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camera dropped

i don't know how does the stream look to you guys

right now my god

how it looked before but how's it looking now

brimming with seven victory now


i got it

that the poor one together



oh k

was a close

melissa started

all right



breast opportunities


groups breakfasts


marriage itself

who has taught me that he is forward these treatment for the actual

television political tangible

for the actual shop to see some of your in here

and then suddenly nobody's in here

i don't know what's going on

nada says myself from and move on our industry and originally had samik

rubble mathan truants dot


who has stomach suggestions

team to it

google chromium newsgroup chrome

credit okay

let me show you

insuring the show as if i can actually do it because i know i can't but i'm

going to try it again


here goes


blocks socks so where i saw can you tell me what i'm talking about

that started this concerns that you know that amount

my name is evil thoughts and i appreciate all of you listening joined

in it

i'll be your host and well everyday

i may have some you on skype personal struggles but other than that i mean guy

and this is the voice you listen to so kick back and grab some popcorn and

enjoy it as well

miss shows bryant's you've been in part by iraq for x for a lawyer dean served

d_p_s_ server indicated were most sincere rabin's

also brought your money in the for your processing graphics needs

control freak


sponsor code people's box p_p_o_ s-video expert embers enough to produce

unscrewed grips

get a grip on life

and welcome to the show

that was really cheesy

i guess i don't know

this is a bit more awkward because nobody's actually talking

and i feel for everyone

yeah scenarios are soviet empire

don't wanna chat room to work for me and what cancel regionals messages

blizzard open kitchen and motor corrals served

jet set



what do you guys want to hear about uh... eh

i don't really think i have any leftover topics from

flashier women are pretty much covered it all other than the extension of what

we were talking about with silly solomon

but frankly that i would just needs to be done that's not what is


how is the audio quality i'd never actually strained with this format

salon entirely sure


anyting about

fifteen minutes launched a new election that's cool

you can come back when the thus things from actually going through

it'll probably be a bit

more active when you come back

just saying

because you're saying

and the stream a spinning for that reason i apologize for that

hello kitty island adventure passion you let's plan ye actually


hello shakti islands


that the same as hello kitty along

is willing to events what comes up

hello kitty online

are you talking about the world warcraft mob

define don't play word warcraft mod of hello kitty

i want to tell mom and i thought it was like a flash game or something to come


rates over is

why do you keep saying still here

isn't like a loop initialing

no it's not

won't hear you keep saying still

future i don't hello three sixty cool down and welcome to the stream

if you have any topic suggestions please leave them you will let me

reinventing ten test will come and political who said it wants of me

standards and what once you keep saying still hear over and over and over don't

know why you keep saying still there

but anyway

though this is cool guy will come back blizzard


yes the sixty program and welcome aboard i don't know

when he pulled the stream to its going on since

weapons were

so if you get he signs

hello kitty island adventure what would you like to see me why does the keeps

hitting what would you like to see me

i do have mom somebody else required requested that black needs the source

i don't how they know how i feel about that i don't know that

i want to do they do more than a full

let's play i may do some treblinka flew montage thank them for sure

but for the full let's plan i don't know that i can really do the injustices

therefore i don't necessarily want to devote

the nature of what's going to

because foursquare games i could try doing

that little

remaining game but it just before open

for more rage which i don't want on the u_s_ in the clintons you know

that works

go to win streak hit too hard to still need to do so

mentors machine i do still need to do

horvat badges that minimalist my actually i said before

and the members of michigan all an evergreen played and i want to get him

during the war plan

according to dr

reliance do

if it says the easy to get free is the first one was uh... definitely but


can really sink money into games right now

would have gone on here who lives here everybody's okay

is consistent response


let's talk about apples and why apples are so fantastic actually no

and hungry como and i'm not going to sleep in

that's what i said it was only at the start of the kind of threw me out from

on balance of

actually coming in here confidently in you know

producing the show a rather than just kind of sitting here waiting for you

guys to talk with me because i'm forever alone

but i did get to meet so that's good

i do now have melons in my belly

the bee cave hosts a new video you guys should go check it out gases videos

hallways also rm

just yet how burlington that's down here

the beauty of india

watch nature

what games at home


indeed many vietnam at the incidental

like that categorization

went games

that recently

come out

or that are about to come out that our on a bit smaller scale

are you guys looking forward to it

thanks to you

yes indeed

how can you be looking forward to playing diablo two

well i guess you could say to claim a hundred really looking forward your

diablo two

