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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: I HATE Destiny 2: Forsaken

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Okay, maybe I'm not done I want to leave you destiny but I can't do it because I hate you

Wizards dying

It's been a minute since I last played destiny

In fact to ensure that I wouldn't I instantly sold my copy of destiny to on eBay right after I made my video

vowing to never play it again, however, things change and honestly

I just find it interesting to talk about initially when destiny 2 launched it was met with thunderous applause

Everyone was talking about how good this game was

The campaign was revered as being almost as excellent as a Halo title of old and the game still sits with a very respectable

85 on Metacritic then what?

24 hours passed and

Controversy after

controversy led to destiny - winding up being one of the most bashed and disappointing games of

2017 just as it deserved like in the original destiny. They released two

expansions after release we'll talk about those in more detail in a moment that were arguably so

Embarrassingly bad that the future of the game seemed pretty hopeless for many fast forward to the latest paid expansion

Forsaken and history seems to be repeating itself all over again destiny

Two's forsaken expansion might be the best. The series has ever been says the verge by GN calls the new story

Memorable awarding it a very solid 9 out of 10 with the darker more nuanced story

loads of activities and clever tweaks to its core systems

forsaken vastly improves the quality quantity and structure of content in destiny - PC games n

Reports so looking very positive, but remember children

Context is important. Sure after playing forsaken myself. I'll give you that it's slightly better than destiny 2's for Nilla offerings

So yes in comparison is marginally better depending on what aspect we're talking about. However, it's still

Quite bad in a number of different ways mostly in regards to the story in the four years. The destiny has existed

It's established itself as being about as engaging as crochet now

Don't get me wrong plenty of people. Enjoy crochet

But what I mean is that it fulfills the same need of a pretty mindless repetitive

Action that helps to kill a bit of time and keeps you busy except the biggest difference being instead of winding up with a nice

Blanket or something all you end up with by playing destiny is repetitive strain injury from pressing the shoot button so much. I

Think it's fine to enjoy destiny for simplistic reasons such as fine board shooting feels good

It's something for me to do me like loops

If you have to admit that any real potential is totally squandered in favor of milking its playerbase for all it's worth using

Manipulative scummy business tactics that Bank on you getting addicted to its total

Mediocrity through its occasional bursts of dopamine and scarcity tactics

Ultimately forsaken doesn't change the story issues

Mechanical failings or lack of overall direction or cohesion in the world building of this series?

There's still a muddled mess that only really excels a small handful of things that it's trying to achieve and when it does work

It's not in any meaningful way that can convince me that it isn't already being achieved

elsewhere in the industry to a much greater effect is basically

Confirmed at this point that the original destiny was a complete disaster

Behind the scenes with the production over at Bungie leading to this shell of a game being

Shambled together at the last second

I was willing to forgive this it was an ambitious idea

Until I played destiny to which mind blowing Lee also looks to have been plagued with similar development issues

Which is completely inexcusable for a game of this clout. How do you manage to learn from your mistakes?

But then also make the exact same mistake again

What on earth is going on behind the management of this series?

so in typical Activision Bungie style

I don't even separate them anymore instead of allowing their development team enough time to finish what could resemble a finished product?

They threw together what vaguely resembled a triple-a game

And expected their audience to effectively pay for a beta to give them enough time to fix it and then eventually charge another

Premium for access into content that resembles the state that destiny too probably should have released in to begin with does all that sound familiar

Well, it should because this is exactly what happened with destiny the taken king two years ago

The destiny reddit seems to be more than aware of this but it's not fool me twice shame on you is for me once

There's a reason so many people see this series as an embarrassing joke. I'm sure that from this footage you're thinking

Well, this don't look so bad and that's how they get you

That's how they get you every time they've gotten so far on superb art direction massive advertising

Budgets in this air of story because that that's all they've got that is all they've got destiny is like the most gorgeous

Building ever designed but once you go inside set building the walls and foundation are made out toothpicks again

There are still things to like about destiny - in its expansions, but my god how the mighty have fallen

I'm gonna apologize in advance

If I end up repeating things that I've mentioned in my previous destiny videos, but the same problems just aren't being addressed

So I have to keep bringing them up all the time

So with a set up out the way, let's quickly go through destiny

Two's first two expansions so we know exactly where the story is at the start of Forsaken

Obviously this video is going to be full of spoilers. Not that there's really anything significant to spoil

If you hadn't noticed already this time

I'm playing destiny 2 on PC instead of Xbox one

Partially because I didn't have any clue which version are supposed to buy on console but more so because I managed to get the entire

game first expansions and forsaken for pretty cheap

I only mentioned this because destiny doesn't have cross play or the ability to move characters across platforms

So I had to start a new one the newest forsaken expansion comes with a one-time-use item called a forsaken

Character boost that when used skips over all of the previous campaigns so that you're ready for forsaken

