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- What's going on world, I'm George Kiel, and I have a very, very special episode of "iCollect." I am in Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, right? Not "Mel-born." - Yeah, not "Mel-born."

I'm in Melbourne, Australia with a guy named Michael Fan, who I'm now a fan of because he has one of the best,

craziest shoe collections I've ever seen in my life, man. Michael, tell the world what we're gonna see here today.

- Well if I used a word to describe it, it would be "surprise," so hopefully,

hopefully that I can surprise you guys now. - Yeah, you surprised me totally.

So I know you're gonna surprise them, so let's get into it, man. - Let's go check it out.

- So Michael, I can tell you have a little OCD in you by the way you have everything

sectioned off. Kind of describe what you have here.

- It's pretty much, like I said,

there's three walls here. On the left-hand side, we've got some sneakers for my wife. In the middle is essentially all the general release

and some samples. On the other side, it's pretty much all the player exclusive stuff and on the top of the shelf,

it's pretty much all the game-worn shoes.

For the first one that we have here, it's a Nike Air Uptempo. This is game-worn by Scottie Pippen in the

1995-1996 season. Don't get me wrong, I still got the socks here.


Game-worn socks with NBA stitching. - Wow.

- Scottie even signed both shoes. He wrote "Best Wishes" here and the number "33" here. The next one here

we got is the Michael Jordan game-worn Air Jordan 13. This is actually the game on

27th of December, 1997. Jordan just signed a side because this is a game-worn one, so the toe-box got creased and stuff

so it's very hard to do a signature on it, so the autograph is on the side. And this one,

This is the only Michael Jordan game-worn (Air Jordan) 12 I have. They call it the "Flu Game" colorway

It's actually a "Bred" and this is actually the game-worn 1997 Eastern Conference Final. I believe it was Game 3.

Here we got the "Concord" -

Air Jordan 11 "Concord." This is a Michael Jordan game-worn pair in the

72-10 season - as you can see the yellowing here; that's because of age. Move on to this one, this is more of a story

This is a Michael Jordan game-worn Air Jordan 8.

We call this colorway "Bugs Bunny" or something like that

and this is actually the game-worn on 22nd April, 1993. - Wow.

- Which is the last regular season game in Chicago Stadium. - Wow, and that's also autographed?

- Yeah, it is autographed. The story is actually

the 22nd of April is my wife's birthday and also this is the first ever Michael Jordan game-worn shoe that I collected

so I say that I must have it because of my wife.

- You know I notice the little things, so I like how you have the labels...

- Yeah I'm the person who loves to do things

well-organized. - Right.

- So pretty much if I do something, it's because I really love them

so I want to make them as beautiful as possible so I put the labels that say the date

and who wore the shoes and that sort of the information.

This is a Michael Jordan game-worn Air Jordan 6 that he wore during his first championship.

So it's really important for us and also to Michael Jordan as well. This colorway is pretty beautiful

and as you can see here, they have an original signature here, but just because of the age, it just faded away

so Michael Jordan put it on the toe-box

- Wow - so it is a duo sign as well.

so this is actually a Michael Jordan game-worn shoe. And the last one is actually the Michael Jordan game-worn Air Jordan 3

which is our favorite colorway, the "White Cement." Alright, so this one actually kind of has a story.

You can see that Michael Jordan signed here

and put the date on it as well. So 3-11-88, which means that this one is actually game-worn in 1988

but this is not exactly the game date. Actually, that game date is

3-10-88, so March 10th versus the Lakers. The staff of the Chicago Bulls say that

a little girl wanted to find a birthday gift for her

brother. - Mmm-hmm.

- and they asked Michael Jordan to see if he could give her a pair of your shoes

as a birthday gift and Michael Jordan gave to her the next day, which is 3-11,

so it is signed at that day. - That's crazy. And for a 30-year old shoe that's still in good condition...