when he came out why

twenty years ago ye

and stored and we're going to have a flurry of celebrating here in near the

amount of time to them and you do

but on a sits on the money to catch up with home there's do worse too

links to after the last rempac experts


spacerun any

provided me with a copy of

viewers to then spurgeon fantastic i plan on plane that soon

i was going to do some for the string play

animal on a graphics card issues

for those of you don't know

and so i'm actually running on michael graphics card which is from like two

rails on a tour earlier

so um... india ninety eight hundred g_t_e_

tells it like you use them well interested doesn't you know explode my

computer when i play them like the old one did

but it still doesn't blacks are likely on planet chairman

battlefield three campaign i had not touch that whatsoever i do need to get

in there that i need to give it a shot

no need to try it out then

only studio sql and even from dislike making from the campaign or

bundling obviously out of history action

bison haha j k

actually sit in

next to choose monitor

and yes and maternal beaches on it

and maybe the international scene that would be absolutely

and test etc

phil apple sticker on it

amtrak spokesman there with the squeaker logo

near that's all occurred

cheers mike

my neck

you know

acted up

displacing be a three-way stamping he was known

today for an excellent service incredible firewood

premium on xbox over something that really matters but

young loved oblivious to how to get back i get them do on xbox live an election

at the front or them as friends

he's ups three for netflix

i don't want to ethics at counsel's i don't like animal that tends to read it

doesn't load as high quality of video

i'd much rather dis running on my i mean i realize i have my pc hooked up to my

t_v_ which most people

mike have that option


i do that and so i'd much rather disorganized looks up to them i surround

sound and running after a console hai

i don't like all the new counsel abstinence like that i just don't get a

into gaming console i want to play games i don't want all this other craft

netflix runs fine on my computer

actually my family

and the basement have gotten


netflix up on the blu ray player so

help mavericks

blast of us what is that everybody kept asking about that one or two games up

which is a list of us come out you know i mean of course that's what is it

and want to be a street schools and pull what use it

against it was too i love job was to

they were symbols of mormon clip

uh... charitable as well we're going to do a few reveals a lot maybe not a full

series bonnet

i don't understand why you all like

use consoles for several days

ahead of history so complete history games

that's one of their for it

plays play session one position during games and

at the end


i don't understand that i play xbox games on xbox

unemployed yesterday msm gets there

which is actually a lemon and read the camera and again unless you all want


or want to do but it's under the xbox russia job

be g_w_ congratz on talking then heroes onnum outpost himself on any of those on

does that make you a director

postcard to look at them in on a dark awesome i may actually check it out to


i mean i've literally see nothing on another them i guess that the phone

calls i got when i worked at gamestop

so i will judge i get out of time

uh... that's mullis of at least the check of the electorate o'rourke


like trailers and got four

um... extra no i'm not a halo zoned director did

i'm just gonna purple i guess i could be at some point i just

when you more active in the community woman then multiple communities don't

get my content and get more out there

and going to someone like the hill zone for my or content

is something to do so

very good way of going up

yeah but it doesn't have failed so it sucks


it placed history games

not having one man doesn't think it's up to two separate

so replace that consoles it

i don't panic

and really we hear about that i understand that every console more every

platform that does consul

has to have the exclusives whether four

actual like platform requirements

or just for


orders for lion king

promotional rates and obviously so

history is going to have its discusses the piece is going to have its bc only

games the ants were still have it sticks reserves

and it's like that

two bb means welcome back

and so to say that a council sucks because it doesn't have a game

really isn't a critique of the council of all it's

i mean that has that's no effect on the console if anything you can say halo

socks for not negotiating contracts to get a moment

guild on time

you can say that

sony sucks for not getting the contracts to halo to put it on their consul or

you know what have you for around that

welcome actu welcome back

heavy rain as my favorite that is my life new stolen

i get to play heavier and now i a m

i think i want to curb watchin rather

i think i want to which does not want a bill to get a hold of her give a try it

student is of little dust-up

i don't have moved and it seemed like to be a lot more interesting to play with

play session move

i don't know that it requires a movement for

if it requires the move

than i cant split but whatever

do you actually have heavy rain or that

one of the ones that you had that

you know can't play more because the stuff


uncharted while the movie game unchartered was a lot of fun

i haven't actually home

played through all of them yet but i played bits of

both of them and are all three of them and they were all fun and i played the

multiplayer beta for uncharted three and i was a lot of fun

it was like a bit for them almost like a mix of agassi good name

game like assassin's creed

where you or

