Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Hiromu has his sights set on Naito next! (New Beginning)

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I'm still happy.

Hiromu... ヒロム…

We know each other very well. 俺たちは互いをよく知っている

He is very strong. ヒロムは本当に強いレスラーだ

I love you. お前のことが大好きだ

He's my top rival. 俺のナンバーワンライバル

Sometimes I want to kill you, 時々殺したくもなるが

But in the end I still love you. やっぱりお前のことが大好きだ

I'm glad that you're back, stronger. お前が復帰できて 闘えていることが嬉しい

Like I say, we're reflections. We're the same. 互いにとって合わせ鏡のような存在だ

We're both very hungry. 2人とも闘いに飢えている

We'll see each other soon. またやろう

We want to fight. The fans want it. ファンも俺たちの闘いを見たがっているんだ

We've fought each other so many times before, あいつとは何度も闘ってきたが

I look forward to more. これからも もっと闘っていきたい

Congratulations. おめでとう

You're the winner today. 今日はお前が勝った


I want to thank all of these fans. 大阪のファンに感謝している

I'll return to Mexico very happy. 満足して幸せな気分でメキシコに戻れる

Every time I come here, it's a great experience. 日本ではいつも素晴らしい経験をさせてもらえている

I see more kids out there supporting me. 毎回 応援してくれてるちびっ子達の数と

I hear more fans chanting my name. 応援の声が増えているように思う

My name may have changed, リングネームは変わったけれど

But the people know who I am. 俺自身は何も変わっていない

Thank you to everyone who supports me. いつも俺の応援ありがとう

I look forward to coming back soon. またすぐに戻ってくるよ

Be on the look-out for me. 俺から目を離さないでくれ

Thank you very much.

On July 7th, 2018, me and Dragon Lee went right at each other.

And we both got deeply hurt, whether it was physically or mentally.

And that catastrophe...

Today, on February 9th in Osaka-Jo Hall, we healed each other.

That was so much damn fun. Dragon Lee really is awesome.

But... But...

I did say, "Let's do it again," because I was so psyched.

But give me two years before we have another singles title match.

Dragon Lee, please don't challenge for my title again, so soon.

Now who's going to challenge? I guess nobody is here.

But as far as I know, the wrestlers who mentioned my title...



And DOUKI...Namajague...


There may have been more that I've forgotten.

It's getting interesting, isn't it?

The siege against Hiromu Takahashi is really interesting.

If you want to defeat me...

To those who I mentioned, why don't you make a faction against me?

Why don't you all start a new faction for the siege on Hiromu?

Go ahead and try to crush Hiromu Takahashi.

Go ahead and try for Mr. Belt.

I'm looking forward to it. I will take anyone's challenge.

And I will mention his name for the first time, here,

Tetsuya Naito, you have to win this main event!

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