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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Designing Your Career: The Offer Search

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As a jobseeker youve probably scoured

job listings for a perfect fit before

pursuing a position;

it seems that if the description isnt

right then theres

no point in applying for the job.

But many job descriptions are

incomplete, inaccurate, and even

unrepresentative of the real nature

of the day-to-day work in the role.

Thats why one of the most important


in designing your career is to pursue

offers, not jobs.

If you rule out a whole organization or

industry, or think a position is a bad

fit based solely on a job description,

youre actually rejecting something

that you know very little about.

If youve ever considered a job posting or

organization and thought, "No, I dont

want to work there."

then youre a job

seeker, not an offer seeker.

But you could instead ask yourself:

"What interesting opportunities might

this organization or role be able to offer?"

We call this looking for

"latent wonderfulness."

Looking for latent wonderfulness means

moving beyond first impressions and


And it means being an offer-seeker -

exploring opportunities, getting into

the conversation, and pursuing many job

offers - rather than sitting back and

waiting to apply for the perfect job.

Looking for offers rather than jobs

requires having an open mind.

Youre genuinely curious about

the possibility of each role and

organization rather than the

preconception of what it might be.

You dont need to feel anxious or

conflicted about whether or not you

want the job - youre just exploring

and looking for potentially wonderful


This reframe affects everything from

informational interviewing to elevator

conversations to writing resumes and

cover letters.

Your curious pursuit of latent

wonderfulness can help you enter

important conversations that may reveal

great opportunities that are otherwise

invisible from the outside.

Instead of looking for one perfect job

to apply for,

seek many job offers

with a curious and open mind.

If youre curious about a role or

organization, its worth exploring and

learning more!

And your genuine interest and curiosity

also make you an attractive candidate.

When job offers arrive, youll

have the information you need to

make an informed decision, and can

negotiate from a position of genuine


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