prince of persia

where you have that

climbing around ability and things like that

mixed with years of war

as far as the third person cover based system shooting

it was a lot of fun

i really enjoyed it

im kinda disappointed i never got the game itself but i will get into it


i want to be done haven't started one and two record and then i need to be

first them

frankly i just need to sit down and do it there's nothing really keeping me

from doing so


and we still need to bring them up why haven't we hooked up yet

made a pickup truck alice carroll and offers got


or for one of the home

but of the matter

pre cut men's allston

i got mine

you guys can see it but i got my tom

assassin's creed brotherhood collector's edition from a customer one hour to


he does them one at all it is completely open and we've been doing you know

usually keep this 'cause you're getting nothing for admissions like here you go

uh... but you know we need to attractive especially when then to dragonball z

connection comes out of your haven't seen that checked out guerillas a looks

pretty gimmicky here looks pretty cheesy

at this point i looked a bit

colour when they've

first announced that himself

but i would if i take it out because

cow may hav met hahaha

on top of the most of the factor

and then on the likes it and pretend you're fucking do accrue or something

to put it to be able to go coming out huh

that is

uh... i think that's awesome

extra um... yeah

the plan music and sound good

roar globalism

that we have

huge list of games to play

very little time and once i start working we're gonna have even less time


why life why

why do this

uh... mst u

for those of you didn't know whether to throw in a little more maybe balloons

emblems programs

actually had business council


was the tent

you're the only one and seven jet problems losin' that's on your end

work as those of life

wire cast

for city v shed just kind of socks and two-page doesn't work very well and so

i have to use it in firefox for the bills are working on chrome for me and

you just can't have developed a beer

i have business cards other kind of wrestle it into some of the scratch in

the middle

can really really 'cause carol focus some are just booked

sky black and white photos on the back standerford photos on each one

watch me i need to do that as the

brennan level

has no influence elena

through tackle

yes is working from freer it doesn't work in chrome for me

like i said

them issues with the chatter completely dependent on

in every single person that's not

something universal or anything like that

so i a business card i can give it to be water given it to the producer of the

radio station and interning for him

is guided by coming to settle a cornell itself but it give it

somebody gives business cards and oh i mean how little ke people's business

cards but still

i'm glad to have them is

the true technology and outside help

watching videos or streaming on and i west allies sucks period

especially streaming because you don't have the bandwidth capability to


stream into europe under the influence

if you're in a speed tests on your internet on your ipod

and then run in on your computer

like here my internet i get about a twenty two may lie down

almost dreaming about up on my home computer

from our minimum honesty test

running on my ipod

and i don't even get worn down or one-up because placards just

have horrible wifi adapters and very low power therefore

they're just not good for video and i mean the mobile for that there are

constant aunt

internet streaming devices but

the trend of eminem initially the reach that point in the way perfectly fine

sure but

one of the border

i've never used one of these before my life

i have one of these agata for christmas of last year

'cause aluminum

can drink water in the sky i see a lot of people keeping we're drinks in here

but i would only be taking water with me but i don't know if the mentality in

this makes it weird or what have you

but if i can just take this for school with water and so there are a lot of all

let me know pits i would like to know she's little drink cancer

true you should know

yeah cool water

and maybe try and use it

there really are hurt at all

i don't even like the concept of it i mean sure you're saving water bottles or


accountable for what sound

but there just for the offer and stuff done

its metal i don't want in the middle of this wont

i want our i want a water bottle

and i'll refill water or or


i'm not a traitor if i was a traitor

we'd be a referral new i_q_ gabby trigger

that uh... don and diane


my voice today is not working out

come get more sunkist i will be right back

programs now

i would like to use them for you

time again the divers like last time about

no amazon elaborate mantra rate my transaction

the alex is indirect segregate goin last time cuz

we got some really good

dogs go in and some really good docs

whereas we had a couple more people and stuff but

i think we can still do it

but on the very by coming into some sort more sunkist

you guys stick with the mrs

boxed up

the first boss' contest continues to be on the highest level of unbelievable

card his ek records

high-quality professional conference some fantastic dedication will send him


anyone and everyone needs to follow the co-sponsors or they will certainly miss

out on the board piece of history

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and towards theory

backslash personal

bad laws

dynasty appeared on skid store when you're playing video games

do need a little bit more accuracy ingane

balloon checkout control freaks liner gaming sensors

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a view to downtown slightly did utility bills and