So in order to even play Osiris I had to make a new character

Grind my way through the vanilla campaign then continue to grind up just to be strong enough to even partake in the content

This is something that would have been fine at the time of the release of this expansion but is retrospectively

Extremely frustrating for a lapse player who is completed vanilla on another platform but missed out on the expansions

This would not be a problem

If they did not force you to own destiny 2 and its previous two expansions to even play forsaken

Of course, I want to play what I've been forced to pay good money for destiny 1 gave you the option to replay levels

I don't know why this is a necessary change

Anyway, it took me just over 2 hours to complete the main story of curse of Osiris

That's including cutscenes and loading screens. The cutscenes themselves make up about 12 minutes

If you're being generous like I'm not looking for any sort of arbitrary length in particular

But it does give you an idea of what you get for your money here. Personally, I'd always prefer to

awesome hours of content over 10 hours of boring monotonous filler

but hilariously enough though the 2 hours of content here is basically nothing but

Villa, I found the setup of the story to be genuinely quite intriguing

That was mostly when my imagination got hold of the concepts though

The actual storytelling itself is not good at all. This starts off with some Guardian who has established as being able to travel through different

Simulated realities thanks to some complicated vex technology

It's kind of a weirdly similar

setup to that really bad piece of DLC for the original Mass Effect called Pinnacle Station if any of you remember that one but during

One of the simulations the vex shoot at him and he gets stranded in the program called the infinite forest at least

I think that's what happens and skipped over so fast that upon revisiting the story to try and describe it to you guys

I really have no idea why or how

anything happens

Basically, what it boils down to is the only story destiny knows how to tell there's a new freak of the week

That is threatening the entire galaxy and you need to kill it this time

It's a big vex creature the only new enemy in the expansion

you'll mainly be fighting the usual waves of enemies that are still being reused from the

Original game a couple of the vex re skinned. At least I guess that's something they didn't behave any differently though

The only interesting idea that this DLC has is that thanks to this infinite forest concept they're able to show you scenes from the past

And possible future there's a pretty good moment where they show the before and after of how the vex

Transform planets to suit their liking giving good much-needed

context and

explanation as to what the hell these enemies are and what they're actually trying to achieve by showing it to us instead of just telling

Us like destiny always does the vex are probably the most interesting out of all the main destiny races

There are some really good concepts in there

There's still such a shame that with the amount of time

I've spent in this universe that I still feel like they've only scratched the surface on who anyone is and why anything is happening

There's a new map on the planet mercury, which looks pretty cool

but it's quite small and sparse and

Unfortunately all of the missions on this planet boil down to you running into the infinite forest

Jumping and killing a bunch of enemies on various platforms until you kill some kind of mini boss and then repeat and repeat and repeat


Repeat the campaign variety is so half-baked that they force you to even go back to the heed

Easy map from destiny to vanilla in a desperate attempt to inflate the length of the content every mission as usual

Destiny level design which of course is pretty much only one thing

At the end of the DLC you kill the big baddie and a semi interesting boss fight and then it ends there a couple new

Strikes and a public event and usual stuff though

You really not just give this out for free like it's pretty worthless

The best thing about this content is the new music nothing new there

And of course the art direction also

Nothing new there

Either there really is nothing else of no and I understand why this is necessary to own in order to play

Forsaken aside from the fact that they need to reuse old content to pad out the new stuff

It's a shame that they've now wasted the infinite forest

It could have been used as a framing device to explain more about this universes past



Once I finished Osiris I had to grind some more and able to be able to play

Possibly the worst piece of content ever released for destiny


Think warmind might be the most

insulting con job this fraud of a series has ever tried to pull that's including the dark below as well, which was also

Pitiful this one. I managed to beat in barely over an hour and the cutscenes hardly scrape over ten minutes long, of course

They reskin the worst destiny enemies ever created the hive by putting ice on them this time

Great because new creatures to shoot at would obviously be too much to ask for in the game series

That is all about repeatedly shooting at enemies and literally nothing else these Bionicle looking fools

It is not fun to fight yet again

They set the story up with an overly produced slickly animated unnecessary fight scene

Introducing an incredibly lame new character called Anna Bray

Guardians aren't supposed to investigate their past. That's the rule what?

Since when was that a rule anyway?

