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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: H3 Podcast #12 - Steve-O

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Welcome, everybody, to the H3 Podcast. I'm here with one of my idols

Legend and I'm honestly so honored and happy to have you here you guys know him.

He doesn't need an introduction: Steve-O!

Steve-O living legend thanks so much dude.

Well, thank you bro.

God bless you. Been looking forward to this.

Thanks man. That actually is really awesome.

We're here with Hila Klein, the original Hila Kleiner, obviously.

I- My phone is making noises, and that is just fuckin- Put it on mute.

So let's dive right into it. I am so humiliated. Wait one sec.

Mute it up.

Also, I need to whore out for one second

Oh, whore away


Just like five seconds. Okay, cool.

So then this goes like:

and thank you to our sponsor Abels no audible

Good night today. So movies people get them. I was back in that shit

Because got audible that day. I'm back in whatever you I'm gonna be like I'm gonna expect a check from audible now

It's actually our sponsors today are equipped

Rick weak and

Black tux, and we'll get more into that a little bit later

Black tux. Oh yeah boy. What about your purple text node is black text cell purple. They do

I just had a better way to go pink there

Yep, fucking go you know that I was back in you, so what's up man would even up to these days I've been up to

I've been

Pretty quiet on the social media for the last week or so as I've hunkered down and worked furiously on a new video

Project yeah user lurk, and we get a little sneak peek. Yeah, well it's um A

rough draft, so to speak of

What will be my next stand-up comedy special own which is a Multimedia extravaganza?

Packed with an anton's a bonanza. Yeah, oh smoke right? Yeah, it's just a while back and notice

I thought you know as I was performing one that but you know the stories. I'm telling

are largely

Shit that happened on camera. So what if my next comedy special if I edited in the archival footage?

Of and so just like I want crazy about it. I've been hunkered down that's so cool

Yeah, can you go look right because it's the thing is that like it like when I'm doing the show as sometimes

I just can't get past thinking

There's no way that anybody in the audience believes right not only is what I'm saying true, but that it's actually like

There's like an attention to detail of the truth. You know can't believe it. I don't think anybody would because such outlandish

Shit, but it's completely true, and so then when when I put this together

And I just think I've been going through all this footage that she's never even appeared anywhere

And it's like you know at a great show right, and I'm just blown away

Did I buy how much there is to back it up and then on top of that?

I've been I shouldn't probably say this because we don't have any kind of an agreement

But we've been like loosely discussing the the director of jackass

Directing and producing this and and and sort of doing like really heavy

Marky's stunts, which I would do for a jackass for

There is no

Jackass for so like I'm to be huge where he's like the big like things

And then we've dropped them into throughout the comedy special as it is yet, so wait

Let me so you're going to do new stunts on video to show during the show like what to edit and we drop in vignettes

Right, but I want to make them pertinent like like I'll go ahead and I'll just exclusive for you. Oh


My idea for the opening sequence of this this extravaganza this bonanza

I've never seen they've got a

Traveling billboards which big basically is just a flatbed truck a big a big flatbed

Truck in the middle of the flatbed is just a gigantic billboard

I see them saying like gays are going to hell and shit

I I have not seen that somebody would not say I've only seen them driving around Vegas, okay?

But a nanteos and at any rate

And they drive around and they promote what everyone promote and so the idea for the the opening sequence

is to have one of these travelling billboards promoting the live show itself with the billboard in La

We get up there, and we just duct tape my ass to mostly vogue billboard itself, okay?

Doug take me to the billboard and once I'm properly duct-taped we get on the road, and we drive way to Vegas

Duct tape to the doors for the entire five hour drive

There's a lot of bugs on that way that's fine print really bring it you

Covered and did but bring it out

And I want to join it

And then as we drive down

and I picture like like dough above dope time-lapse with like you know the you see the

Sun's up when we start

But the time on to the sun going down at one point like a van is I will pull up and be pacing

Alongside in the highway and the door slide open we got all the jackass guys in there, shoot

Like shooting paintball guns at me from the moving van sounds desperate Bill

That they don't know they'll really pull over and paste like right next we know and I want them to actually

Jump out of the van onto the flatbed so they can more

Personally torture me as we drive down the highway and then of course we'll get to Vegas

We'll go down the sunset strip as the opening credits

You know the whole like the whole opening sequence comes to we plot the theater this show takes place in Vegas

Oh, that's fucking and so then and said that I'm going to do it

I'm not

Come except yeah, what was I bad? No cover to bugs and like burn I?

think I bitch air we rem

kind of film all of the

Interstitial vignettes and opening sequence the end what end I think is going to be a really massive deal in like the theater

Maybe a vignette outside but but in any case, I'm just thrilled that I'm so excited about it that smells absolutely nana

I'm there exactly am a good job that is going to be huge all of the like all of the ideas for the the

Really big stunts are major and even the stand-up

You just can't ever be left without like Mind-blowing footage this cut into it

So it's just like a kind of a docu comedy

Marriage of my two world it sounds really cool. I mean, I don't really creative and different okay

That's it has to be in a world

Saturated with with comedies with so much competition you guys it like Netflix, and so until next year Netflix has like a heavy

Heavy hitter every week I've noticed with like with Dave chappelle. You got Seinfeld

Chris Rock like I mean all the like ellen. You should be like really really big no

So so I like the idea of you know from the director of jackass

you know like just marge is crazier than the next like a level of crazy and

really more people in with all of the

Jackassery I'm genuinely when I'm over when they get there with the stand-up genuinely excited. We're going to the show oh shit

I would love to have you guys there. I love it, but let let lets stop with all the

Ocean no it is promotional

Or man appreciate that I mean like when I first met you for the first time you guys I didn't realize that you were doing

Stand-up wow I got that Darius. How's that going look it's been so great man, I


Need never occurred to me to do stand-up even though. I'm an all-around attention whore so it makes sense right alright

But the first time it came up was that was 11 years ago almost 11 years ago for a while

Right it was um

There's a comedian named skyler stone, and he I didn't know who he was at the time

But he reached out to me

He said that he was hosting a show at the world-famous laugh Factory on the sunset strip in Hollywood

California and would I come and and

Get on stage during his show and perform crazy stunts as I'll of course again

I was out of my mind over you guys do hybl come I didn't give it a thought

I was just there doing drugs, and I didn't care as a guy yeah for sure and I showed up

I'll just figure out when I get there and when I walked into that comedy club

again summer of 2006 I believe it was august maybe I

Walked in there and and I just looked at the stage and as like so that's what they do here. It's

Terrifying and I just immediately it occurred to me. There's no crazier stunt and I could

Come up with then third hand there and do that shit. Oh yeah, so I was like oh my God to do that

I'm gonna do that and and I was like I waited for my turn to get on stage as

And I've sent around the book well what I'm saying ultimately. I don't think I was on stage more than like three minutes

I said it feels like I've never I gotten stage. I was like hey everybody

I'm in the mood for a blowjob

System does anybody want oh

Yeah, look on the spot

It was something that I came up with while sitting there waiting for my turn to get should write a nice wit

Go some way right unlike sir lancelot

good what I watched the tons of

Yeah, I decided their own twist

Twist their way right, but in any case up. Maybe the overall experience was

And real at a real sense that people were excited to see me. They were and they were rooting for me to do well

Yeah, how was it exceptional McCleary? I was only on stage of agreement

I got a couple laughs people are excited to see me. I felt like they're rooting for me, and I was like man

This is what I wanted I want to get into this and I

was still out of my mind on drugs it took a while before I really got serious about it, but

but yeah

2010 I don't man full. Oh shit you been are you serious?

My definitely holy I've been touring I've been trying for a tree on my seven years. He's a veteran, but now I

Feel like it. I've made some progress

I feel like it's a little bit of an uphill battle my reputation will never be for stand-up. Comedy because you know I

Do all this is about enough, but was what was had said?

with that said I

Come to the table with a Built-in audience

He's interested in and you know and and my experience is so much. What drives the stand-up

That's just like you know you don't have to really believe I was he can be good at stand-up

It's like all that motherfucker's crazy. Let's go simran oh yeah. Yeah instead think dad's mad more and I take it seriously

I really do care about about what I do and you know I keep the people laughing and

And like I'm super grateful for it man. It's been going to going very well

I can tell you as someone whose call me on YouTube I?

Dream of doing stand-up and building here, I mentioned it when moe had your your crisis

Yes, I feel like I was a part of yeah, yeah zero no

I was a part of the crisis near like fuck

And I just shot was way too much for for you too bad when we cut your nuts off, right?