and uh... forgive you smile

halo or had

and and

i-seventy not pulling minister anything yet but i'm trying something new so

don't hate me for the new things

determined to block the camera with mike but at the same time i want you all to

be a bit here means so you know


mohamed usman on my setup is very strange and very hard to manage is

getting quite fresh at this point

so i want to get some justin nineteen backing

comment without some kids so

bring assignments on kids

i don't like some kasama alex thank you so much because

it is some concern is that your kid is understands that companies like enough

to really awkward talking by myself

but it's not for like a video

was involved in st room

heavy richard a new email like it

in here

yes i am

freshman year high schools will assert returns and kissed

and base that is kinda get addicted to caffeine and sugar

and i have naturally low butcher hypoglycaemia some kind of addicted to

the east sugar woman detective an independent and having so many blood

sugar and in saigon


sunkist yeah

i drink a lot

come slowly when you know philandering game or

watcher bites if they can tell

i phone five dots

why do i

why would i have blogs on the iphone five

it's an iphone

i don't have

everybody still seamus was blown away by the fact that

and this is my phone

it is it is

it's it's a texting phone

it's nowhere near a smartphone

nor will i probably ever had a smartphone for quite a long time

i've never had my phone

nor do i have in terms of getting one i have not played touch

which some people think it's an iphone from time to time but

it is much thinner

franklin ave i like the idea of smartphones allowing q that week

have the option of having these

primarily just the drawers blacks

the icons they're going to be

nuts is worse like

everybody talks bad about madden and

coldly in there in orleans right

think about

yeah funds and i realize that people do make this connection this is not

as common


near columbia reached in the gaming community and stuff month

they put on a new iphone every year

these things calls like five hundred thousand dollars

and every year people so we wrote one for like

minuscule fraction of what they paid for it and get the new one

perot wont

what makes it worth paying for the first place


upgrading every year or upgrading even one year

i don't understand

granted yes

if i had

you know if i had a lot of this local income or somebody was paying for my

data plan

then i would have an iphone yes

but i would not be recycling going through them every single year or

anywhere near that for that matter

then this is ridiculous

for one it's a phone i always use mine basically until a fall apart

it is a phone

but secondly i mean

at just don't understand that your

blown away so much money for

a pretentious lee slightly higher megapixel phone camera which

despite how many megapixels they make it to take it still looks like crap because

it's on the phone maintenance aground you know the landing people of

llanview's nowadays

looks like crap anyway

at and just don't see it yes they speeded up yesterday you know through

some sort of

physical changes s name and in some tiny new software features

but that's not worth eight hundred more dollars or five hundred held its not

worth any amount more dollars

to just sit there and keep a reoccupy

cm are from five bucks

dismissed thrown on the ground

just throw it on the ground


i have been offered some monies iphone when they do upgrade but it has a crack

screen and stuff i think i know somebody moment of my high school that could

replace it

but again i a

i'm not gonna pay sixty extra dollars a month

for an internet plan for a phone

when i have internet at home

and i don't know certainly needed

like the only put

or i spend most of my time is going to be went up either i'm at work

i'm in school

or i'm at home

school and home i have wifi everywhere laptop about judge kimba fire

idoney dot

i don't need additional data on my phone

if i am working then i'm at work

i don't need to be on the internet work

if so then that would be

ruin work

if i'm at home i have internet everywhere anybody's imaginable so why

did it on my phone i'm not that fucking lazy

there's my rant about

net chapter

t_v_ winter now thank you for mainly actually don't have it

they're not soon enough until tomorrow

so i will let you guys know on the rule certainly be video reviews there will be

lots of stuff regarding the a_p_ u

and probably the mother where the senate to unless it's just like it

tiny little

display mother borders on them

anti-semitism bear symbiote uh...

