkeley university

Which is also one of the college campuses that Monsters University was actually designed after.

Paul Rudd did do some schooling on his own

He actually learned some of the close up magic that we see in the movie

specifically for the movie

Thats right, this scene right here isn't CGI

He can actually do that trick

and I tried to learn how to do that trick

but I wasn't very good at it :(

How about we just do this, greenscreen.

(poof) Tada!

>>Paul Rudd: Oh Nate..


How many other horrible decisions have you made in your life?

Im guessing a lot.

>>Dr. Hank Pym: Relax. No ones gonna recognize us

>>Scott Lang: What because of hats and sunglasses?

Its not a disguise Hank

We look like ourselves at a baseball game.

>>Crazy Nate: This is clearly Marvel making fun of their own logic to be camouflaged

Which exception of Loki of course

most of the time its pretty obvious who they are

But if you look in the background you can see

the campus police

So this is probably the exact moment they were spotted

& / or

that little kid on the bike is just being a snitch.

>>Nate: This guys the snitch

hes the snitch

>>Andy: We'll believe that guy?

(many nods)

>>Crazy Nate: Most Marvel movies had bonus clips in the credits and the Ant Man and the Wasp was no exception

Halfway through the credits we have a mid credits scene

>>Scott Lang: Hows everybody doing tonight in the quantum realm!

>>Dr Hank Pym: Scott, we read you.

>>Scott Lang: I just wanna make sure

Okay. fielding particle secured for our new ghost friend.

>>Hope: Great. Preparing for re-entry in




(radio static)

>>Scott Lang: Hello?

Haha, very funny.

Hank quit screwing around you told me yourself not to screw around

>>Crazy Nate: Then after all the credits we have a post credits scene

(Emergency broadcast signal)

(faint drums playing)

[large Ant excellently playing drums]

>>Crazy Nate: But this mid credit scene raises a lot of questions for me.

One quantum formula that doesn't seem to add up is how the quantom realm plays on time

Janet Van Dyne was lost to the quantum realm for 30 years

And this is what she looked like going in it

and this is what she looks like coming out of it

30 years later

Now im not an age expert but id say she looks about

oh I don't know

30 years older

But when Scott gets stuck in the quantum realm for 5 years

he then says in the quantum realm 5 years is like 5 hours

So then based on that very same logic

If Janet Van Dyne was down there for 30 years

doesn't that mean that she should have been coming out looking 30 hours older

Not 30 years older?

Also if you look closely beyond the void down there it appears they put another easter egg

in the quantum world

Because right here we can actually see several little cities behind protective little bubbles

>>Scott Lang: Wings and blasters..

so I take it you didn't have that tech available for me?

>>Hank: No I did.

>>Crazy Nate: The reason why Hope has wings and a blaster and Scott doesnt

isn't just because she's Hanks daughter

but its also because its modeled after a wasp

who also has wings and a stinger

Ghost's hideout in real life is an abandoned mansion in Georgia.

The directors thought here for the movies sake was to imply that it could've been Avas house growing up as a child with her parents

and since her parents died its just her alone in the mansion

They also play on the fact that her name is literally Ghost

And they're in an abandoned mansion

Thats why if you listen closely you can hear a wolf howl

(wolf howl)

And just moments later we see them all tied up to chairs

This is clearly calling out to a famous show called Scooby Doo

[gang arrives at mansion]

in the comic Ghost was actually a boy but they made Ghost a girl

because they felt it would be more of a dynamic fighting scene with Wasp If it was a girl

Her dad is doctor Eliah Star who is also known as egg head in the Marvel comics

Even though in the movie his head isn't exactly shaped like an egg.

The egg head here is a evil mastermind

So don't feel so bad for him

I don't know if his wife was a mastermind though

We could feel sorry for her

Cassie also seems to have an Easter egg on her jacket.

At least I think its an Easter egg

Heres how

Hank was the first one to wear the ant suit

and then Scott was the second person to wear the ant suit

Hope on the other hand was wearing a wasp suit not an ant suit

so she doesn't count

So so far there's only two people that's actually worn the Ant-Man suit

Then were gonna see Cassie as the third person in the ant suit

Hence the 3 on the jacket

I mean when we did see her in End Game she's grown up a lot

So she's getting close to Spidermans age

and Marvel already exercised the father son role with Spiderman and Ironman

>>Fred:And now for the big unveiling!

>>Crazy Nate: So it makes perfect sense to me that Cassie is gonna be the young super hero that we see

for the girl role model

and were gonna see Hope as her mother

Not literally

Because she already has a mother

but you get what im saying, another daughter role

>>Velma: Just as I suspected all along

>>Crazy Nate: The story plot of the movie is like an onion and it has so many layers that seem to perfectly fall together

For example, when the feds rush back to Scotts house we perfectly assume that the feds are the ones at the door

buut its actually the family looking for Cassie's soccer shoes

If you listened earlier they gave breadcrumbs that would lead up to this very moment to justify them coming over unannounced and just barging in

>>Maggie Lang: Did you pack your soccer shoes?

>>Cassie: Yeah

>>Scott: Cassie are you okay? Whats the emergency?

>>Cassie: I cant find my soccer shoes.

>Maggie Lang: Scott?

>>Cassie Lang: Daddy?

>>Paxton: Its us buddy.

>>Maggie: We're here for Cassies shoes.

>>CrazyNate:One layer of the onion they probably hope you didn't see was the camera operator when Scott opens the door

Probably the biggest oopsie I saw in this movies when they were leaving the secret lab

If you watch the window you can clearly see the camera operator being pulled back on the dolley

>>Hank: No

No, no, no no!





>>CrazyNate: When Ant-Man fell into the water and splashed the crowd

they used high powered pressure cannons to create the scene

Now that wasn't exactly an Easter egg

I just thought it was super cool and I had to show you

Okay back to the fun stuff that they actually want you to find

if you look on the wall in the house its literally a drawing of the house

..probably concept art

For the younger version of Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne they used CGI

basically the same logic of a snapchat filter

But for the younger version of Dr Bill Foster they didn't use Lauren Fishburne and CGI his face

who is actually the actor behind doctor Bill Foster

instead they used his real life son Langston Fischburne

The movie at the drive in at the end was a shoutout to the movie called Them

which is a vintage film about normal sized ants that turn into super sized ants and now they're trying to take over the world

One is a genius, the others insane

>>Sonny Burch: Ive arranged some buyers for your lab

starting bid




(Survey time music)

>Crazy Nate: Sonny Burch was on the phone with someone who wants to pay one billion dollars for the lab

So todays question is this

Who do you think Sonny is talking to?


Green Goblin



Or somebody else?

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