Yeah, straight of poor Steve-O

But like the thought of going on stage is truly horrifying to me in the beginning it is in the beginning it is


pretty quickly you

You through experience figure out. What is working for you, and what isn't right and then and then you kind of

You develop

Your comfort zone where it was where even if you're if you're trying something new and it's going terribly you know you've got stuff that

Is proven to work with this material? Yeah, right?

So once once you're into honing stuff and we've got like and you've got reliable stuff

It's going to go well you can fall back on it

Gets a lot easier to venture out of their comfort zone because you're gonna call

I tried something fuck didn't work okay, and then I bring it bring out a hammer

How's the feeling of like being up on stage and feeling like because I've heard it described

It's like being empowering right like empowers. I guess I mean I think that the reality is

That there's there's something

dark about comedians in general like anybody who's inclined to get on stage and like just

desperate for

Validation and like please please clap for me, please like there's something that I think is inherently

Involved self-Hatred on some level

Do you feel like you have to get on stage and really just?

Be so desperate for attention and approval. I think that's a good now the same with art to

Representing in any I mean and as a society we've become such attention whores

I feel like I always look a little bit ahead of the curve

But uh but whatever man, it's all good and touring must be pretty difficult to write oh my God

That's got to be the worst yeah as we thought about doing a live tour recently we've been

Just a neighbor to be so proud. It would be a great. I'm sure would be a great experience

We're in the pre very stage of planning it director

Delicious no, they're like okay. We're going to take you on the road for two months, and you're doing six shows a week

I'm like I'm not thinking about this

Right I was like man. I can handle that the comedy club circuit. Which is which is the majority of

my tour now obviously eaters here and there and if I'm going international, it's all theaters, but

Or music menus sometimes internationally is that because their age is good

I don't know I guess they don't have comedy clubs or uh but the way that the comedy club scene works in the u.s.. I

I go out on Wednesday

Saw dude Thursday morning. Press. I do one show on Thursday

I do two shows on all the same club I go for five days to

11.00 that one place

I got one show Thursday two shows Friday two shows Saturday and possibly one show on Sunday

So it's either five or six shows in the same venue all in one weekend

So when you do two shows it looks like I've gotten to a point where I'm like

I'll just genuinely dread

I just judges ready because not only do I do the whole live show immediately afterwards

I take Jamie agree between higher audience. I promise every single person wants a photo as much as you love your fans

That's got to be really exhausting because it's like gnarly. It's gnarly. It's hair that

you did the meeting greed is a

Is harder work than the show it will happen I do whole show a holding be a whole show and a whole new group

That's so something that really scares me about it. Is that you have to repeat the same show. It's

What scares you but cuz that's like we always do every week or every

Day's we do something completely new right?

We always move forward with right you're free people getting forward or just like we got

Our own experience and being like stuck on great like you're in the loop

I got to understand why it's in the same on the day. Yeah

Do you ever feel that's something? I thought about what comedians it might not be at all that bad. It's just bad yeah

Yes, yes, it sucks and at the same time it

You can't you can't perform that many shows?

Without improvement, you know even if you try to dear you know even if you try to do the same show

You know even if you can still you're good. It's kind of evolved

It's not evolving and as you get kind of the bigger picture process is you know you go everywhere?

I don't ever want to go back to a place that I've been before until I have a new show

And so you kind of go everywhere that you're going to go you'd be bring to be burnable?

You know like the crowd is different and good right, so you do your whole circuit

And then you tape comedy special and then and then when once you take the comedy special then you start

Really doing new material but your video you have until the special airs

To kind of do half an arrow and fall back on happened. So then you develop it and then they could start over again

It's absolutely different multi guys, so that's also one of the reasons. I'm like concert' or like hesitant to try to get into it

It's like I've gone good at what I do right, and I know that it over lately

It's like starting all over you in terms of skill set and understanding right? It's so funny. I mean I

Think that where you're at with stand-up is where I'm at with the podcast you know

I really think because I've I've had this idea to do a podcast for

For however long and I've had like the you know the reps

Setting it up negotiating and no deal has really been finalized

There's been something holding it up or the insurance you know feel you looking to get cuz you just fucking they going

Get some mics. Oh God low Rider don't

Reservist Claudia well yeah, I mean, and it's not like there's really that much money especially if you're just starting it yeah

But but I don't know it's thinking when you have like the sophisticated

Representations the big-time agents and lawyers it just serves to slow everything down yeah

It does it serves to slow everything down and and and I have actually in the podcast

Arena welcomed that because I have kind of cold feet the way you do is tandem

- that's like oh of the insurance on riot yeah, Simon Meanwhile

I'm happy to go on on other people's podcast, and it's crazy like I

Like I have been able to go in some really big ones uh yeah, you've been on Joe Rogan several times all right

I have like really notably twice

I would say because the first

timer tear that I did it there was just such a room full of people and I was really uh

it was really kind of early in my process of the comedy from the very first times and so I was

Kind of sure that I just wasn't

but but the last two times on Joe Rogan has been really just me in him and

And then I've Gotten more feedback from those podcasts

Then like even being on howard stern or anything like that. It's just it's incredible

what a

Fuckin badass gerald actually yeah, he's fascinating a guy is

Incredible one of them's like a and I can tell I was telling him like what a fan

I was and I could see him get uncomfortable just friends. Yeah

You know and I'm like yeah wow like I just love it man

That like I follow him on Instagram and his post. He always has like this really long

Explanation of literally fascinating it kind of makes me angry

I'm like why is this guy so fuckin more interesting than me like he puts his time and to learn

Like a dedicates himself because his that I'm like dude. He's the back patio games and

Let's give you some credit though man. I mean we should dive right into this cuz this is what I like this blanket definitely the

Dad now that our relationship began and people

Did probably all know this so even though there were articles written about it was there whatever

Articles written about it about how I tweeted a one night

I was fascinated about some topic or rather whatever it might have been and involved it involved individuals

Faking pranks to get into that and I was like and I was like man

Because I was like that as I guess is interested like I get away with it. You know

It's just like someone I was thinking about it

I kind of really get away with it, and so I've started to like researching a little bit

I want and the rabbit hole where I was no longer even focused on the

Initial subject I was interested in and now I was on to this this this Joey salad guy another Golden moment

Oh my God, and then that was I think my first video

I watched which will have tailors then the one with him or not at first. I watched the one with

the man in a black lives matter and then and then when I watched you

When you interviewed him not the whole Saga choji. I get I guess I got part one Angela children

Jesus that's fucking shit is amazing and and so then I just started watching Wonderin

It's the middle of the night when this is all going on I

I have been like 3:00 in the morning, and I'm just watching age 3 video after hD

Just respond just go down the rabbit hole and I just and and and then and this is coming from absolutely no idea

Said I just heard of you for the first time and I just watched video after video after video

And then I got I got a fuckin I got a do something with these guys yeah

I got g something with these guys and so then I tweeted at you. Yeah, and for whatever was a thing

I had said I don't only just now became aware of

Introductions kind of got it so I can do something yeah, well, I thought that I was like fuck this let's go. Yeah

right Idiot Lee within

24 hours I was at your house five hours after that sweet we were on the phone. Yeah

And you gotta have r at like 11 you were when surfing or somebody surfing like a real badass. Oh shit

It was like that like a real badass. I came back from the Beach and we're hanging out

It was great. It said Jeff you remember the topic of our conversation when you came out. Oh, I do

I remember quite a few topic. We we got into some great stuff because he gave Frank's is close to my heart

That's yes, I write. I do what I do. I was like dude chuck and you guys are like the fuckin internet police

you know you better watch out like ah oh my god and

the latest Magic get off of fake pranks

We will certainly go there but but this latest did I guess I give those subconscious on it's time to stop lent

Sing one cuz why might never faked anything, so then I'm not worried about that, but uh but what was it like I?

tried A

Fucking vine star. You know like which called scare sketch the integrand Instagram comedy yeah

Instagram college as I said was I saw your collab with Viners, right I do too

yeah, I did two of them and the first one ah

The first one was an idea. I was sitting on to the longest time I was like man

You know like a bathroom etiquette thing and I was like like right up there it is what yeah exactly?

Here is my premise, and it's really fucking funny

Is that if if a guy heaven forbid comes out of the bathroom and he has left the toilet seat up a woman's?

You know likely yell at him mom

You're so rude you left the toilet seat up right pizza, but were they what they don't fucking consider

is that the reason why the

12-2 is up is because the guy was polite enough to not piss her up and not piss all over in the front that shit

- right it's like oh, oh let me let me let me be thoughtful and let me not piss all over the toilets

I'm going to lift it up to make sure I don't piss on

I don't want to sit my piss that guy gets yelled at but then the other guy who leaves it down piss on it

And gets and gets get showered with praise. Yeah, that's a great thing so, how did you trends well? We made like I?