when i signed up and then take that

minnows course one of them by email they said that that sent out

cats and dogs markets what's up

ideally i'll get it by wednesday

hell if i'm lucky i'll have a video of my friday on its but if not it'll be

next monday's video

ominous certainly talk about an employer streams and winds like that

banana lots of problems

i'm behind on this item out in the elections in these like that and that

will sp

ideally help out with a lot of the issues i've been having regarding my


'cause that'll the replacement parts of central it for me

even though i mean and reviewing the

time reviewing them form india i am using it to help promote their product

but it also be replacement parts for me

which i mean

it's kind of the point

both parties get

benefits and i really like that

i really like that someone like that can exist no i do not want to report this

email spam stop doing so

eyes should also be gain you know

couple different actual

session begins on different parts from different not computer parts of sarajevo

some different products from some different needs and bring that review


i did get this quick groups which i showed off last time bloodstream and i

did mention of my sponsors list today

uh... had to get those from obviously an xbox

did a quick little review and supplement the videos gonna probably go up


i have so many videos it's hard to decide when to upload what exactly

but for the among upload their review wednesday

through a little right above it beforehand and put it on my blog

that'll be verticals would go to school control group accessories

got a couple other coming my way still need to be one just for a control freak

just for the sake of having it done

it is a real

and yet uh...

destroying itself dot

got lots of abuse i could do

want to do

yes i'll be up for playing halo three later

on thomas would go to a control freak

one of them again

there's a slight chance of my receives nashua soon which would be pretty

awesome can't making promises can even promised myself

but that would be pretty gpa rate

so i'll be looking for that plus a review of the gamer grub

their little gamer snack

um... i don't actually have them yet so i can you give any thoughts right now

but i will be receiving some review kamisetti reviews of slogan for nicole

reno while we're on the topic essentially of housekeeping wishes under


first ave kidding part of our best

i would like to go on an address that

and mo

say part of our best

in that

most c l_ brother knows so much an alumni internet's things


needful people

needful people



and i'm probably noticed that a lot of kind of walking as has been going on

with channel different formats different videos

pre-scheduled zone backing boris

we have been adjusting things

try and uh... you know

due to a stable and place where we want to be with

content tomorrow to go

and i've also been adjusting and learning new

actual do you like

tricked into informant's selected

picture quality is a lot better

and i believe i've also discovered bike

the perfect picture quality

possible possible so

it'll take some getting used to working with that format but after that and

things will be really great

as far as actual content

they should be a bit more calm now i a m starting to yeah under settings quickly

but my cover kodak's and sizes and everything doing with that

uh... as far as actual content goes worded and mostly streamline lane

lined out

streamlined and laid out mourns how do i speak

then there's

i'm always you know going crazy being indecisive always wanting to change

something about how i do this hal

things are going on so it's hard for

meet us it's still a me happy with someone but i think we found essentially

a good

lineup and things done

by the way of knowing about things that i've learned so

will be moving forward there with essentially how they have been for the

past week or so in cuba to go on from there is suing the response was a great

their are continuing to be great

as they have been

i do plan on putting this kind of thing out as a podcast unwanted

picks up in the like that

i do want to do more light shannon's because i want to split one step back

from doing like the random just gamevideos that no one e honestly cares

about and video form

but there are so pretty exciting and my shoe for

so i do want to do some elections get you guys in some games things like that

what else is there


i am actually in the process of negotiating some new mine crap servers

for everyone

ideally i'd

delia can again i can't make any promises but ideally


we'll have a personal server that

every now and then people be let alone

that we use for our own leg

series or what have you they'll be are a little person server

but i'm also getting a thirty slot one gigabyte

community server that

spore muscles covers for the community

them where we can have some

group b_ vince i plan on doing some contests for giveaways i plan on

you know

having some multiplayer series going interacting with you guys

that way i have a community

micro server for you guys and yes i realize that everyone in their mother

does that by it

uh... and i'm also talking to some companies like squid groups like

you know my sponsors and getting some free copies of their product to go out

to you all annals quick trips is pretty much on board

i'm sure i can get some others on soon and hopefully meet some pre-game codes

maybe we'll see

on the environment

them back into the topics at mac vs pc

that's another one like the iphone

there's there's no argument there's no discussion

there's just bc

over the first part

mac is a pc

and mack is a personal computer

and accuses the exact same hardware

as a pc

there's no difference there since the crappy operating system and solo apple


verses the decent slash replaceable software installed on

normal computers

stick with us

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don't judge them l two months dot so we'll be right back

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alluded to

mister pants catching glimpses captain can see here


munch and doesn't okke convinces here welcome aboard get convince you

should've just in time


yes i am very jelly

jealous images actually said really and sanders okay

number jealous of your chile too

and i'm

very jealous invent

i want to i think about hale four

always with the burger

men's is a very difficult topic for me

well not really elena it's just come by for it

i've been doing my best to avoid just about everything associated as far as

video content promotions going south

that's been released about he will for recently

as much as possible on it

i've seen some old where gameplan

when imil d for started showing you know did that for so the streams of the

multiplayer matches that they were doing i watch some of those polled over that


himself actually for her


i've seen all the official like my docs and trailers

but other than that i've been avoiding mike as far as as much as of uh...