- Yeah, but actually the mid-sole was swapped. - Okay, okay.

Because it was all cracked, but the upper and outsole is all original. And also, it is duo-signed. He signed on each shoe.

You know, the most important thing is actually to do the full signature ones. Michael Jordan. You can see the dots here.

It's really important. Move on to the next one

here is the Michael Jordan game-worn Air Jordan 1. So this is a duo sign as well. It's signed on the other pair. This is

1985-1986 season, we don't know exactly the game date, but this is actually game-worn at that time.

I think it's still wearable, to be honest - if we can - and you see the signature here

it's a full name as well. Dot here and Michael Jordan. So we cannot see this signature anymore.

That's truly original and also, by the way, both pairs are his. Michael Jordan

just wore a different size. One is a 13, the other is a 13.5.

- So I think I have a question for pretty much everyone watching - how do you come across

game-worn Jordan shoes, not only game-worn, but autographed? - I'm sure everything is because of the love and the passion

I love Michael Jordan so much, and I'm a really, really big fan.

It's not just because they are rare or hard to get. It's actually that I want to get more understanding about Michael Jordan himself.

- Wow. - To see

what's the difference between the general release and the player exclusive and I want to know more about his personality stuff. Just like the Jordan 1

you saw. It's a 13 and 13.5 on different feet. That's the things.

- Yeah, that's a

tidbit that a lot of people don't know about. - That's right.

- So is it eBay and different things that you're looking at?

- Yeah, sometimes eBay but to be honest, mainly I'll say, like, auction houses.

- Yeah, okay, yeah. - and there are also some friends located in the United States.

- Just knowing people, yeah. That's the key, that's the key - knowing people, yeah.

- I spent 10 years to get a lot of them.

- On to some player exclusives that

not only Jordan wore, but some Jordan Brand members wore. I've seen some of these in different collections,

but I haven't seen the entire series of them. - So the first pair, I actually put on top is

the Kings home colorway, Air Jordan 12, Mike Bibby Low.

I liked the purple. The Kings colorway

which is the white and purple, the home colorway, and the away - the black and purple. - Right, right.

- I'm totally a purple sucker.

So you can see a stitched "10" here, which is his number. And the next one is actually the 13.

As I said before, this is a light purple

it's not like a royal purple, not that dark, so this is a very beautiful one. It is still white and purple and you can see

the personal logo here. The "TD", Team Dime, and also the "10" here.

This one is really cool. The black and purple. - That might be my favorite one you have. - Yeah, it got 3M on the side.

- Yeah. This is the "Taxi" - the black, white, and the purple as you can see, they use the high-quality leather

and the beautiful, purple stitch. I have a lot of Mike Bibby stuff because I love the color.

There's a Mike Bibby Air Jordan 8 low cut. It's all white and they got the

number 10 here and little 23 here.

A lot of details on the shoe. 1-Z is "one zero," which is the number 10. That's his number.

Also another saying is this is actually

in kind of memory for Mike Bibby's personal assistant.

And then we got the Air Jordan 2 low cut Mike Bibby PE.

I prefer to collect all the home and away colorways.

I'll do my best to find these pairs. I try to keep as clean as possible.

Jordan 5 is one of my favorite models, and it's a low cut. We see the yellowing on the side,

that's fine, and a number 10 and the purple Jumpman logo. For the yellowing stuff or whatever,

I don't care about it. - Yeah. No, no. Exactly. - That's the age.

We purchase a shoe that is fresh at the beginning - it has the icy sole and those sort of things, it just ends up

yellowing because we love it. It's just like a family. We love our family. I love my wife no matter

she was like 18 years old, 20, 30, 40. - Yeah. (Laughter) - I love her until she dies. That's the same thing.

Yeah, we got the (Air Jordan) 17, and this is a Mike Bibby 17

PE as well. You see the stitch here the "B-I-B" and the "TD" and the "10". Here is a home and away again,

- Mmm-hmm.

