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Now there's a word to conjure with.

Add an e.


Add a kiwiconnexion.

And, being kiwi there's got to be a .nz

Zines from Homegrown wisdom.

A way to read, grow and experience the power of practical theology at work in your life.

A zine can focus you on just one simple, profound idea.

Or you feel its way into layers of ambiguity and complexity, because life's like that.

And so is practical theology.

At and the Practical Theology Channel we like both of these approaches,

and everything in between. We are 'this and that' people.

Our ezines can be short or long.

Move in one direction or many.

And sometimes integrate an astonishing array of text, graphics, audio and video in just

a couple of pages.

Sometimes you want to read a zine which is like a poem.

And sometimes like a textbook.

Look for the zine link in the about section of our videos.

Do like, share, and subscribe to the Practical Theology Channel. More than you might expect.

I'm David Bell for our zine writers. Thanks for watching.

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