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can we fry the entire Super Bowl let's

talk about that good mythical morning

from the neighborhood on CBS please give

a warm mythical welcome to max

Greenfield all around ok now back in

September of last year we met at the

stand up to cancer life with you hosted

and by the end of it you ended up eating

a Cinnabon so a cinnamon bun with bugs

yeah on it along with us and you're

still willing to talk to us yeah it was

a good time an eye on the crayon

quesadilla yeah and the dog food I would

not go okay well you're not gonna be

having any bugs a day but we might raise

your cholesterol a little bit cuz we're

gonna deep-fry an entire Super Bowl

party spread it's time for deep fry it

Super Bowl edition ok so everybody knows

that cold cut subs are a great party

food but we're gonna turn these cold

cuts into hot cuts and we're gonna

divide and conquer I figured that you

guys could be the batter daddies yes

I'll be the fry daddy

ok I'm gonna put myself in the face of

danger for you I've got a I've got a

batter trough right here that is that is

actually mayonnaise batter you guys are

gonna first of all this is there's meat

on this sub and I think we should give

it's a vegetarian side and I know ya

become a no-go in my life but I want to

get in on this so let's take out ok I

ever meet that appears to be I'm not

quite sure we're not either like a

hybrid baloney it's pink stuff you know

I just folded over onto my side ok I'll

be the double meat daddy and what about

double meat Daddy fry daddy look it's a

move what a move it's really gonna well

that's an exciting have you love yes

you've done this before yeah yeah you

guys are getting married

no no one makes a challenging fry so

here we go right it's kind of heavy on

this it's ok you can be the batter daddy

we're just in there yeah and I've got

some more ok

I don't know I'm not familiar you guys

gotta walk me through this lady's gonna

have a cord more batter on top so you

can kind of just oh yeah there you go

hey don't drop a meat now all right so

oh nice nice and thick there we go

that's a lot now what well now fry

daddy's got to do his job get in uh so

take this I don't think it's gonna fit

with the you wanna are you leaving

already max yeah thank you

get yourself a paper towel let's take

half of this I know I'm going oh oh oh

there's no show it's ripping happens

it's ripping get it in there

ginger oh gosh it just opened up Oh

perfect you have to do it over again

walk me through the process I would do

it exactly the same way you ready for

this - the butterfly effect explained

well if you did it differently our

entire lives would change okay look look

at this guy's you know Ashton Kutcher

look he was a writer I'm using Emily

what G now see here's some more meat

this is a bread P watch yourself watch

yourself hmm

see well there's a lot to go around guys

this is not what I hoped straight up on


we're not perfect yep you here's the

problem we want to be comfortable

failing and this was definitely a fail

it was right and it's all your fault

what we want me to stick my hand into

the fryer into the oil to point

understand where you're coming from but

we were the batter daddies yeah like we

took care you did do your job you did do

your job as the fry daddy I don't even

know that it's it's it's fried it's

still gonna taste great right one of the

jalapenos like a bloomin sandwich I

think right right here well no that's a

pickle yeah perfect right there

the pickle and then some great


oh wow you did it hmm ain't getting sink

it you coming to our Super Bowl party

sure okay my favorite Super Bowl party

food is buffalo wings which are already

fried but we want to try them the rice

fry hops so to get two more fries we've

got two other kind of batters we have a

a buffalo batter and then a ranch batter


I'm doing it this way max you want to

get in this you wanted why you guys

jumped right in so I'm just you know I'm

along for the ride you know what you

should you should dip as well because

that way we can drop them all in at the

same time just do one wing in each

batter and what if what drops all of my

same time oh no oh he's doing it's gonna

mix no way oh he's doing him half in

half he's doing a half in half that's

how you do all right everybody get ready

for the dip this is what our world needs

now don't drop just place gingerly

Barret that was a nice place yeah here

we go I'm gonna pull it oh yeah look at

that I'm gonna dump it oh they're

sometimes fried daddy's gonna be rough

alright so I think that one's uh this is

Buffalo this is half and half and this

is so you need to take those oh gosh

just go a minute look cool down you

threw it in the wrong one no that's the

right one okay which ones have had this

is in there all right you're

half-and-half one I think in there I

think that you're gonna have to do it

why does it look terrible well because

you did a half so now I'm doing half 1/2

