Practice English Speaking&Listening with: U.S. Navy Health Care Anthem

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NASSIRI: I always had an interest in medicine.

I always had an interest in health care.

And that interest grew as I went to the Navy.

LUU: Being in the Navy has made me

a better and different dentist than my civilian counterparts.

CHUN: You have to have a certain level of,

of, professional maturity.

MARTINEZ: It takes a special heart. Someone who cares.

Someone who wants to spend more time

in a patient's room. "Let's try this."

ROBSON: The experiences that I've had,

I'm incredibly grateful to the Navy. I will be

talking to my friends that were in residency,

hearing about how their day was.

And I said, "You know what I did today?"

CHUN: You truly have an opportunity

to step out of your comfort zone a little bit.

ROCKABRAND: In the Navy, you go out into the field,

and you take care of folks.

LUU: I've been to Haiti. For seven days,

we just extracted teeth. It was just a, an extraction marathon.

That's something none of my colleagues have done.

ROCKABRAND: I came to serve my country, but also serve,

you know, serve humanity, serve my fellow man.

We have labs in Indonesia, in Cairo, in Peru.

That's one of the things I really enjoy about my job

is it's real. It's relevant. This isn't,

sort of, pie-in-the-sky academia. This is real world.

MARTINEZ: Every day is a learning experience.

Every day I do something new.

BENSON: How many nurses can say that they

can get free training and get paid?

CHUN: The Navy offers a sense of adventurism as well.

NASSIRI: In July, I go to dive school. And so for six

months I'll be trained in Navy Diving. How to take

care of divers. Diving injuries. Unique needs of, of submariners.

And there's no place else that you could do that.

ROCKABRAND: We are saving lives. I save lives.

The people I train save lives.

ROBSON: These experiences certainly

shape me as a doctor. It's something that

I never would have experienced

if I hadn't joined the Navy.

ROCKABRAND: When you realize that religion, politics

doesn't matter anymore; it's really what you can do

and what you're doing to help people. And they see that.

They look at that. They respect that.

LUU: So here we are.

BENSON: My name is Nichole Benson.

NASSIRI: My name is Joshua Nassiri.

ROBSON: Christy Robson.

ROCKABRAND: David Rockabrand.

CHUN: James Chun.

GOLDBERG: Kathy Goldberg.

LUU: Thu Luu.

BENSON: I'm a Lieutenant Junior Grade.

ROCKABRAND: Microbiologist.

LUU: I am a Lieutenant Commander Select.

NASSIRI: Physician.

GOLDBERG: Medical Service Corps.

CHUN: Task force surgeon.

ROBSON: Emergency medicine resident.

MARTINEZ: Nurse Corps.

LUU: Serving as a Dental Officer.

NASSIRI: United States Navy.

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