Practice English Speaking&Listening with: P3 Pinning Ceremony

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Hi everyone! Welcome to the College of Pharmacy Virtual P3 Pinning Ceremony.

I want to thank everybody for their contributions to making this a memorable event.

Congratulations Class of 2021, you have finished your P3 year!

We wish you the best of luck on APPEs.

Now let's hear from Dr. Shenoy.

[Dr. Shenoy] Hello everyone! I hope you and your family are safe and healthy during this pandemic.

On this occasion I would like to congratulate you on your pinning ceremony as you

transition from didactic coursework to full-time experiential learning.

This transition to experiential education is a significant milestone in the

professional development of the student pharmacist. As a class, I have seen you

grow through all the ups and downs. What I like most about your class is that you

are always positive, proactive and enthusiastic. Carry this quality along

with you in your experiencial training. Preceptors are usually very

busy and they would absolutely love positive, proactive and enthusiastic students.

I am proud to be a class mentor and I'm sure you all will make CHSU proud wherever you go.

With these few words now let's move on to read the pledge of professionalism

We do one hundred.

Today we dedicate one hundred percent to hone ourselves,

to develop our craft and to emerge as ambassadors of essential health care.

It is this day that we don our white mantels to become something greater than ourselves and

to promise to continue down this path we have chosen.

We emanate empathy, patience and understanding. We foster innovation and

creativity to develop, improve and build upon a foundation that will ensure

better healthcare for all our patients. For these reasons we shall develop 100%

loyalty, leadership and duty in order to build strong connections with the

community and to rise above the standards for our patient's well-being.

Create and stand by 100% of our values, principles and goals to make pharmacy a

primary care profession. Instill 100% focused professionalism for the

represent ourselves, our University, the community and the profession.

Give 100% support to our colleagues by virtue of acknowledgment and ethics.

Establish and uphold 100% synergy throughout our collaborative pharmacy career.

Dedicate 100% excellence in our efforts to elevate our discipline and interpersonal prowess.

Promise 100% to continuous education and professionalism,

for once we become 100% we proactively maintain 100%.

The profession of pharmacy is one that demands adherence to a set of ethical principles.

These high ideals are necessary to ensure the quality of care extended to the patients I serve.

As a student of pharmacy, I believe this does not start with

graduation, rather it begins with my membership in this professional college community

Therefore I will strive to uphold this pledge as I advance towards

full membership in the profession.

I voluntarily make this pledge of professionalism.

Thank you.

Hello to the Class of 2021!

I just wanted to take a minute to say congratulations on

getting to the Pinning Ceremony and completing the third year.

I wish I had the chance to spend a little more time with you before you went off on

rotations but hopefully I'll get to know you a little bit more in the upcoming year.

The rotations I think you're gonna find to be a very stimulating experience.

Probably better than sitting in class for hours on end. And you'll get to apply

some of the knowledge that you've learned over these last three years.

I want you to remember to be thankful to the preceptors and their staff that

you're gonna meet on this next journey for a year because they're giving back

to you what they had received when they were students. And I hope some day after

you graduate, you're gonna reciprocate and take students of your own.

I want you to remember your friends and your families who've gone through the journey

and the friendships that you forged over the last three years.

Some of you will find that the friendships that you have will be some of the strongest

that you've ever had and you'll continue to see these people for the rest of your life.

The rotations are different. You'll be pretty busy, but one of the things

you're gonna realize is you're gonna be on your own mostly. So that transition is

going to be difficult, so I encourage all of you to stay in touch with each other,

commiserate together and laugh.

So on behalf of the administration, the faculty, and the staff

I want to congratulate you again and we'd like to know that we're

proud of you for making it this far and I hope that you have an enjoyable year ahead.

I look forward to seeing all of you walk across the stage at commencement next year.

So good luck,

stay happy, and most of all be safe.

Thank you. Bye bye!

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