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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Watching Our WORST Videos (what were we thinking?)

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(echoing wows)


(upbeat music)

- Hey ya guys, what's up?

We haven't reacted to stuff

in a while.

Like, a while while.

- I don't react to anything anymore.

Stuff happens, I'm just like,


- He's actually not lying.

- Yeah, you know what...

you know what else we're not lying about?

We've made a lot of videos.

- A lot.

- A lot of videos.

- This marks our 5,867th video.


- That can't be true.

- Can't be true.

- That can't be true.

- But also might be true.

- Yeah, okay.

- So yes, some of them,

some of them, we look back on fondly,

some of them, we cringe at,

some of them, we don't even remember.

- Yeah, some of us try not to remember, actually.

- So yeah, Sarah has helped us pick some

videos from our past,

our deep, dark past

back in the Defy days.

You know, long time ago,

years ago,

- [Shayne] Yeah.

- [Courtney] that we're gonna watch.

Some of these don't even have, like,


- Hold on, so that means they're gonna see

like, the fifteen pounds I added on

in the last two, three years.

- No, you can't see it.

- You're fine.

- I can see it,

now if I take off this shirt,

which you guys know I will,

you will see it.

- This isn't 'Try Not to Laugh'.


- Before we get started,

thanks to the people who found us

in their subscription box,

for those of you who found us elsewhere,

that's really cool, hi, how ya doin'?

If ya wanna hit subscribe,

you will be a lot easier to find us next time.


Alright, this one is the first one,

this is uploaded September 17th, 2017

with a 159,000 views,

"Too Many Owen Wilsons!"

- Oh god, I do remember this.

- This was a curveball.

(Courtney laughing)

(jazzy upbeat music)

- We bought a ton of blonde wigs

just for this video.

- Do we still have these wigs?

- Oh my god, probably not.

- Some of them.

(numerous Owen Wilson "wow"s)

- Oh yeah, wait this one has a lot of

weird replays for no reason.

- Okay guys, I have not been in one scene yet.

- I remember.

(numerous Owen Wilson "wow"s)

- Please take what you want.

Please take what you want.

- Wow, mhm, wow!

- Wow.

- Oh God no!

(all laughing)

- No, no, no!

- There's Keith!

- No.

- There's Keith.

- Guys, okay, so if you've seen like

okay, what we just watched,

this is the first time you're seeing me.

I honestly did that on purpose.

- Yes, that's a hell of a reveal.

- I tried not to be in this one guys, I was embarrassed.

- It's cause we got five minutes of content

for like


- Oh no.

- Oh, Mark Raub!

Oh, that was a mouth kiss,

that was a straight up mouth kiss.

- Noah always goes for the jugular.

- He's gotta, ya know.

- Wow.

(all laughing)


- Why are you planking? What was like--

- You look like a cardboard cutout!

- It was 2017, planking was just--

- No it wasn't!

- No!

- Out of date.

Can the edit just put me

in iCarly next to this,

'cause it's the same haircut.

I have the exact same haircut,

that's the same haircut I had

when I was sixteen.

- Oh God.

- Wow. I'm Mari Takahashi, wow.

- Wow.

- Wow, I'm running the teleprompter, wow.

- Wow!

- Look at this!

Guys can you believe this,

this is unbelievable,

there's a waterfall in this office.

- Ooohhh!

- I completely forgot when we had

bad leaks in that office.

- And it was like,

pretty sure it was sewage leaks.

- [Shayne] Oh, oh yeah.

- It wasn't, it wasn't like--

- Well, we, no, well we had a

we had an actual sewage break when

people put chicken bones and plastic bags

in the kitchen sink.

- Oh ho ho, what?!

- Remember? And it was like,

the kitchen got quarantined

for a while, 'cause it smelled so bad.

- When those are clearly recyclable.

- But we also had leaks coming from upstairs.

So this was, this was leaks from like

a bunch of buildings.

Oh, that that building was trying to kill us.

- I guess you could say this leak

and the damage to the building

was kind of a metaphor for the

damage to the business.

- Guys, I don't miss any of that.

- Nope.

(upbeat music)

- Hey where's the bathroom?


- I do miss that machine,

that machine's kinda cool right?

- Wow.

- Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.

- Oh my God, dude.

- I think the actual video's longer

but oh man.

- Hold on, how did...

how did we get six minutes of content

out of that?

How did we get a minute, first of all?

- We proceeded to, we knew we were gonna

walk around the office,

bother people hella hard,

then we were gonna walk to

the nearest cafe, get our actual lunch that day,

which was like sandwiches and stuff,

bring it back to the office,

and then I think we originally wanted

to like, cut to just silence of us

all in the wigs just eating our sandwiches, like.