details as possible simply because

among many spoilers i don't want

i don't like jumping on the hyper and i don't like to join you know and get him

into higher goal may be disappointed or only did have things different

orford things the change and frankly that's how it should be

i'm tired of the cold rehired type that was associated with reach that just cut

turned their hatred

weird things like that

but as far as what i

have actually seen

i'm stoked for it and i a m so excited


hill four

and you have no idea way

when they first release the legendary or limited addition pre-orders on him and

fully paid off and still paid off for a company like five dollars now comes on

demand is down what

it still fully paid off radio i'm giving a gaming nights and i'm playing it

actually on the day of my sister's birthday but

and clean the heck out that game it's going to be a lot of fun i'm really

excited to see what they do with the story line what they do with

messages they're actually

from what i can tell there actually going about it in a way that

i've honestly always wanted out of halo four

you don't know if you're in a pre-order

anders idon't know double up well cuz i don't know that much about three forty

three and i realize that their branch of bungee

and stuff like that but

there were some decisions associated with the continuation of breach end with

anniversary that i don't necessarily agree with


i don't know how they're going to handle hale four

but they are taking a in a more storytelling

narrative approach they're shutting you know packard four-story briley bringing

motion into the storyline available

and i'm looking forward to that i am so starved for that

if they thought well if they don't blow up well i'm going to be disappointed

but i am and i'm sure i'll be able to play a twenty four seven two get over it

so you know

and yes that means and i do think i'll still be able to keep my girlfriend when

it comes out because

considering how much she did nord me for mass effect i think i can

no uh... allowed to play halo for a little bit

and considering the way i could be there and that probably involve her with a

little therefore there's no risk of losing her journey a little

and frankly she's a bit prettier than master chief or curtailment so

there's no risk there

thanks for the question to you

that arguments about no-no new spent forever a mess fax you like

can adjust

disappeared for a while when your plan aspects of so

made by a little bit

the that yeah


jillian into it you know that's not what i meant but

i mean if america not


and cheryl bees in the same thing about it oh four it was fun

you really can't say much either because i won't

hema very well i won't put hardly any timing manual for compared to how long

you actually spent

an aspect even without me realize and so

that that there's nothing to say that

and i mean as far as steamed color your pre-order

you have a pre ordered already since you definitely can pre-order the

moment in addition version so if there's really no point just do it when you can

get it

at this point

you are just going to be giving them extra money so

there's not much to handle without

the problem right now as i'm burned out with reaching there again my own

sometimes another feel even though there's plenty of games that i own that

i haven't even played but sometimes you just get burnt out sometimes you just

run out of steam and you need to take a break come

it's always really good to have some sort of game that you

can hold onto

now you can keep going back to you and i'm always and then i mean there's

always been something i could find i could jump into

theodore green around among crafter collective help i do agree with us we

aught of assembly nail three

him i play a little bit after the stream

on the names like that always you know there's always something you can go


but now it's time when you start looking at new games i really don't like the

idea of people

waiting around in between games

and just be a michael cable every game sucks because i'm waiting for you know

the next call of duty of the neck still to come out

surely you're not dependent on a single series so go pick up another game go

find another game that you've never even touch before

and check it out

tell you may end up enjoying it more than you do it halo

i seriously doubt that specifically that you get rid of genocide

i can guarantee that evidence of the retailer comes out and find a copy

deaf and maybe even limited isn't

is every arrives with them

when you can get the limited addition they sold out copy is back in june

now granted if someone doesn't buy theirs on the employees don't buy them

at certain stores

you might be able to get lucky and get a copy

but other than that you're not getting the limited as far as the prerana cisco

there's a couple hank

farmer things having to deal with the senate one vote on that it's basically

the little

window claim that i

gave away in my life shirt meant in that was the burger boats and most

the reason i had so many ways because when i worked there we never gave amount

everybody arrearages that they couldn't so

no i want to

fever thirteen helal soccer games

i'm gettin murder miners have stuff lingam reminders that there's like three

bucks i got it for free with spare microsoft warrants l

which put out some time ago as well

so reside in place our goes from choose question

different timers

i say that that's really hard to address i don't even

i want to talk about it but i'm not sure how to approach it