Got together with some finer, and I walked animatic any nobody

bowlers lately oh

Not not the biggest one okay not

Big one you have like the broke-ass weird viners

You know why I where I got recognizable

But you don't know from where you know I was watching it because we were playing to the video on Instagram video instagram comedian

So specifically viner I figure on so I was watching everything well, I haven't seen yours Bob. There's a lot to get through

But the thing was are what I put when I posted that one the bathroom one it was

Still the most viewed thing I've ever put on Instagram wow, I guess yeah

Done some outrageous shit and and then the sketch

And I thought man I got to really get into this wait a my second my second one

What a camera leon you uh wait what it's just on you

I've seen in the chat, and we're just saying the cameras on Illa

They were demand

Was anything?

What you're not the director dammit what the camera blues song ring?

I know, how long was it on how long was it on you, hela what?

Let's get the camera back on Yellin and no

Interfere money like no Diana in case they said that was a ghetto self purchase on your last

Alright, then the land physics is like I bet I got into the impact

I comedy look nobody'll bet I saw some good stuff there. Yeah

Yeah, yes, generally these viners the supremacy of these whiners dis Max exodus from vine when it got closed down

And they're like these parasites like a dystopia there int. They're like

Well getting all the social media should be fair

That exodus occurred before vine we let but that well because they were like wow you know we can have longer format

So it's like Roy

It's like world war two the jews were they were sprinkling out, but once that right holocaust said then you're like

Oh, fuck just fighting everywhere. Do you really have to be Jewish say that?

you do it help yeah after that help and

It's just like that. Yeah. Yeah, so said it was the fake pranks business

God I've been so ah

So well you have a history with these guys some of the guys we've spoke about a lot, but ali right Roman atwood one

who's there the other ones those are the big boys these guys that help me launch my

YouTube Channel this was crazy because

You know like with the jackass franchise. I was a part of three

theatrical box-office

Movies you know and all of them were number one you know they were made with like

Notoriously low budgets and the profit Margins on the jackass movies were astronomical

It's just like you know I even heard that

Paramount was like in real trouble at one point and and is it a jackass movie this

I mean, it's probably an overstatement to say that we saved them, but we certainly helped. I might really have a question. Yeah

I'm not asking to say how much but like I know

You guys famously got paid like very little for the first episode or the first movie first movie um


Yep, the I think what I mean, I know that. I got like 65 thousand bucks a

Lot of movie me, but there are a lot of quotes

Goodbye there guys good exposure a lot of guys get exposure

And I would I would have taken that and been like oh my God let me read like the first

the first season of the TV show I

Got paid not even per episode I got paid per bit

And if it wasn't perfect cut your bed out you don't get paid right I?

Gave it up. That's going to put up there like pariah

and if it was if it was really high impact like dangerous

Physical no no stunts success. I got 500 bucks per bed. No way

That's it. It was like super dangerous look you had like a 10% chance of dying in a spin

I'm going to kick you a couple hundred extra bucks right well if it was uh if there's like a

Sight gag you know like a low-impact commodore. You're not in danger. Then there's 200 bucks

That is honestly fucked off and because they're they're promoting you. They're encouraging guys to endanger yourselves. Yeah of course that's right

I'll stop saying dude by the thing is an event while on the front door like do please don't cut me even with that even

with that and it's come to my attention more like it because I

I've looked at Dead someone's deal someone who's just starting out

and they've just got such a fuckin shitty deal that ties them up for so long and

And I look back on like our


For that first season didn't automatically renew itself you know

I wasn't like in it

and I think that noxon and true man really protected us from that and and not to a

particular with the movies and when it came to that first movie

Apparently from what I understand he just said I'm not fucking doing anything

I'm not getting in front of a camera unless all the guys have back-end

So while we got well we got to see the 65 grand or that's what I got. Maybe then I go

You did have a back-end crap. Oh for sure. What did you write? Yeah, what a g?

It wasn't like big if you know it was it wasn't it was they might even be aware of that, right?

Well happily get fucked over right and so so you know all all things considered

It all worked out pretty well there was the first season of the TV show

At the end of the day, I made less than 1500 bucks

And I think they still air

I think it's still out there almost

Right and the reason I asked about your mind is because I I think I saw you say this quote yeah

I think of it, and it was nh captivated me. You said something

How you are super famous, but broke and I never sat around can't imagine

I would have said that I was broke that time when the famous but not rich that was right right right, right?

And I was like damn that's kind of funny. If there was a quote it would have been some of the effect of

It's a lot easier to get famous than it is to get rich

I think that's probably why do I feel like you were broke in the early days. Why I don't leave Airy famous

I've not been broke and when jackass first came out

I was certainly broke because I got so little for that first season. I'd been kicked out of my

there were my sister's house where I lived she kicked me out I

Was fired from my job

I was a circus clown

So when I have to hit like that

When jackass started when Jack has started to air when it being when it was in permanent premiere on MTV. I was

Unemployed homeless and broke work alone at a star. We're actually over you were a previous class. I was veteran Circus clown

yeah, but I was unemployed and I had no money and I was no place to live so

And you were super famous

But it all hit pretty quickly and and people would recognize me and ask me for a picture and autographs and I'd be like yeah

Sure like can I sleep on yourself can you?

Right so that that I don't know that concept to me is really fascinating yeah combination. Yeah, and then


Two weeks by the first episode aired one week later the second one and then when we captured at the third

so when they got the ratings back for the third episode I got a call from the executive producer who said it's officials where the

Highest-rated show is kind of Format, and in like the history of MTV

I mean obviously not higher ratings and then the vmas or insights, but have any kind of half-hour comedy like theirs

They'd never seen a bigger

Profit Margin and and and then I was in a contractor

I was in a position to renegotiate because

because I didn't have a contract that tied me up and I would credit Knoxville with that and

Instead okay?

So we know we got to pay you for the MTV just ordered seasons two and three

Wow in the same time is the first season with eight episodes right? So that said they ordered 60 episodes, okay?

You know like as seasons two and three

Together they they got into this by of 16 episodes night, so we know we got a page. We're going to give you

$2,000 per episode and in my mind

They buck using what?

and in my mind

I was I wasn't even like I didn't occur to me that the first answer is always no, no matter what it is

No matter was your first thing. There's no temptation or anything advice. Yeah, the first answer is always no

That's just what you do like. I guess. I don't I didn't know that. Oh we've been through the same shit

Yeah, you know so in my mind. I'm thinking wow okay, so 16 episodes times mm. That's

$32,000 I'm fucking rich is that like what ana and I remember -

This is fucking cool time, and I mean I didn't yeah, I didn't care man

I didn't think I was going to live man what I was sure that was going to be dead, so soon

you know like and

I remember they started filming the you know for uh

Pretty Craig I would film in short bursts man that whole first season of jackass

I filmed in the space of five days died only fellow leland I only found on three of those did

Well, then I the first trip yes, it makes sense

Above the 30 Mm. I

Guess after taxes is more like 20,000 yeah, and then they gave me

Half of that largely upfront, and I am remembered I called up Jeffrey and I was like dude

I just got a check for all right now, and I didn't just get it

So I'm about to get a check for $10,000. I said I've never even heard of $10,000

I said I'm just going to put it to you like this when I get this check

It's going in the bank and before that motherfucker even clears

I'm going to be on the road driving from

Where I lived in Florida?

To la I'm driving a truck in La I'm moving to California more fuckin pub pop off of this shit

You know your dream to move to la pretty much my life is an agonizing wait to move to la you know across the board

Everything I was ever into is from out. You know heavy metal music skateboarding like stunts like you know. Yes

I was a huge gold and beautiful opportunity. I was so great

I was represented all the opportunity yeah

And the dopest thing was there when I told that to tremaine you said if he said, hey click

And you're not going anywhere until you give me a list of ideas

for jackass stunts in

every single state

Like give me something give me something for every state between Florida and California

Aaron and if the list rules out then I'll send out a TV production crew to follow you as you drive across country

And so that's who we did

Yeah, it was awesome. And I was like what I think I'll kill it you went into the show

Yeah for sure, so I got away a head start

and I remember by yourself during those those well what the producers rode with me in my car and

Then alleged production team followed behind seven years man

It took like five days to get across country, and I remember I was like I was like okay

So I'm going to be in Alabama. I was like, Alabama

he said the deep south I want to go to like a black Fraternity house at A

you know

College campus, I just want to show up unannounced and bang on their door and tell them how impressed

I am by the by their brands you see like black fraternity guys. They've got these crazy brands

You know from branding their flesh with hot irons

And I want to print like a like a brand like grammys branding branding flesh with hot

Iron and write a brand to people you do that. Yeah, they still do it

You see their guys arms

And it's all it's called Keloid when when the scar is raised up and they get their their fraternity

All right fucking logo like whatever. They're the greek letter like yes, so they're all rockin

Yeah, Mr.. Vegetable out. I wanted my skin to be fucking branded okay?