The story of this expansion is that you need to kill a giant worm because that's what the hive worship apparently

The dialogue brings me straight back to the that wizard came from the moon

Garbage from the original beta way back in the day. We found of Golden Age research facility buried inside a glacier

Where do you think meet me at the entrance to Clovis Bray?

again, they've completely waste all potential with the war mind an ancient artificial intelligence for strategic warfare that has been

teased in destiny for countless years and the only reason I know any of that is because I read the wiki before writing this at

The end once you killed the giant worm you go to communicate with the war mind itself, finally

I am recipe guardian of all I survey I

Have no equal

What have we done

Don't worry

We've got this

What do you mean we got this? That was the most menacing and foreboding setup I've ever seen

I wonder where this story is going. We've got this


Oh, that's that's the end

Miss the end of the story this shit's like a bad Skyrim site quest and they expected money for this

It really seems like they've learnt nothing these DLCs would be disappointing even if they were free

They always introduced these cool-looking new areas to set the campaigns on but they always send you away to old maps

from old content within the first couple missions because the gameplay is so

Limiting that they can't think of what else to do to Pat it out. Of course

both of these expansions introduce more levels strikes maps and loot to grind for but it's basically all made irrelevant because of the release of

Okay, let's stop talking about old shit and let's talk about something new first and foremost destiny to forsaken has a brand new story which

Everyone seems to be complimenting for being darker and more focused than ever before except when you actually play it and really think about it

Story sucks anyway to start the expansion

I made a new character with the same character creator from destiny one that still hasn't been updated really good in the game

It's all about customizing your character her folks and then I used that boost I mentioned earlier

so I was ready to play once you get past the ridiculous bombardment of informational pop ups and

Notifications ignore the constant dot on the map that's trying to get you to buy the annual pass and then head over to the micro

Transaction hub in the tower that gives you a reward for accelerating your journey to the reef. Hmmm

I wonder why they get you to do that

You head over to the prison of elders and the new story begins

Any last words

How's your sister


Don't normally like complaining that much about cliche tropes, but I guess we are talking about destiny so but a cut to black gunshot

Not a fan of that

It's not even one of those ones that's left up to mystery because they show you him dead in a scene later


We cut back in time a bit to the prison of elders a location from one of the first destiny expansions

That expansion wasn't very good. By the way. Well, we're told that there's been a breakout

So, of course, it's our job to clear up the mess just another day at the office

All right partner, this is a key drift in six watch me for the changes in dead track keeper

No, let's go

Those of you with special ears may have notice that cayde-6 sounds a little

nolan Northey and that's because for some reason

They didn't get nathan fillion back because he couldn't make it

So you're telling me that the one character that added life and made destiny even remotely interesting couldn't make it for what could potentially be

This character's last ever appearance in the expansion that completely revolves around him

right well

I'm not trying to knock Nolan North performance because he's a really good actor and he does a fine job here

It's just so distracting because Nathan Fillion has such a unique voice

Cadence and delivery that is extremely difficult for anyone else to recapture. He literally made that character what it is without him

There is no Kate sakes

You run through the prison killing the usual enemies while this amazing piece of sweeping

swashbuckling music called gunslinger on soundtrack plays

I say this every time but thank God for the team of composers working on this game there really helps capture the mood and tone

That they're going for assuring the cardboard characters that do it

It makes what would otherwise be pretty mediocre events seems so much more impressive and grand just imagine hearing this

In a story that I actually care about a man can dream a

Lot of the dialogue is still delivered through the somewhat detached comms no changes there the

Environmental team did a pretty good job filling this first level with interesting details

They make it feel more alive than the usual destiny level

They even have characters interact with you in person so much as if it's a real video game again

Showcasing how a much more linear and controlled setting works much better for communicating story information to a player instead of a vast

Static museum like map with exposition delivered by nothing but dull phone calls via your ghost. Okay

There is a big Beck signature just up the coast. Let's kill it whatever it is

Destiny's been pulling this trick for a while

Hey, let's just make the first level good so we can trick people into thinking that we've actually changed everything. Nope

It's normally just the first level in the last level that they put anything remotely

Interesting in everything in the middle always sucks. The actual mission design is nothing special

It's the setup of a chaotic prison riot that helps drive the gameplay along

There's a pretty dull moment where you have to fight waves are the worst enemies ever the hive K

Does some more funnies and you're treated to a pre-rendered glossy cutscene?

No, no, no, no Jade he's gone. This isn't a prison riot. It's a prison break

So to stop this mysterious he from escaping

Kade drops a huge platform in what feels like a moment from guardians of the galaxy or something?

He explodes himself because remember the guardians are invincible as long as they have their ghost. That's very important

Kade is greeted by a bunch of fallen looking creatures and deflates all tension by turning it to Deadpool for a minute

Cue the music. That's a good one. That's a good one Kade

There's a stupidly long unnecessary fight that I guess has some fun choreography

But I much rather his character be developed more instead. I can see this shit

Anyway, you're constantly just showing me guardians fighting all the time. I'm already doing that in the game like a dumb idiot

He gets out his ghost which gets sniped and destroyed which remember now means that you can die. He says that he's coming home

Which no one would understand because they never explicitly explain what it's talking about

I had to look at his wiki page to find out the answer

I guess he used to be a human or something and he had a son called ace

It's kind of massively important that we know that before you try and make a dramatic moment that otherwise it's just confusing

Go back to playing and you've got to try to get to cage you find what's called an ether trail

Which is wrong somehow ether trails look out for escape followed

But this ether is wrong somehow

It's just nonsense

You're introduced to a new enemy who looked like weird headless zombies of course is instantly revealed that they used to be the Fallen these


They used to be fallen my last fun the fourth time. They've been reskin

There's a new enemy type if you count their original form

Deceiver from rise of iron the taken being reused in destiny - and now the scorn and I guess that would be five these ravage

Your enemies have a weak spot on their flamed thing

So exploding them with that feels pretty good and has really satisfying sound design attached to it

Thumbs up they're literally anything that isn't constant headshots is refreshing in this game. Next you meet these teleporting creatures called Raiders

They seem more like a directory skin of the Fallen a serviceable next my favorite new enemies are these things called scribbs?