- The Jordan 19 low-cut, but this one is not

exactly the original 19 - it's the elephant print one. I try to keep them as safe as possible. - Right, Right.

They're like your babies. - Yeah, exactly. I got so many children, yeah. (Laughter)

This is called the (Air Jordan) 20 3/4. It got a lot of laser stuff on them.

A lot of details. The 1Z on the tongue as well. And this one,

the 18.5. This is a beautiful shoe. We know, as for this one, Ray Allen got one as well, for all the player games.

The last of Mike Bibby

I want to show you. It's a (Air Jordan) 22 low cut, black and purple. The Kings away colorway. - What was the Bibby that started this mini-series

collection that you have? Which Bibby did you get first? - The Mike Bibby I got first is actually the 17. - Okay.

- Yeah, the 17, because I love 17's very much back in the day.

Because that's the first shoe that I know it's an Air Jordan. Yeah. That's to be honest.

I didn't even know that which ones were five, which ones were fours before that.

- I have a better appreciation for Mike Bibby PEs now that you showed me the entire series. Never seen that before

but one series that everyone loves is the Ray Allen. - Yeah, Ray Allen is one of the greatest NBA players. Back to the Supersonics days

this is an away colorway. I got a home as well.

These are Sonics PEs. As you can see the tongue here is actually different

you got "RAY" here and on the other one you've got his "34" here. A lot of people say that these ones are fake because

back to the Celtics days

it should be 20 not 34, so why you have the white and green with the "34" stitched on it?

I said because you don't know this is a Sonics, not a Celtics. - Right.

- And I just got an away colorway.

This was really hard to get, to be honest. - So, pull the Celtics one out. - You see the Celtics one

got a really lighter green on it and this a little bit darker.

So it's still a little bit different and also the stitch on the tongue here says, "Ray",

just the logo and this "34" here and "RAY" on the other side. Now we continue -

We know that some others got this one, but The Glove got the similar ones and put "The Glove" here

and this is the Ray Allen one, so this is Sonic's home colorway.

They got "RAY here and "34." And now it's the white and green.

As you can see this one is just (like)

the 13, I just show you the Sonics one. - There's a Sonics 12. Oh, yeah you can tell

the darker green. - And again home and away Celtics

- Mmm-hmm. - Air Jordan 8.

So this is actually a Ray Allen PE as well.

So size 14, promo, and it's got "SUGAR RAY" here.

And we have more. This is back to the Bucks days.

All right, the Milwaukee Bucks.

The "34" here, the "RAY" and the (Air Jordan) 16, which is really, really good for like a formal wearing and

that sort of thing. It's really soft.

Okay, you can still wear it, and this is actually the Ray Allen game-worn one.

In here we got

(Air Jordan) 21.

A lot of people love this one.

It's like a motor or whatever a motor bike. One is actually the Ray Allen practice one, and the other one is actually a deadstock. one.

This is real and game-worn Air Jordan 2

Celtics. - And signed. - Yeah, we can see 20 "SUGAR RAY" right here.

Compared to, like, not just general release, compared to his other Air Jordan 2 player exclusives

this one is really special. It got patent leather. - Right. - Yeah, normally

it's just a normal leather. So this is a game-worn as well, back to the Bucks day,

Air Jordan 15. A lot of people don't really like this one, but personally

I love this. I love all the shoes that I have and also because the reason why, I always tell to my friend -


Respect to the shoe,

respect to the designer, and respect to all the stories or whatever. Alright, now back to the

Jordan 18.5 again. You see the #12, which stands for Olympic. I believe that Ray Allen didn't attend this game during the day

because of the birth of his child.

This was not his player exclusive, but I find this one. This is the Sole Fly

collaboration one, because you can see here

"Ray Got Game" and "Sole Fly" here. And here actually,

probably the last one I will show you, (Air Jordan) 19 SE.