And I was and I was going to tell them out of respect for your fraternity. I don't wanna. I don't wanna

I'm not a member of returns. I don't want to get your fraternity logo. Whatever it is

I want to get a heart the shape of a heart branded over my heart as a metaphor to show that love hurts

Wow, yeah, very real it writes out a wonderful thought that was I wasn't mind my ideas

Didn't get branded well. Yeah, but the thing was that

Then when they said to submit all the ideas, so they'd submit the ideas they came back

they got to approve them and

Maybe they said okay with you can't get brand Billy

We can get branded as if it's by a professional everything had to be under the supervision of professionals

So it's like okay

It sound like a an in Alabama a tattoo shop where they said okay? We can be branding

They didn't really do it, but maybe a professional said aids watch

Yes, I got branded oh my good

Thinkin so yeah, oh that better to look like when you first did it I was 16 years ago

They're very subtle just white heart right? Yeah, I don't. I don't have that a

Skin that scars that great. That's right up join me at Arena

I feel like I got gypped because if that is good right, okay, you're slamming baby, right?

but I'm but then when when when in some didn't they've submitted the

Footage then the the standards and practices the TV censors came back and said oh well

We said you get Steve-o branded we never say anything about airing on television footage of sizzling smoking flesh

Right I ended up. I got kind of branded for nothing which welcome it's a reminded yourself that love hurts. It's true

You know sure of that lesson, but yeah, so that's how it all worked

and then I got out to I got out to La and

Fuck man. I was

March of 2001 man long time I didn't find out how fast you can spend $10,000

What the thing was that uh?

That I got a call from this guy

Like he was like hey

Man um just before I left Florida this guy dug me up because we were like really popular on MTV with the first season

And he was like hey, man. I'm calling you from cleveland this guy was a rave promoter from Cleveland, and he says

I'm having a party on a party and I think it was January 25th, and I want to fly you out

to attend this party and

I'll get you out the next morning

We won't even be gone for 24 hours, and I'll and I'll pay you 700 bucks, and I was like dude

Don't just give me 700 bucks. I'll fucking chew and swallow glass I will run myself. I'll lay myself on fucking fire

I'll write my fucking head on fire you overvaluing seven is nothing, right?

Turned out that everyone out there


It was me wee man and bam. We each got 700 bucks

And that doesn't mean that's the first time I ever

First time bam ever took ecstasy Craig David Tom okay?

Like I got two pills and I broke one and a half and I just gave bam a little baby half

And I took one and a half yeah and and bad was like. Oh my God kim what he took

one of these you know like

Rolling on oh dude. He was rolling on a half an e

I was tired taking one and a half. I've done fucking meth mushrooms. You looking better ugh

that was gnarly yeah, I was so gnarly and

So hey, but I remembered distinctly that I did end up getting to sleep

So what are they ghosts on boy? I fell asleep because I meant because it's the same guy the promoter the next day

Yeah, he was like hey your flight leaves like in an hour

I was like underneath his dining room table like he's like in flight leaves howard. He won't even try another. God

I just went in the blend all day that's wonderful shouting run run run bother then I slept all day under the guys table and

Then when I woke up like we walked across

This bridge in Cleveland to this restaurant, and it visited the Cleveland River and it was January

so I'm walking across I looked down and the river was partially frozen and in certain areas and

Riots some others like theirs were like frosty and dry you know, but I could see it was like shitty advice

You know like sin. Yeah

And I was like - I'm not leaving cleveland until I get a fucking pair of ice skates

And I go skating on that river until I fall through so I fall through the ice

What was it inside of you where it seems like back, then it's like everything you looked at you're like

I need this is a challenge - got to prove my shopping. Yeah

I was like and I was never in it for the money man like I said I didn't think I was going to live very

Long I'd such a terrible drug problem

You know I was just like I was just like whatever man like what was it though that?

I don't know. I wanted to be remembered forever. You know just saw every opportunity to get out there

I just want yeah

I just wanted to fuckin be loved and

Important somehow you know and remember that like we're all going to be dead

And I was like I want to I want to live on after I'm gone

I want to still have I want to have a legacy

That's that I saw to do it right, but this guy I

Was in Cleveland for a week you know before I felt do dies twice

I wasn't happy with the footage his first time so when I did it in the shooter shorts

It didn't it just didn't work for me

So then I went back and did it in a tutu and that day we filmed it better

So so over the course that we can in cleveland like this guy real obliga

He had made

$35,000 on his party

He just flew you guys out just to be there just to be there was a great, era generator

Yeah, is like a and this was before like the whole personal parents thing was even really a leg D9

I need 35 grand just from riding large sport you think having you guys there promoting an NBA and for sure

We were big stars. You know and a number two. He was like

He said on may wonder when I miss that flight when I got up

He's like sewage, so when you got to give me home

He's thinking that like I'm a star and the biggest show on MTV and life is I got shit to do this

Again the party was January 25th and and so he says when do I get to get home and I was like oh well

Kind of into this chick, and I really want to be home by Valentine's day

what some fuck is going on here and uh and

he and he was like I had been whoring myself out to this internet company for like 500 bucks a bit for

Internet codes and so he was like well, what about what are you doing for money? And I was like dude

You kidding me. I have like I bet. I was like I have like 1,200 bucks in the bank

Like you know a grown-ass man. Loved it like

Right right, and uh didn't have a club. He was just a promoter okay, but I got it it is so funny and and

that guy I


pitched us and the sort of public of

Personal appearances for a spring break oh and panama city, so he's like I gave me three Grand circa

Think of it was three grand for two weekends

Oh my God quite a lot more than right right right and sadly got to the point where it was like three

But the thing was the first public appearance

Yeah, the personal appearance thing was at the largest nightclub in the us, and it was sort of a meet and Greet kinda thing

We're supposed to be there

We're supposed to appear, but as I was there there was a fucking stage, and I was like there's a dense stage over there

I'm getting on it, and I'm like I got on the stage and like thousands of people came over and I'm like

jake like go go go give me this give me that and I'm like they're on my fire the birth of the one induced and

Uh well it was certainly the birth of a tour

perfect full circle beautiful stuff right there

Well yeah, what happens like I got on a stage?

And I kept people at that stage like like over a thousand people for over an hour

They gave me a microphone, and I was like doing like my fire-breathing acrobatics like nut cakes and like this

And I kept doing all this crazy shit like cutting myself at the light bulb and cheering and swallowing the glass

like all my shit and

and the

Cleveland guy was like dude. We got to show you know we're going to show and

In town, so we just said turned into a whole world tour and really it wasn't stand-up as much as more like nutty

I did I promise I will be drunk and on drugs or your money back

That's my guarantee for every show. That was my guarantee man cultra

Steve-O must do right high it was never in writing was never in writing but but I held up my end of the bargain

Yeah, you're you know you're a loyal performer right and uh it is great

It wasn't it wasn't stand-up per se but but it was certainly a lot of performance and you know hi

How do you look back on those days? Do you look at those like iolaus, or you're like fucked up? It's great

Yeah, everything about it was great

Man like this is fucked up for like a sober guy, you know I've been sober for a long time now

But but I think to myself man

If I could repeat like six six months window of my life to just live on a loop

that's like the the first six months of

2003 well, we're fucking gnarly. You know it's about to get to okay because you were never should have a car

Honey, right you had a little you had enough money where you're like? Oh, I have money. I have freedom

I didn't know I had enough money

I but I didn't even have an ATM card. I had no AtM card

I didn't give a fuck ah it was just like this this guy became my sh'ma Shady fuck commander the cleveland dude

And and I started like distributing my DVDS not paying me anything I?

Can Salsa right I saw your merch at your stores?

