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Darth Tenebrous was a Bith Sith Lord, and master to Darth Plagueis. He had a very rational

approach to his use of the Force which he viewed as a tool rather than a mystical energy

field that could shape the galaxy. He served as the apprentice to a TwiLek master, who

he killed in accordance with the Rule of Two.

Publically, Tenebrous was known as Rugess Nome, a celebrated designer of high-class

starships. His status gave him the power to manipulate the meeting and marriage of two

Muuns, knowing that their child would be strong in the Force. His plan worked, and when the

child reached the age of five, Tenebrous took him from his parents, made him his apprentice,

and named him Darth Plagueis.

For decades, Plagueis learned the ways of the Dark Side as well as science from his

master as they furthered the Siths Grand Plan set in motion by Darth Bane. While on

a remote planet in search of a cortosis mine, Plagueis saw his chance to end his masters


Unbeknownst to Plagueis, Tenebrous had engineered a retrovirus that allowed him to manifest

his consciousness within his midichlorians. As his body died, he used the tiny organisms

to infest his apprentice, and remove Plagueiss ability to sense the future, which would one

day allow Darth Sidious to murder him in his sleep.

Exiting Plagueiss body, Tenebrouss consciousness saw his own ancient, mummified remains. The

retrovirus had somehow mutated, and caused him to relive the final moments of his life

over and over, seemingly for all eternity.

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