It got this on the back, 34. It's still the Supersonics colorway.

We got more here. A lot of people think this is a "HOF" (Air Jordan) 13, but this is not.

It got number five here. So that's a (Juwan) Howard player exclusive, so this is really big so I cannot fit in my box

that's why I just put it on the top. And now we got some, like, the LeBron James

Air Force One player exclusive. The stitching here, that's the four horsemen and it's LeBron James' personal pair.

This one here is actually the Q-Rich. This is Jordan 13 PE, back to the Phoenix Suns.

I got some information that says only three pairs were made and one is game-worn by Q-Rich

and this one is actually deadstock.

- I'm seeing even more

John Hancock's around here, more autographs. Kind of go through some of those autographed pairs.

- So this is the game-worn LeBron 10 as you can see they got signed on both shoes

and the difference is here they're signed "King James"

here actually got the number six here. For the signature I got this one. This

back in the day, Michael Jordan, during the baseball time.

And this is just for memory. This is not game issued or game-worn. And also the basketball here, this is 1996 team signed

basketball and I got Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. I love CC Sabathia.

- Okay. - He's my favorite baseball player

and this is his actual game used

glove. Really high-quality one. It got a Nike stitch here and

also the number 52, alright, and RIP NB. That's in memory for his cousin.

We've got some Michael Jordan stuff on the top as well. So this is actually another Michael Jordan game-worn shoe. It's a Air Jordan 13

"Chicago," and it's worn by Michael Jordan during the 97-98 season. And this is a game-worn "Playoff" (Air Jordan) 13

So almost, I completed his

(Air Jordan) 13 set. The Michael Jordan game-worn. This is game-issued,

"He Got Game" colorway, and this was signed by Michael Jordan.

This is a Upper Deck limited edition. As you can see on the side, it is 23 out of 23.

And this is the first pair of my autographed Michael Jordan. Dave White "Wings", the Jordan 1,

it's a collaboration. And also the (Air Jordan) 23. Michael Jordan

signature on the toe box. And on top of the shelf we go from here, the OG 1996, we call it "Columbia."

This is a player sample and a size 12.5. I'm still doing a little bit of research on it

I believe it should be Michael Jordan

But I'm not sure whether it should be size 12.5 because we know Michael Jordan normally wore

a size 13 or 13.5.

So this shoe is an "Olympic" Air Jordan 7, so we know that some other collectors got the whole set

but I only have those two pairs which is for

Michael Finley and

Carmelo. Those two are actually for baseball games. They sit up there. That's a turf.

This one's a "Space Jam," and this one's a "Concord"

And this is a game-worn, and I got an autograph by CC

and this one is not. It is deadstock and we know turf is pretty hard to find.

We got some Kobe's as well. We know that Kobe is always, like, one of the greatest player. - Of course.

- This pair actually is the

Kobe Bryant game-worn in the 2002 Finals. Duo shoes signed by Kobe as well.

And this one is not a player exclusive one, but it's just signed by Kobe.

You know this one right? The "Back to the Future" --- - Yeah, that's one of my favorite shoes. - And one of my favorite movies as well.

This is a Kobe Bryant game-worn as well.

It's not been autographed yet, but this is a Hyperdunk. You see the Lakers colorway.

I got this one - it's Kobe's PE as well,

L.A. map.

They lasered the map on the shoe and it's different with the general release one. They got the number 8 here and number 8 stitches.

This is a Kyrie Irving, Kyrie 3.

2017, Eastern Conference Final Game 5 game-worn. You can see there they got some personal stuff

hand-written on the shoe. Jump to this one, the home and away again, this

Lakers colorway from The Glove. We can see "20" and "GP," Gary Payton. It's a pretty cool shoe.

I got some yellowing on the toe box. As I said, it's just fine. A lot of people love this model.

You know it's pretty cool, back in the day shoe. Very fashionable model.