And I could not just selling merch at my shows and I don't think I ever got a penny from merged

You're selling pre-cut is convolute

I had I had a I had a fucking late-night TV commercial support firm

For my too hot for TV

Stiva video DVD it was why it was like ah man ah a

Beginning because that's how it happened, whether it was tremaine when tremaine first told me that Jaga's pilot got ordered

he said so so so didn't like write ideas for when we come to smell me in Florida and

Take all the video

But if you haven't send it in so we can license it onto the show and like a week later it told me that not

One clip I sent him was was allowed on TV says unfortunately nothing cleared

Standards and practices what I was like. I thought a what kind of a fucking watered-down

Bullshit show are we going to make they've been turns out

They just had like they're really particular about fire, and it's because of the beavers and blood

back and and and and another story

I've heard about it's a spiritual axiom then whatever you do is cooler. If you are on fire. Yeah

okay, so if you guys don't know this was a huge hiding back in the day right this animated show Beavis and butt-head which is

Really revolutionary at the time. It wasn't it was great

it was a wonderful and and then periodically and

Regularly yeah, beavis would click lighter and go fire fire fire

I remember when I was a kid everyone was walking around doing be with somebody impressions

It was huge and then a kid burned because I got in a trailer park a kid was playing with Matches or lighter

Said the whole trailer and fire killed his baby sister and TV was held liable for so that's like

Yeah, it was just the one of the first instances of like

There's words of censorship of like

This whole thing like our video games principal for violence like I don't know the high traffic

What a great question, but it's like I want you to always manual for joking I don't think yeah

I want I watching this documentary on airplane and the title of it was our video games really that bad

and I watched the whole thing and

And I turned it into a joke which I never really used

But they didn't what this documentary revealed is that there is no link between?

video Game violence and real Life violence, right

But there is however a link between playing video games all the time and being a complete fuckin loser

Yeah, yeah, we don't need a document

That's like

The strong wind is very strong

Causal relations, and I said that on up that's a great bit. You should take those

I said that off the the game grumps vodka these guys they play video games. You know this good those guys are fucking awesome

I don't know

I actually never met them, but I gotta give props to those dudes, and there's another one where I have an original price man

How do they sell out comedy clubs and they just go play video games em yeah?

I know I felt like it's basically a podcast set to the visual of a video game, right?

And I went in there and said I want to play the most

Violent Fuckin videos if I don't want to play like jackass the video games. Yeah. I was like now dude

I want the most fuckin gratuitously violent fucking would what should I?

Forget what is even called, but it was beers pretty gnarly

I'm hilarious hilarious um well. We're selling it through and do this

Oh, yeah, let's say. We'll take a quick break. How about that. That was a great. I was a beautiful thing Stevo

You're fascinating ah thanks I?

Apologize many buddies hurting in these stores before I keep it pretty fresh you know, but you know, what fucking dude

She got the first half of this podcasters down second half of me has it been an hour

Yeah, that's been a no always just slam. It. Did. Oh my God. You're like button on this guy's

I know I know there's no like button, but like met like mentally if you can smash it, right

There's a like button. This is one images. Oh my God

They're going to be full rockin we were talking about

How likes are the currency of the future right you nobody makes money on on YouTube anymore?

We all just come for the likes that's right as a validation man. That's all that matters. So we'll take a quick break

I got it. I'm going to talk about some sponsors who make this show possible cool and cool cool, but if you won

You can go to bathroom just a head start, okay. God bless you

So when I get back, I'm gonna fucking crush

Guys our sponsors make this show possible

I actually the sponsored parts are kind of fun for me. Yeah better kind of I've been learning about really interesting products. They're actually useful

We said that we feel like we're and Shark tank says seriously

I always look at these product because I'm always looking for interesting products that can like improve my life because you go to Rob's or

Some shit or Target. You don't always find like the interesting shit that's out there everything's on the internet

I don't know what's on the internet is too big. Here's one. We got

This one is called quit, okay

Where's my quit brush? So this is an electric toothbrush?

Called quit, and this one the invention of the year actually was that fucking Rim

invention of the year by time magazine

2016 that's what it's kind of so

Let me close the door. I'm hearing myself

So this toothbrush starts at 25 bucks, and it's electric. I don't think it

I don't think you need to charge it or even put a battery in it, and what's dope is you push the button it?

vibrates and then it keeps track of your brushing -

So every minute it gives you our 30 seconds. It gives you a little vibrate and it turns off after three minutes

It helps you to keep track of your brush, and it's actually I'm obsessed with oral hygiene

What do you think ethan actually really is it says? I'm a fucking brushes for an hour sometimes

It's not that long sometimes I brush so long I like urine right now like a whole episode if we watch the show

You'll find the whole time. Which is probably 30 minutes

Yeah, sometimes I leave the toothbrush in my mouth so long that I like where it burns my mouth

Do it but I'm obsessed with oral hygiene grow up bad breath and bad like mouth shit. Just is the biggest turnoff ever and


There's actually results for you because whenever we'll go to the dentist. I have nothing to do anything nothing

I do just brush your teeth for 30 minutes the fifth is I don't know how you do it. So this guy's quit

You go to get quit calm for h 3g t?

Q-- u I p comp board H3 you can get this starting at

$25 I used it right before the show, and it's it actually works amazingly

It gives you that like sometimes I brush and you stuff like Schmutz kind of like you can feel it yeah

So with this I didn't have any yeah, and I'm always looking for a good toothbrush when you go to the store

They're always like too hard you notice that I?

Tell me about it. I'm always on a constant look for the softest too fresh also. This is good

I mean, I honestly I'm going to use this I think it's a great out of their toothpaste

starts at

25 bucks new brush included

free shipping included go to get quip dot-Com for Slash H3

Help the show support it. This is a great toothbrush. I'm going to use this me too. Let's go

How is that you guys buying this toothbrush?

Anything else to say about this. It's actually legit and for the for the price of 25. It's a great deal

I wanted to do the link in the chat, but I on the phone is so hard

Yeah that that's the sound of clean teeth. Ye

Oh cool snipers got it a pleasure. Thanks doug. Yes, Pam. That Lincoln Chuck

get clipped

Calm what a great was Denny's noises. Let me check to make sure that works. So that's our first Sponsor and

These sponsors really are the shit this show won't be possible with other sport

We have a ton of expenses here, and they've graciously supporting us, and I wouldn't I wouldn't bring a product

I didn't believe in this is actually a really great


And then I think the best part is that it keeps track of it for you

It kind of motivates you I don't have that problem at Liz Brice for three minute it goes for three minutes

And then it turns off automatically, and I'm really good have it yeah promotes you to fuckin clean that dirty mouth

This link isn't working. It's not working, huh get clipped off or /hD it is not working

What the hell are you seriously we seriously crash their website you guys weren't ready for this shit

Get quit time to get some more bandwidth on your server

We just crashed our sponsors website. That's very funny. I

Guess that's a good thing

Well age three right core man will fuck there's Bocce tqu IP complex issue

It's the best spot for them and their websites completely crashing hopefully down there quit hMM

This isn't the first their first rodeo. Well anyway hopefully


People will be able to visit that on YouTube okay. I'm finished the copy, right

I'm chord the last bit of the pot

And I was like fuck man like I'm finishing off then I took a sip

It's fucking like cold what it's both not like a hot iron. Oh, sorry. Yeah, what the hell?

Do you compose you get the coffee hot? I think I got him you know what the fuck

Sorry, Dad

Don't blame me


You want you want me to nominate congress? Yeah? My job. I'll make a whole conference is that okay?

No, I want more too. That was. I really enjoyed that cup some reason got me right. Well. I got another spot

Do you want to do that wine you want me to go in Follow?

I did shoe if I can keep the pace em. I felt like we were on a horse women, baby

I wish land. I have anymore just spot to do here. I'm just like fuck man

Let's let's keep defining of kids and chest and let's keep the crazy. Oh um keep coming

Hello slow slow like a roulade

Do you mean like they watch they tune and no it's up and slow so no no it's been done to this point

But I'm worried about did ahem. We this release okay. We're alone everyone else

We've lost 9% of our viewers no we haven't

We got to keep the juice flowing. We got to keep the

you know

Got to keep the money flowing right gotta get paid or you getting played. You know about that. That's right dude. So here

Let's move on for this one though that I just took that piss as I just felt like I was pissing money

She said it's the best part about this show man

She join me when I go to the bathroom so I can who can piss money together although, I technically you're not but right man

I'll give you like 5 Smear day like this

All right, let's do this last one real quick. So this one is called a week

Winc wink and they have this service

Where they give you four bottles of wine every month and the really cool thing is I like wine

But I don't know how to choose one you go to the store. There's like a hundreds of bottles

I don't know what any of it means you you you know you take your chances sometimes? It's good sometimes, it's bad

So what's interesting about this service wink?

