Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A tour of our pre-testing digital dashboard and dynamic library

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For fast access to your pre-test results, check out MetrixLabs pre-testing digital

dashboard & dynamic library. This dashboard is available within 24hrs after

interviewing finishes for each test. Youll get clear conclusions and recommendations

on what to do next and can easily download all the key information into a PowerPoint


Our dynamic library is home to all the creative assets weve pre-tested for you across all

formats. You can store, search, and analyze the results

of ALL your pre-tested ads in one place. Quickly review overall performance or get

detailed overviews on your ads breakthrough and response strength.

And its fully searchable, so you can work with the MetrixLab Team to review key themes

and build big-picture learnings for your brands.

Lets say you want to understand the ads that best drive breakthrough.

You can search for the top performers and identify their key themes.

The information is at your fingertips. Drive business success with a continuous learning

and improvement advertising evaluation program. Contact us to learn more.

The Description of A tour of our pre-testing digital dashboard and dynamic library