- I think we, we thought, all of us were like,

"Ya know what? Let's do this."

and then we started filming and

all of us were like,

"Our Owen Wilson impressions go as far as

saying wow."

- Let's play another game.

(hip hop music)

- God damn dude, Sleepover.

And this was, this was one of the first

episodes we shot, like when it was

me and Olivia hosting together.

And, I know that this is burping contest

I think was just one segment,

out of the entire episode,

'cause it was like a multiple games.

The Bath Boys were like pretty small at the time.

But, this is just complete insanity.

(orchestral music)

- Excuse me.


- Whoa! Court, no! Whoa.

- Oh, I hate that, I hate when

like pop- sorry, soda, overflows.

- We're tryna see who can burp the longest

or loudest?

- The biggest volume.

- Yeah.

- So just, loudest.

- So loudest.

- We should have an award for

longest and loudest.

- No, I think volume means like

biggest and longest.

- That's totally what volume means.


- Heyyy.


- When you turn up the volume on your TV,

it just makes everything last longer.

- Stop.

I'm being bullied by this video.

- First round.

- Cheers, bitches.

- Oh, this might be the first time

y'all saw burping Courtney

'cause there wasn't a whole lotta

content of me burping to this point.

(dubstep burp)

(burp with a little vomit)

(all laughing)

- This had to have been demonetized!

- He threw up!

Actually threw up!

- No!

- Yeah.

- No!

- Does Olivia burp once throughout

this whole thing?

- No, she couldn't, the whole time.

Do you remember?

She used to--

- I've never heard Olivia burp.

- We've never heard Olivia burp.

- She has talked about,

Wow! I just got a huge blast from the past.

She like, used to talk about how she couldn't.

Like she would...

she used to like sit in the car and try.

I totally forgot about that.

- Olivia would sit in her car

and try to burp for an hour.

- This face is green.

- Yeah, mood.

- I think maybe you're still just

burping from this video.

- Still, yeah, that was a lotta soda.

Still in there.

- Oh, look at that!

- Oh, she got one!

- That's the first time I've ever heard her burp.

(slasher theme)

- Yeah I don't remember that.

- Look at that edit,

we used to edit this stuff so heavy.


- In the hair! In the hair.


- It sounds like a pig pen!

- It kind of makes me wanna throw up.

- Was that monetized?

That had to have been demonetized

'cause it was disgusting, right?

Oh my god.

- Yo, remember when we first started

working together I used to

drink Dr. Pepper all the time.

- You would have a Dr. Pepper first thing

in the morning.

And I was always like,

"Keith, I think you're gonna die."

- Yup.

- You'd grab a Dr. Pepper, Lays, and

like barbecue chips.

- I've gotten a lot better though.

- Yeah.

- I've gotten a lot better,

I drink water like everyday.

- I saw you eat a single carrot today.

- I, oh, hey hey, I ate two.

(Courtney laughing)

(upbeat music)

(throwing up)

- I'm gonna eat it!

- Oh my gosh.

- Pie eating contest, oh.

- This is a favorite of mine.

- This is from a while, wow.

- November 19th, 2016

the Pie Eating Contest, which is

the Thanksgiving episode of

"Put it in My Mouth."

And this was like, the show was

almost done, at this point.

- This both feels like it was

not that long ago and also forever ago.

- Forever.

- And really it's, it's not even,

not even four years ago, is it?

It feels like it's so much longer.

- Yeah.

- It's at a million views.

- Hey, what's up guys?

Welcome to another--

- Look at Noah when he was like a baby.

- Baby face!

- Noah was 7.

- He physically couldn't grow facial hair at this point.

- He's trying now.


- Wait, ya know what's funny about that edit?

You can tell we were told to lean

out of frame, for his intro,

and then you see us go


we're like dead until we say,


- Before we get started,

I just gotta give a quick shoutout

to my man Keith Lee Jr.

for eating total (beep).

- Horse (beep).

- Luckily we were rolling,

so we're gonna quickly go back to it,

when we were getting prepped.

- [Man] Roll that clip!

- Hey no, my uh--

(all laughing)

- Stop it, stop it, stop it.

No, okay guys to this day,

you know how usually you're like,

"Yo, like, my chair, like, slipped

from up underneath me."

I still don't know how I fell--

- Really?

- To this day, I still have no idea, it's like the

Thanksgiving ghost or some shit.

- Look at him!

You were just like in "Charlie Brown"!