They aren't mechanically any different to the same exploding suicide grunt like enemy archetype

Every race in the game already has but that animation is fun. Nonetheless

Look at their arms flail you fight a demented abomination

Which is kind of like a headless hive ogre that can shoot lightning out of his hands for some reason again

They're serviceable

Once you beat it

You head on through a door fine Cades body and then you're supposed to fill in the time gaps with the cutscene

We're showing at the beginning. So this blue guy is supposed to be the same dude from the original destiny

The one who did nothing and wasn't a character who then in the taking king

Expansion if you remember you don't was shown to be flying a little ship as Oryx sent out a big pulse

Explosion and then presumably died

But I guess he didn't die because here he is Kate six has his final moments with your player

But he makes fun of you for being speechless because your character never says anything

And here's a genuinely great last line of dialogue

So let's talk about why this death scene doesn't work

One Kade isn't a character. He's a fun character archetype and his personality and performance is good

But we know absolutely nothing about him

Unless you read his wiki - the same thing applies to his killer the blue guy. Who's not a character

We know anything about so it's not shocking or interesting

So Shane will the content before this has been so underdeveloped

Because if this guy had been built up and properly written as an imposing villain or something

This could have been an actual good setup for a revenge story three. Is there actually a chance that this is permanent?

I know Bungie have said that this is supposed to show that death is a very real thing in this universe

But why would they choose Kade unless Nathan Fillion really wanted out. Well, they couldn't get him back or something

He's basically the only character anyone knows from this franchise you telling me they've permanently removed the face of their game

He's been all over the marketing ever since people attach themselves to him

Well, I'm saying is don't be surprised

if this character comes back in the future number four

For some reason they used Cades death all over the marketing as the biggest draw to pull people in which sure is alluring

But they blew the one surprise they had if this had happened out of the blue

This would have been so much more effective to me would have raised the stakes ever since I saw the poster

It's like oh I guess Kate's dead then okay

Now we'll we're left with is the boring identical non characters back at the Vanguard. This is

on the head of altering south

but if he thinks what he's done is the end, it's not it's

What is with this dialog of course is not over because you said it's not the end

Who wrote this the board woman wants to send every Guardian ever born to murder Cades murderer, but the ball blue

Man says we need to keep our eyes here

On our home our people the traveler

The scene is weird because they're both right and wrong at the same time. Sure

It's unreasonable to want to send every single Guardian to the reef at the same time because that will be absolutely moronic but doing absolutely

Nothing, as a response makes the Guardians look weak. So why not compromise somewhere in the middle?

Isn't that the whole point of having a sort of counsel Vanguard type deal?

why not send a small team of perfectly capable soldiers like shacks or

Hawthorne to exact revenge to show that you can't mess with Guardians without consequence

Especially one that everyone seems to know and is kind of a huge deal. Surely. These guys are a very real threat either way

Who's to say that they wouldn't eventually coordinate some kind of attack towards important guardians or the tower in the future

it's not like we haven't been sent to deal with threats in a

preventative way before is basically the only thing we ever do hell the last

Dlc was about killing a giant worm that presented a possible growing threat and Zavala himself even came along for that one

How is this any different if anything?

This should encourage the more moral to be proactive because whatever tactic they're choosing to do is not working.

I refuse to bury any more friends

You won't have to

Aldrin solve is mine

So my character has a voice again, why bring the voice actors back to do like nine words

What is the purpose of this anyway?

The reason this entire set up is so bad and nonsensical is because they desperately wanted to tell this personal revenge story

Except they somehow forgot that for a revenge story to be personal and impactful

The lead character needs slightly more motivation than some random

dude killed that funny guy

That I sort of know think about any number of stories with a similar set up in John wick his dog which was his last

Reminder of his dead wife is killed personal connection in Kill Bill

The bride is put into a coma because her ex tries to murder her on her wedding day again personal connection

What about a literal Western like True Grit?

Which is about a girl trying to avenge the death of her father personal emotional connection

The point is without that personal driving motivation. It just seems Hollow. My guardian isn't even a hunter

So why would this be such a personal attack to him? I do really like that

They tried to go for a smaller more personal story. That is a lot less lofty with direct inspiration from classic

Revenge Western stories of old but nothing about it makes any sense based on the entire

Setup of the whole you're one of many thing from the original game

Especially when contrasted to the original campaign of destiny to where the entire theme and point of the game

Is there everyone needed to work together?