Now we have

something different. Air Jordan 8, Chris Paul. Back to the Hornets time.

Alright, so it got the "CP3" here

I think this colorway got some general released version or whatever, but it didn't have this one, the "CP3."

This is actually his player exclusive. Just quickly, lets go through these ones -

This is Michael Jordan signed, Marcus Jordan's PE, when he was in middle school.

And the next one I want to show is the Air Max 90 "360." This is pretty cool,

actually, because this is a special one, a special edition.

We know that this is a collab with PlayStation - with Sony - and they made 24 pairs,

but that's a normal edition,

and this one is a special edition only made six pairs in the world. - So now Michael, is player

exclusives, game-worn, autographs, is that just your thing when it comes to shoe collecting?

- Not really, because I collect general releases as well.

Yeah, as you see, this wall is pretty much all the general releases, just except some samples here.

This one is very pretty important to me because this one was not released in Australia

so I tried to find a way to get this one. I asked my friend and my best friend,

actually my wife's friend,

and asked what they can do to raffle for me because it was released in China

This is the first time he did a raffle because he is not a sneakerhead, and then the next day -

I didn't expect that - and then he told me that "I won the raffle and I can get the shoes for you."

So he asked for one day off from his work to line up outside, because you still have to line up outside to buy the shoes.

- That's a true friend. - This is a true friend.

I'm a big fan of the (Air Jordan) 4 and (Air Jordan) 3. This is a sample.

You can see the back here.

This is from 1999. This is the Air Jordan 4 "White Cement" sample and you can see, you can touch it,

this is leather, not plastic. - Oh, yeah. - So they made it with leather and put a Jumpman logo here.

This is actually the 1999 general release. You can see the color is different. - Yeah, it's different.

- They used different material and they put a Nike swoosh here.

So a lot of people say that we prefer Nike Air swoosh on the back because it's a respect to OG and we

won't like everything except the same as the OG, the originals.

But personally, I say that respect to the retro as well, the retro stuff. We need some change sometime. - Exactly.

This is the latest one, this is

the JTH. I haven't worn it yet. I just received it a couple days before and I love this

collaboration. The (Air Jordan) 3 is actually one of my favorites as you see the collection of Jordan's game-worn 3's.

The only one that I'm missing that I love, but I don't have is the,

you know the DJ Khaled colorway, the We The Best Music? - Mmm-hmm. - The red-colored one.

So big shout out to DJ Khaled. You know that you got a fan here in

Australia and that my son is actually probably his youngest fan in the world.

For the Jordan 1's here, this one is my favorite. You know this one is call "Banned".

- Oh, yeah, love those. - We love the cross here and back in the day

this one was sent to the outlets

and then now it's really high-priced, reselling price.

This is not very special, but this is also a limited edition, I think. It got 3,000 pairs.

It released only in Japan. The next one I want to talk about is this one,

Air Jordan 19. This is my first pair of Air Jordan, back in the day in 2004.

- And so the rest of the wall you have tons of 11's, OVO,

Don C's. - Don C's, I just want to do a couple to match with my wife.

- And speaking of your wife, your wife has a pretty awesome collection as well.

- Her favorite shoe is actually this one, number one because

as I said I am a purple sucker, she's a pink sucker. -Okay.

- So she loves the pink and you can see (Air Jordan) 12, it's really, really beautiful - this colorway. It's like a purple and then like a pink

I don't know how they describe it correctly,

But it's a really cool one. The second one will be this one the Jordan 7. It's really fresh and she wears

her shoes as well

but we try to keep them as clean as possible.

And this one, this must be a top three, the Air Jordan 4, we call it the "Pure Money"

and we love this, the bling bling stuff. It's really cool. Number four, the Air Jordan 1.

Also, the pink. The last one that I know of her favorites is this one,

Don C. Air Jordan 2. Pink.

She wears this one a lot. So beside the player exclusive

and the general release, I also collect some original stuff even though that because of the age we cannot wear them

but I still love it.

