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People are just absolutely loving the filth. In this tutorial I'm gonna show

you how to make tech house music like Camelphat, Solardo, Patrick topping and

Fisher. Over the last few weeks have been putting up tutorials on how to make

different genres of dance music, so today is tech house. Now I am going to be using

Ableton Live but you can do this at any DAW, really. and you can do it just using

the stock plugins that you already own. We will be going into sound selection. We

will be going into creating bass, groove and shuffle. We will be creating a

hook (like a little vocal hook), and I'm going to show you how to keep the

interest alive in what CAN be a repetitive genre AND we're going to go a

little bit into mixing - so if you dig this video, give it a like, subscribe

to my channel, and without further ado let's hop into the DAW. Okay... so the

first thing I'm gonna do is select the right tempo so we're going to have about

125 bpm because that's the tech house kind of tempo right so after that

obviously we want most important things that kick drums so let's get a nice Tech

Housy kick drum so I'm on splice at the moment that's that's quite good but tech

house at the moment in that kind of Patrick topping or Fisher style is quite

like a bit of distortion in the drum almost which gives it a bit of a kind of

low fire old-school feel but I'm just gonna drag this in oh and I see it's

actually a loop so what you could do is you could you could use the loop or you

could kind of splice it and then use separate samples drag it into your

sample pack but for the sake of brevity I'm just gonna loop it it's all in sync

already cool okay next thing to do is get some kind of base groove going along

you could do the drums first but I'm gonna get the base grew something cheeky

something a little bit naughty because I'm a little bit cheeky and a little bit

naughty and this is tech house after all okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm going

to move my teacup and then I'm gonna select a sample I think I'm going to use

a sampler to do the bassline so I'm just going to load the simpler

which is the stock plug-in for Ableton there are very simple sample that I'm

going to go to my bass samples and I'm gonna write it I'm not going to use a

loop I want to do one from scratch myself so I'm just gonna set find a

simple bass sound I'd quite like these vengeance ultimate bass sounds okay

we'll start with that and we'll we'll take it from there so we drop it down a

couple of octaves and I'm just going to riff on my keyboard as I play the kick

drum but I don't want it so sustained actually so I'm just going to tweak the

sustain and release and decay and I only want one voice playing I don't want pull

if it comes to the bass line so with tech house bass lines quite often they

are quite close on the keyboard rather than big chord changes that you get in

progressive house and trance and things like that so so actually I think I will

change this sample to to a synth because it loses its power when you go lower

down on the register anyway let's get this bassline doing I'm just going to

loop it in Jam

so I've doing I'm doing a little bit of change at the end of I think eight bars

so I'm just gonna make that loop twice as long and I'm just gonna play it in

and then I'll quantize it afterwards so I'm doing this on my MIDI keyboard you

could program it in of course so I'm just going to make sure that track is

armed select record and let's go just neaten this up a bit just bring that

there so Julie and now I'm just going to consolidate that I'm going to quantize

it by selecting them all by holding command and a if I'm using a Mac or ctrl

+ a if I'm using a PC and Windows and then open up my quantize okay now we are

going to actually change that sound or actually we duplicate it

quieten mute that mute the duplicate and then see if we can get a better take

house kind of bass sound using using let's use serum so I'm just going to

drag that onto my channel

and then I'm going to just go to the stock plug-in and see if we can find

anything that worked that's quite cool

okay so that's good I like that that's the sound we want but what we're going

to do is again we're going to adjust adjust the attack sustain and release

the adsr and we've got to adjust the filter envelope as well which is


so we could actually open that up as the track progresses for a bit more interest

now I'm just going to add some saturation to this get it sounding a lot

fatter I'm going to use the Ableton one just so you can see it done using stock

plugins although we are using serum but I showed how you could do that with the

sampler try some different reset

just to just to dry

okay cool so that will do for now now we want where you can just delete the

original baseline well let's do a little test which one do we like most

I think we'll keep that one we will just add a little bit of EQ on it take off

some of the high-end sizzle

boost the lower-end a bit okay now we want to get a bit of shuffle in there so

I'm going to go browse groove groove library swing and groove MPC I'm gonna

go to MPC 16 swing 64 I'm going to take velocity down so it's only the timing

it's going to be affecting

so it just makes it a little less robotic gives it some swing and next I

I'm going to find some suitable drums and get the groove going you could use a

drum loop again or you could program in your own drums so let's listen some all

these were quite old actually none of them really suitable just program

running because we're not here to just put loops together we're here to produce

our own music so let's do that I'm just going to open up the drums find a clap


something quite short I think short and snappy so let's go to

drum hits claps that's quite cool like a real sounding clap so let's just program