Guardian or not to exact revenge on the evil villain that wronged them and took what was theirs?

Really isn't how much of a difference I wish I could help you

but the city needs a unified Vanguard or at least the illusion of one and

This is your room now

so if you completely ignore this section here that is

unfathomably lazy and

Convenient in its setup and writing the story is simple and effective for what needs to be done

All we need to know is that Cades killer?

Oldrin and his fallen barons are gathered on a stretch of the reef called the tangled Shore for all intents and purposes

This expansion has the exact same story as New Super Mario Bros Wii. I'm not even trying to be facetious

Listen, you have your princess stolen or in this case brutally murdered and the rest of the game is you taking on bosses one by

one until you get to Bowser or

Aldrin I think gameplay wise this is a good setup. But as far as a memorable or genuinely good narrative is concerned though

Well, I mean no one's raving about the story in New Super Mario Bros Wii are they you embraced me when I was cast out

There's another dumb cutscene where Aldrin the villain gives a motivating speech to his fallen buddies

Encouraging them to cause chaos for some reason go

unleash upon the fallen


It's revealed that Aldrin is

Hallucinating his sister the queen who he's weirdly obsessed with and she has an abysmal line that goes

love is fleeting, but


Now that is forever

Love is fleeting. But devotion now that is forever destiny loves this kind of writing. It's this dialogue

That sounds cool and weighty

when these dumb space aliens are saying it but then when you sit back and actually think about it for a second and

Remember that love and devotion are completely interchangeable because they have literally synonyms for each other and it kind of falls apart

can't believe so many people genuinely think these stories have improved when really they're still pretty

Similar in quality to the very first game for now. I would just say that his motivation is that he's completely crazy

So nothing, he does even needs to make any sense

You'll see what I mean when we get to what is actually making him hallucinate later. It's pretty bad

The tank short a lawless frontier of outlaws scavengers

Murderers like Holdren and his Foreman would fit right in

finally, it's time to explore a brand new area is basically the Wild West but in space which is pretty cool at first I thought

They were going for a much more open type of design because the only direction you get at first is find Cades killers

so I thought maybe I'd be

Exploring the map and we'd have to find clues to hunt down the Barrens or by myself

Then I remembered that this is destiny and has to be designed for stupid dum-dums. You need constant hand-holding

so a quest marker eventually pops up and shows you where to go after you defeat what feels like

600 million waves are the same enemies over and over the woman from the first level hits you up and it's like hey

Come with me and meet my from the spider then for the first time I can think of in Destiny's history

You actually fight alongside friendly AI players

Please don't shoot the backup

Sure, it's a small thing and the reskin fallen and they're basically completely useless but it does help to make the world feel slightly more

Frantic and alive, you have to kill four huge waves of enemies then finally shine your shoes Guardian. You're about to meet

the spider

Well, if it isn't petra venj the worst jailer in the solar system

What brings you to my home away from home away from the home

On the run are we I heard you lost the shore you

Lost not sure this spider guy is freaking cool

His design is amazing this whole room looks pretty great

The performance by robin atkin downes is genuinely really good, but he never even gets out the chair

Well does anything really they continue the disappointing trend of introducing new characters?

Only to not develop them in any way so they only exist to be a vendor

Seriously, stop doing this you do not have a lack of characters

You just have a lack of any developed ones. If needing new vendors is such an issue

Why not just pull a warframe and let you pick up missions and bounties from your ship or something

However before you're able to exact your revenge on the barons

You have to do some busy work for the spider to pad out the runtime a little you do this by purchasing wanted bounties

But unable to purchase wanted bounties

You have to find ghost parts by doing dull patrols and public events luckily

Peter vengeance gives you a kick-ass new weapon to play with the compound bow

This thing is easily the most fun weapon that has ever been added to destiny the gameplay team

Absolutely killed it with how this weapon feels to use. It's probably the most fun bow I've used in any game. I've played what

Three games. I don't really understand how a contemporary Olympics looking bow fits

Aesthetically into the world of destiny though or into the Western theme they were going for you could definitely do of looking a little more

Sci-fi, but whatever. I'll take anything new

Ten seconds left

Anyway despite the fun new weapon. This was the least enjoyable part of the entire game for me

There is absolutely nothing fun about a campaign

Forcing you into doing side activities just so it takes longer to finish it ruins the pacing and flow the story

That's just my numbing Li dull not to mention that when you get hold of one of these bounties

Would you have to do five of to continue the story they give such vague?