- So you've inspired your wife, she has a nice collection. - Yeah. - It's better than most guys.

You have a crazy collection, but also your kid has an awesome collection... - That's right. This is just a part of his sneakers,

not all of them. We just started to buy the Jordans and all the sneakers when he was born

and you know you can see the newborn sizes, the 2C, 3C, until now he's wearing 10C.

This is really funny. This is a Nike Air Force and

my friend just drew this picture for me

just do the hand-made, hand-paint. This is actually one of my son's favorite toys

They got Twisty, he's a cat and put my son's name Eric here as well. - He even has Jeremy Scotts, Yeezys

- Yeah, the Jeremy Scotts, Yeezys. - Gucci

- The Guccis and Foams as well and the Yeezys because it's really comfortable to wear for

the little kids this so I got some spare pairs for him, different sizes, but it is all retail price.

It's really to say that it's inspired by me, of course. Actually, the first word my son made out

was actually Jordan. - (Chuckle) That was his first word? - It's really funny.

- So for the jerseys, I don't have too many. So I got here is actually the

Scottie Pippen.

The practice one. This is a practice-worn one. It's not game-worn and it's signed by

Scottie Pippen. It's a practice jersey and the shorts as well

It's pretty good. And this one is actually

my wife's birthday gift that I gave to her

This is a Stephen Curry game-worn in 2013 NBA Playoffs.

She is a big, big fan of Stephen Curry. And this one is not a game-worn one

but this is a game issued to Kobe Bryant. Number 8 is pretty hard to get and

it's very beautiful - the Lakers home (jersey). This is the alternate Sunday game.

This is actually a (size) U.S. 22. It's a honest shoe and signed in "92 #1 Pick" and also "HOF 2016."

Here's a special one, as I said, my wife is a sports fan

not just basketball and baseball, but Formula 1 as well. - Michael Schumacher, huh?

- Yeah Michael Schumacher. Now, we come to this shelf. We got some, like, accessories here.

So, on top of the shelf we've got some, like, the video tape. This is all about Michael Jordan.

This is a really interesting one I will show you. This is the "Space Jam" filming testing tape.

I got it from the entertainment company directly, and I think they told me that they only have seven copies, I think.

Right here is where I got, just my Supreme box.

I love this box. It's really, you know - - Handy, right? - Yeah that's right, and all those Kaws

figures. I love to collect that. Here we got all the NBA

figures as well. The Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, of course. The Stephen Curry.

Here is one thing I want to mention. This really interesting one, it's actually from this box.

You can see here "Made in USA" and this is Stephen Curry game-used mouth guard. - Wow.

On the bottom, that's where all the certificates. I'll show some of the special ones.

This is what we call the photo matching. So you can see this is the LeBron James 2013 game-worn

shoes photo-matched to 2013

January 6th and they have the photo match here. This is a Michael Jordan one. That's for the signature

and on the back. This is pretty much for the game used as you can see April 22nd, 1983.

Here's the last thing I'm going to show you guys.

It's a pair of shoes as well. The name of the shoe - the model is called the "Catapult," so this is The Mailman

player exclusive. The special thing is actually, this is signed autographed by The Mailman also number 32. - Yeah.

And the thing is actually I want to donate this one to your foundation (Kiel Colon Cancer Foundation). - Oh wow.

- Yeah, give you guys some support.

I love your program and to help people, because the thing that touched me is actually my grandma just passed away because of the colon cancer.

- Colon Cancer. yeah. - Yeah, that's right, so yeah. I really want to support you guys, so yeah, I just want you

get it back to the United States. - Yeah, appreciate that, Mike.

I appreciate you doing that and it has been a pleasure coming to Australia. You inviting us down here to check this out,

man you have an amazing collection. - Totally welcome. Yeah, I hope that I see you guys soon in to check out all more stuff

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