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- Welcome back you beautiful people,

some carpark tricks that you can learn

on your bike on the flat ground.

I'm out here in the woods, there's no car park

but it's flat, but there is one down there

and I have a bunch that you want to learn.

(rock music)


- Oh my gosh, its too quick!

(rock music)

Ugh, (blows a raspberry).

(roars laughing)

(rock music)

(humming a tune)

Rich, high five!

The high five wheelie.

You're going to need a good friend for this one,

one that could wheelie.

Wheelie towards your friend and high five him

and continue to wheelie off into the sunset.

Just make sure you wheelie straight after the high five

for extra bonus points.

(rock music)

This one is called the nose press 180,

its exactly what its says on the tin.

You're going to come along with some speed,

not too fast, hop into your front nose,

grab your front brake, pivot the rear end round

180 degrees and then land backwards

and pedal backwards, as essentially doing a fakey.

And then fakey 180 out and continue down the trail.

Sounds a lot, but it's super fun to learn

and it's impressive just like this.

Watch this.

(upbeat music)

(bike thumps to ground)

(bike thumps to ground)


Oh ho ho.

The wheelie 180 now this one is,

quite hard but simple.

(playful music)

Oh ho, wrong way.

You're wheeling along,

what you want to do is have your saddle quite low.

You're wheeling along in a nice easy gear,

come to it, drop you inside leg,

tap it on the floor, twist, keeping the front wheel up,

and then wheelie all the way back down.

Sounds easy, but its challenging.

(rock music)


Over the log!



(rock music)

After doing the 180 wheelie,

you can move on to the 360 wheelie.

Now this one, excuse the pun, but it's really, really hard.

It's really hard.


Aw, close!

When you came out of the spin,

its like you're going to have to put the power down

to keep the front wheel up, so basically you come in,

you wheelie in, you drop the inside foot,

you turn, you pirouette on the inside leg,

then you wheelie out to keep the front wheel up.

Now, easier said than done,

the key tip is carve into it.

Basically initiate the 90, nearly 180 wheelie,

then put your foot down, and then spin yourself round

to your full 360.

You're going to be there for a while.

(rock music)


(rock music)



Yes! That's good.

(rock music)

Wow, I spun out of that like some sort of tornado.

Let's move on.

This one is called the frame ride, or the surfer

or whatever you want to call it.

Basically you're not going to be standing on your pedals

to ride down the trail and you're not going to be

holding your handlebars, either.

You're going to be standing on your rear swing arm.

For me, that's a nice little platform there

where I can stand and I can lock my knees in here.

Basically just do that and be like the Titanic,

going down the trail.

Watch this.

Need a bit of gradient, keep your momentum,

and your balance.

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

(breathes heavily)

You need speed,

speed and balance, just like this.

Ohh, yeah.

Uh-oh. Uh-oh.

There you go, the surfer, dude.

And when you've done it on the fine road.


You can do it down on the trail.

Oh! Oh!

oh my gosh, this is too quick!


Ouf, bloody-

(speaking in slow motion)

That is so scary, but it's super fun

to show off in front of your mates,

if you had any.

I haven't got any today,

Just me, myself, my Pole, and Leo, the cameraman.


Let's move on to the next one,

that's too scary over these routes.

(rock music)

This one, my friends, is called the bombie,

the no-handed bombie.

This one is because of Sam Pilgrim and his video.

I like doing it; it is very scary,

but the key thing is confidence when you do it.

So what you want to do is come to a drop just like this,

hang your bike over the edge, like this.

Not too steep make sure your feet, your cranks

are in the right position, so you can jump straight to them.

Preferably the right foot forward,

or you're left foot forward, the left foot forward,

all you got to do jump into it.

Like that.

That's just, that's a little one.

Lets go over there, there's a bigger one.

Three, two, one.


That was actually quite simple and easy.


(rock music)

This is the maypole.

Wheelie towards your friend as he's wheelie-ing

as well towards you.

Grab hands and wheelie in a circle, just like this.


Just remember it might take you a few goes,

and you could end up on your back.

(playful music)


That one is called the hand break.

Super simple, when you pull the hand break

you're locking your real wheel

just to do a big skid in the car park.

That's it.

Hopefully you enjoyed this video,

takes time to learn all these tricks

and that's the best part of learning.

It is, that's the best part of learning these tricks.

That's a fail.

Run fails cause I did so many.

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