Instructions such as hunt down a prison of elders

Escapee hiding out in the drain in the e DZ I could deal with this if it wasn't for two things one

Navigating the maps in destiny is still a total nightmare

At least you actually have a map to look at this time around but you can't place waypoints of your own accord

You can't zoom in it's slow to load and they're under detailed for what you need and two these enemy bounties

Just spawn in the open world Maps

Some of which are in areas populated by other players

so to get some of them to spawn you have to leave and join the same area multiple times until you wind up in an

instance where one happens to appear

It was very frustrating pick and choose when you want to hold my hand

Destiny for God's sake so to complete this section

I had to Google the bounty locations and follow a guide on the internet because I had no idea where these places were

There's a sound even remotely enjoyable to you because it's not now you've earned the spiders trust

He tips you off to the scorned barons location. So your new goal is to assault their hideout. Petra is out for blood but

We're here for justice

Yeah, we're out for justice by carefully hunting down and murdering anyone that gets in our way by spilling our targets blood not

Really much difference there. I'm afraid you recover a couple of spiders caches of force to fight one of the same tanks

They've been showing off since the original game came out

You're ambushed and then you're teased by a bunch of the Koopalings and the level ends with you killing a mini boss

There's a weird extremely goofy cutscene where each one of the barons gets a small introduction annex the mad bother

Emphasis on man reminds me of something a cartoon might do it's extremely simplistic

I remember them doing it in one of the Transformers movies and it was just as bad there. They tease the aldryn

is only at the tangled sure because of some mysterious place called the

watchtower and six adventure missions pop up on your map

Each labeled is one of the Barrens I made the stupid mistake of doing the first adventure right away

Which has the power recommendation of 390, but I only had 360 power of my own

So this fight was difficult to the point of extreme frustration. The damn thing would kill me in two hits

I still really don't like the way destiny handles difficulty doesn't make activities fun in a challenging way

You have no choice or control over it at all. It always just leaves you in one or two arbitrary states

You're either under level to the point where you'll die in two hits

Well, sometimes can't even deal damage to enemies because you're so weak or you're so over leveled that everything is an absolute cakewalk

So what happened was completing this first bearer and wound up taking?

About as much time on its own as all of the following ones combined simply because I was slightly under leveled I guess

That's my fault for not realizing that I was supposed to grind

So I'm not gonna go over every one of these bosses because I'd really quite like for this video to end eventually

Let's say overall. They're a mixed bag. I like how each boss has its own gimmick

So it keeps things relatively fresh, especially the trickster who uses common destiny mechanics and features, too


Trick you but one thing I really get tired of in destiny boss

Encounters is how you can't just fight a big enemy on its own

You can't sin you have to fight hundreds of faceless minions at the same time and we all know how I feel about minions it

Kind of takes some of the punch away when a huge hulking boss goes

Invincible or hides for a few minutes until you deal with the mindless enemies around it makes them feel a lot less threatening

You know, I feel like they only do this because encounters would be far too easy

Otherwise, so they need to do something to hold you back. Just when you do this is kind of lame

This guy's prior says he's obsessed with creating his own throne world a pocket dimension in The Hives ascendant plane

When the hive killed powerful beings their throne world's increase in size

But that should only work for the hive

What are you talking about somewhere in this expansion?

You'll wind up unlocking a new move your super that makes your previous ones irrelevant because they're so weak in comparison

I happen to get one of the less flashy ones for the Titan

It makes a big shield wall

Which at the time of me recording this seems to be super overpowered has probably been nerfed by now

oldring goes to the shard of the traveler that gives you your powers back in the original campaign of destiny -

Shoots a hole in it and takes a bit for himself surely

The Guardians should have tried to quarantine or recover this incredibly powerful piece of magic technology

No, you just gonna leave it there in a field with a bunch of fallen

Okay, these guys are idiots. The penultimate Baron is after a pretty lame tank mission

I appreciate the attempt at trying to recapture the magic of Halo vehicle missions though. The sandbox is just so boring in comparison

We're on the last mission now where you kill the final Baron?

Whatever then my second least favorite enemies show up. They're taken

well, at least they've only been reused for three years instead of four like

everything else has

What though

What of what so I guess old room is being manipulated by this giant squids asshole to free it from some realm

God damn, this is stupid. They never explain who or what this thing is

I looked on the wiki and apparently it's a shape-shifting creature that was made taken by Oryx and

manipulated aldrin into freeing her from the dreaming city a

major turning point for Destiny's storytelling

So after you killed the squid, I guess Ultron is fine now and wasn't eaten alive

the only reason you fight a squid instead of Ultron is probably because this is a game for

Babies so they can't have you shooting at human-like figures god. Damn. This is an unsatisfying ending there

imagine if at the end of gladiator

It was revealed that a ghost squid is what made the Emperor's son issue the kill command on Russell Crowe's family

They were kind of completely ruin the entire point of a revenge story wouldn't it? So

This is to be a reckoning come on he's being manipulated by a giant squid give the guy a break


The line between light and dark is so very thin

Do you know which side you're on?