Dot-com or actually that is get wink

Calm four Slash H3 I can't believe you left me in the trenches. Oh

God try wink Calm Ford H3

try that's t ry winc calm for

H3o quip is up again. This is such a shit show

So this wine company you take a quiz and you answer like 10 to 20 questions

Kind of ask you some general stuff like do you like nutty you like nutty Flavors?

Do you like acid eat flavors right? And so based on your preference they send you four bottles every month and we

Tried before we got and it's really fun because it's like a nice variety

You really left me in the trenches here, you look

We're getting creamed. Dude you fucked that. We're getting creamed out here. I'm talking about we

Fuck times up so they send you four balls, and it's a really nice variety so if you like wine

I do enjoy drinking wine

You get like all kinds of different little treats was to white to red you get to choose it what you like?

How did you enjoy the wine allah? I actually really like this the Molbeck

Sick Demo back was my favorite. He was like let's fucking get all this I'm just so impressed by you guys really yeah

You're doing this looking like it's just great man

We all link is down

People are saying wink is down. I can't handle this are you serious hold on?

I mean, I got to see if this is real or not try wink comm H3 if this is down

I'm gonna Fuckin shit my pants and scream. It's down. What the hell's going on

Why was was crashing because that means we refreshed their compassion because we're crushing it hit the crash you were crushing

But it I don't know if that's probably well. They can't it's a crash to crashing. Yeah, there's a good Christian graduation

They can't blame us for the Christian Rabbi

Yeah, it actually works. It's very slow

Okay, so weak word try Wing works

Apparently, they said whip is up if you guys are interested in that toothbrush offer

Can you spam that can we get some spam on the clip? We got the wink now? We need the clip sniper?

can you come anyway got office would then you go to wink and

Go to wink comm trust you go to try wink calm

/h, three you get twenty bucks off your first order

de Beach if you order now and free shipping

Try Winx comm

H3 the bottle start at 13

Pop which is a really terrific deal if you guys know anything about wine because apparently it's more expensive than that usually

How about the how about that fur is going so bad man? I could like it then but uh I like it, okay

Okay, we got it guys. We got toothbrushes. We got wine

Thank you so much to our sponsors of Endow sound interesting it would mean a lot to us if you go try their product it

Helps support us a lot

How do we do that I screwing those up am I fucked? No my fire? I only care you know though

Let me plug it. So why your help hearing your expectations are too hot for the shows do it all it's a non

So just train wreck. I just I just love like the idea of like when whenever ah

Whenever I'm in the or thought well yeah yeah focus and people's attention

I just want to fucking hammer time. I want to be fucking awesome

The whole time is you're all you because I'm doing will get access, so when we get rup

I've just got an open mic, huh? I'll get it women why oh you're done. If you want it

Can you want to solo time okay? Why they honored you want to do? I want to be I want be on okay?

So here's what we're doing. We're not taking a break

I'm gonna go to you want this to be part of the show or you want to just entertain

Do you want us off the record on the wreck?

I'm giving you all options

Whatever you want where there's any such thing is killing me to to but having to jump with us all yep

Also, if you want I can let you like look at chatting you can talk to them

So I'm gonna roll it I get that comment

I'm gonna roll out a little bit of a delay so they hear you so much, diva. They're fuckin they want it

They want my eyes out okay? They're begging for it, okay

Give it 60 seconds because I need you doing how many people do we have okay hold on. I'm Anna Rola

This is the talk about pissing on the red Carpet although. I did piss on the red carpet

I'm rolling this sad sad if I can you have two minutes where half the people can see you half can


Two minutes where half the people here. We have can't

Why are we fucking half the people?

When taking half the people and just fucking that you're off, okay alright. I'll be back soon

Yeah, okay

Let me think here like I would I could respond to peeing in the red Carpet was pretty

Remember when you died that was funny man. Did you guys have mean people to of course you do?

Ignore those right, and I watch them reacting to negative comments with with ethan's parents

Okay, so now

What what can I say? I'm so impressed with?

with Ethan and Ela

I really really am and it's good that they're out of the room while while while I kiss their butts a little bit

When we did that that Youtube video where we cut my balls off?


Incredible how much fuckin response there was and here's ireland you know we talked about all likes and I

Complained about how my following my youTube buzz like there's stingy with the likes and this and that like um

Fuck. I just want to give it give it up to you guys for being such dope fans of

H3 and and if you're fans of mine, and show that love if you happen to be in

Denver or

Tempe, Arizona

Which is adjacent to Phoenix I?

will be in your your

spots coming up

first week of july in

Denver second week of july in

Tempe, so now

For that gratuitous plug. I should I should cough up something on I

Should cough up something something salacious and juicy



pissing on the red carpet, but I'm still thinking about that it is so dark and depressing like

When we finish making jackass 2 and this is going back what 11 years now?

fuck it's about 11 years and uh

that movie was that that right there is the best jackass movie no question

Like a certain jackass 3 made a lot more money

And it was good. It's great and had the phantom camera with the super Slow-mo

And nobody had even seen that before the technology with the 3D and the super Slow-mo made

jackass 3d very special, but the masterpiece was jackass number two that second movie was

Masterpiece and when it came out, I thought my life came to an end

I was like you know what no matter what I do after this point. Nothing is ever going to be as big of a deal?

Nothing's ever going to be as badass nothing's going to ever be so impressive

And so the rest of my life is just going to be just a downward

depressing fucking slide Towards Oblivion and

I showed up that premiere for that that second jackass movie was just this


Fucking my life is over, and I was so mad at that red carpet because it represented like the end of my fuckin

Livelihood it represented like the peak from which everything was going to be downhill and I was just so mad at it

and I pulled out my dick, and I pissed all over it right in front of my

four-Year-old niece she was four at the time and standing out on the red carpet watching me piss with my

Dick and my dad was like what the fuck are you doing and I told my dad?

Goddamnit, Dad is my red Carpet. I'll piss on it. If I want. Oh excellent. I'm crashing. I'll be back I

Think it's a pretty engaging story that I'm telling and if there isn't Moral to it


Yeah, of course if there's a moral to it. I think that it's important that

We be careful about passing judgment on ours Joe Rogan told me. I want to said man

I feel I'll never outdo my first podcaster the last one. I did. He said you don't ever try to compete with yourself

you know ah

Yeah, now there's been 11 years since that second jackass movie fuck man like not everything

I've done has been bigger. They're better or more impressive, but but

Shit, I have grown up man. I no longer feel like I'm going to be dead imminently

You know I learned how to dare look back and back then man. I was so


douchey not that I'm not douchey now, but

fuck I've grown up so much and then so many ways have improved so much and

I've learned I think I think I can say that I've learned that

the even if the popularity of of Steve-O is

Not not what it used to be that that doesn't mean that my life is miserable. Oh, you're fucking metonic off

You know I'm a ton of cotton out there. Yeah

Right right and and I'm just expressing gratitude for you guys

For you guys. I am I'm so impressed with you guys

I'm going to think about it because I'm talking to a million people right now

If they're if I'm not talking to a million people right now

I'm still talking to a million people yeah fucking million people listen to this

I'm back for the one okay good. So now we're now is now, so it's the feat shot. Damn. You know what you're doing

There's like at least 10 guys jerking off at your feet, right?

Yeah, I don't know I didn't just want you to be aware of that. I think it's pretty dope

now I

and I be maybe one of them like I

Had a special a special little solo time with the audience. There's how I thought it up

This is one advice start with a lot of gratitude and butt-kissing towards you guys

Thank you, okay, when I went into I went into somebody mentioned this red carpet and pissing on it, and I really I really

Pulled back the layers of the Philosophy and the dark depression, and I culminated in an n, hopeful message

What was it what? I wanted to like really repurchase. I will go back and watch that guy's number two

I felt like was our masterpiece and that when it came out

I was ago my the rest of my life is downhill from there

So you felt I did and I want to shut up at that at that premiere

I was just mad at the red carpet

I was like this red carpet just signifies and my peeking out point where everything's downhill if you feel that way

I don't know. I was just like I

understand the feeling I think

We can ever outdo that

I got that all good so big it was so good and so big there was never supposed to be another movie after that

Successful it was depressing yeah, because how do you fall?