murder minors it is a first-person shooter in the aim on xbox live arcade

it is basically halo inside of mine craft

uh... occurred

packed into my brain is not working today

mammary minors is critical

and a little shame you know that last week current tuesday ish

uh... men still appear you can check it out but there's not a lot of footage but

that's funny youtube videos on the nozzle

tunneling i'll be making one necessarily but there will be some videos of their

there's plenty of them

already historical


here's an open-ended question who were quite

someone in him

the way of herbs on the link that is

bb kitta

uh... really

but somehow work there

the way you approach the c_n_n_ when you need a new pc

skews sir

as you start fining essentially what are called gateway games

which has the phrase is very similar to gateway drugs but

it's basically the same company fine games

that you can play


you can play on your pc but don't be around them and be the main games anyone

play on pc but there's someone i can get you started like

mine craft like

there is little small in the memo was the little indy bundle games thing like

that to get you started

teaching going to be c_n_n_

and make sure that you know

pc indexes and then when i get into 'cause there's probably nothing i don't

know it personally but there's yep likely retribution that's really good


if you need a new pc you probably can't run that on your pc

but you whenever against our craps and bill if you need a new pc it's not

something that's not bills are they working until they're like hardcore


but and make sure that pc gaming is actually something you want to

yeah starcraft is not a good internet at all

but make sure that the c_n_n_ something that you want to get into because you

know one of the dropped near

true three karan donate

gaming computer which

ever getting maybe someone that's probably going to be what it is


you're going or you're going to drop much money in a game computers and find

out you don't like gaming on commuter

because you can't really sell about that's on our so you're kind of scary

yet mein kampf legalisms those are kinda good

lol isn't a beginner game but it certainly

more new contest the waters of that kind of john wrote with


make sure what does that just make sure that

you find some sort and you know especially to keep you busy what until

you get a new computer

but just kind of you know fines on them leverage he started to make sure that

this is really what you want but this is

something you really want to get into other wise you might find it's a very

disappointed and out of a lot of money

unless they have the same economic time

frankly was maybe the forever i just kind of join up complaints inhaler one

under the chair

what's a good start arrived when my girl bolts uh... even know what that is

having us all that on the steam then but

i never really

i don't know anything about

mulligans unmentioned a good starter pc games mine crafts sound

as sad as it may be the same room six but i know everybody's gonna make fun of

it but yeah

kids on steam in a fire in the mix ture aria

super me boy

let's play halo you-know-who playset

you wanna fun games that are similar to the games you put in counseling you'd

expect to be played on pc

but that aren't going to be hoover hardcore games


your computer can handle

there is the new black me so sore but may suffer source that

and just got installed that

is a continuation of the half-life series or a revival of it

and they're silly games like slender and

amnesia dark dissent

just cause to was good but again that's another one that you've got to have a

good computer for

if you'd be reloaded as an online in the mold for free

pokey animal put him on massively multiplayer or massively

will play online games

is a lot of fun

hill to again you're gonna need a decent computer

but it is a very good entry game for first-person shooters

quake alive completely free

home runs inside a google chrome

very good mega many of the death match here

remain yet you got to be open-minded poor but yeah definitely

at little anyone like limbo mario with boreholes

dungeon defenders didn't like that those are pretty good

hill custom addition definitely

insur plans in india laters things like that

what else is there

well hello custom anism addition isn't coming

the only way you can really get it at this point but those by pirating but

it's not technically

yes because in addition part is free but you still need the actual game itself to

run itself

therefore is not free

the reason i'm getting burned as transfer can actors take one out

well if you're planning now point every time out most games don't have actors

other than mine

ones you shouldn't be playing anymore right

i mean hackers


taggers are

limkokwing call of duty i mean

that someone else

yeah proclaim blackouts fine actual new game to play then you wouldn't get

burned out because they're just playing games that

frankly are worth your time past amongst times anyway and certainly not worth the

money to purchase in the first place

has come for perot money is amazing

but it kind of socks

britain doesn't suck i suck at rather

you know what i meant

nasscom for is a lot of fun

if you're addicted

didn't pinion acting burned out display something else fearsome flintstones the


yeah krikalev is record it's a lot of fun if you like the quake stull

first-person shooter spy enjoyed my time with it

there or more free verse for singers like comment or black lion things like


then you can play as well

realm of the man got its free here it's good i have a play d uh...