I swear if they tried to pull the you were a villain the whole time twist

The original game is supposed to have I'm gonna lose my mind

Anyway, you show no mercy at all and shoot Aldrin at the same time as the blue woman

You have a prison that you can go in they try to show that what you're doing is justified

But if you really believed in justice, surely you would take all of the Barons back to the prison. That's what Mario would do

He's a true hero. Oh my god, so it's over

That's that's the end of the story. Oh, so so so bad. We learn nothing about any character

The plot was so simple that a toddler could follow it and the one thing they promised

Revenge you get slighted from you because of the stupid squid reveal. I don't want to fight you squid

I wanted to fight Aldrin who thought this would be a good idea

I think I might hate this even more than the original story for destiny

at least everyone was in agreement and that one sucked the thing that hurts me most when looking back at everything in destiny now is

That they're enough our assets characters weapons

Music landscapes and law to tell an interesting Mass Effect's style character based story buried way deep in here somewhere

I saw this complex

Flowchart of how each piece of content has led to where we are in destiny at this point and imagine how cool it would be

If any of this had weight Drive and character growth behind it because this game has to be an online service

everything has to be half-baked and lean more towards grinding than anything else, which I guess nicely leads us into the

The endgame is personally where I usually peter out because i'm more of a story guy

But the neverending grind for loot is what attracts most people to this game. So, how is it?

Well, it's certainly better than destiny to vanilla. That's for sure in this regard

It might even be better than any state

The original game ever ended up being in quality of life changes such as the triumph achievements

Make sure you buy the best Edition for the triumph in game law tab for the hardcore fans

Collection so you can see what weapons and army you're missing and how to get it or will much needed

Changes hardcore fans have been after for a while is basically the bare essential stuff. You'd expect in a game of this type

I'm sure plenty of people get a lot out of painstakingly customizing their characters by grinding for thousands of hours

And that's all destiny is for at the moment hardcore fans of destiny and hardcore fans of RNG loot groans

They seem to have slowed down the unlocking of new content. So players won't blaster

It's so quick and hit the level cap instantly like in every other expansion and game previous which seems like a good change

Okay gives people something to chase

They even have an entire endgame area that you never really go to in the main story

Aside from one mission that kind of unlocks it this map is really cool

And it's full of a bunch of mysteries that supposedly change every week on a rota this game really seems to excel when it keeps

Itself shrouded in secrecy and not trying to explain my giant squids are

Controlling blue dudes who killed a robot voice by nolan north in my opinion

this game would be so much better if they leaned into what they were actually good at which is how good the shooting feels and

The concepts are varied interesting loot to chase in a mysterious

Environment the past four years have proven that Bungie are simply not very good at telling traditional narratives in this universe

So why not use that weakness to their advantage?

And tie the lack of a cinematic story into gameplay instead people absolutely love a mystery

You just have to look at the success of something like souls dark

make people explore your big empty Maps litter them with things to collect an

Environmental storytelling to find the most fun I had in this game was exploring these caves for mysteries and chests all on my own accord

Without the bad dialog all cutscenes move away from these expensive time-consuming

Pointless cinematics that are embarrassingly bad and use the extra resources to improve what is already there


Shooting is fun

And literally the only thing you do then make it better make it more varied with a wider selection of enemies more

creative weapons more player

agency and choice with other types of gameplay like ship combat to break up the

Repetition a bit let the impeccable art design and music speak for itself a little more. You're a videogame

You don't have to just copy movies with just the music and that are alone. You already have a fantastic atmosphere

You just need the mechanical backbone

So I would everything else up I should not be frustrated at how little control I have over

customizing my character in a game that is about

customizing my character

It seems like the design of the game fights against every choice that I want to make for most of my time playing this


I hated the way my character looked I hate these shoulders look

They just glitch through in the cutscenes misses because of the way the game forces you to chase power levels

And now you have the option to infuse power items that you like but as a new PC player I have no

Materials to do it with and at the time with me writing this the drop rate is so low

For master work cause which is what you have to use to upgrade weapons now that I never once even use this feature

Well, that's the point shade as being one-time use is also still a complete joke

Even the most passionate destiny players won't disagree with me on this one

You can't give us a feature in destiny one that worked fine, then bring it back in the sequel with dreadful

Implementation and expect everyone to just be okay with it

it encourages hoarding because you want to save your colors until you get the perfect drop that you're looking for which in such an

Rng based game could be a long long time

I guess selling them for real money is more important back to a couple more positives though

The strike playlist is a lot more fun than in vanilla

the amount of them now is a lot greater than before because of all the content that has been released up to this point and

Some of them are quite fun. It was actually a viable way to level up as well

I still really despised the fact that ps4 players get a plethora of extra content because of their deal was so neither

I normally don't care about this kind of thing. But in a game like this where actually matters is really frustrating

It's kind of a massive kick in the teeth

especially when the triumph system constantly reminds you about the cool stuff that you literally cannot get until the

Exclusivity timer runs out and even then that's like a year. I'm not gonna care in a year