that in I want this clap to sound bigger so I'm going to add some saturation on

here and I want a little bit of room reverb just to make it sound wider as

well so I've used the i/o controls here to route the drum machine on the drum

rack auxilary channels to the global auxilary channels that I've got set up

here you know room and home so let's just feed some other room reverb into

the clap let's just make it louder okay that's why because I don't have a

reverb on there so I'm gonna you I won't use the valhalla actually although I

usually would I'm going to use the stock plug-in because I want you to be able to

do it even if you don't have these other plugins so now let's get the decay time

a lot closer

amano still sounds good so this is with no reverb on the clap just a bit dry

cool okay now let's get some actual drum groove kind of going first I'm actually

going to drag this MPC groove clip onto the drums too so they've got the same

swing as the baseline when we get those other drums in there now something that

tech house would have would be a kind of ride cymbal on every other beat rather

than an open hat that's kind of a popular sound so let's get a ride cymbal

ride that's cool cool enough again you can change these

later if you want to I'm going to select classic mode voice 1 because we don't

want more than one playing at once control the length of it by just having

sustained at full and then I can program it in like so

just shaping it slightly okay so now let's add some kind of skipping beats

and stuff to get that real groove going on I'm going to add a little bit of room

reverb to the open hat too you can see we've got some issues clipping here so

what I'm going to do is I'm going to bring down all of the instruments until

we've got plenty of headroom here whoops just so we don't get any clipping okay

okay let's add in some groove now let's add in some shuffle I'm going to get a

closed hat closed hi-hat okay let's bring that in and I'm just gonna add a

bit of a cheeky little shuffle one two three four five six now we might even

reduce the global shuffle a little bit it's quite strong so that's been done on

and that's with the hundred under so somewhere between a be good

cool and don't worry about the mixing we're gonna get to that shortly let's

just copy and paste this just copy and paste I've got that and we will be

adding interest to this don't worry er

so I actually want that baseline to die out quicker so I'm going to go to the

adsr controls for the volume again and just try and make it a bit more punchy

and you want a kind of roar sound when it comes to this the house sorry this

tech house kind of sound now we're going to add some incidental sounds and this

is what keeps the interest going because you know tech house could be quite

repetitive genre of music so it's all about the arrangement and it's all about

adding these little like interesting hits and sound effects as well so we're

going to add a little vocal sample first let's go to vocals so we've got this

sample from a tune I made years ago so I'm just going to create a audio track

for this just so I can manipulate the audio rather than as a sample in the

drum machine in the drum rack and I'm going to pitch it I'm going to warp it

so I can pitch it and I'm going to choose complex Pro pitch it down to

minus-12 formants down

cool it just has a little bit of interest now we want to give the drums a

bit of interest too I'm just going to put this up because I count this as a

drum hit because I'm using it as a drum so to get these drums a bit more

interest before we start going into the horns and the effect that is a technical

term by the way we are going to add some panning Auto panning on these clothes

hats and the way we are going to do that is used Ableton Auto panner here we go I

would usually use the soundToys pan man because it's got more control over it

but again for the same reason so you can hear it's now bouncing around in your

head so let's get some of those cool effects on the go now

I'm going to give an example of what would happen with arrangement because as

I said that's how you keep the interest in tech cow so all I'm going to do is

drop a kick here and then double them up on the drop here this is kind of a Danny