- Oh my God history repeats itself.

Oh my goodness.

I honestly don't know how it happened y'all.

- Shayne, you can start and say

what you're thankful for.

- I'm thankful for,

I'm thankful, God, I'm thankful for the squad

and thankful for Keith.

You're really--

- I show up on time.

(all laughing)

- Which has never happened.

- Sure.

- I love you so much.

- [Noah] Oh, you're thankful for

"Space Jam."

- "Space Jam" is great.

- That's a good movie!

You are so nice, Shayne, still.

- I'm the most thankful for you

allowing me to come on your show again Noah.

(all aww-ing)

- That is some bull (bleep).

- We were not happy to be there,

we were all like, "God."

- We were about to fill our tummies

with some basic ass pumpkin pie.

- [Man] Get set, go!

- Oh, my goodness.

- My first bite was entirely, oh God.

- You you see me thinking.

- Life hack! Nice, Olivia.

(all laughing)

- Shayne commits on a whole nother level y'all.

I didn't wanna get dirty.

- Hey, that must've been a really good

face mask, like really nice.

Olivia's smart though, biting like that.

- [Man] You look like the Thing.

- The thing.

Oh my God!

- Olivia is afraid, she's not about it.

- Oh my God, ew, you're rubbing it on the table.

- I'm thankful! I'm so thankful!

Gimme! Daddy needs juice!

(Courtney gagging)

- I still get people messaging me

being like, "Daddy needs his juice!"

And I'm like (laughing) dude.

- You know what they say it to me too, Shayne.

- Out of context it's sounds so wrong,

but it was me referencing pie and milk.

Being like "Daddy needs juice!"

- Oh gosh!

- And Keith went for it!

- Well after a while you couldn't

go down alone Shayne.

- Oh my God, it's all the way up on your hair.

- That would not happen right now.

- Alright, okay, well guess what, (bleep) it.

- Oh! Olivia!

- Oh and she did the face pull.

- Here goes Noah, hey!

- Will Courtney join in?

Absolutely not.

(all laughing)

- You gotta make it stick.

No, no, see hold on, you gotta stop this.

- You're like "I'll do it to myself

but know what? No."

And you just launched it!

- We're gonna replay.

- My reflexes man.

What is Olivia doing?

- She's just hating it.

- She looks like a little deer, doesn't she?

- Oh, she does.

- What a cute little deer.

(Olivia screams)

- Me, always.

- You are unfair! You are the most unfair!

- Aw, little fighting boy.

- This is getting out of hand.

- It was out of hand when we started.

- Everyone's ready to--

(all aw-ing)

that's so sweet.

- No, no, actually could we pause this.

Can I just say Noah's such a good sport?

Because there was no way I was gonna let him

pie me, but by all means he will let me

do anything I want, so like,

everybody clap for Noah.

- I will say the one thing about Noah is,

once the camera rolls, he is down for anything.

There's nothing he won't do.

- Aw, good on you Noah.


That was insanity!

- We lost our minds.

- [Man] Courtney wins!

- I think I ate, like, almost the whole thing.

- The thing that's funny is like,

you didn't wanna get gross, but

you still ate an entire pumpkin pie.

- Yeah, she had to commit to something.

- No, I would rather destroy my stomach than

destroy my skin.

- Honestly, my favorite thing about that era

of Smosh, of Smosh Pit, is that

we do bunch of dumb games, stuff like this,

and Courtney always won because none of us,

none of the rest of us actually played the game, ever.

We'd be like, "I'm just gonna do this!"

Then Courtney actually does it,

and does it well, and wins.

- That was actually a great time,

I wanna to say sorry to Sarah again

because she had to deal with our attitudes back then.

It was a long day, but like--

- I won't apologize for my attitude now,

but I'll apologize for it back then.

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed this.

Go back and watch our old stuff.

- Yeah, find some good ones.

- It's fun. It's fun.

- Maybe we can react to some more.

- Yeah, but we need to find them so

send us links sometimes, maybe down below,

let us know in the comments what old videos you like.

And also if you'd like to watch some more good content,

we have a video right over here that YouTube picked out.

And we have a video over here that we picked out.

- So if you wanna start looking through

hunting down for some goodie goodie

oldie goodie goodies, start there.

- That's right.

- Or there.

- We've had some good ones.

You guys wanna go do the color drawings?

- Let's do it, I'm down.

- Even with your hair?

- Yeah, with my hair I'll do it.

Just this one time.

I'll take off my shirt too.

The Description of Watching Our WORST Videos (what were we thinking?)