I just like I can never I could never be it's like when people win, the Olympics, bro

You know when people win a medley like I know a bunch of people from having gone to the university of Miami. Oriole Olympic athletes

Briley's Olympic hopefuls and I

Train their whole life for it now the the only thing it took a one of my best friends

Brian Gillooly this guy won like ten consecutive junior National titles are never going to be outdone and

and when when he

Turned 18 he went to his first senior nationals

Qualified first place won first Place Brian Galloway 18 years old senior National diving Champion before scores Ribbon up they knew erupted so hard

And and that was in 1994 However the Atlanta Olympics were in 96

so he went full scholarship to the university of Miami in in 1994 and

met me

right and like

We know sorry I met him in 95. I met him in 95 and mostly in 96 we really broke down and

He just became a rock star man. He was the fucking full scholarship. I'm team universe Suntan you

He's the guy on the view now

started partying so I can he did it and make the olympic student he got at Olympic trials and in

Atlanta he got the best dive of the day

He was not one of the two people that went to go dive on the 10-meter

And so it was like this incredible career

And you would think that was the most upset of him the most upsetting thing that could ever happen to

train your whole life in the Olympics and then not go when in fact

What proved to be the worst thing was our buddy Scott Dhoni who did go to Atlanta?

And he got a fucking medal

and then there it was and when they put that metal they fucking I was like they hung the end of his life around a

Phoenix, that's what it is only try. That's the Moral of story

They put in every track where it's a mirror from zero, just given. I mean dude

I got goose bumps man like the idea of like they pushing a medal around if you had a horrifying thing it's like

It's like here you go. I'm hanging this medal around your neck like it's all downhill from here nothing will ever be that

I don't like that you'll never leave

Pessimistic what I can to kind of s is mine

But I understand our homeboy Scott Dhoni lost his fuckin mind

My homeboy Brian Galilee is the head coach of the university of Florida dive team so I can he's great man

I just talked to another days guy

He's got a girlfriend. He loves and we both have like healthy relationships now and like so it didn't cross

Looking back like when you were on the red carpet, and you're like

It's all don't matter what I might get I was pissing with my dick

On the red carpet in front of my four-Year-old niece here who came out?

was my sister and my dad my dad's like we

bring your family or did you know you were going to do that was like a

Specialized in say with my family. I've always been there like us. I'm done with this to like I know Steve

Well, I mean my dad was like. What do you do my dad was shocked and appalled and a fellow that's fun

That's a fair. They say it's like. I said what the fuck you doing here. Hit me so what you doing

I said Dad it's my red carpet. I'll piss on it

If I want you know the bless went out of control man, so so right

I'm like I like I like you've got this like healthy kind of mentality

And you're just like wait wait like achievement like so you don't see that. You know you're just not programmed that way

Like I don't know if I look - oh, it's in there when you have for example

It's not even close to confined to that but like for example when we had like a really big video

Go viral all of a sudden, and then we had that feeling of like how do you make the next really right?

Oh, definitely. I like Subpar. We've been there

I'll never make a video as good as this yeah, but it doesn't really discourage me so much. I don't know it's like friend

It's a different thing because on YouTube

It's like you just keep chugging right, and this is this is literally no more, jackass right. This is the hopeful

you know one of my solo time, and I brought it to like this hopeful message because

You know and look like I was 11 years ago and and and you know

Fuck like how much have I done that was that bigger impressive

You know like I could like in the guards in a downhill slide

but but over the last 11 years I've grown up in a lot of meaningful ways right like I've

become a much better person like overall I like I have grown as a person and so it is important to

Just like proverbial speaking. There's more achievements right then just like maybe an attention whoring then I mean, that's and one

That's like this way to look at it. I'm a professional attention

Whore are we all right in a way, and I don't think of that as a bad thing

But just like I think I'm a good attention whore. You're a great one

I'm good at writing on Clark as I love and I love when you're looking for my attention. It's like oh man

I want I want to wash through with this guy's up to iron the worst ones are the ones from like I don't want to

Watch this but I but they're in my fucking face right that was the best. You're right. You're one of the good

I think that like I pride myself in particularly with podcasts for for being a pretty strong

Podcast guess I think when people say ah steve as I know I kind of dude

It's going to be dealt well first of all you fuck you've probably seen and done more shit than almost everybody who's ever lived

Well, I appreciate that. I mean you just have had such an interesting life. I'm good

I don't litter it about about making shit notable over the years so let's bash on some people. Let's fuck

Let's let them have it so okay

Cool a die. We got Jack a little bit and the beginner

Talking about how when Stevo came over to our house for the first time right?

We're talking a genetics right right and and I typed I told you I told you a story

And you were like oh my God said on my podcast now. I don't want to fucking burn any bridges

You know I will just say I'm not gonna bend you're you're not very thick fine

I just got I'll say this but there are some some youtube personalities

at One point

That I was trying to make a video with and words a tall order hairdo and and they're like oh, whoa

What would do this? We'll just fake it, and I was like good

What I was like, what the NnI was and I was like stop

I got serious and I was like look let's be fucking very clear like if I fake

One fuckin thing if I go and put out one fuckin thing and then to be clear by definition this presumes to be real

Right cuz you can put things that is mostly big nothing. Yeah, it's one

it's when you're trying to pull the wool over your viewers eyes are deceiving your audience exactly by

Presenting something as real when it is not, and if I said if I do that so much is one fucking time

Then everything I've ever done in my career

Will come into class or intelligence that was super great thought everything

I've ever done and I'm waiting about faking prank system

so you had only went so hard and you know like I've cared so much about my legacy had cared so much about

About my art. Yes that to have everything come into question. There's just no fuck away. I was like

I said this is like and it think that

Without me like having to name names

I think that with your help

Particularly you guys that anybody who's out there and thought that they could get away with presenting things as real which were not

Have subsequently been fucking out it

I think they you can't get away with that absolutely and they were getting away with it for the longest time

right started doing YouTube videos

Nobody was watching us for like year


And all the shit that was super popular at that time when we first thought about doing YouTube was

pranks that was like the huge thing on YouTube at that time and

They were all just fake not only were they fake. They were super toxic

They were all like pranks in the hood or gold digger prank right where they're like the world is ugly

And it's a fucked up place and black people are violent and women are just money hungry

It's like really not right like they're kinda headed right that wasn't an accurate restaurant

So was not only just fake for me

That was only a part of it

But it really pissed me off was like- baby that the world is like. Yeah like words matter types

Yeah, right. No that was the shit that really said me. I think that like looking back. I've read some articles

They're evidence from whatever I seen some stuff talking about

About like the Sort of YouTube prank you know

phenomena or whatever and how like they really in some of the cases just totally missed the Mark and

Had and I've seen people compared to jackass


They all even just say like oh my god. I'm tremendously proud of the jackass legacy in that we were


Mean-spirited you know my hard luck in love though Target

We target ourselves, and we would have used people, but we would never target people in a mean way, and that's so common

That's why you guys were so inspiring right?

I think that we were role models only in a weird way fucking maniacs absolutely crazy fucking maniac

Self-destructive like you know arguably fucking not a good influence

but we were not the spirit of what we were doing was was, so

Uplifting really. I mean look I've lived with rage of a couple of kids having fun

We would not mean two people and I think that that head of everything to do with like that

You know I could cross that line and I certainly have I had plenty but but the creators of Jack Houston

Where spike Jonze um that fucking I john him so much every man Johnny, Knoxville?

And they're like creative visions. They may just so presented of like wait hold on. That's dark. You know that buddy

That's dark, or that's me and like and they just kept it really you know

And I just really rad back then I think it took a lot of foresight and presence of mind and intelligence to be like

Let's make sure that were the jokes always on us right now

I had a thing and I posted a video, and it was really was a super well received

I was uh we're at the beach in San Diego and

There's just you know like a tick to to leave the beach you go up all these spiraling starck

Staircases right and and and halfway up as a shower so my buddy's showering, and I'm on the level above him. I'm looking down

I'm like I could just fucking pull out my dick and piss on do we need to know you know

He's like and he just wouldn't even know

He said I could piss all over there be hilarious, and then also I thought oh, whoa. This is great

About a prank where I go around pissing on people

Yeah, yeah, yeah right problem, but just whenever but that's something and that figured it out. I was like okay

you know legal to it for their strangers right, but

but I was I

Was going so quickly they have is this thing called the whiz inator

Where it's like if you're if you want to pass a drug test?

You can go in there ticket. It's a fucking

fake like A

Prosthetics Ghetto I've heard about that looks exactly like a dick it's connected to a bag you can warm it up

and you consider stuff there if you're

If your parole up have you ever used that like for real right now for real bird was going on?

But I went to I went to like the bond shop like the head shop, and I bought myself

It's called a whiz inator and and so I'm like a kid, so I filled it with warm water

And start and then in the beginning of my video, I'm like I'm like this is not my dick Jordan's, right?