This is a new

Raid as well that I can't be bothered to play because I don't want to grind to be strong enough for it

I'm sure it's fun. It's especially interesting how after the new raid was first completed new events actually affected the world as a result

That's the impactful feeling that is lacking from the campaign content more of that, please


Actually played a bunch of multiplayer this time around which I've always bashed for being lame and bad before but I actually had a good


It doesn't suffer from the immense boredom that comes from the repetition of the dull AI enemies in PvE

It feels a lot more balanced and snappy than vanilla did but also not slowed down to the point where everything was kind of troll

But where this game really shines is in the new PvE VP mode could gambit

We have to work with your team to collect motes from AI enemies and Bank them before your opposing team can on their side of

The map with every now and again a portal opening

so one of your team can jump through into the enemies map and you can hunt down the opposing players while they're still trying to

Kill their AI. It's an extremely complicated concept to try and explain but trust me within around it makes perfect sense

It's vaguely like a terrible mode from Halo 5 called warzone, but imagine if it was actually well designed

It wasn't a broken mess of one-time-use items and microtransactions

I notice gambit had a couple of balancing issues at the moment

But I'm sure that we fixed as time goes by I believe I'm actually praising the PvP in this game

But they actually seem to have done a decent job this time around take this with a grain of salt though

I'm not exactly an expert in PvP or anything. I just have fun because of how tense and unpredictable

It was unlike in the PvE stuff. It also shows how the mechanics of this game can shine when put in the right setting


Mentioned earlier that on the planet map in destiny 2 you're constantly teased with something called the annual pass

It seems they've ditched the idea of a season pass because of how much controversy and hatred it seemed to garner and I'm still not

A fan on the way. They insist on monetizing this game. There's no mention of anything story related

so it seems like they're moving away from the stupid cutscenes and will hopefully be focusing on improving the scope of gameplay based on the

history of destiny and how all over the place their content drops have been that really advised to hold off buying this until they really

Prove that it's worth it and ever trust these vague descriptions these types of passes promise

But only time will tell if this turns out to be a better or worse deal than the original season passes

Well that now is the part of the video where I complain about ever verse

It's probably the worst thing about the game

If I'm being honest, it's not enough that you have to pay full price for destiny 2 and its various expansions

But of course there to try and nickel and dime you by gating off content behind this insulting vendor

I know people like to try and defend it by saying a Sony cosmetic

Which is already a crap excuse and also isn't true because you can buy armor that has gameplay perks attached to it

But we're talking about a game where the main goal is to collect cosmetics for customizing your character

so instead of expanding the loophole for the other types of content with all these art assets that are being

Tailor-made for this one vendor even with exclusive stuff

Sometimes they instead

specifically made a reward system that is designed to constantly bring you back to this menu screen like a mobile game basically in a sleazy

Attempt to get you to purchase silver their BS fake currency, which is also a total ripoff

I warned about this when they first introduced ever verse into destiny 1 and it's only gotten worse

Please do not spend any money on this even if you liked the game at the very least you have bounties

Which you can do to help you earn bright dust, which lets you purchase things that are gated off behind this

But it's still incredibly sad that you even have to do this at all

Another sickening detail is what they're charging for these forsaken character boosts, which are three thousand silver aka

$23.99 in the UK. What a


Absurd amount of money just to be able to quickly play the content I paid for in the game that encourages you to have more

Than one character so you can experience everything

I really wanted to try out the other new character classes for this video to see how much fun they were

I'd have to grind so much content that it would not even be worth my time

And I'm sure as hell not gonna hand over fifty quid just for the sake of doing so

All-in-all destiny forsaken seems to be hitting the spot for what destiny players are looking for but there wasn't much here that I found very

Impressive or worth the time the story was pitifully bad

The level design in the campaign is pretty lackluster gameplay variety is sorely lacking and I still don't like how little control I have over

Customizing my character or the way, I like to play that's not to say that he didn't have any fun at all

But I found that for every positive I had an equal negative to match destiny

Still manages to be not much more than skype with gameplay and I find it much harder to forgive the inane repetition of history

We should not be in the same place

The original destiny was after two years four years later and I fear that in another two years

We're gonna be in the same place again

I really hope they're not doing this on purpose cuz that would be sick for the love of God Bungie just build on what works

Instead of stripping it down in an attempt to appeal to the casual market and annoying everyone as a result. Why abandon

All the previous years of work


Stop wasting time trying to develop

Cinematic cut scene based stories with the majority of people playing the game erasing through their friends as fast as they can

To get to the end game and are probably making fun of the cutscenes while they're playing in a party

Anyway, stop doing your best to manipulate people into buying

microtransactions just so players have some control over the

Customization they want I really don't know what I expect from the same company that was embraced the random roles orangey

So hard that on their official merch store

They sell weapon pins that themselves are one pin per package order with a chance for a rare pin

Says it all really doesn't

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