and then there's more free in the mos on scene michael rings online dungeon

dragons online things like that

that you can play

nears monies

you can't

hate it when people to suggest carey's mom is an actual game by itself

carey's mom is in a game in space for justice and marks for all your other

games and so if you get about self is pretty useless

and i don't really see the point of planet without

are purposely counter on terrorists

talents correct

there's a couple different it's not a game it is not a game there is no fun

game to it

is a set up to set up all the details they'd justice and

so yes thirty names like the hidden tetro on their stand down

trouble in tears down the names like that that are a lot of fun

and blood by itself it is completely pointless

was a good game lecturer aria

now depends what aspects do you like insurer

is that you could argue my draft but like what aspects are you looking for


tour arias kind of a bit of a unique game

i heart you to be became

vermonters doesn't count cuz its first-person shooter


donor to his daughter to free like at the game actually come out because

i hurt you doing that

cuz you know i got the bait or whatever but it seems like a games released in

yet i have it

idols and expose them

cost money and someone

clearest reallly level is very


what why i have daisy and i've yet to be don't play with a myself in you all have

daisy please let me know

everyone play daisy for like

yest u loves major yes there

until it is easier


just waiting for the disease command

alerted to listen and said it was a hundred dollars

mitac com

till to do

teens that


when is that

never heard of it

let me just go to the same story here

we'll talk about some names that are on selling de six human evolution

revolution rather

that is a very good game

it is on sale for some forty nine of those suggests you guys go check it out

or for three mm deal c we don't give a crap about that

sleeping dogs just cannot looks kind of fun but i don't really see

many interest on that for me

or larosa looks pretty cool

and actually playing in the bay area in the military coup

just like me something about me sir

but ya can't see my screen right now anyway i might add

as if i can adjust luck


spinnaker it an infinite loop percent apologize for that

that's not going to be the most like instinct but never got

glenness is for you just have to have the source s ticketno c events

we're going to listen


i don't think you're talking about the game i'm talking about you because

the game you're

maybe they have

anna anderson's on fri settling answering on

uh... resident

prayer or the residents from paradox

pickles like

thirty bucks or forty bucks whatever

an alleged

mayor that was that but i don't know how they'd have a patch for game that's not

a vietnam whatever

reliance to experiment

pitman m solution as potential because

country girl

is really cheap and it's a lot of fun i've

put a little of it i have enjoyed my time with that

i have one of the warrants games

uh... abides why was someone at some point

faster than my disposed to be good i don't know much about it

orcs mustache you i'd really like to have kids and multiplayer and the first

one was a lot of fun


whereas like free to play from a show of some pretty bleak and serious

a_t_v_ reloaded like i mentioned

ordering online maple story

to really know much about it and some people like to make fun of it

um black lion tried to send

apparently there's a free to play gotham city impostors

that kind of

pisses me off cuz i had to pay for the game the first place

but now what whenever

problem and uh... like i said

racing in fairly

deodorant and very well-known boron looks kind of a layer of off of

pvdf reloaded

not sure what of a bus

we're switching back around here

silver creek box looks like another in a game

the platform

combat arms as a free first for ginger but it sucks

who just does dungeon fighter online is supposed to be ok have been dick

disassociate really good

super monday night comment as a lot of fun but have been in one place it


microsoft flight

um fallen earth disposed okay

added together in

star trek online

the or



must come




the said

i was not


rubric to means group with two exhibit and that's a bit in that

and somebody and so they can have charts he rolls yours all really have to pay

which i like to have some halo

take a little break

nobody really has much

deep questions this week but that's honestly okay

okay without

mobutu beckham next week you completely ruined

hopefully honestly just kind of my great i want this to be a gateway two devi k


veto in random inaez board podcast of


i would really like to get

you know that's going on so this is me like

gateway and through that so i would like to see this big o

eventually involve another beard and i get that started in the royals on board

myself i got so

has essentially walk

my part of my motivation do start doing that so

ads brochures bro castro

something or another

and itself

of the real inserted soon within the next couple weeks

thank you

the first time in mind


maybe some of my stand

you next week

bb jaden

handing out sometime soon i would like them are really want to get this

stopped going to really want to get grocery and going

and the offering up some halo three is uh... would jump on it looks like we're


see you later

again the suit was brought to you in part by

brac flux they're providing us with that community my dresser

and though

ulcers freaking out

a catholic and a regular guy

never indeed drawbridge students articulate seal

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