Howard yeah tech house kind of sounding thing

but on that drop we will get rid of chords and riff and all that because

we're not going to use them I'm just going to call this kick just so we see

what is what and then color how track like that so I want some big kind of

sound effect so you could do this in a synth absolutely but you could also just

kind of listen to some crazy effects where are some big synth weird effects

okay there's an example of what you could use as one I'm just going to load

this into into the main drum rack and this is to create interest so you might

have just quietly but we still want this big distorted sound I've got it in my

head it's like that's another good one so we are going to use this sound as

well and I'm going to load this into its own sampler I'm going to go simple

simple I go back to my sounds drop this with this one in and

I'm gonna load the same groove onto this green and I will show you what I'm gonna

do so it's just to add some kind of interest as it's going but anyway let's

let's focus on what I'm doing which is

you know you might have a big horn this is where on fishes losing it on the drop

he'd have this big hologram so we're not gonna use that because it's been done

I'm actually going to manipulate this just to show it's a bit it's a bit of

fun do a bit of sound design I mean this is a really old sample so it's not

there's no stereo width to it there's nothing

so we want some movement in that first I'm going to shave off this last pix

it's a dope

we want to make this really big and the way I'm going to do that first is add an

EQ no F Auto filter gonna whack the resonance up and I'm gonna do a filter

sweep make a band sweep actually no I'm not because that sounds absolutely

rubbish don't know what I was thinking okay okay first thing we're going to do

is get rid of some of the bass in that

make it really big I'd usually do this on an aux Channel but for the sake of

brevity I'll do it here

it's just so it's a really big sound you know and it lasts a long time we're

gonna add some room reverb here so on the drop now we've got this big big

sound and we might have another vocal hit there saying something else just so

it's a cool and response so he goes yeah or it goes meow and there's something

else so it's all about the groove when it comes to tech house you know people

have people are just absolutely loving the filth when they're done since its

heck house I know from experience

so let's find something classic rape it yeah why not a letter all the way you

absolute legend yeah that'll sound good so I just

so something like this what do you think so far guys let me know in the comments

below what genre do you won't need to make on this channel again I read every

comment and I really appreciate your input so thanks for leaving a comment

and let's get back to the tutorial so another thing you could do is add a like

little bit of a reverse snare as well so and a double clap somewhere so a reverse

clap would sound a bit like well guess what it would sound like a clap but in

Reverse so I'm gonna go clap reverse clap that's a nice one I made that one

of my favorites I'm just going to do it on an audio track because time is

running out take it down in we could do a double clap here as well so this is

what it would sound like and I'm going to give you a quick example of the kind

of arrangement trick that you might use in tech house just to filter it out so

but I'll explain okay I'm going to send the bass and the kick to a bus in

Ableton Live I'm just going to group them but in any other door you just send

them to one bus so you can process them together I'm going to call this kick and

bass whoops we named the wrong thing kick and bass bus then I could color it

red so you then might employ some kind of a

filter again I'm just going to use some built-in one and this so you'd have a

section of the track doing this basically and then on the drop I why did

that stop that was embarrassing that's like when you're DJing in the South you

press the wrong button the sound stops taxi okay I'm just gonna do this I'm

gonna bypass it and then under by part it so let's keep it on and let's get a

nice big rising sound not too cheesy mind because it's tech house not trance

I'm just gonna get for the sake of brevity a white noise riser FX sweep up

okay here we go still so you'd have a build like this maybe and you'd add some

more effects here like some delay on the drums to take out the power okay so now

let's do the mix down really quick I think I've covered everything I wanted

to in this tutorial apart from the mix so let's just go through and do it

quickly first the kick in the base you want that

Rocking nice and fat there already sounding pretty fun

you might add some saturation and process them together if you're I I

really love the the soundToys Decapitator for this but I'm just going

to use the plugin that the stock plug-in for Ableton just to fatten it up a bit

now in terms of drums just make sure that you're cutting out the low end

where it's needed on these different instruments so let's use some EQ on that

alright hat all this low-end don't need it much better has the thing using

Goulding's older samples quite often there's a lot of unwanted frequencies in

there it's 909 hat you want to make sure you don't take out too much body

and our clap let's see what's going on there and for this build I'm just going

to reduce the length of these ride hats so there's more impact when it comes in

okay that has it really works because it's the layout put the decay I put some

on the release so there you have it guys I really hope you enjoyed this tech

house tutorial let me know what you want me to cover in my next video download my

free guide if you want like subscribe all that good stuff and until next time

Cheers and happy produce

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