I've learned it better, but sure it wasn't my dick. Yeah, it looks it looks, so

It's so exactly it's designed so that your probation officer can look at your deck and make sure that the pizzica mandatory that in fact

It's not exactly and so I'll faltering the show by the way just for the record, right?

So when I went to uh to the beach, it's like hidden cameras law Mike and like dudes who were?

like sleeping child look and I just know I just when I just went up to the and

Fuckin uh and just like with it. What's the whizz nate and I squirted warm water like on their foot, right?

I'm sure they would wake up and they would freak out

they see a dick and like you know and I'd like did you ever get like the

Videos on there, and it's called the golden shower creme no-one ever try to fuck you up from that

No, I couldn't wrap the video until I did - like a muscle dude, okay?

Yeah, of course and and descent my experience was that everyone woke up and they were initially shocked

They're scared they back off, and then they took like a second look and they were like oh, that's evil, okay

And it was like I got away with it my God

They were a good away the fact that they knew you don't I keep going die

Thank God. They got me out. They were like and then at the end

Oh my God like I was and thank I didn't just go and put out and go on up to like small dudes

I did it like a real big like military muscle man, dude, and I fucked in the guy got up

And he's like everywhere, and he's like take off your glasses, and I'm sure he's telling me take off my glasses

He can punch me and to my credit. I stood there and took them off the yet here

It is but not the my whole point with it

Is that as I as I do regularly a lot of the time I'll run something by Knoxville. You know name is spike

You know like I'll send it to guys be like hey, you know. I can't get it. Give me notes on this before

I put it out and knock so is super not down

This is the golden shower prank because it's a little mean yeah

Hello, main. Spirit, because you're pranking other people right and and my argument with him

About my outside see I get it

But the thing is that like the the twist of it all it's so it's it's so like water it

I got it's only of course. It's on the water and when people

Went like when there's a whole like unexpected. Oh my God, you're steve-o a lot is great

They're giving me hugs everything it really made it light

You know I made it light and then at the end like I went up so I did I

Really rolled the dice with a huge guy. He made me take off my shirt to him thinking oh my God

I'm about to get me wet out there when me take off my shirt

And I turn around then once he saw my bag tetras like you fuckers. I wanted to buy a kill huge

So it's a prank only Steve-o can do I guess I some it's some bad guy

but that way when I think of that line

And how would see Youtube and knock so said I'm not back in it, and I was like you know. I think it's white

it's light enough that I'm going to run with it and

And there's somehow on YouTube not there's just not that

Sensibility in place because there was no comment. I mean, I'm not going to read comments

I came and speak for comment, but the like ratio

did I get back a like so sure right Mike's versus dislikes it the Golden shower prank was like at the

Top pathway this is on your youtube yeah. Oh guys could hit up to go on shower

Let's drop some likes on that ah do you john something looks good

Actually, let's watch that you want to watch it. Go for it dude

Is that constitute a break nope? Oh, it doesn't do you want a break? I mean I don't I don't want to

Watch it whenever to go. I like watching stuff, and then we can not even watch it together and comment on it, okay

How about that, but don't let me know if you need to go back for some shit you bri. What are you golden shower prank?

Go they can see this oh yeah

I haven't done pranks in some time, but this is like a perfect like fake YouTube prank like if some prankster

Did this it would definitely be fake well right, but I never presented it as as well

It was real - oh you knew they would put there was they'd set up the guy oh


Haha, yeah exactly staged a reaction. I really remembered it with an actor pretend to be a milk

How did you fill in your first all that stuff like all these pranksters?

pranksters doing all the fake pranks and blowing it up 30 million is that we love they were on like I remember back in the

Day they're all in like news channels and shit. Yeah

They were was a year of the prank it was it like 13, or 14 it was 14

I think yeah when I launched my channel in

2013 because God I die. I was sitting on my idea for my first prank for so long

for years, I had the idea to

To pour into a condom like dishwasher detergent that looks like cum

Oh, God this fuck and and like have a use rubber

And then I went walking around in public and people would say oh no

It's people can I get a phone? I'll be like of course man and do check it out. I

Love and I pull out the condom and I determined that people want to get a fucking photo

With some of it somebody who they recognize some TV show man like I'm handing like hoes versa

Yeah, how do you hold it remaining? You know and dude this is rabbit lose Robert. I love you

It's like neville. I love where your prank minds at because you're like. I'm famous now

I can step my pranks up to the next level and is this I I mean I wish there like I did it again

I personally the the condom one and my very few people were fazed at all like oh yeah, cool, no

No, what do you do though you confronted with the dirty. I almost like a

Lion that was that was the first?

Things as well it was not very fun person

By the way guys if you're not acquainted with what Steve-o's Youtube channel check it out. There's honestly amazing content there

here's my biggest beef with Youtube right and I'm just so fucking mad about this right is that is that not just the

Algorithm not not YouTube as

An institution but but really the mentality of the Youtube audience is to reward

frequency and

Punish yeah in frequency, and so it's like when I went when I put and I approach it my mentality is

Like okay. I don't want to I don't want to put anything out unless I really think it's top notch you know

I was right I would not want to

Insult my audience with with like quantity over quality and so on so as since I started my channel in

2013 I had posted in the beginning it was closer to every two weeks, but and with no real regularity and

Now it's like every like two months. You know months. I've done drop is all your fault good, and it's not the fans

It's Youtube's algorithm first of all favors frequency, okay?

But I think and also it is the audience to be gotten

It's the audience as well as I said because it's a different experience. They want something to watch like I wanted to be there

Rapinoe of YouTube

I don't know if I would blame I see this is what youtube so insidious because they fuck with your shit

And you don't know if it's them or not you end up blaming yourself, or you're like man. What's going on?

It's confusing, but I'll tell you what pranks are not popular in usual. I meant the pranks shit. They don't dude


Really think indeed why to go and tell these like ancient?

Jack Astor's when like there's the current stuff on my mind that I wanted to bring them. There's one thing

I thought I had like a little mental list of things to talk about yeah, and the one thing

there's two things that fucking piss me off, and I hate that even bring it up and because

The people I really genuinely like who are culprits of this fucking crime better fair

You know people generally like guys are doing this thing that irks me okay?

Fucking like I love it

What is I gotta know like that way?

artificial positivity oh

Natalie, then I laughs damn it that is an epidemic on you right now

It's just like my workload comes

Come high returns to normal more because I'm not into that

But just like this ayat by the way is a bunch of the kids invention small more. There's a bunch

He's where he sells hats this is smile more

People walk in their sleep some people walk around but just credit ease in doing that that's been a deal for laundry. I thought

It's just like oh guys

Your dreams can if you just dream and believe and it's like I mean I

Get it I get it and if anything like hey man like I'm a strong believer that

There's really no such thing as luck luck is just when Prep the projects when preparation meets opportunity

You know if you're prepared then when an opportunity presented out there enough amount of time, right?

I've said that and I believe I believe in I believe in in and in front dreams like a dream is sort of

Organized to my right. You know in like way more like news

When you have in fucking a dream a dream is a goal with no fucking

Elbow grease you know a goal is a dream with the fucking actual right action route your own taking place

I'm all about all that positive shit

It's just that when people yes

If you can so that people are thinking are man like how am I going to get more like yeah?

How am I gonna get one bikes how might you know engage it let me just fucking put on some like oh

We're fake and the people he'll sell it. I feel like our miserable generally yeah, and it's just it's just pedaling too

You know what I don't agree

I don't get that fans who actually believe it right, okay?

And before I ask people guess let me say at least if you're gonna put if you can have this sort of this is


Saying I mean I was deliberately trying to be uplifting

I said I had this nihilist limited things coming down here

But there's an honest way to do it in a really grads or have it have it be

Pertinent to what have the message be built into what so that it makes sense?

It pertains to what's going on

Don't have a fucking picture of you stand in there, and then some caption that goes on about fucking

positivity and like you know how to and and one other thing and there's

Two people I can think of who are who are so dear to me, but this is going to break my heart?

I know, what a little isn't it let's go

Please stop fucking jumping on trampolines and fuckin stupid. I don't care why do you put on the fuck?

What are you hannibal you say together?

Yeah, have you never seen more bees on a trampoline?

Or beam on trampolines you ready. It's fun. Another candidate. No, I mean

you even

Care why your brother I see all I want to know it. I'm already a fitness swimming pool. That's all I

Cart did okay. I wrote a movie script right? I'm really excited. I'm alright so it's thrilled about the description. I had one scene

One scene that that was really a big scene, and it took place at a state fair

And I was thinking ah man like if I'm going to be at a state fair really need to

Do stunts on like a Ferris wheel or a roller coaster sound like big epic like thing

And I'm not