again with this one yep right that's

really actually it doesn't look terrible

maybe it looks awesome I'm not sure

that's you're all of a sudden okay well

max this is yours why am i holding yours

there's yours okay mom put it back in

there yep alright oh gosh

drop it fell apart you get burned

we lost the top read it okay it's good

now here's the part we didn't want

here's mine

you got the ranch coating and now the

spicy coating on top

ginger placement yes yes oh yeah I feel

good about this I feel great about oh

man I got whoa those are sort of

beautiful link I believe so you started

with you so you wanted a hold on for fun

Wow you guys try the other ones look I

think you should just deep-fry one of

them one more time they keep getting

bigger and it's cool yeah here dip the

biggie dip the biggie

it feels like it wants one more round

yeah yeah well if thrice is three what's

four Wiese okay that's the curious

spirit that we need yeah all right so

this one's hot on the outside ranch

underneath hot again this one this is

more than the more traditional so you're

getting it in the traditional approach

and Max this is yours

yours is looking really good am I still

pretty uniform well you gotta remember

to kiss daddy's oh yeah that way you can

tell this to huh oh it's still pretty

light I'm going for the bite

oh man I mean hmm

the batter is absolutely incredible yes

it's spicy and then you get really spice

you get with hit hit with a little ranch

it kind of works I mean I'm no

vegetarian yeah I cut out meat a couple

years ago just for this occasion really

it's it's at moments like this when I

think to myself ah the smartest woman

whoa that's the one dude I kind of

forgot about this one she didn't forget

about you

this is pretty great I mean it's you

know the the whole fry exoskeleton is

coming off but again you get that get

the ranch eNOS you get the spiciness you

almost don't need the chicken well it

looks like a pair round three

now if you're doing right by your Super

Bowl guests you're gonna need to hit him

with some wow factor and I think that we

have it Super Bowl means chili and beer

and deep fryers mean funnel cakes so it

only follows we must make a chili beer

bong funnel cake so yeah

next the universal symbol for chili beer

bong funnel cake is that okay so so

here's the chili max max if you just add

some charade to the batter and the chili

has been ground up you know to be a thin

consistency mix it so it's all uniform a

paul that chili out of there sure yeah

leave any behind go deep man yeah get it



like it just like churning butter which

is nothing we also do it the Super Bowl

parties it I get it mix okay that looks

pretty uniform to me so this is a

three-man operation all right what do I


so max if you'll just pour this into

this and just until it comes to the top

of the tube so we don't want to go any

higher than the top of the tube all

right I can do that and I've got the

valve closed we're gonna fill up the

tube so you can go ahead and pour now

okay feel like you guys got it okay it

pulls up I don't look at that's

satisfying I need to do I need to know

it's just it's just a matter of time it

comes down cuz there's nothing you know

what we need to open the valve that's

the problem and they close the valve is

close enough

see how much faster it happened when we

open the valve all right so we got we

got a little more some air pocket egde

it's coming it's coming it's just it's

coated so now link if you would hold the

fry basket so that it is just about an

inch under the surface okay and then I'm

gonna hold this about foot above it and

I'm gonna do a circular motion and Max

you just get as close as you want

okay here we go here we go guys faster

faster he says open the open the valve

it's all the way open oh man look at


that doesn't like a funnel cake I think

that's plenty huh okay oh look at that

keep it going keep your frying max would

you like to do the honors I'm not sure

what that is do you like to invert the

basket on the plate

I'm thank you for that yes give it some

give it some force - it's right there

camera okay oh yes perfect

yes oh look look at yeah that's actually


and then like grab the powdered cheese

look at this oh that is something to


okay go easy on the cheese man that's

good - easy on the cheese all right

thank it feel hot in the middle where's

the chili in your mouth it's got the

essence of chili so is it just funnel

cake it's like a meat forward phone okay

I was gonna say on the sign when we sell

it at the fair meat Ford funnel cake get

him here right now it's actually really

tasty I like it well max the invitation

is still open to come to the Superbowl

party well what we will have perfected

all of these things by the time you show

up oh great okay what's your address


I'll give that to you later thanks to

Max for joining us on the deep-fried

Super Bowl party check him out on the

neighborhood Mondays on CBS at 8/7

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